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Two lovers are reunited.

I prolonged it as much as I could but knew I didn't want to make it too obvious what I was doing. When I stood up and looked back at him he was looking at the TV but he was flushed and was breathing a little more quickly. I knew it would probably take a little doing, but I had been teasing him for years and knew that if I played it out right he would be mine.

"Well after a couple of days of giving him peeks at my breasts when I wore my tank tops and halter tops, and shaking my ass at him every chance I could get, wearing either my shortest shorts or just my panties and a t-shirt, I knew I had him worked up good. Then one night I came into the living room wearing this nightly and my silk see through panties, and pretended to be crying.

"'What's wrong Sarah?' he asked. I told him I had just talked to my boyfriend on the phone and he had broken up with me. I walked over to him and sat in his lap like I used to do when I was little and put my head on his shoulder. He stroked my hair and told me it was ok to cry and any boy that didn't want me for a girlfriend was too stupid for me anyway. I smiled up at him and kissed him on the cheek, then I snuggled up against him closer, I made sure my breasts were up against him and he could feel them. The whole time he kept stroking my hair and I could feel myself getting more and more turned on.

"I told him I felt like I just wasn't desirable if my own boyfriend didn't even want me. He lifted my face and looked into my eyes and told me the problem was his and not mine, he told me I was a beautiful young woman, smart, sweet and sexy. When he said that kissed him on the mouth. He pulled away but not right away. His face was turning red and his breathing was getting faster. I told him I wished I had a boyfriend just like him and kissed him again, as I was kissing him I put his hand in mine and put it on breast. I moaned into his mouth and asked him if he really thought I was sexy.

"He cleared his throat and said yes he did and he tried to pull his hand away, but I kept a hold of it and kept rubbing my tit with his hand. I asked him if I felt good to him and he tried to say that we shouldn't be doing this, but it just came out as a hoarse whisper. That was when I knew I was going to have him! I stood up in front of him and slowly took off my nightgown and stood there in my panties, slowly I rubbed my breasts and got my nipples hard as little rocks. He sat there staring at me and I could see his penis starting to swell in his shorts. I straddled his lap facing him with my breasts in his face sliding first one nipple then another across his lips.

"Soon he started sucking and licking on my nipples, I could feel his cock starting to harden and I moved my hips back and forth rubbing my crotch against his. God I got so hot, when I stood up I saw a wet spot on his shorts from my juices. I quickly got on my knees in front of him and pulled his cock out and started sucking him like I was possessed. He took my head in his hands and whispered for me to slow down and enjoy it.

"When I did I found I could take more of him, I used my tongue more and heard him moan, I tried my best to make him cum, but he took hold of my shoulders, stood me up and said "It's my turn now" and he laid me on floor and kissed me tenderly on the lips and worked his way to my neck while I felt his hands caressing my arms and stomach. He kissed ad licked his way to my breasts and sucked and licked them until I thought my nipples were going to explode!

"Then he kissed and licked his way down my stomach while he caressed the outside of my thighs.

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