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The conclusion of a middle aged submissive's adventures.

When they accepted, she went into the house, leaving me standing there, totally naked in front of two strange men. I was truly embarrassed and felt humiliated. I didn't know what to say or do.

It is amazing how men can stand and talk about nothing. They acted as if they were not even aware that I was naked, when in reality, they were studying every inch of my body. I guess they thought that if they drew attention to my nakedness, I would run and put some clothes on. It seemed like an eternity, but Kelli finally came back. We stood there drinking our sodas while flaunting our titties and pussies right in front of the guy's faces. Our cute little asses were also on display for the guys in the house.

We finished our sodas and took our clothes inside of the house. When we looked out the window, the men were back to work, but they really didn't get their work done until Amy woke up and came inside. We tried to tell Amy what had happened, but she said that she was awake the whole time. She purposely stretched her underwear like that to give the men something to look at. What a bunch of teasers we'd become!

Kelli suggested that we dump all of our clothes into the washing machine. As we undressed, Kelli checked her answering machine. There was a message informing Kelli that her parents were going out for the evening. Kelli was instructed to order some pizza and to make sure that there was enough pizza for her older brother and his friend. Kelli assumed that her brother and his friend were out somewhere and would be coming home later. I should have told her that the guys were upstairs, but instead, I kept my mouth shut. It was getting late and we were all a little hungry, so Kelli phoned in the pizza order.

As we waited for the pizza, we just sat in the living room and watched TV. All three of us were completely naked. It was dark at the top of the steps and the location offered a bird's eye view of the living room. I suspected that the guys were up there, so I announced that I was going to take a bath. As I headed for the stairs, I could see a couple of shadows scrambling into the bedroom. When I went into the bathroom, I yelled down the stairs that I was going to leave the door wide open so they could call me when the pizza arrived.

With my back to the door, I could see guy's reflection in the mirror. Bobby and Larry were college guys, but they were acting like high school freshmen. They had moved into Kelli's room, which is directly across the hall from the bathroom. Kelli's bed wasn't made and her bedspread was lying on the floor. The guys pulled the bed spread over them, as if I wouldn't notice, and they were looking right at me. I was completely naked and I was letting these guys observe every move I made!

I bent over to turn on the faucet, giving the boys a look at my firm little butt. Then I stood in front of the mirror and began caressing my nipples and running my fingernails through my auburn pussy hair while the tub filed up. When the tub was full, I slipped in and let my body get all wet. After soaking for a few minutes, I stood up and began to put soap all over my body. I reached high over my head to wash my hair, shaking my boobs in the process. I then ran my hands all over my soapy body, paying a lot of attention to my titties. I pinched and pulled on my little pink nipples until they were firm and erect.

Bobby and Larry were easy to see across the hall, but I pretended not to notice. I turned my back to them and lathered up my butt with both hands, then I bent down and washed my legs leaving my bare buns high in the air for the boys to see. There was heavy breathing and moaning sounds coming from the other room, which was actually getting me excited. I heard them unsnap their pants, so they were really getting excited, too. I turned around and began to lather up my pussy hair for the boys. As I reached between my legs, the feeling overwhelmed me and I had an explosive orgasm.

I let out a loud moan and then I heard Bobby say, "Oh man, this is incr

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