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A date like no other - a friend knows what she likes.

Aimee kissed her again then curled her legs under her and prepared to listen for a time before springing into action.

Nina recounted the event of meeting Alice and halfway through, Aimee felt the juices flowing down her thighs. Despite herself, she couldn't wait for Nina to finish and pounced on her, pulling Nina's top down and fastening her teeth on Nina's perky breast. Nina groaned and came.

But she needed more, much more. Both girls removed their clothing and Nina assumed the aggressive role, returning the favor and sucking on Aimee's breast while her hand stole into Aimee's black lace panties.

It was an instant orgasm for Aimee as soon as Nina gifted tongue skimmed from her unhooded clit to her asshole. Nina's juices were smeared all over her face as Aimee pressed harder to get more of her lover into her mouth. Finally, she wrested her face from Nina's flesh and with an unladylike grin, gurgled loudly with the juices she had sucked into her mouth. Even as she came, Nina had to laugh at her antics and loved her even more.

Two seconds later Nina was no longer laughing. Aimee had attacked her clit, whipping it with her devilish tongue, then biting, nipping and chewing on it until she had forced another orgasm on her lover.

Nina cringed through the spasms, fearing her lover had wrought unrepairable damage to her sensitive nub, turning it into a piece of raw pulsing meat. And that thought brought on yet another climax. Nina thrashed about on the loveseat, totally out of control as Aimee's tongue devoured her, her fingers clenched in Nina's ass cheeks, the grip so tight her fingers would not slip even with the slippery juices cascading down the crack of her ass.

"Time out!" Nina managed and Aimee called a halt to the onslaught on Nina's cunt.

"My turn!" And although groggy with satisfied lust, Nina began to reciprocate.

Soon Aimee was lost in a world of wet heat as Nina attacked her with an animal-like fury, gnawing and sucking Aimee's clit. It wasn't long before Aimee's cunt was a frothy mixture of Nina's saliva and Aimee's juices. Aimee humped back wildly; her back bowed, neck strained and her face screwed up to reveal the last agonizing pleasure of her orgasm.

Having come four times, Aimee quivered and slumped back, panting, sucking air into her lungs. Nina didn't know, or care. She continued gobbling voraciously on Aimee's cunt -- tonguing, sucking, chewing, until Aimee's quiet screams penetrated her lust-sopped brain.

"Enough! Enough!" Aimee cried out trying to hold her lover off.

And then Nina smiled dreamily, stunned by what she had done and licked her lips. "Mmmm, I'm all wet," she murmured and tasted the various flavors oozing from Aimee's vagina.

Aimee, exhausted by her orgasms, leaned against the loveseat, legs spread, panting less and less as her breathing returning to normal.

"I love you, Nina, really I do. You're fantastic. God, it's never been that good before.


They had been making love for an hour. Robert had gotten off as Alice sucked him while he played with the remote. Shortly after that, she had thrown the egg across the bedroom and he'd gone down on her, bringing her to a magnificent climax.

Ten minutes later, he was rock hard again, and Alice, devious Alice, had a stroke of genius.

"Okay now, Alice whispered, her breath hot in his ear. "Just lean back all the way. Try to get your hands flat on the bed."

His hands had been pulling and squeezing her nipples. "I like my hands where they are, "Robert said.

"So do I, but I want you to try this." She looked beseechingly at him and said, "Come on, humor me."

He leaned back then dutifully pressed his palms into the mattress beside his ears.

"There," she said, adjusting herself on top of him. "Doesn't that feel good?"

"It was feeling pretty good already," Robert said. 'If she moved again,' he thought, 'if she as much as breathed too deeply . . .'

"It's the stretching part," she said. "It makes everything feel better."

"Who taught you thi

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