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Adjunct story to Matt becomes Mattie (in Transgender).

Her tits were right by my face, and her new pierced nipples seemed to be staring at me. They looked excited. I had never seen pierced nipples in person before, so I didn't know if they were actually excited or if that was just an effect of the piercing. I decided to find out.

Liz bit her lower lip as I gently pinched one of her nipples. After feeling it I could tell she was definitely excited. She was watching me as I played with it.

"You want to suck on it don't you?" she asked.

"Yeah, I do." I had never played with pierced nipples before. She leaned her body toward me and I sucked on one. It was fun. It wasn't that much different than a normal nipple, except I could flick the piercing with my tongue, and every time I did Liz made a small 'ooh" noise.

I only played with it for a second before pulling back. I didn't want to get worked up and have the guys walk in on us. Chris had told me I could play with women on our own, but I didn't know what Liz and Mike's rules were, and I didn't want to risk breaking them.

"So I have an idea for later," Liz said. "You remember how we measured the guys once?"

Early in our relationships we had been comparing our guys' penis sizes. Mike was right at 8 inches long, Chris was 7 and a half. Liz had taken this as a sign that her guy was slightly bigger, and would occasionally joke about how she locked down "that big cock."

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, after seeing Chris last night, I realized Chris is way thicker than Mike. Not that Mike is bad, but I'm willing to concede that Chris is bigger than Mike."

I started laughing, "Yes!" I exclaimed. After all the joking that Liz had made about Mike being bigger than Chris, now I would forever have the upper hand.

"I know, I know," Liz said. "But shut up. I have a proposition."

I had a feeling I knew what she was going to say, but I wasn't going to say it before she did in case I was wrong.

"Mike and Chris are both really hot. I know you guys have had several threesomes, and Mike and I have talked about it but haven't found the right person yet. But I was thinking, that...maybe... we could trade guys tonight?"

Before I could say anything she cut me off. "Not for the whole night," she stammered. "Like, just for a little while. It will be fun! Look, you've had a threesome with a guy, so Chris is ok sharing you, and you have had threesomes with a girl, so you are ok sharing him. I know Mike would be down. And since Mike is longer than Chris, you'll be getting the deepest fuck you have ever had, and since Chris is thicker than Mike, I'll be getting the biggest cock I have ever had. And the guys get us. Everybody wins!"

I gave her a hug. "You're crazy," I said.

"Is that a no then?"

"Not necessarily."

"So is it a yes?"

"Not necessarily."

She gave me pouty face, but she seemed resigned to the fact that I wasn't giving her an answer. Honestly at that point I didn't have one. Mike was hot, and if I could have picked anyone for our first threesome it would have been Liz had she been single. But I had never thought about swapping with another couple. I had always had a threesome with a woman on my bucket-list, but this was another step. Still it was intriguing.

There were other issues. For starters, we didn't have condoms. Liz and I were both on the pill, so we didn't use them anymore. But when Chris and I had our threesomes, we had always leaned toward using them, unless we knew the woman had been tested recently. I knew Liz had only been with Mike for the past year and a half, and was confident Mike had been faithful too. But still, I would only be comfortable doing this spur of the moment if we used protection.

It was in my head all day.

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