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Mrs Johnson takes her reward for winning the bet.

She quickly started stroking it and licking the head with her dainty tongue. Her eagerness was vaguely reminiscent of one of his first girls-of-opportunity, after he left college, and he found himself looking at her more closely. There were so many girls though, and her mouth was so good on his hard cock that his thoughts turned to more hedonistic subjects. He was so close to cumming and he didn't think she was going to stop. Abruptly though she did, leaving him with a painful pinch at the base of his shining dick. He barely had time to open his eyes when she was pushing his torso back onto the bed. She quickly clambered up and he saw her pussy, positively dripping with juice, poised over his contrasting black, purple actually, knob. He looked at her face and her eyes were closed as she lowered herself onto him. She let out a gasp and a muffled, "Holy Christ!" as he filled her. He couldn't believe how tight she was.

Brent could see a different sheen applied to his cock as her hips slowly levered up and down. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and she simply panted as her desire rose even more.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!" Ellie kept intoning as Brent's cock disappeared and reappeared in the light from the eighteenth floor window.

Brent heard a loud slap and Ellie shrieked as her pussy clenched at his cock, her orgasm surprising them both. Brent looked past her and saw a smaller man grinning and lowering himself into a chair pulled up near the bed. He was wringing his hand as if to dispel a pain there and Brent realized that he had slapped his lover's ass. Her hips were still hunching against his but her vaginal spasms were lessening. She raised her head from Brent's neck and whined, "Honeeey! You're early!"

The man grinned and sat back. He had a drink in one hand and unbuttoning his slacks with the other. "I knew you couldn't wait, my slut." He then gestured imperiously for her to continue and she turned back to Brent for another passionate kiss.

"I love this cock." Ellie whispered to him so even her husband couldn't hear. She slowly started to grind against him, her clit mashed against his pubic bone as she looked deeply into his eyes.

Brent's hands gripped her ass, not to control but to feel. She sat up with her hands against his chest and rapidly pivoted her hips for a minute. She went back to the grinding again. Each action was intended to bring one of them closer to the edge and after several minutes Brent could feel her body start to vibrate. His own crisis was getting near and he tried to warn her. "Ellie!" he gasped. "I'm..." Ellie put her fingers over his mouth and really started to work her hips. Brent relaxed and let it flow, his body going rigid and his hips thrusting mightily into the air. He could feel each pulse of his dick, each agonized contraction as his semen streamed into this dynamo on top of him. As he was finished she moved her clit back to his pubic bone and within a few shuddering strokes she reached her own release.

"Oh! Oh, God!" Ellie screamed. "Oh, fuck! Aaiiigh!"

Brent stared intently at her face as she came, loving the rapturous expression as her body convulsed in ecstasy.

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