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They gave Alexa a very warm greeting with hugs, and she seemed relieved that at least Jonathan was there to make her feel more comfortable. He offered her what I think was pink lemonade and vodka, and she made the mistake of drinking it quickly, probably due to her nerves. Then another one, and she was relaxed and a bit unsteady. Alexa is not going to drink anyone under the table. and very quickly feels her alcohol. I chuckled under my breath, as she is funny and quite adorable especially when she loosens up. The guys began posing her and snapping away. She seemed comfortable and stood in the shallow end of the pool as they directed her what to do.

Then the rest of the party showed up, our other three friends from class. I could see from the looks on their faces, they were stunned at how lovely my wife was. Everyone was overly solicitous to make her feel at ease. Everyone got the poses and pics they wanted, and then asked Alexa to take the shorts off, presuming she had the rest of her bikini underneath. Well, she just had those cotton panties, so I gently asked her to remove the shots, and she complained about having the panties on. I said they are not see-through, and truthfully covered much more than a bikini bottom. After much encouragement from the guys, she pulled the elastic waisted shorts down and let them fall to her feet. I saw a couple jaws drop, as the panties were way sexier than a bikini bottom would have been.

The soft fabric wrapped itself around her girlie parts showing every indentation and folds down there. She blushed a deep crimson and asked for another drink. She carried that into the water and resumed taking instruction on poses. Soon she was wet all over, and her panties seemed like a second skin revealing her pussy in glorious detail, even though being completely covered. She didn't look down, probably afraid to see for herself. She looked so innocent and beautiful, and I could not have been more proud of her. The compliments never ended, and certainly were heart felt. Everyone took a break, partly to let Alexa steady herself from the vodka. I could see her hands slightly trembling, but her eyes told me she was happy and not afraid. She was all smiles and I'm sure she enjoyed basking in the stream of compliments.

So lots of laughing, joking, and innocent touching, when someone asked her if she could remove her top. It got quiet, and Alexa blushed again and said she didn't have the nerve to do that. The guys reminded her it would be so erotic to have her playing in the water topless, great for the photos. Someone came up behind her and placed his hands on her sides and just up to her bikini top. He asked if he may remove the top for her and she squeezed her legs together and her arms tightened down on his while she totally blushed. She looked at me for either help or permission, and I told her we would love to see her little figure. She loosened her arms and Paul, behind her, unhooked her top and dropped it to the ground. Alexa covered herself with her arms the best she could. There were audible ooohs and ahhhs, as the girl is simply outrageously gorgeous.

I smiled with pride and the others hugged her while she continued to hold her arms across her chest for some cover. She went back into the pool and found refuge under the water. Pictures were taken in the hundreds, and the guys encourage Alexa to change poses, and finally got her arms down. She relaxed more and more, and threw caution to the wind, walked into shallow water and stood dripping from her head down to her knees. Her nipples were hard like pebbles and the soaked panties continued to give away any secrets she may have been concealing! I could tell she was finally adjusting and relaxing, and being swept away with the adrenaline and alcohol rush undoubtedly going on inside her slight body.

So many pictures were taken, and breaks where they guys chatted her up and flirted.

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