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She seduces her nephew.

Only the slight fear that Sam might still back down kept him in check.

He didn't know he was purring his desire until he heard the growl and this time he knew it was him causing Sam to make it. His cock lurched when he realised Sam was moving towards him. Barely a word had been said between them, but their bodies were saying everything they needed to hear. Now Sam was standing he could also tell he was erect, and just as he had thought those weeks ago, it seemed huge. He swallowed hard.

It was only a moment more and they were stood together, almost touching and each feeling the heat of the others body and hearing the quickened breathing and heartbeats. Their eyes met and there was a moment of stillness, both seeing the depth and desire expressed in their looks, before they each started to move to close the tiny gap between them and press their lips together, rapidly followed by their bodies. Arms wound around to hold their mate as close as they could, each feeling like they never wanted to let go.

Their bodies were burning with desire, lips and tongues frantically moving and tasting, hands moving through their hair and down over smooth muscles on backs and asses. Their dicks pressed together between them, both rock hard and dripping precum as they were rubbed by the constant movement of their bodies. Groans, growls and purrs, muffled by their mated mouths, filled the air.

Finally, Tom broke away to get his breath back. He still held Sam as close as he could. They both panted, trying to get enough oxygen back in their lungs. Their eyes met again, and there was a ripple of amusement between them at the frantic need that had taken them over. He still had a slight doubt that he had pushed Sam into this. 'Are you sure?' he managed to get out. His worst fears seemed realised when Sam took a small step back, but he heard the answer.

'Yes.' said Sam, moving to undo the cord at his waist and pushing his trousers down so they dropped in a pool at his feet. Tom was transfixed. He had been right, and he gulped at the size of Sam's cock. He thought it was beautiful, thick and long, and he couldn't stop his hands moving to caress it. He half heard Sam's frantic gasps of pleasure but he could only concentrate on how good this felt in his hands, how hot and hard, and how much he wanted to taste the precum forming at the tip. He dropped to his knees and moved in fast to lick up the juices and he heard Sam make a noise that was half shouting and half howling. He found he loved the taste and the sounds and wanted more of both.

He dived on Sam's cock, finding his mouth and throat somehow expanding to take half of it in at his first attempt. The pleasure made him purr and he felt Sam jerk as this increased his pleasure. Tom bobbed and licked as he purred louder and louder, and it was only a minute later he heard a real howl from Sam as he came hard and fast. Tom only just managed to pull back enough to take the load in his mouth and he swallowed as fast as he could to make room for the shots that seemed to keep coming.

Sam was lost in the sensations of being licked and sucked while his lover purred his pleasure around his hard cock. He hadn't expected Tom to dive straight on him, he just wanted to let him know he had no more fear of being naked around him, and to get Tom to do the same. He had a brief moment of wanting to stop this so he could also suck Tom, but he couldn't do it. It was the most amazing feeling he had ever had. No-one had ever made him feel like this, or make such sounds, or got him to come so hard and fast. He gasped as the final spurts came and fell back, thankfully landing on the desk as his legs no longer had any strength in them. Tom had turned him to jelly. His eyes were closed but he could see stars.

Tom sat back on his heels and looked at what he had done.

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