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Continuation of play between Doron and Amara.

He lifted my skirt and pulled away to look me in the eyes when he realized I had nothing on under it. I stared back at him, but he wasted no time. His hands were all over my ass, cupping and squeezing my ass cheeks. My arms wrapped tighter around his neck and I kissed him full on the mouth. He quickly slipped his tongue in my mouth and I hungered for it. I pushed my chest hard into his, and stuck out my ass, pushing it further into his hands. We made out for what seemed like hours when he pulled away and grabbed my shoulders, shoving me hard against the wall. He looked me directly in the eyes as his right hand left my shoulder and traveled down my body, under my shirt.

He massaged my cunt with his hand, and I was sopping wet already. He slipped one, and then two fingers in, pumping them furiously in and out of my wet pussy. I gasped as I rode up and down on his fingers. I brought my hands behind him and grabbed his ass, squeezing it. His mouth found mine again, and I tasted beer and cigarettes, which would normally be appalling to me, but tonight it made me even hornier, and my pussy leaked juices all around his hand. His left hand came down and grabbed my tit roughly in his fingers. He pulled and pinched it through my shirt as his other hand pumped my wet cunt.

I thought I could come any second when he abruptly stopped. I was breathing so hard and I had closed my eyes to focus on my orgasm that when he stopped my eyes popped open in surprise. He grabbed my arm roughly and dragged me to his right, down to the end of the hallway where the door was marked "Emergency Exit: Alarm Will Sound." I tried to pull my arm back, but he had shoved the door open with his hip and was pulling me out in the cool night air. He must drag girls out this door a lot if he knew there wasn't a real alarm I thought. I figured just thinking that would make me panic and start kicking and screaming, but I was so turned on that I wanted to see where he'd take me.

He lead me out behind the bar where there were just a few cars parked. I wasn't even aware there was parking behind the bar. We had parked with everyone else in the front, and I began to wonder how often he frequented this place. I didn't have much time to think before he was grabbing his keys out of his pocket and popping open the rear passenger side door of his SUV. It was an older model Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I was surprised at how clean it was when he pushed me onto the back seat. He slammed the door and came around the other side where he climbed in beside me. The rush of the cool night air had made me shiver slightly. I had been so hot and sweaty that I was immediately chilled. He practically lunged at me. He moved his body over mine and covered my mouth, filling me with the intoxicating smell of beer and cigarettes that had made me so wet before. I suddenly remembered neither of us had said a word since we met in the hallway, and I pushed him away.

"Wait," I said.

He sat up and looked at me. "What?"

"What are we doing?" I asked breathlessly.

He grinned. "Fucking."

And that was that.

His mouth found mine once again. He was an amazing kisser. Or was it the booze? I would never know, but I was in heaven as his mouth moved down my neck and in between my low cut shirt. I don't know how long we had been in the car but soon I was completely naked, laying down on the long car seat with him on top of me. I could feel how hard he was as his erection pushed into my stomach. I looked down to see his clothes were gone as well. He reached down two fingers and pushed them up into me, bringing his mouth down to suck my nipple. He alternated between breasts while his fingers pushed up into my pussy, and his finger swirled my clit. I was moaning and pushing the back of his head into my breasts harder. He lifted his head from my breast and leaned back on his knees in between my legs.

"Up," he commanded.

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