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First time jitters.

..wow. Such a superb tower of grace - I felt a real craving for it to be within me, I had never felt such need before. My saturated panties were soon around my ankles, and as you began to touch yourself, perhaps imagining my hot sex encasing your powerful cock, I slowly inserted a couple of fingers into my juicy quim, imagining that it was your manhood stirring within me.

And that was the first time we ever came together, both watching each other through our scopes, me crying out as my body exploded and you silently sighing as your white, potent seed shooting out onto your washboard stomach. When your light went out, I followed suit, but the picture of you was still in my mind. Naked, muscular, thinking of me as you caressed your beautiful penis. It was an hour or so until I was able to go to sleep, exhausted after a string of orgasms.


Sunday morning. When I came home from mass, there was a small box on my doorstep. I knew it was from you instantly. It was, after all, hand delivered - didn't take a genius. I picked it up and walked inside my house, my heart was already beating quickly, my curiosity was so great. I knew it would be something hot.

And it was.

There was a little note with it, telling me to enjoy myself. I tore off my clothes there and then. I was already wet. And you know what? It fit inside me perfectly. It was so incredibly horny to know I had an exact replica of your cock inside me. You felt so amazing locked inside my wet vagina. A little cold, maybe, but then I somehow felt that one day, one day you'd let me feel your real one in there.

Hell, I'd never even used one of those before, I thought it a little sad, a little pathetic. But somehow, because it had been moulded on your hard cock, it was so sexy. I came there and then on my couch, great wracking orgasm flooding through my system.

And that night I gave you a real show, didn't I?

I teased you extra long, pulling down my panties to show off my naked form, but not down far enough to reveal my pussy. Just the top of my smooth mound. I turned around and wiggled my ass, then my panties were gone, and I felt like Marilyn Monroe, cheeky and sexy in front of you. I turned around but covered my pussy with my hands. Then one hand moved to pick up the replica of your cock. I used both hands to simulate oral sex with your cock. You might have been looking at my naked vagina, but I think you probably saw my lips on the end of your cock, my tongue swirling around its head. Your imagination, my imagination, tangoing together on overdrive.

I took as much of it into my mouth as possible, but it was really hard to stretch my lips that much. I loved your size, it was such an amazing promise for things to come between us.

Then I trailed it down my body, over my breasts to touch my stiff nipples, then down my stomach and over my mound to dance around my pussy. I perched myself on the edge of the bed and opened my legs so you could see the head of your cock slip in between my glistening labia to sink inside me.


Somewhere during the final throes of my third orgasm, there was a knock on my front door. I heard it, even over my extreme heavy breathing and racing blood flow. But then, I thought, you had to be pretty worked up after my show. You needed me pretty badly, and so you knocked on my door pretty damn hard. I answered the door in the nude, my hands and my thighs still sticky from my own juices. What if it hadn't been you? What if it had been some stranger, who by chance had had a blown tire and wanted to use my phone? Quite a shock, it would have been. But it wasn't a stranger.

And it wasn't what I was expecting. You weren't there. Nothing. Nobody around at all. I have to admit, I was very disappointed. My head dropped, just like my heart. Actually, I'm glad it did, because otherwise I might have just closed the door and gone back inside, without seeing the real purpose of your knocking.

An envelope, sitting dispassionately on the doorstep.

I picked it up, and already there was that jolt of excitement mixed with curiosity

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