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Mercy takes Jimmy home for more tender loving care.

"Why you'll be able to see you rod. You have already seen my butt. You both must be getting hot by now". I ended up agreeing to roll onto my back if Kirsten and Scotty removed their pants. I rolled over onto my back. Kirsten immediately smiled as her eyes locked onto my stiff rod. "That's some package mate, don't you think so Kirsten?" Kirsten just smiled at Scotty's comments. My rod is nearly 8 inches long. Recently I have started to shave my balls. So like my chest my balls are also hairless with no hair above my rod either.

Soon Kirsten and Scotty were removing their tight fitting gym shorts in my view. Kirsten's G-string was very low cut like her bikini top. It also appeared to be a swim suit. I wished she would turn around so that I could see her ass. Scotty was now standing in a black jock. It didn't do much to hide his stiff rod which seemed to show through the material. Kirsten poured more of the lotion onto my chest, working her way down my stomach to my rod. She then handed the bottle to Scotty who poured lotion onto each of my legs. He was sure to pour a good amount of lotion onto my rod as well.

With Kirsten massaging the foaming lotion into my arms and Scotty to my feet I could only guess as to which one would reach my rod first. They both seemed to be working slowly. Soon Kirsten reached my chest and Scotty my knees. Again they switched positions. Working her way slowly up my thigh's Kristen was soon foaming my balls. Scotty was working on my stomach. His hands seemed to brush over the sensitive head of my rod. Now both Scotty and Kirsten were massaging my rod. It felt amazing to have two pairs of hands moving slowly over the hard rod.

However something told me that there was more to this special massage than being jacked off by two people with perfect bodies. I knew I didn't want to cum too soon. "Marcus, I bet that right about now your rod is straining for release" Teased Scotty.

"Can't be any worse than your rod trapped in that jock mate" I replied.

"I can solve both those problems soon guys" Said Kirsten. She lead me by the hand out the door way into the hallway. I hoped that no one else was in the building. It would have been pretty strange running into a man covered in foam from his neck to his feet. Scotty followed close behind us. We arrived in another room painted with the same fresh white. In the centre of the room was a spa. "Alright Scotty why don't you strip of that jock. We don't want it to get wet. Marcus, into the tub" Commanded Kirsten. Soon I was lying on my back in the spa. Their seemed to be a bench built into the middle for this purpose. I was only lying in about 6 inches of water which lapped at my sides. Scotty moved into the water. It came up quite a way over his knees. Soon he was stepping out of the jock. He was careful not to get it wet. Once stripped down he revealed an enormous rod. It stuck out proudly in front of him and must have been about 10 inches in length. It was hard and hairless like Scotty's chest. No wonder it was strained under the jock. This was a whole new side to my trainer.

Kirsten smiled. "Today I have to lucky people to service." She said. Kirsten stepped into the spa and was soon standing at my side with two small wooden buckets. She handed one to Scotty. "Alright Scotty be sure to wash all of this foam away. Then we can start the real fun". Scotty filled the bucket with water and was soon pouring in down my leg. Kirsten poured more water onto my chest. Then Scotty poured water over my rod while Kirsten rubbed it to ensure all the foam had been removed. This continued for a while. Then Kirsten stepped out of the spa and returned with a head rest. I rolled over placing my head into the rest while she and Scotty poured water over my neck, back and legs. They were soon giving me a good rub down.

I rolled back onto my back on Kirsten's instruction.

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