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Amy gets intimate with Mrs Potter at her job interview.

Her tail was just draped over her left ass cheek and I had begun playing with it using my free hand. She was clearly enjoying it because I could feel her pussy clench on my tongue and it was getting much, much wetter. I take it anymore, her mouth had felt a lot better than Herathia's had. Seeing as she'd be a permanent resident of this world she would need energy to maintain her form

"M-Master I'm-" She was interrupted by my voice.

"Neko I'm coming!!" We both came at the same time, her juices freely flowing onto my face and my load filling her stomach. When she came she clenched her anus so hard I thought my finger would come off, boy would it have felt good if that was my penis instead of my finger. I'll get into that another time. I licked up all of her nectar and went to the bathroom to clean up. I beckoned to Neko to come with me. I know she's a demon an all but the laws of the body probably still apply so I gotta get her cleaned up. I got a clean towel , wet it with cool water and wiped all the stickiness of her face.

"We'll need to get you some clothes so we can wash the ones you have later, Kay?" Seeing as my tuition and travel was technically completely covered I still have all the money that I got from my relatives. Soo... Approximately $3,000? My uncle Steve was a baller so he had thrown a huge going away party for me and gave me a fat check of $2,300 which I had promptly put into my paypal so I could spend it in stores and online with my debit card. I think I'll be able to get her some nice clothes.

"So are we going to the mall, Nyaa~?" She mewed excitedly.

"Yup, we're going to the mall" I happened to have learned some handy dandy teleportation magic that allowed me to warp to anywhere I had an up to date map for, I wouldn't want to accidentally teleport into a solid wall. Just for the dramatic effect I snapped and boom there we were in front of the shopping center. There were kiosks people everywhere, I could tell that Neko was excited because her tail was doing it's thing she does when I think she's happy. I lifted her up onto my shoulders so she could guide me to where she wanted to go. She purred , and this time I was sure she was happy.

"Alright Neko, I explicitly grant you permission to tell me your true feelings and thoughts for the duration of your stay in my world."

"R-really, Nyaa~? Then can we go over there?" She excitedly waved her finger at an ice cream stand.

"Sure, what flavor do you want?" I asked.

"The white one!" she exclaimed. Hmm, I believe that's the first time she hasn't 'Nyaa'd' in a sentence so far. I kinda liked that, I hope she doesn't drop it completely. I went up to the guy at the stand. Bob's Family Made Ice cream eh?

"Hey, can I get a vanilla cone for her and a mint for me?

"Sure , Sure, that'll be $1 please" His voice was kinda rough but he seemed nice enough, and Only $1? It says $1 each and I ordered two, wot?

"Excuse me, I ordered two cones."

"Yeah, one for you, and one for the cutie, free of charge." Sweet! Free ice cream.

"Alrighty, thanks man." I handed him the bill and he gave me the two cones. They were at least 4 inches high, clearly my money's worth.

"Here you go Neko" I said as I handed her the vanilla cone. She started licking it, reminding me of this morning and I could feel an erection coming up. I quickly tucked it into my waist as usual. I began licking my mint cone as well, it was pretty good!"

"Thanksh mashter, Nyaa~" She said, in-between the licks. Alright time to do what we actually came here for. I waved towards the clothing shop and told Neko to come with me. We sat on a bench outside the shop and finished up our ice cream cones.

"Ahh that was good, I haven't had ice cream in a while."

"Nyaa, Nyaa~!" She said approvingly while nodding. We walked in and I went towards the kids section, she was barely taller than I was when I was 8.

"Go and find something you like, I'll follow you.

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