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Curiosity leads to the shower.

Lulu lives to obey any request or order made by him, as she wants, truly needs, to please him in all aspects of her life as his slave.

Lulu wishes Master to know just how much she needs to be his, to give herself to him and live in his total control. Lulu always trusts Master and accepts all he wishes to give, all of his orders, his judgments and punishments. Lulu is safe and content to be his property, knowing always that he seeks the best from his slave and treats her accordingly.

Lulu gratefully accepts the rules and changes in her life, and understands that this new way is pleasing to Master and is simply a different chapter of the journey this slave began when she first vowed to serve him. Lulu embraces all changes that Master wishes, striving to be the best puppy she can be so that he is always happy with his property, and will never have cause to send Lulu away. Lulu begs to be his slave, his dog-slave, for all of her days, if only to please him and show her need for him, her devotion and obedience to the Master she loves so much.

Bad dog

Lulu forgot herself today and got punished. Lulu was very bad for answering the phone, and just after having renewed her rules! Lulu was a very stupid dog to do this, but forgot, as she was half asleep and picked up the phone. Master had called to check his messages and was furious that Lulu so forgot her place. Master ordered Lulu to the garage, to be bound and naked and await his punishment.

Lulu was miserable for having done wrong. She crawled into the bedroom crying, and found the cuffs Master required. She crawled wretchedly into the garage, cuffed herself tightly, and wept over her failure. Lulu was a bad, bad dog. She waited all afternoon, without water or any comforts, curled in position on the hard concrete, berating herself for having disappointed Master in such a way.

Lulu understood that she had done wrong, and knows that dogs need to be punished. It helps their training, associating treats and fun with good behavior, and spanking or lashing with bad. Lulu was not allowed to answer the phone and having been fuzzy from a short nap was no excuse. Obeying orders without thinking is part of being a well trained slave. A dog-slave did not need to think beyond how best to please her Master. Lulu was a very bad dog.

Lulu waited miserably until Master returned. Master did not speak but went inside to fetch his paddle and whip. Lulu quivered in terror as Master returned, but knew that she deserved her punishment. She thanked Master for correcting her and remained still as the whip came down. Lulu whimpered and barked off the count, one bark for every lash, one bark for every time the whip fell and sent that horrid sting over Lulu's back.

Lulu thanked Master for this punishment, and then assumed the position to be spanked, bending and holding her ankles, barking for each strike, whining as she was paddled until her ass was on fire. Still Master did not speak and this made Lulu cry, as his disappointment was far worse than any pain.

Lulu was given a bowl of water and a mat to sleep on and was left in the garage for the night. Lulu cried, whining, but knew she deserved this treatment. Dogs did not answer phones. Dogs did not speak. Dogs slept outside. Lulu was a dog. Lulu was going to have to try harder.

The poker game

After spending time in the garage for being so bad, Lulu was an exemplary dog. Lulu's chores were all done to perfection, her behavior could not be faulted, and her devotion was painfully obvious. Lulu had learned her lesson and did all she could think to do to show what a great dog she could be.

Lulu had spent several hours polishing all of Master's boots with her tongue, which pleased Master greatly, and begged often to please him orally, for which Master was always ravenous. Lulu did not forget herself again, and enjoyed pleasing Master in every way possible.

Lulu was fond of teasing Master's feet with her tail, which took some concentration, but always had such a lovely result

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