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She's caught naked and wanting.

"I'm not a slut!" screamed Tara in mock anger, "plus I'm a freak remember? I could walk into a frat house naked with a sign that said FUCK ME! And they would still run away from me like I had the plague."

"Well being a social pariah in college is worse than having the plague. Right?" said Mandy flopping down on her bed to try to get some studying done... "Gah! I hate biology" groaned Mandy.

"Please you hate everything about college except the partying."

"And the guys don't forget the guys! And a girl or two and please cover up your cunt when you talk to me you slut."

"Oh really? You weren't saying that a few nights ago when you had your dick in this same little cunt." Tara got up from the chair and walked over to the edge of Mandy's bed as she said this with her slightly hairy and still wet pussy still out in the open.

She crawled onto the bed and began to undo the button and zipper on Mandy's skin tight jeans.

"Damnit Tara, you see I'm trying to study!"

"And I'm helping; you said you were studying biology."

"Sorry but we have already pasted the chapter on the reproductive system, you sex starved freak." said Mandy trying to get from under Tara who was now sitting on her legs.

"We're all freaks here, it's the Zeta Xi Theta way after all, besides I'm not the one with big firm breasts and a big firm dick to match."

Tara took the text book from Mandy's hands and tossed it across the room and kissed Mandy on the lips.

"Fuck it, I tired." said Mandy as she shimmed out of her pants. Mandy grabbed Tara and rolled over in one fluid motion so that she was now on top.

"Yes!" squealed Tara. "That's the Mandy I know, always ready to fuck."

"Sure is, now tell miss Mandy what you want."

"I want your dick" said Tara in sweet almost child-like voice. Knowing how Mandy liked being the dominate one.

"What about my dick? Where do you want it?" said Mandy looking down on Tara in almost a predatory manner.

"I want it inside..."

"inside where?" asked Mandy loving making Tara talk dirty in her innocent child-like voice she always adapted when she was horny and wanted to fuck.

"In my pussy" said Tara innocently

"What pussy?" teased Mandy "This pussy?" said Mandy rubbing her now hard still panty covered dick along Tara's puffy nether lips.

Tara moaned, "Yes miss Mandy I want your big dick in my little pussy.

"Is this what you want, huh?" asked Mandy as she pulled her panties aside and slipped inside of Tara's now dripping pussy.

"Yes...yes,yes,yes!" moaned Tara as Mandy fucked her.

As their passions built Mandy fucked her hard and fast, just how Tara liked it. The smaller girl wrapped her pale legs around Mandy's waist. She was practically hanging underneath Mandy as she fucked her.

Mandy used her strength to her advantage and pinned Tara's arms and used her legs to really dig in and give the little slut the fucking of her life. The effect on Tara was immediate, she loved it rough, fast and hard. She bucked and squirmed beneath Mandy's lean powerful body as she came. Her pussy clamped down squeezing Mandy's dick like a vice. This was what made putting up with Tara worth it...when she came her pussy was ...ecstasy!

Mandy rode Tara to her own orgasm lost in the bliss that was Tara's climaxing pussy.

Two hours later the alarm clock blared its jarring tone waking the two roommates who lay naked together.

Tara lay back on Mandy's bed basking in the afterglow as Mandy got dressed. "Oh by the way before I forget. Guess who stopped by to see you yesterday?

"Who? asked Mandy as she put on a green top that matched her eyes perfectly.

"Brad the golden boy"

"Brad who?"

"You know the quarterback, the jock with the great hair...bulging biceps...tight butt."

"So what did he want?"

Tara didn't answer she was too busy playing with herself and thinking of Brad.

"Tara you fucking nympho concentrate! What did he say?

"Noth...nothing he just said to tell you he stopped by," said Tara as she continued to work herself up while she rummaged through her drawer for her favorite purple vibrator.

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