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A Halloween murder mystery for readers to solve.

The other male has his head back in pleasure as his hands firmly grabbed onto the other's hair. Next to them were a threesome consisting of two men; both at least in their 40's, kneeled between a toned woman of the same age wearing a tight strapless leather dress. One of the men slowly peeled down the top of her dress to slowly lick one of the hard pierced nipples as the other male was in the process of eating her out as if she was the most delicious delicacy ever created. The woman enjoyed both shows as she elegantly sipped from her half glass of red wine, a flash of silver glistening from between her legs as the male came up to lick the juices from his lips.

My eyes averted back to the stage as his arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me into him, feeling his hard cock through his black pants. "I would love to see that. To watch this beautiful round ass pressed against me turn a gorgeous shade of red with every smack. All of these people getting so turned on and getting themselves off on your pleasure. Would you love that?"

"Yes," I sighed, my ass grinding into the bulge pressing against me. "I want that."

"Would you like to go find a seat and enjoy the show for a bit," He mumbled into my ear while licking and biting just underneath. "Or would you like to make our own little show by having me fuck you over this banister?"

"Fuck me," I moaned. "Please."

My legs faltered with the groaned laughter in my ear. "No...no I think we should enjoy the show first. Wouldn't want to be rude now would we?"

He grabbed my hand and lead me down the staircase, following him unconditionally as I tried to calm myself down. I felt the wetness begin between my legs with the moans becoming louder and louder as we went downstairs. I knew this was my first time here, but damn I needed to pull myself together so I don't make a fool of myself.

We found an out of the way area consisting of two black velvet chairs with intricate decorative frames and a small black table on each side. As we sat down in the comfortable chairs, an incredibly tall shirtless male wearing a pair of extremely tight leather pants came to take our drink orders. He ordered his usual while I ordered a simple rum and coke to start the long night off. Needed to pace myself if I wanted to make it out of here in one piece. The waiter assured us our drinks would be out shortly and left us as we continued to watch the show.

The brunette has now been turned around; her purple peekaboo highlights flashing with each head turn as a simple black blindfold covered her eyes from the audience. A dainty silver hoop piercing her septum matched both the silver clamps attached to her reddish-brown nipples and the silver chain dangling between them; perfectly contrasting her soft tanned skin. A delicate grouping of greyish-black stars wrapped around her side, from just underneath her pert breasts down to her sharp hip bone. My eyes slowly traveled down the simple yet beautiful tattoo to the neatly trimmed pussy now being pleasantly tortured by a Hitachi held onto by the silver haired woman. Moan after melodious moan flowed from her parted purple ombre lips as her curvy hips thrusted into the head of the Hitachi; desperate to find her long awaited release despite the leather bindings around both her wrists and ankles.

I slid my hand over his thigh just as the waiter came back with our drinks. He sat the drinks down on our tables and asked if there was anything else; unfazed by my hand still stroking the inside his thigh. We declined and he left us with a nod to continue his rounds.

"Anything you need, sweetheart?" He asked, grinning from behind the crystal glass. The gunmetal black mask resting upon his face hit the light just right, accentuating the playful look in his dark eyes. It also went well with the all black outfit consisting of a soft black button down shirt, black dress pants and perfectly shined black shoes.

After taking a sip of my drink, I got up from my chair and went to kneel do

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