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Cat helps younger brother overcome dating problems.

u hot to see me strike her?"


"You know she needs and enjoys a firm, strong hand..."

"I've wondered..."

"It makes her fuck that much harder..."


Her hand wanders up into Sarah's hair at the back of her head and I see her fingers dig in, then pull Sarah's head back. Her lips traveling along her throat up towards her ear.

"I like my fuck hard, you know that don't you?"


"And you want me to beat you too, don't you Sarah? You want to be my bitch as well."

As the tongue invades her ear, Sarah pulls the clutched hand with hers at her crotch, attempting to rub herself upon them.


The yes said so softly it almost didn't register but, then again, it wasn't really needed. Any chance to repeat it louder taken away as Sarah's mouth was taken again by my lover's. The kiss deep and hard with Sarah sucking wetly at her tongue.

Then with a sharp shove, she separates from Sarah and takes two quick steps to me. Her hand arcing along with the second step and slapping me hard across the face, knocking the bit out of my mouth.

I'm hypnotized by the glee in her eyes as she grabs my hair and strikes me twice more across the face before ordering me to stand. She gives me one soft kiss and a gentle caress on my cheek before taking a half step back. Then her hand moves up and down, slapping the clamp and weight off one breast then the other.

"Do you want to watch me fuck her?" Her hand rising and falling, raising a blush then a burning redness to my left breast. I don't answer and she pinches and twists my nipple rudely before stretching it out and beating the taunt skin of my breast some more.

"Oh I know you do...and you will. You will watch me bitch her, bitch fuck her and beat her to my heart's delight." Her fingers pressing down harder, squeezing my nipple to a level never explored before.

As my mouth opens to let a long moan escape, she slaps me again. "Do you think she will make a good bitch?"

Her next slap makes me fall to the floor. Looking up at, and past her, I see Sarah madly rubbing at her sex with both hands while she watches us. My Mistress grabs a handful of my hair and twists my head with the other hand held high.

"Well...will she?" And the hand flies down and cracks the stillness of the room with the loud blow.

I turn my hot face back to her, "Not as good as me..." and see her lips curl up into a grin. She pushes my head down and tells me to get back on my hands and knees. Then she instructs Sarah to mount me.

Sarah's heels tap tap on the floor as she nears but it stopped before she sits down on me. "Take off your thong." Followed by the sound of fabric sliding down flesh and one shoe then the other banging on the floor in the effort to get it off.

Sarah is then upon me, her hot wet pussy lighting up the skin on my back.

"Open." "She lost her bit so this will do instead."

My mouth is filled, with the corners pulled back, as the wet thong is inserted and the side straps pulled back behind my head for Sarah to hold as reins. My Mistress gives one ass cheek then the other a short series of slaps to warm me to the coming task.

"Take her to my bed."

I crawl towards the hall and the stairs, scraping my hands and knees some more as I do. My pace slow and measured which is quickly corrected by a swift lash from my Mistress' crop on my upper thigh/lower cheek. Sarah hooking her legs under me and using the thong-bit, along with a handful of hair, to stay balanced.

The climb up the stairs difficult and painful with the thong ripping at my mouth and the constant pull at my hair. My Mistress continued to lash me to keep me from stopping or depositing Sarah to the stairs. Finally at the top, Sarah whispers a kindness and touches my face, her kindness rewarded with another wicked kiss of the crop on my ass.

Sarah dismounts at bedside and stands beside me as we wait for my Mistress' next command. She stands with hands on hips inspecting us both with the crop pointed skyward at an angle from her hip.

"Don't you think you should thank my pon

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