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Interview with Sean Bean takes unexpected turn.

"Harder, Becky."

John smirked and sat down. What man in his right mind was going to turn down an offer like that. He chose the seat beside the women and opened his jeans. His cock was already at half mast having taken in the luscious sights and erotic sounds for a few minutes. When he released the beast, it took advantage of its freedom and finished rising to the occasion.

"Beck, stop a minute and look at that dick," Kate whispered.

Becky did as she was told and glanced at the young man in the cowboy hat and the penis he was holding. "Nice." She smiled and dipped her tongue back to the succulent pussy she'd been enjoying. Keeping her head angled, she watched the young man pull on his shaft.

Kate pushed her hands up her blouse and resumed the game she'd been playing with her nipples. She rolled them both between her fingers and her gaze continued to shift from tongue to cock. "Nice indeed," she said and then she whimpered when she felt Becky's tongue slide along her slit. "Fuck, your starting over?" she asked.

"Hell yay, gotta give him a show right. From the taste of you, you were almost there to weren't you doll?" Becky asked.

"Yes," she growled.

John smirked, tipped his hat to the girl he now knew was Becky and thanked her for slowing down.

"See Kate. I told you cowboys' were polite." She pushed her tongue deeper along the folds of her best friend's pussy.

John's hands dug his balls out and both girls giggled with pleasure as they watched their show begin. John began touching his cock with just the tips of his fingers, just like Becky was stroking Kate's pussy. Timid caresses of skin on skin made his cock jerk and the women's sexes throb. He smiled when he watched Becky open her mouth and give a long and very generous lap to Kate's mound. He groaned and ran his fingers over the thick, mushroom head of his dick.

The girls continued watching him play and they continued to take advantage of the show and the flat tire. Becky kept her eyes on the massive dick and then reopened the lips of her friend's pussy. She slipped her tongue between the folds and swept it up and then down. Moisture was gathered like a small puddle of water being scrapped away and all of it fell into Becky's warm mouth.

Kate hissed and pushed her hips forward. She massaged her breasts with her hands, pushing them into her and then pulling the nipples out. She rubbed her tits gently, feeling the ridges of her areola and then shivering when she found just the right about of tickling pressure that made them spark with heat. "Mmm . . . fuck that is so hot," she whispered and nodded at John's pre cum. "Taste it," she demanded with her words and her raised brows.

John ran his finger over the oily substance and brought it to his lips. He cleansed it, welcomed the taste to his dry and parched palate. He then took more from his sex and offered it to each woman. Kate lapped it up and so he stroked more out for the willing beauty that was on her knees. She too swallowed the evidence of his arousal and he groaned as she took his finger like he imagined her taking his dick, deep and fast.

She giggled and winked. "Sorry babe, we're just here for the show . . . for now"

He didn't hide his disappointment, but he also didn't tell them to stop either. He was more than content to play with himself and not them.

Becky pushed a finger into Kate's pussy and began to tease the hardening strip of flesh that was covered in juices that Becky had been pushing around.

"Fuck yes, baby," Kate hissed out as Becky gnawed gently on her clit. Soon she was rocking her hips up and down, fucking her friend's face. Her eyes would sometimes flutter shut, making her miss part of the show John was providing for her, but what she saw was nice.

John breathed in the scent of the two women and stroked his cock harder.

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