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What worked in the office would definitely not work at Radius. Thus, for a change, I left work at four o'clock much to the surprise of my colleagues, went to the hair dressers and got the works, and then headed back to my studio to change.

Josh had said he'd pick me up about seven-thirty. I was ready about seven and pacing the floor but doing little adjustments to my 'look' every other circuit. Pacing in my studio is hard to do because it is so small. I had to circle the coffee table to get any steam up in a pace. I was nervous.

I'd decided to wear my LBD -- my little black dress. I picked that for several reasons. First, it is probably the nicest and sexiest dress I have, the wavy hemline oscillating three to six inches below my crotch. One of my girlfriends called a 'Greyhound Dress' since it was three inches from the hare (hair! Get it?). Second, it is the only dress I have worthy of the Radius.

I also had on my black spike heels. The combination of the dress and the heels made my legs look like a million bucks. I do have great looking legs. The dress also did very nice things for my ass too, even though I wouldn't have time to lose the extra weight that I needed to.

I tried to decide what jewelry to wear with the outfit. I'd gotten as far as picking a pair of earrings that were simple two-inch gold loops. With my new hairdo I thought the earrings did a nice job of giving me an enticing and sexy look.

I paused in front of the mirror again. What did I know about this guy for sure other than he liked Starbucks? He could be a mass rapist or some kind of axe murderer that preyed on women my age? This could be the date from hell. I could have committed to the weekend from hell. What if his family were all looney tunes? Was my acceptance of this weekend just a flight of fancy for me that I'd regret all the rest of my days?

The doorbell rang. Josh was early? Did I have the time wrong?

I peaked through the eyepiece in my door and there was a floral deliveryman at my door. I opened the door with the chain on.

"Delivery for Megan Watson," he smiled and held out a corsage box.

I adjusted the door and opened it all the way.

Florist man handed me the box and wished me a good evening, turned and disappeared down the stairs of my building.

I took the chilled white box into my living room and opened it. There was a beautiful orchid corsage, small and not too flashy, yet carefully crafted. All the bad thoughts about Josh vanished from my mind.

There was a small envelope with 'Megan' written on it. I opened it and read the enclosed card: "Pretty flowers for a much prettier woman. See you soon 'girlfriend'. Josh."

My heart melted. Maybe I'd let this guy get lucky on our first date. What am I thinking?

I sat and smelled the flowers for five minutes. I decided I'd better stop or there'd be no more odor buds on the flowers by the time we went for dinner. I went and touched up my makeup for the fortieth time that night and paced some more, now wearing the corsage pinned to my dress. I changed my earrings for the fifth time in the past half hour. My fake diamond studs replaced the hoops.

On the dot of seven-thirty Josh knocked on the door. I opened it to find my handsome prince standing there in a very fashionable tuxedo. My God, the last time anyone had picked me up in a tuxedo was my high school senior prom. This man was scoring points he didn't even know about. I expected my mother would want photos of the event.

"Wow," he said. "You look magnificent. I think this may be the best date I've ever been on." His comment didn't betray even the slightest hint that he wanted to feed me a line.

More points, I thought.

"Come in for a minute," I said. "I'd show you the place, except you can see it all from where you're standing." Josh stood and gazed about my neatened studio. Everything was packed carefully in the vertical racks and bookcases -- not a cubic inch was wasted or empty, floor to ceiling. I was a packrat.

A few pieces of my own art that intrigued me decor

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