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You are have two men at a night club while I watch.

"Ready to go for a ride?" With that, he dropped his hand and the switch gave a sharp crack. Almost instantly she heard a series of metallic snaps all around her. She was now immobilized, almost part of the machine itself.

"What the hell -- I can't move!" Panic started to rise, she trusted Steve but this wasn't expected and she couldn't figure out why she couldn't rise.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. There are electromagnets at your wrist, back and ankles so you can't fall out. They just locked on to the metal bars on your gear. If you release the kill-switches they'll release but you might want to be careful when you do."

"So I'm at the mercy of you and your creation"

"Until you let go"

"Why do I need to be careful when I let go by the way?"

A whine started emanating from the central column and almost immediately the bench that she was now pinned to started to incline. She rose in the air and finished almost five feet up and face down looking at a grinning Steve.

"No reason. Mind the first step. I thought it would be cool to be able to give you different angles too."

The straps and harness made sense now. She was hanging in mid-air from the leather corset and cuffs. If she let go of the safety handles the machine would drop her face first to the floor.

"So are you ready for a test drive?"

"I guess so." Cindy was actually a little scared. Hanging in mid-air and about to be fucked by a machine bigger than herself was a bit much.

Steve started manipulation of the console and she moved back to a vertical position. Another dial, another lever and her legs were spread apart. Her arms were forced up and she was now in a spread eagle pose. The cool air flowed across her body and for the first time she became aware of the juice that had been building up on her pussy lips. There is control, and then there is this. Steve could control her like a puppet using this machine.

Total submission to a machine, the very thought of it ran throughout her body like electricity. Her knees began to rise and at the same time she felt something pressing against her moist pussy lips. She looked down and saw a mirror overhead aimed directly at her crotch. Pressing on her was a small beaded wheel on a rod. The rim glistened and as it advanced it slowly started turning. The first bead dragged across her pussy lips and slipped away, smooth and firm. And then a second and a third. The sheen on the wheel was lubricant -- and it was somehow being replenished as it turned. She tried to move closer to increase the pressure but was held fast. This was in itself a turn on. Completely powerless and dependent on the machine for pleasure.

A pair of arms moved into position over her chest and a pair of small black rubber tassels moved in over her nipples. A small motor started turning the tassels and then the arm itself started to swing in a orbital motion. The tiny tips drummed against her areola and already hard nipples. The twisting motion meant that in the course of a few seconds the machine had touched the entire circumference. The pattern also was reversed from time to time. She had no idea if Steve controlled it or if it had been programmed to do so.

The wheel crawled a bit closer to her as well so the edge of the beads were now grazing the very tip of her clit. The whine of the machine increased and she heard a heavy metallic 'thunk'. Looking down at the mirror she saw a purple dildo set about an inch away from her.

"You doing OK there?" Steve's voice seemed far away.

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