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Peter gets tempted.

I slowly sucked the black dick deep in my mouth. Enjoying the tastes of it, the feel of it in my mouth, I began to suck against the hard dick, whirling my tongue against it, getting it sloppy wet in the process. I loved the feeling of eating my mother's cock. Her hands wrapped in my hair against as she began thrusting her hips against my face -face fucking me.

"That's right. Suck my cock, slut. Suck it. Suck it hard. If you are good I'm going to fuck you, you lil hoe. Hoes need good fuckings to keep them in their place."

I groaned at the thought of my mother inside of me, fucking my pussy with her hard fake cock, making me cum with ach thrust of her hips as she rammed it inside of me over and over. Oh yes. 'Fuck me mother, fuck me.' I thought as I sucked her harder. I held on to the based of the cock so I could control the power of her thrust so I could eat her dick at my pace.

And through it all, there was my father, watching. He stood there and watched his wife, my mother, fuck my face with her cock. He watched as her ass clenched with each thrust. He watched and he stroked his own hard cock, still wet from our juices and until finally he walked to me and thrust his hard dick on my face. I reached out and grabbed it. I released mommy's dick and then pulled daddy's dick in my mouth and sucked on his hard, yet soft flesh. I took turns sucking both my cocks, one then the other, groaning with each swap. They tasted so good. They felt so good. My pussy was on fire. I didn't know which cock I wanted first. As I sucked one cock, I pumped the other, looking for more juice. I needed more cock juice from both cocks. Daddy's cock was more generous than mommy's.

I sucked and sucked and sucked until my jaw felt numb. That is when mother changed her mind.

"Very good, lil slut. You got my cock nice and wet. Now it's time for momma to fuck you. Would you like that? Would my cock hungry slut want mommy's dick in her pussy?"

I nodded eagerly. I was so horny, so ready. I didn't care what I had in me. My pussy just wanted something hard thrusting inside of me. She nudged me back and I fell on to my back with my thighs spread.

'Give me your tits, bitch. I wanna suck those fat nipples as I fuck you."

I obeyed. I reached in and pulled out my heavy breasts, swollen and ready as I spread my thighs wider. My mother felt between my thighs and leaned forward. The soft curtain of her long hair brushed up against my thighs, hiding her face as her tongue lashed out and swiped the wet pussy juice and cum from my pussy. I heard and felt the vibration of her moan as she sucked the dipping cum out of my pussy. Then she began to kiss her way over my body, releasing buttons, until my dress was completely opened exposing my body to her glaze. She licked and kissed her way up my body until she found a nipple and began to pull the tight bud in her mouth. Then she gripped the other breast and held them both together, sucking on each nipple. She lay down over my body, rubbing her cock against my pussy, humping against my wet folds as she sucked and bit my nipples. She ate each nipple like she was starving and only my tits could give her nourishment. Then suddenly, she released my breasts and reached down and grabbed my thighs. She raised them up higher and wrapped them around her waist. Reaching between our sweat soaked bodies, she took her cock and pushed it the hole of my pussy. Then, pausing to look into my eyes, she leaned over and kissed me for the first time. Our tongues wrapped around each other in passion as I tried to pull her deeper and deeper in my mouth.

And with one forceful thrust her hard cock pushed into my pussy and she slowly started to fuck me.

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