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The aftermath of the battle is hardly the end.

'Undress for me.' It was a command. Sarah, the junior at work, was in a fevered state and insistent on getting what she was after. 'I want to see.'

CJ felt herself comply with the order, pulling her shirt off and completely removing her bra. As she did so Sarah was pulling her T-shirt off over her head to reveal her own smaller tits supported by a lacy, see-through bra.

Sarah kicked off her shoes and CJ followed suit. Getting comfortable -- but for what? The light was out but the door was wide open. CJ didn't fancy getting caught like this -- but Sarah was hot and making her even hotter. She pushed CJ back further, trying to get her onto her back across the bed.

CJ retreated and propped herself on her elbows. But that wasn't enough for Sarah. Next she was pulling at CJ's skirt, trying to lift it up to expose her thighs and... CJ knew what else Sarah wanted.

'Sarah, dear...I don't know...'

'Its OK, CJ. I've been dreaming of this. I want to see.'


'CJ -- masturbate for me. Please. I want to see you masturbate.' Sarah was slipping off her own bra. She was young and tight and firm. Her pert C-cups bounced in the gloom and her nipples were long and obviously erect.

'I'll help. I'll do whatever you want. I'll kiss you and play with your boobs. I've never really seen a woman cum before and you said you would.'

Sarah wasn't really bi-sexual but she happily assumed that CJ wanted to share in the drunken pleasure. CJ chose that moment to ignore her instinct -- totally shut it out. She was horny, had had a lot to drink and was being felt-up by an over-aroused young woman who was so brazen that CJ just couldn't help but follow her.

There was a brief tangle as CJ tried to lower her G-string while Sarah pushed her skirt higher. A draft of air hit CJ's bare cunt and she suddenly realised how moist she'd become. All that from a little kissing?
'Oh, I am glad you shave,' Sarah was saying. 'I shave too, but Dale likes a little bit left behind.'

CJ was staring at the crotch of Sarah's jeans - wondering when things might be evened up and she could admire the younger woman's cunt. But Sarah seemed oblivious to all that as she sat on the bed next to CJ.

'Please CJ. Are you ready? Tell me what to do.'

There was nothing she needed to do -- CJ knew she was going to give Sarah exactly what she had asked for. Maybe more. Silently CJ parted her thighs and slipped one hand down to her cunt. She was really wet down there.

With Sarah watching closely, almost panting over her, CJ suddenly felt a little power flow back to her. So this young one wanted to watch her play with her cunt? CJ was determined to give her the full show.

Slowly CJ parted her cunt lips. Again she felt the night air flow over her wetness. It felt so good. CJ felt so wanton, so ready -- hell she wanted to cum!

Her fingers moved to her clit now. Careful to let Sarah see as much as she could in the dim light, CJ used just one finger to begin pushing her clit back and forward under the fleshy hood.

Sarah leaned in close, right over the top of CJ. That felt weird. Even her ex-husband hadn't wanted to be that close to the action. But it was all the more enjoyable to be watched by her new horny playmate. Her body was on fire. CJ would cum hard and show the less experienced Sarah just what it was all about.

She arched her back a little and started to let her finger run further down into her slit. CJ still kept the pressure on her clit but the extra stimulation near her hole was sure helping. And CJ knew it was having an effect on Sarah when she felt the other woman's hands stroking on her inner thighs.

There was a sudden movement of weight on the bed and CJ froze! Her eyes flew open and she tried to sit up. But there were hands on her shoulders, softly pinning her down -- and voices. Two voices!

'No, no -- don't stop.

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