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Russ and Becca shop an adult toy store.

I joined her on the bed.

We kissed passionately as our tongues played with each other's and explored our mouths. I already had a large and firm erection. Just the thought of being with, and the sight of Julie produced this effect every time. The front of my slacks bulged. Julie stroked my cock through my slacks with her long, sensitive fingers. While I slid my hand up her thigh and felt the electric tingle of her Nylons. My fingers reached above their junction with her garter, and I could feel the heat emanating from her pelvis as I approached her Vagina. I found to my pleasure that she was wearing no panties, and soon my fingers became moist with her secretions which by now were abundant and flowing freely. She groaned as my fingers parted her Vaginal lips and she rolled over to her back to permit me more complete access. I withdrew my hand and licked my fingers because I loved her taste. Then I reinserted my fingers and very gently found her most sensitive area. This I lightly caressed, and in a moment she began to shake and sigh. I felt the walls of her Vagina contracting about my fingers which by now were completely in her. She came, and came again, as we kissed each other.

Julie had the ability to become aroused almost instantly by the most trivial stimulus, and she could come in an astonishingly short time. Not once or twice, but several times in succession. My wife on the other hand rarely experienced an orgasm no matter how hard I tried to stimulate her, and she promptly went to sleep immediately after sex. Julie's husband was totally selfish. He also never appreciated her special ability and also never indulged her.

By this time I was ready to explode. Julie stood up at the side of the bed and slowly began to undress. This was something that she did and that I loved to watch. She slipped off her jacket and unbuttoned her silk blouse. Her breasts were somewhat small, but firm and perky in her brown lacy Bra. Her nipples however were larger than usual and quite prominent through the lace of her Bra. Then she slipped her skirt off, sinuously twisting her slim but shapely body to display her firm, deliciously round, rosy buttocks which this time were not covered by panties, but instead were crossed by a lacy garter belt. The thigh length tan FF nylons ended in lace tops which were snuggly held in place by her garter straps. These framed the lower part of her abdomen and upper thighs. At the apex her prominent Mons was framed below by her large, swollen Vaginal lips. The whole covered by a nest of curly brown hairs. Some of these gleaming with the secretions that now leaked out. She turned towards me and stood in all her glory with her arms on her hips, breasts outthrust, and with a smile on her lips as if to say "Like what you see"?

I slipped off my shirt, slacks, and shoes, and pulled her down on the bed next to me. With my tongue I explored her ears, lips, shoulders and breasts. She loved me to suck on her breasts, which also often caused her to come. While I was enjoying this activity she slipped her hand into my shorts and pulled them down. This immediately released my cock which sprang to attention. Her fingers gently massaged my own pre-cum which had started to flow, and she too licked them clean.. By this time my tongue had reached her Vaginal lips which were sticky with her abundant secretions. I lapped them up vigorously because I enjoyed her unique flavor. Soon the lips of her Vagina parted and my tongue found her spot. Her hand pressed my face against her and once again she began to shake uncontrollably, and to moan with pleasure. She called my name as she came again and again, and again cried out her characteristic phrase "I can't move, I can't move" as she came and gradually subsided.

By this time her Bra was off, as were the remainder of my clothes.

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