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All Just a Game.

When Mrs Harper returned five minutes later, she gave me a look that I couldn't interpret, and that caused Amanda and Zoe, who also saw their employer's cryptic expression, to look questioningly at each other, before saying, "Well, come on then, you three - let's go!"

The large white van with its blue-lettered logo that had made it a cinch for me to locate Mrs Harper's business premises quickly was parked right in front of the adjacent garage's steel roll-up door, all ready to go.

Mrs Harper got in the driver's seat, and at the passenger-side door, Zoe gestured for me to get in first.

As she drove her catering van to our destination on Brighton's promenade, my employer used the travel time to enlarge somewhat on what my Careers Adviser at the Job Centre Miss Tomkins had told me.

Mrs Harper informed me that, just over a year ago, with her entrepreneurial sights set on exploiting what she saw as an inexplicable niche in the sector, she had applied for and been granted the AFP's Female Enterprise Start-Up Disbursement.

The AFP had liked her proposed business plan and had promptly approved the provision of state funding. The start-up money had been available in her bank account the next morning.

Harper's Conference Catering was an instant success, she said.

Word had got around fast, too.

Glowing references and referrals from her delighted clientele to other interested parties ensured that business picked up quickly.

On the wave of such eulogising recommendations and enthusiastic endorsements, in no time at all her company was established and her diary always full.

She would love to be able to consider expansion, enabling her to cater at more than one conference/function/event venue at a time - year-round, there was always so much going on in Brighton.

But the drawback problem that was keeping her from expanding her company and holding her back from taking on more female assistants as she wished to, she said, was that it was so difficult to find the all-important male employee with the right qualities.

Amanda and Zoe had been with her right from the beginning when they'd both turned eighteen.

Mrs Harper told me that on top of their salaries, Amanda and Zoe both earned a five percent share of her net profits, plus what - looking at me askance, the same as when saying she'd found "an inexplicable niche" in the sector - she described as "at-work fringe benefits".

And she impressed upon me that, if I came up to her expectations and realised her hopes and proved myself to be the elusive invaluable company asset she was looking for, she might just see her way to topping up my weekly wage packet a little bit, too.

Harper's Conference Catering served small- to medium-sized all-female staffed businesses, providing their clients' employees with their morning and afternoon refreshments - plus, of course, their special little 'extra' - at their conference/function/event venues.

On the bench seat of Mrs Harper's catering van, I sat next to my employer, while sitting on my left next to me and beside the passenger-side door respectively were Mrs Harper's two full-time, profit sharing, "at-work fringe benefits" receiving assistants, Zoe and Amanda.

It was a bit of a squeeze.

But Zoe - who for some reason hadn't stopped smiling since I'd arrived - didn't seem to mind as due to our employer's adventuresome driving style our thighs pressed together as she leant into me as per the dictates of centrifugal force - or so I thought.

Both of slim build, Amanda was dark-haired and brown-eyed, while Zoe was blue-eyed, and her shoulder-length slightly wavy hair was blonde with silvery highlights.

Both of Mrs Harper's junior partners were very attractive, but already I was finding there was something indefinably exciting about Zoe.

Harper's Conference Catering, my eponymous employer, apprised me as she hurtled the catering van around another roundabout and causing Zoe to lean right into me (although perhaps, I thought, just a little more than was warranted), was t

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