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" Jane said in an elegant tone as she led him up stairs to the guest bathroom. "I hope you like it."

"It sounds scrumptious," Lex replied as he watched Jane's scrumptious ass move up the stairs in front of him.

Lex savored his last piece of salmon cake in his mouth, and then took a sip of wine.

"My god that was good, Jane," Lex praised.

"Thanks, I'm glad you liked it," Jane replied as she looked over her glasses with a smile.

The conversation over dinner had been very casual and relaxed. Lex noticed that Jane seemed to be so shy and innocent at points. Then at other times in their conversation she seemed sexy and suggestive. When Jane had described what she had for breakfast, Lex wondered if how she described it was an unconscious slip of the tongue. When he heard her casually say, "I had a bagel for breakfast. It was big, thick, hard, and chewy in the inside. I love those kinds of bagels. They really fill me up and I feel as if I had something good." Lex replayed the image of Jane saying those words over again in his mind. He loved the way Jane moved her hands and body as she said those words over again in his mind.

"Lex, Lex," Jane called trying to get his attention.

"I'm sorry was off in my own little world there for a second."

"That's ok, do you want to see the rest of the house?"

"I'd love to," Lex replied.

Jane opened the door to her master bedroom and walked into the grand room with a big smile on her face.

The room was beautiful, hard wood floors, palace purple colored walls with a monochromatic theme throughout the room. The large two-story bay window filled the room with sunlight. A large staircase leads you up to the loft bedroom that is over the master bathroom.

"I love just being in this room, it's my favorite place in the house," Jane said as she sat down in her Navaho white chaise lounge.

"Well, it's absolutely beautiful. I can see why you love being in here."

Lex sat down in the plush love seat directly across from Jane. Lex looked up to find Jane completely relaxed in her lounge. Jane lay with her head back, and looking up at the ceiling. Her left hand on the back of the chaise and her right dangling off the edge. With her back arched Jane's tank stretched even tighter over her breasts. Jane's petite feet rested flat on the lounge with her knees bent and her legs open wide. Her pink shorts tighten against her crotch outlining her ample mound between her legs. Lex crossed his legs to hide his growing excitement under his borrowed robe.

"How are you doing, Lex? Elise told me that you guys broke up awhile back," Jane said as she stretched her arms up in the air.

"I'm doing fine, I'm surprised that Elise said anything," Lex responded as his eyes moved from Jane's crotch up to her eyes.

"Why are you surprised, Lex? You know that Elise loves to talk. You know she still misses you, well, certain parts of you, that is."

"She told you that much, Jane? I'm just sorry that it had to end the way it did."

"Well, that's my sister for you, Miss Selfish. I told her she would lose you if she didn't start to please you. I even tried to give her some tips, but she didn't listen."

"Well, she obviously didn't take notes at all," Lex said jokingly. "Why kind of tips did you give her?"

"I know she doesn't go down on guys much at all. So I tried to tell her how to give head and take a guy all the way down. I heard how bad of a job she did with you. So, I guess I kind of owe you one."

"The way Elise preformed you owe me big time Jane. What in the world did you tell her?" Lex chuckled.

Jane stood up out of her chaise lounge and slowly walked over to Lex and stood over him in his chair.

"Why don't you open up that robe and I will show you exactly what I told her Lex."

Lex opened his robe up for Jane as she moved down to her knees in front of him. Jane took his member in hand and slowly stroked it hard.

"It's bigger than Elise said it was," Jane said with a devious smile on her face.

"Is that a problem?" Lex asked.

Jane slowly licked the tip of Lex's cock with an eager

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