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I recount a time when a hotel maid took me for a wild ride.

Several more pictures follow; in some, her head is turned away from the camera, but in one, she is looking directly at the camera, her pink-painted lips parted as she pants, her eyes clouded over with need, and more than a few stringy strands of hair affixed to her sweat-covered face.

"More..." she pleads softly. "I need more..."

Those first words spoken in perhaps an hour thrill me, fill my soul, and I must fight to maintain my professional demeanor. I only hope that her words were able to be captured by the digital camcorder.

My mind races. I consider adding a little pain to her experience, potentially using the clothespins lined across a nearby shelf to turn her into a porcupine. I consider increasing the power of the vibrating eggs inside her to see just how she reacts. I also consider opening a window, allowing the winter air to cool us both and ideally make her nipples appear even harder than they already do.

"What do you need?" I finally ask, my voice soft and soothing.

"I need to cum!"

I stand fully erect, the camera in my hands drinking in the chest and head of my appealing model. She looks directly at the unblinking eye, softly pleading: "Please... Please..." Her expression is a mixture of desire and need and lust and utter frustration, even as she continued to pull at her bonds, the chains rattling and the bed squeaking softly in protest of her movements.

I take multiple pictures in rapid succession, capturing as many nuances of that expression as I possibly can. In a way, her expression makes her look like an unashamed slut, yet it also makes her look like a loving woman using all her charms to arouse and please visually.

After a moment of consideration, I step into the view of the digital camcorder and mount the bed, causing it to squeal even louder. She closes her eyes and turns her head to the left, her body falling slack with exhaustion even as her chest continued to heave. It is such a beautiful vision of feminine submission that I take more pictures of her, even as I move into position, my legs straddling her pelvis. Have your way with me, her position screams. Take me. Use me. Toy with me. Hurt me.

And again, I suddenly envision her body covered with clothespins. In my mind's eye, I can see her screaming and flailing and crying as a bullwhip is used to snap each clothespin from her skin, leaving noticeable bruises upon her unblemished body. Despite her pain, the tears make her even sexier, even more vulnerable.

But instead of hurting her, I toy with her. Holding the small camera steady with one hand, I reach out toward her chest with the other hand, taking a picture of the hand hovering just above her right breast. Once my hand touches her, I squeeze the breast from the side, enjoying the heat radiating from her; she moans noticeably, arching her back again to press more of her feminine swell into my hand, and I take several more pictures as my thumb moves toward and across her hardened nipple, causing her to gasp loudly from the touch upon her sensitive bud. And through it all, the position of her head does not change, continuing the vision of feminine submission.

It is so, so difficult to not set the camera aside and place a hand upon each breast. But I know that if I do, I will not be able to stop myself from satisfying my own growing lust, and I will risk never having this exquisite young woman return for future sessions.

She turns her head to me, opening her eyes, attempting to truly see me through the haze of deep arousal. "More power, please..."

I first pinch her right nipple, causing her to gasp loudly with her eyes closed again as she squirms underneath me; I take another picture. Then the hand is retracted, and snakes down her wet body to her left thigh. I quickly find the sliding power mechanism, and increase the rapidity of the vibrations in her rear passage. "Yes..."

Carefully and rather reluctantly, I dismount firs

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