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A John Carliye Novel.

I lit a cig and both of us shared it. After some time she reminded me the same episode with her would be.

She -- you didn't comment on my controlling capacity and how I handled the situation.

Me -- congratulation for you controlling and you handled the situation right. Do you think you have that capacity always.

She -- oh yes, I think I have become master on it.

I opened another can and started sipping, I nodded in negative. Things won't be same all the time and you are likely to lose next time. As he is amateur he failed. There was risk involved if he knew how to arose women, you would have lost.

She -- no way, I can challenge.

Me -- do you want me to call him right now and fix the match for tomorrow. I will be the judge. I am sure this time you are going to lose.

She -- beer was playing its role. She had become over confidant about her. Beer plus her previous episode had made her so. Why wait till tomorrow I will challenge you.

Me -- no way. I won't come in between you people. I was actually waiting for such words, but I pretended. I can't do such things with you. You are my relative and you are sharing your problems with me like adviser.

If I do anything wrong with you, I can't justify it later. Ok let it be and forget the matter. After gulping some more beer handed can to her. This time she made it half-empty in one go. I said don't be so overconfident things won't be same always. Girls have one or other weak points and he hasn't explored you properly. [I was instigating her to challenge]

She -- it seems you have agreed your failure well in advance. Or you don't find me attractive to try. Or if it were my bhabhi you would try your luck there.
Me -- it's not like that you are one of the best girl I have ever came close. Regarding your bhabhi she is like sister to me. Don't instigate me, if anything goes wrong I will be blamed for that. Later you will think that I got intoxicated by beer and seduced me. I don't want to take such blames.

She -- it was me who brought beer and not you. It was my idea to share my problem as well beer with you. Don't hesitate and have try, otherwise accept defeat and rub your nose to ground.

Me -- it does not matter that who loses or wins. There should not be repercussions later. But think again twice before you challenge. [I wanted to grab her start fucking. These words had taken me to ride on devil. I was dying to touch everywhere.

Chance to touch her delicate parts was more than enough. If I lose nothing there to lose, if I win I am getting a jackpot.]

She was getting carried away by my negative remarks and it was touching her false ego. Ok I will accept, tell me rules.

She said free lance you can do anything except rape.

I am all yours but you will have to arouse me and make me demand for fuck. You can touch me anywhere or do anything except part covered by panty. If I don't ask you can't enter me. She started to lift her slip, I stopped her. Be a passive lover I will try to do all the things, whenever I ask you will cooperate. Loser will have to give the treat that's all.

Are you ready, she said yes one two three go. Time is half an hour by that time you have to finish or accept defeat.

I said it's short time but I will try.

At last she was trapped. She came to the point where I wanted her to be.

I took her in my arms and kissed her cheeks. Caressed her face tenderly I could see tension building in her may be about losing or winning. I licked her face her eyes her nose then lips. I didn't want to be aggressive but slow. Her fragrance of hair spray was inviting I kissed her chin and then lips. She didn't open her mouth, I licked her lips from outside, and then she parted her lips.

I poked my tongue into her open lips and licked her teeth, she was breathing little hard, but still her teeth clenched.

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