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Derek's past demons threaten his future with Spencer.

Look at her go."

"Yeah, she's more wicked than I thought. Maybe you need to have her clean your ass next."

"Ohh what a great idea," Krystal approved, "You heard your father Hannah, my ass needs cleaning next."

Maybe Hannah should have been disgusted by the idea, but ever since Kevin had rimmed her own ass earlier that afternoon, she had been anxious to try it. Pulling off her father's semi-hard cock, she turned to look at her mother's sexy ass. Krystal bent over and pulled apart her plump ass cheeks, exposing her puckered brown hole that was covered in creamy white cum. The sight made Hannah's mouth water and her pussy clench in excitement.

As she leaned in close to her own mother's cum covered ass, with the smell of sex heavy in the air, Hannah thought about how lucky she was to be part of this loving family. With her tongue extended, she slid it into the gooey mess and licked asshole for the first time in her life. The taste was not entirely agreeable, but Hannah was so turned on at that point that she eagerly licked and sucked all the cum on the outside, and even went so far as to wedge her tongue into the sphincter in an attempt to get more.

By the time she had finished cleaning all the cum from her mom's ass, Hannah was ready to go again, but it was obvious that David was going to be sitting this one out. He had already shot two loads that she herself had seen, and that wasn't counting how many times he had nutted during filming earlier. "I'm horny again mom, can we do something else?" she asked.

"There's one more thing that I haven't taught you yet, but it's pretty intense. Not every woman can handle it."

"You're not going to tickle me are you?"

"No, not tonight dear. I was thinking about fisting you though."

"Fisting? I don't think I can do that mom," Hannah said, shaking her head uneasily.

"Don't knock it til you try it girl," Krystal replied, "I've had some of the most intense and most draining orgasms from being properly fisted."



"Well, if you put it like that, I guess I can try it."

"Of course we could wait until Mistress Krystal needs to punish you," Krystal warned.

"No... I'd like to try it tonight, just promise me that you'll go very slow."

Krystal smiled warmly. "Oh don't you worry baby, I plan on taking my sweet time with you."


While Krystal, David, and their oldest daughter discovered new carnal desires, Kevin and Kristen remained locked in their own personal hell. They had been locked in the doghouse for over two hours and in that time, Kevin had suffered through three more orgasms and had only filled the cup about half full. The machine was still pumping away on him, drawing some animalistic grunts and moans from him. The urine had all but dried up, leaving him with an uncomfortable film coating his face, but the pussy hanging mere inches above his face was dripping clear, sweet fluid every so often.

Kristen was struggling through her own difficulties. The pain from her full enema had mostly gone away, but the annoying vibrations in her ass was causing a different problem. The buzzing had made her horny, so horny that her pussy was aching for the slightest touch. She could feel the breath from her brother on her lips, and wanted so badly for him to lick her, but he couldn't.

"Kevin," Kristen moaned, "I'm so horny. I need to cum so bad. This vibrator in my ass is driving me crazy."

"What do you want me to do?" Kevin grunted. He had tried so hard to ignore the relentless sucking tube that was pleasuring and torturing his meat at the same time.

"I just need a tiny bit of pressure on my clit and I think I'll burst. Can you try to reach it with your tongue again?"

Wanting to help his sister, Kevin tried reaching her, stretching his tongue and neck and managing to barely brush against her wet, puffy labia. It wasn't nearly enough, and after only a few seconds, his strained neck was hurting to much and he dropped back. "I can't reach sis, I'm sorry."

Frustration overtook Kristen and she bucked her whole body by jerking

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