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Not such a pleasant dream for Lizzie - rough treatment.

Bubba looking directly at me as if able to see through my straight exterior and into a hidden depth I didn't know even existed and comforted, "It's ok that you want to suck my cock."

Startled by his blunt words, as his hand went to his cock as if to showcase it to me, I stammered, "I-I-I am not gay."

He chuckled as if knowing sexual preference had nothing to do with the growing hunger I was currently feeling. "Dude, do you think I am gay?"

Based on the parade of hot women that had come in and out of our room so far it was obvious he wasn't gay.

He added, "Do you think Adam is gay?"

Adam was dating Tamara, the head cheerleader and easily the hottest girl in the school. I answered, "I guess not," now using all my will power to not look at his delicious looking cock.

"Wanting to suck cock doesn't make you gay, Corey," he explained, "it just makes you curious."

"But you called Adam a faggot," I pointed out.

The chuckle returned. "Well, when you are on your knees, my big black cock between your cocksucking lips you are a faggot, my faggot," he examined, stressing the words 'my faggot' which should have scared me but instead had my cock bursting at the seams.

After a brief silence, Bubba suggested, "Why don't you get naked, Corey, clearly your cock needs to be released."

My cock, stiff as a rock but awkwardly bent in my pants, loved Bubba's suggestion as did my inebriated mind. I nervously undressed and was soon standing naked, my seven-inch cock standing firmly at attention.

Bubba asked, "What got your cock all hard?"

I stammered, "I-I-I don't know," although we both knew the real reason.

Bubba chuckled harshly, yet his dominant tone and knowing attitude had me rattled. "Oh I think we both know why you are hard. You want to be Bubba's live-in faggot, don't you?"

I again stammered, "I-I-I...."

"Crave my cock," he finished my sentence, before asking, "don't you, faggot?"

Being called a faggot should have been a slap in the face, yet at this moment I wanted to be exactly what Bubba was calling me. I wanted to be his faggot. I tried to argue otherwise in my Swiss cheese brain but my desire to submit, my hunger for his cock seemed to be winning as I didn't flee like a completely straight man would have.

I had resisted looking at his cock for a while, but I couldn't resist any longer and my mouth dropped as he gently stroked his now fully erect missile.

"Don't resist, Corey. You are craving my cock. Your wanting eyes, your salivating mouth and your hard cock give away any pretense otherwise," he assessed, the evidence impossible to deny.

"But, I...." I tried to rationalize, tried one last protest against my body. Yet, even as my mind argued the many reasons I should resist, my body controlled the decision as I felt my legs moving without permission to Bubba and his hypnotic black cock. It was like I was hypnotized and being drawn against my will to the deepest depths of my subconscious. I reached Bubba and looked down at both him and his massive cock.

Assisting me past the invisible wall that separated my straight past with my inevitable homosexual submission and the beginning of a new journey, he said,. "Just let go, faggot. Just succumb to your need to please. We both know you crave my big chocolate stick."

Again, I felt my body moving without my permission, as my legs gave out and I was suddenly on my knees, my white body between Bubba's dark legs.

"Good faggot. Doesn't that feel natural, like your were born to please," he said, his voice soothing and so very logical.

My mind muddled, I babbled, "I-don't-um...."

His rambunctious chuckle exploded out if him, clearly amused at my predicament. "Grab my cock, faggot."

As my mind considered the demand, attempting to remind me I was not gay, I felt my left hand reach up and grab firmly Bubba's big cock.

"Describe it for me, faggot," he ordered, softly.

"It's so big and hard," I said, mesmerized by its sheer magnitude.

"Do you want to suck it, Corey?" he asked, the use of my name bringing me back to reality.

"I-I-I do

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