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He loosens her up with a friendly foot massage.

You may find that instead of waiting for me to pounce you'll find yourself suggesting we pull over and do it now."

"You have got to be kidding me," she said, barely breathing the words.

I just smiled and continued on. After about five minutes I glanced over at her.

"Well? Are you game to slip them off or not?"

She didn't say anything, just looking straight ahead, face slightly flushed. After another couple of minutes I heard her take a deep breath and she started wriggling about. Her panties came off and she jammed them into the pocket of her backpack. I didn't say anything.

I kept on driving. We passed through a small town of about a thousand or so people and then we were driving through the countryside again. If she'd wanted out then that town would have been her best bet but she didn't ask. About ten minutes out of town there was a rest area for trucks and I pulled in. There weren't any trucks, it being far too early in the day for them to be pulling over.

Debra looked flushed and nervous having a pretty good idea as to why I'd pulled over. I reached down and pushed my seat back to the maximum. That done I disengaged the lock on the steering wheel, pushing it down and back, giving me considerable room.

Looking at Debra I gave her a smile and a wink. At the same time I unfastened my trousers and slipped them and my jocks down. She glanced down at my erection, blushed, and hurriedly looked elsewhere. She wanted to say no so badly but didn't quite have the nerve. Still, I expected her to panic and get the nerve as soon as I touched her, so I didn't.

I settled back comfortably and relaxed.

"Come here," I said softly, coaxingly.


"Come here," I repeated, speaking just as softly, but this time patting my lap. "I want you to climb aboard."

"You're kidding," she said, sounding amazed. "You expect me to climb onto your lap and sit on that?"

I smiled, letting her see that yes, I did expect her to do that little thing. Now the ball was in her court. I wasn't going to touch her. She was going to have to touch me. A completely different ball game to what she'd been expecting.

"You seriously expect me to. . ." Her voice trailed away while I just smiled and gave a gracious inclination of my head to indicate agreement.

Now she was all nervous for a different reason. I wasn't jumping her and she'd have to do the running. There's a big difference between having a man force himself on you and finding that you're going to be climbing onto him.

Now she was flushed for a different reason, casting little looks at my erection, building up her nerve. I knew things would be OK when she unclipped her seat belt.

She climbed from her seat over onto my lap, me keeping my hands out of the way, letting her do it all. She finished up straddling me, facing me, with my erection rearing up between us. Reaching down she lifted her dress out of the way and then rose up onto her knees. She moved closer to me, my cock disappearing between her thighs.

She settled down a little and I could feel myself pressing against her. Not quite in the right place though. She looked at me expectantly but I just kept on smiling and doing nothing. I could see her slowly coming to the realisation that I wasn't going to steer myself into place. She was going to have to do it.

I suspect the look on her face was one her dentist would recognize when he had to drill. A nervously resolute look that shouted I can handle this. Her hand dipped down and closed over my cock, her face going even redder as she did so. She adjusted my position slightly, squirming a little, and then she was starting to sink down onto me, my cock finally moving into her. At this point she very quickly snatched her hand away.

Her movement was slow but continuous as she took me into her. After a few moments I gave her a little help, pushing up to meet her, letting her slide down even faster. She bottomed out with a funny little squeak, her groin pressed firmly against mine.

We stayed like that for a short

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