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Lola and the photographer recreate the photoshoot.

She took me into the bedroom, had me bend over the bed so she could lube up my a-hole and stick my butt plug inside of me. She had me pull my black silky panties back up, and then she gave me a light spanking on the ass. She then had be lay down on the bed on my back, grabbing one hand at a time she handcuffed me to the bed. Then she removed my stockings and tied my feet to the bottom of the bed. Here I am dressed in lingerie and tied to the bed with no way have getting out of here (what a thrill).

She did a strip tease for me, and that is when I noticed she was not wearing her bra. She has nice breasts, but they are big enough (36d) she always wears a bra in public. I asked her where her bra was and she told she had taken it off in the bathroom in the bar. After she had striped completely naked she grabbed her robe and left the bedroom. I wondered where she was going; I was hard and ready for some attention.

When she came back I realized where she had gone. She walked in with another woman that she works with. Mary told me that she and Joan were discussing each others kinky sex lives, but Joan didn't believe Mary that I wore lingerie.

At this point Mary walked over to Joan and gave her a big french kiss. As comfortable as they seemed doing it, I assumed that it wasn't their first one. Mary slowly started unbuttoning Joan's blouse, and then slowly let it fall to the floor, next was her skirt. Joan opened up Mary's robe and also let it slide to the floor. They started whispering things, and kept smiling at me. Joan then came over to the bed and climbed on top of me. I could feel how hot she was as she rubbed her panty covered pussy against my panty covered dick.

Joan slid up my body removing her bra and offering me her 36b's to my mouth. She kept going and finally rested her pussy on my waiting tongue. I did what I do best; I started licking and sucking on her clit stopping occasionally to stick my tongue as far as I could in her pussy. After the second orgasm, she turned around and stuck her a-hole in my face. Although I had never done this before I thought why not. I licked and stuck my tongue as deep as I could into Joan's a-hole.

Joan finally climbed off of me. At this point they both climbed onto the bed at which time I noticed Mary had on the strap on. I thought I knew was coming next, but I was wrong. Instead of her mounting me, she had Joan get on all fours knees on one side of me and hands on the others. Mary then got behind Joan and started to fuck her like I've never seen anyone did before. Joan's breasts were rubbing against my "breasts" and I wanted to cum so bad. Before Joan could have another orgasm, Mary pulled out and slowly inserted the strap on into her a-hole. I could tell Joan was getting close again, and Mary was close to having an orgasm. They must have been good ones since they both collapsed on top of me.

Mary slowly got out of Joan, and Joan looked over at my wet spot that had leaked through my panties and on to the gown. Joan asked me if I wanted some relief, and I said very badly. Mary at this point climbed on to my face while Joan started sucking on my dick. I tried concentrate on what I was doing so I wouldn't cum too quickly and luckily I got Mary off with an orgasm. As Mary climbed off of me, she whispered something to Joan, while she continued to suck on me. It didn't take me long to shoot off my load deep into Joan's mouth and she seemed to be swallowing it all. After Joan got done she came up and gave me a big kiss on the mouth at which time she "pushed" my ejaculation deep into my mouth, and Mary plugged my nose so I had to swallow my own cum.

I thought we were done, but the girls had something else in mind.

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