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Cass experiences her first shift.

Anya was also enjoying the flavor of Isabel's mouth. She liked the soft, moist feel of the pregnant teenager's lips and the pungent, salty taste of the cum that coated them. Knowing the spunk she was tasting had come from her younger brother provided her with a depraved thrill. It was almost as if she was reveling in an incestuous moment, and the thought of what she was doing caused her cunt to burn more heatedly and gush more profusely. Then Isabel emitted a soft moan beneath her, indicating that the kiss was arousing her even as she slept, and Anya wondered how far she could get without waking the beautiful girl.

She also wondered how the dark haired woman would respond if she woke up to find her lover's sister in bed with her. Anya doubt that the girl would freak out about it. Considering how sexually insatiable the teenager appeared to be, she felt the other woman would probably be down with it. And she believed that if Isabel was closer to orgasm when she came awake she would be even more apt to embrace the joys of lesbian lovemaking. The thin blond believed it was her responsibility to introduce the pregnant girl to the delights of woman to woman sex in a way that would make her want more. She envisioned them both experiencing a lot of wild times together, with each other and other people, and she wanted Isabel to want that as well. They could be the best of friends if the Italian woman discovered she liked fucking girls as much as she liked fucking men. Anya was determined to see to it that she did.

Anya drew her lips from Isabel's with a soft sound as their flesh adhered as a result of the stickiness of the cum that covered the Italian woman's skin. Again and again she swiped the pointed tip of her tongue across the surface of the other woman's lips to savor the piquant flavor of the jizz that coated them. When she had consumed all of her brother's seminal residue from the girl's lips, she slowly began to kiss her way across Isabel's small, rounded chin and move her lips and tongue down the smooth warmth of her elegant neck.

The feel of the tiny blond woman's tongue repeatedly flickering out to move over her lips made Isabel's pussy bubble heatedly, cream overflowing her snatch in frothy waves as if the hungry hole between her tawny thighs was a pot that boiled over. The action of that tongue reminded her of the tongue of a hummingbird taking nectar from a flower. The tongue of the other woman was sampling nectar of a different kind.

Isabel wondered if Anya was aware that it was her brother's cum she was tasting. The idea that the woman did know and was enjoying the semi-incestuous pleasure of eating her brother's spunk, virtually sucking his cock through a third party, caused a surge of erotic pleasure to flare within her cunt that burned in fiery lines through every nerve ending that lined the walls of her occupied womb and flowed up her spine with an intensity that caused her back to arch almost imperceptibly. And as the blond woman spread kisses and licks gradually down her body, Isabel's arousal continually intensified.
One of the reasons for the increase of her sexual excitement was her thought of the way Anya's tongue had darted in and out of her mouth when licking her lips and an anticipation of how that same tongue would feel in her horny cunt. And the other was a perverse libidinous response to the recognition that, even if Anya was unaware it was her brother's cum she was tasting on her lips, she would have to be completely aware that Isabel's pussy was full of his jizz. She looked forward to having Anya's mouth at her hairy teen snatch and wanted to experience the depraved thrill of feeding the older woman the mixture of honey sweet pussy cream and the delicious salty spunk that Orson had left there.

Suddenly a blast of prurient sensation exploded from her left breast and shot in a direc

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