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The tables have turned, and what fun it will be...

"That was unexpected, Emmy. Unexpected and wonderful. But you know what I want to hear, right?" She stared into her eyes. "More important, you know what you need to do...need to say, yes?"

"I...fuck, Julie, I...all I can see is being naked in front of you, of you kissing pussy, licking me, making me cum, and making Greg watch us...until...ohhhh," she groaned as Julie drifted her fingers down her neck to slip into her blouse.

"Just tell me what you need, Emmy. It's okay. We're friends. I'm so turned on by you. Tell me." She waited, her fingers sliding along the top of Emmy's bra. "Beg me," she whispered.

How could those two words do the trick? Emmy had lost all control, the fires blazing up from her center, her juices tickling her inner thigh, her breathing barely regular enough to keep her from losing consciousness. "Please," she panted, "please take off my blouse, strip me, expose me, make me strip for you, make me show myself to you. Please, please, please." Her sentence trailed off to nearly silence.

Julie reacted immediately, unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it out of her slacks, slipping it off onto the floor. In a moment, she unhooked her bra, letting her breasts spill out. "I am so fucking hot hearing you say that, Emmy. I can't wait to hear what else you need..."

Emmy groaned at the images welling up from her fantasies as the cool air and hot sun hit her nipples and tender skin. She closed her eyes, immersing herself in the sheer sensuality of it. She stood up, knowing Julie could smell her, and waited, her arms at her side. "Strip me, Julie. Please. Strip me naked, make me spread my lips open for you to see me, smell me...can you smell how turned on I am? I need to be exposed, to show you how wet I am, how much I need you to make me cum. I need to cum so badly, I'm so horny, ever since you whispered in my ear at the bar..." she rambled on, stoned and drunk as Julie unbuttoned her slacks to let them fall to the floor.

Julie saw the pad pushing out from her underwear, stopping her progress. "Are you on your period?" She asked softly, as she slipped her fingers into her waistband.

"No," she giggled, looking down, her eyes out of focus. "You'll see. Just take them off and smell me." The sound of her own words demanding to be smelled like a bitch in heat, the humiliation of her self-debasement only caused her to gush more.

As Julie pulled her underwear down her legs, the pad stayed stuck to Emmy's vagina, the smell of her arousal thick. She slipped her fingers between the cotton and her friend's lips to loosen the pad. Emmy gasped as her knuckle brushed against her clit, her legs almost buckling.
"Yesgodyesgodyesgod, please, please, ohyesohyesohyes." She mumbled and babbled as she stood naked in front of her, Julie's face inches from her pussy. "Please, please, please make me cum...with your mouth. Please fuck me with your tongue.OHGODOHGODOHGOD!" She pushed her hands onto Julie's shoulders to keep from falling, Julie's tongue pushing up inside her, her cheeks and chin covered with her liquid.

Julie pulled away, forcing Emmy to moan and beg to not stop. She used her hands to shift Emmy's naked cheeks against the table edge. "Lay back, Emmy. Spread your legs so I can eat you more easily. You'll never cum this way."

Lying across the table, her legs dangling down, Emmy stared up at the blue sky and indulged in the feeling. She was floating, on fire, gushing, melting. Julie saw Greg coming out of the house just as she turned to press her mouth against Emmy's open slit. Motioning him to be quiet, she returned her focus to Emmy's need, running her tongue up and into her slit, her fingers lightly dancing across her pubic bone, teasing at her clit.

All the while, Emmy was moaning and begging her to make her cum, to force her to debase herself, humiliate herself, naked and completely exposed.

"Hey," he interrupted, "I see you started e

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