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From the story ideas forum -- Title says it all.

Siamose' hoped that no one would come by and see her this way, but the Lords of the Kingdom were excellent cocksmen and left her too weak to move. She had a satisfied smile on her face as she faded in and out of consiosness, with her naked rump still positioned the way they had fucked it.

The four Lances of royalty were headed to lunch when they saw the luscious naked asscheeks and the dripping pussy that waved in the wind. It gave them all instant hard-ons and they spoke of plugging the holes without warning. But they were not permitted to indulge in the sauces of the older women without invitation.

Victor's cock would always harden at the site of his mother's beautiful ass. He, Persaval, Lance McSwain, and Lance Saltran all bypassed lunch and carried their wives into a small room of commons. There they commanded the young girls to hike their dresses and lower their knickers. Soon after, sweet young pussies had lathered exploding boycocks with frothy girljuice. The excited young girls felt wanton and sexy, not knowing that the cocks were stiff mostly for the site of the hot asscrack of the Young Duke's wife.

The highly influential Lord wives ran the castles and fair grounds. LadyCiphierias, Lady McDougal, and Lady McBane had closed off the small room of commons from the servants that catered the lunch. Lady McBane had invited the other Ladies to inspect the room. They agreed that the small room reeked of sex and had pools and puddles of sweet young pussyjuice staining the furniture. This made all three Ladies very hot and bothered. It wasn't the smell of young boycum as much as it was sweet young pussy nectar. Dining on hot young snatch was a special treat for the elder women. Lady Ciphierias was blushing as the other two spoke of how every young women of the royals were in love with her tongue. And its true, Valentina's mother was the best cunteater of the kingdom.

Whenever our men warriors are in battle and away from us for weeks, the Queen, the Dutchess, and the three LadyLords would gather us for physical release. And Lady Ciphierias attends to each pussy with individual detail, and she knows each cunt by scent and touch. She pays attention to every nerve and hotspot, she makes us cum with shattering orgasms. She does not tongue our assholes the way LadyMcBane and LadyMcDougal loves to do, and the Queen and Dutchess knows our entire body so well. But no one eats pussy like Lady Ciphierias. Well... maybe Lord McBane, my father-in-law.

After tonguing each others cunt and packing vibrators, the LordLadies sent message to the King to meet with the Duke. They then sent message to the Duke that he was wanted by the King. The two Commanders met in a candle-lit room to find three hot horny cunts begging for a boning.

It was the end of a training session and the Sirs would oversee patrol of the posterital territories. They would rotate supervision of their knights and would go on for weeks, giving us limited exposure to our husbands. An evening of celebration was in order.

The seven wives of the Sirs were together and we perfumed each others body and cunts. After treating of our cunts and special enemas of our assholes, we kissed and fondled each other 'till we were randy. We were all in a circle with our faces touching when the men came in. Sirs licked his wife's pussy and fingered asshole. They then raised and plugged steaming cunt making us moan in orgasm.

Our pussies were dripping wet when we half turned left to find women asses in our faces. In a seven person chain, we ate tangy assholes leaving slots layered in spit. Valentina, my sexually shy sister-in-law, rimmed my ass delicately as if she was intimidated by it. Meanwhile I ate her sister's (Mrs. McSwayn) ass roughly by shoving my tongue as deep as I could and using my hands to tear her rumpcheeks wide apart.

Moments later we spun around to eat out the ass of the woman that just ate our own.

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