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Continuation of the story about how I met my partner.

Her shirt was of a very thin fabric, and the air conditioning was set at some really low temp, so her nipples were hard as little gems and poked against the material. She kept her eyes on her food, eating slowly, saying nothing. Her breasts were nothing spectacular, not like my mom's or Eileen Beechen's rack, both of which made me think of something wet and smooth that would grease them before I pushed my cock into the folds of flesh. Paula had nice cleavage in a different way; beautiful smooth young skin that showed no signs of age. Smooth like it would feel cool on your hands as you wrapped them around her while entering her doggy-style. My thoughts of how I'd manhandle each of the three women at the table started to arouse my cock and I could feel a drop of pre-cum dribble from its head.

We were about done with dinner when the doorbell rang. "That must be Yvonne," said Paula. "I told her I'd go with her to the movies if she couldn't find anyone else. No one else will go see Toy Story 3 with her."

"What?" said Eileen, raising her voice a little. "You knew we had company!"

"Relax, mom" answered Paula. "I should back in about two hours. It's not like Yvonne will want to go for a drink after. So I'll be back soon." She got up and went to door, saw that it was what she expected, and left.

"How about that girl?" asked Eileen. "Can't control them once they grow, I always say."

"So," I jumped in, a little slow form the alcohol but hoping not to sound stupid. "How come Paula hasn't settled down? She doesn't like guys?"

"Oh, I think she does," laughed Eileen. "She just says she hasn't found the right horse to tame."

Eileen and my mom laughed. Mom looked at me in a funny way and then turned her head back towards our hostess.

"You know, Eileen," said my mom. "I'm getting a bit of a migraine. I think I better go home and put an ice pack on my head."

"Really? Let me help," I said in my innocence. I didn't get up to my feet, though, because I had a stiff erection.

"No, no," she said, getting up on her heels and towering over us, "I know right where it is. If I feel better in a little bit, I'll be right back over." I went around the table and held her waist and elbow and led her to the door. "Really, honey, I'll be fine," she said. "And if I don't come back over, I'll see you tomorrow, for mass." She gave me a big, wet long kiss on my cheek. "Visit with Eileen a little," she said, and went out the door and hooked to the right across the lawn.

"Well, Junior, it's just us," said Eileen. I had watched mommy's ass sashay across the living room to the door, thinking about not wanting to be too hung over the next morning, because I had a play-date with mommy after I went with her to mass. I turned to look at Eileen Beechen, wondering what on earth we'd have to talk about. TO my shock, she had pushed her chair back a little from the table and she had her elbows up on the back of the chair behind her on either side. With her shoulders back and her breasts thrust into the air, her legs were spread as wide on either side of her as a woman's legs could spread, causing her housedress to hike up over her thighs, exposed her crotch. She was not wearing panties. Her crotch was completely hairless and smooth. "So, Junior. Did you enjoy watching me back when you were in college?" Her voice was in her lowest register. She was almost growling at me. She was teasing me by flashing me! She was going to chew me out now for having watched her in the past.

I blushed and stammered something out. "wha-wha what do you mean?"

"I think I saw you a time or two up in your bedroom when I was sunbathing," she said, smiling a big smile and brightening her voice. Her legs spread wider, if that was possible.

"Well, sure, how could I not see you?" I asked, knowing my cock was obvious in my pants.

"You're cute," said Eileen. "Are you hung like you daddy?"

"I have no idea," I said, taking a big drink of wine.

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