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Things get out of hand with Sally's boss on a business trip.

" Again I giggled a bit seductively. With that we got in his car. He got my door and I rewarded him with a great view of my legs.

"Dee, I really need to apologize for kissing you. I guess I got carried away. But, did you really mean it when you said that you liked my kiss."

"I most certainly did" I said with a smile.

"Dee, what do you think if we limit it to "only kissing occasionally"? Also, I think you know me better than to think I'd ever tell anyone or be a braggart about anything we did in private. You know I'm not like that at all," he said seriously. "I'd also like to point out that no one anywhere can see us now," he added with a laugh.

"Tom, do you think doing this will change our relationship for the better or for the worse?"

"Honestly? I think it will make our friendship stronger." (A typical guy answer!!)

I told him very seriously "We can try it... but the kiss has to be a friendly one...no tongue in each other's mouth. Do you understand?"

He laughed and said okay. He touched my cheek and leaned over to me and we kissed. It was so soft and tender. He touched my cheek and neck as we were kissing. I reached over to him and touched his cheek. It was all very sweet.

I was waiting for him to slip his tongue across so I could break the kiss and tell him he was being bad again. Well, he didn't let me down. He didn't slip it in my mouth like I thought he would. He just touched my lips with the tip of his tongue. I softly moaned and allowed it another moment and pulled away.

"Ohhh Tom, that was very nice but you're being naughty again."

"Dee, I kept my tongue out of your mouth."

I couldn't help but to laugh at him.

"Tom, you're being very tricky and I think I'll need to keep a close eye on you," I said with a seductive giggle.

"How about another kiss?" he asked.

"I need to get home." and reminded him "you had better not brag this up because if you do it will eventually spell trouble for us both."

When I got home I received a text from him asking if he could call me on my cell. I responded back with a yes.

Moments later he called and asked me, "What are your plans tomorrow?"

"I don't have anything planned at all."

"Would you like to spend some time down at Presque Isle? Maybe take a walk on a couple trails?"

I responded "I'd love to. How does 10:00am sound? "

We met there on Saturday morning and walked a short distance on the all-purpose trail. We had been talking about nothing much and after taking a smaller less traveled trail he brought up the previous night's kiss. We talked quite a bit about it and our feelings and he stopped, held my arms and kissed me again. This kiss had more energy and passion in it. Again I was waiting for the tongue and he didn't disappoint. I let it in this time and gave him mine. The kiss felt so nice, not overpowering but full of passion.

His hand slid down from my cheek, then my neck and inside my jacket to the outside of my top and over my breast. He was being gentle as he kneaded my breast and rolled my nipple. I kissed him harder as I was responding to his touch. I slid my hand down to the outside and front of his pants and worked his penis through his jeans. He began to kiss me with even more passion.

He broke the kiss and said, "Dee, perhaps we can go somewhere a bit more private?"

"I think I'd like that."

"There are a few small motels just outside the park a mile or so." he said with the eagerness of a very horny guy.

We made our way back to our parked cars and I followed him to the nearest "Ma and Pa" motel. There are a number of these small privately owned hotels nearby...they're clean, well-kept and inexpensive. They were just perfect for our needs.

He checked in, came back out and we entered the room together.

"Tom, I hope you have a condom."

"Yes I do."

I acted surprised and said "Do you always carry condoms?"

"Ahh, not actually, I was just hoping you and I would end up being together."

"Did you ASSUME we were?" I asked seriously.

"Jan, I never assume or take anything for granted.

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