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A fictional account inspired by meeting a real guy.

The feeling is not earth shattering at first but the light thumping of the paddles starts to feel really good after a while.

After about five or ten minutes, we hear the front door open. It's Todd. He says "Hello, anyone home? It's me, Todd." Pat looks at me nervous but as I am just reaching my orgasm, I don't want to stop so she continues also, sliding the long slender thing in and out of her pussy.

A second later, Todd walks into our living room and finds the two of us. He's shaken at the sight but when he sees that we are aware of his presence and we are still going, his shock turns to arousal. Todd walks over to us and I wait to make the introductions because Pat is now in the throes of a climax herself. After a few minutes, Todd starts to visibly show a hard-on through his loose pants and I invite him to sit down while Pat shows me the rest of her toys. Still naked from the waist down, Pat and I rummage through the items. Patricia describes them to me and occasionally we try them out. Todd gets fully aroused now and asks if he can join our fun. Pat looks a bit nervous but when Todd undoes his pants and pulls out his huge cock, Pat just stares in amazement. I take another toy, which looks like a soft, rubber fist and switch it on. It begins to extend in different directions while vibrating and I begin to rub it on myself, even trying to insert it in my pussy.

I start to drift off into my own world again but after a minute, I realize that this toy is not going to make me cum so I stop. When I look up, I am amazed at what I see. Pat, probably having never seen a penis larger than five inches, is kneeling in front of Todd and struggling to take the top half of his dick into her mouth. She's obviously pretty new to this so I tell her to let me show her how to do it. I have Todd stand up in front of me while I sit in my chair and work on him. Pat watches me like a little kid. Then she goes behind Todd and begins to lick his ass while I work on his dick. Because Todd is so tall, he leans over me and rests his hands on the arms of the chair. Patricia spreads his cheeks and begins to give Todd a rim job. At last, it's something she's done before. As Todd gets closer to orgasm, his hips begin to thrust and his dick becomes like steel.

Then I stop. "It's your turn," I tell Pat and with that, I quickly move out of the way so she can slide in. I watch as Todd's nearly seven-foot frame makes Patricia seem almost petite in comparison. She sits in my chair and eagerly puts the head of his dick back in her mouth. I watch as Todd's muscular body leans over the chair and over Patricia. His ass muscles squeeze and relax as he carefully fucks Patricia's face.

Then I get an idea and take something from the floor. A minute later, I start to lick Todd's ass, which is nearly as high as my belly. He slows his thrusts as he relaxes his muscles, allowing my face and tongue to part his cheeks. I nudge his feet with mine to tell him to spread his legs a bit, opening him up even wider for me. I stand and then line up the dildo of my strap-on with his puckered anus. I begin to slowly push. As the rubber penis begins to slide in, Todd tightens up. With Patricia still giving him head, however, he soon relaxes and I push it all the way in.

Slowly at first I begin to pump in and out of his giant frame with my fake dick. My breasts sway to the movement as I grab hold of his muscled hips. I feel totally in control, moving his body into me with my arms and fucking him for all I'm worth. Patricia glances around his hips to see what the movement is all about and finds out why Todd's still very long member is getting softer now. When she sees me fucking him in the ass, she smiles with delight and goes back to eating him.

I'm fucking Todd's ass faster now, pulling the dildo almost all the way out and then rushing it back in place, over and over.

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