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Paige looked up and she could see the tarp that was hanging of a scaffold built in the middle of crowd. It was where the cameras were, filming footage for the band's next music video. She realized he had moved to a place where he could lean; get some leverage, better angles. She knew now without a doubt, he intended to fuck her. Right here, in this throng of people. She tried to think about it, to consider her options rationally. Then his hand slid inside her panties and contemplative thought was no longer available to her. It was like they were already connected, already lovers with a long history of climbing to a fevered ecstasy together, and she was powerless to resist this strange connection.

He slid his index and middle fingers on either side of her clit and began to stroke up and down slowly. She threw her head back again, as her body arched, pressing his fingers more firmly against her. He breathed heavily against her neck. As he buried his face against the soft curls that had come lose from her hair clip, he stroked her more deeply. Soon he had two fingers sliding into her pussy, while his thumb kept passing over the hood of her clit, just grazing more each pass.

The pressure she'd noticed before began to build. When he slid his free arm up her body, and held her to him by her neck. He attacked the soft indent, where her shoulder met her neck, like he was a wild animal. When he again slammed his fingers inside of her, she let out a gasp as the orgasm passed over her body, but no one heard. Except for him, he heard, and she could feel that sense of triumph again, as if had accomplished some worthy task. He continued stroking her softly until her body stopped twitching. When her breathing had steadied a little, he slowly slid two fingers back inside of her, causing her body to become completely aware again. He resumed fondling her clit, working her back into a frenzied state, and his other hand slid from her body and behind her. She was so acutely focused on the pleasure that was building between her thighs again, she wasn't aware that he'd undone his pants. She also didn't notice his mouth leaving her shoulder briefly to rip open a condom wrapper and deftly remove it from the package. She was completely lost in the sensations he was causing in her pussy, oblivious even to the cool breeze on her ass as he lifted her skirt up in the back and pulled her panties aside.

He sat back on a horizontal bar, pulling her with him, and let her skirt hide from the world the fact that his cock was sliding inside of her drenched pussy. This time she did scream loud enough so that anyone should've been able to hear her. Fortunately, at that moment, some pyrotechnics went off on stage, creating a lot of sound and generating a fresh roar from the entertained masses. The only thing Paige was aware of was that she had just seen brightly colored lights when this man had entered her, and she felt like she was dying and coming to life all at once. Behind her, he made another guttural noise, also overwhelmed by the pleasure of their bodies fitting together. He held her there for a moment, kissing the top of her spine, then he began to move her pussy up and down on his hard cock.

Paige soon began to use her own rhythm, her body knowing what to do, even with her brain melting. She rode him hard. She had a moments thought that it was a good thing the music was loud and the band was close enough to see. If they'd been further out, where people couldn't really watch the band, someone would've noticed what they were doing by now. But the thought was lost as she raised herself up, almost letting his cock slip out of her, then plunged down hard onto him. She did that a few more times, the last time almost making his eyes roll back in his head. He lost control of himself, and took control of her. He held onto her hips and held her firm while he slammed himself up into her hard and fast. She quickly matched his movements and added force to each thrust.

His hand slid up he

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