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Hana wakes her friend up for school...

"Is that him leaving?" Paul asked me.

"Yeah, he has to go home for a work emergency, would it be OK if I hung out with you guys for a while?"

The boys both readily agreed and another round of drinks were ordered. We chatted for a while, they were working for a big company doing some kind of installation job and were in town for the next 2 weeks being put up in the hotel. I explained that we had been out for our anniversary and that I was just a boring school mum who worked part time as a receptionist.

"I can't believe you've got two kids," Blake said with what appeared to be genuine astonishment, "you still have an amazing figure."

We were now a few drinks deep and I was really enjoying the flirting, "Why thank you," I said as placed my hand on his thigh, trying send a clear signal.

The bar tender was now well aware of what was going down and would occasionally grin at the boys when he came back to refresh our drinks.

I felt so powerful and confident that I decided to take charge, "My husband doesn't appear to be coming back so how about we take this party up stairs?" I said to the boys as I finished my drink.

They needed no encouragement and the bill was settled and we were heading to the elevator within seconds. As soon as the elevator door shut I reached back and felt both of the boys packages through their pants and I was more than impressed by what I felt. My brain started to race as I began to seriously wonder how one woman would be able to keep these two studs occupied, would they both try to fuck me at once? Could I even handle that? ...

Once inside Blake's room, he offered me a drink and we all sat on the huge lounge, me in the middle and talked. Paul slid his large dark hand onto my thigh as we talked and I made no effort to brush it away, Blake who was watching, took this as a signal and soon I had them both caressing my legs and slowly inching my dress higher. I didn't want to disappoint so I started to rub the boys cocks which I could feel straining at the fabric of their pants.

I said my best husky voice, "We might have to do something about this," as I rubbed the throbbing monster dick.

"Definitely." Blake said quietly as he moved in to kiss me which I very much reciprocated. This was the clear go signal and we then all started making out on the lounge, I'd kiss one of the boys as they both pawed my body like lusty teenagers, then I'd switch and kiss the other. They rubbed every inch of my body as we kissed, their huge hands made me feel so tiny as they cupped and squeezed my breasts. I was in absolute heaven, my pussy was literally streaming and we were all still fully clothed.

"I'll be back in a second." I told the boys as I broke the kiss and excused myself to the bathroom. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the boys who both looked absolutely devastated but I needed a moment to collect myself.

"Please hurry back." Paul said with a puppy dog face that looked out of place on his large muscular frame.

"Oh I will." I promised before closing the door.

I knew I was going to let these two black studs fuck me, that was now a certainty, I just had to decide how I wanted the night to progress. While I was very happy with the way things were going, this was a one night deal for me so I planned to hopefully speed things up, I decided to ditch the dress. I doubted the boys would be upset when I emerged from the bathroom in the lingerie I'd planned to wear for my husband on our anniversary. I slid out of dress and hung it on the back of the bathroom door, stopping to check and adjust myself in the mirror, I doused the final pang of nerves and took a deep breath.

"Hope you boys don't mind," I said as I opened the door and leant against the wall in just my black lace thong, push up bra and red heels, "I planned on giving this present to my husband tonight but he left me here with you two."

The boys faces lit up and it made me feel so fucking sexy, "Not one little bit." Paul replied as I walked back to the lounge and stood in-front of them.

"Let's take this to a more suitable room.

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