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Brother comforts sister and finds they both want sex...

Once when we were together he became horny. His penis was erect. It was large. I told Patricia. She got excited. She fantasized about it.

Keith has moved away.

We had business. Keith came and stayed over night. I had to leave early the next day. Keith and Patricia were joining me for lunch. She was acting hyper. I knew something would happen.

We meet for lunch. Patricia appears like 'the cat that has had the cream'. She has that knowing smile.

I am still busy. I return at night. Keith has gone.

" Something happened?" I asked.

"Lets go to bed early," says Patricia. She is still hyper.

In bed she mounts my cock. She is very wet. She is really horny.

"What happened?" I ask.

She tells her story.

"This morning I returned from the shop. It was quiet. I called Keith. He came down in his pajama pants. He was not wearing anything else. I went to the kitchen to get him his tea and corn flakes."

She was increasing the intensity of grip whilst riding my cock. She was becoming oblivious to her senses.

"In the kitchen I undid a couple of buttons on my blouse. I was wearing no bra. My nipples were erect. They showed my excitement. I was shameless.

I pulled off my panties from under my denim miniskirt. I took in Keith his breakfast".

"I sat opposite him. My legs crossed to on side. He was admiring my thigh. He could see the outline of my breast.

He said 'You have lovely firm breasts'. I enjoyed that.

I turned to face him. I unfolded my legs. I spread them. They went wider. My skirt rode up. My vaginal lips were spread wide open. He could see clearly my hole. My wetness showed. It never fails!"

"His cock became erect and appeared through the slit in his pants. I gave that knowing smile. He went red."

"I got up and walked to him. I undid my blouse. I mounted his thighs. I grabbed his cock and directed it into my vagina. I rode him. His cock thrust up me. We thrust each other hard. I could not stop. He sucked my tits. We both came within a few minutes. His sperm filled me full. It was lovely. My senses were tingling".

"I still wanted more of his cock. He was in the bathroom. He was standing in the nude. I came up behind him and my hand roamed around to hold his shaft. It was hard. I stroked it.

He turned. I slipped onto my knees. My mouth found his cock. The shear hardness of his shaft. I wanted to eat and swallow it whole. I could not stand it. I pulled it; his body with it. I lay on the floor. His hard cock entered me yet again. He shagged me. I could not stop coming."

"We showered and dressed. We met you."

"I knew you had done something," I responded, "You looked so sexy."

"Yes! I could not stop. When you left, we went to the car park. Keith was giving me a lift. In his car I wanted him again. I took his hand. I put it up my skirt. I was wet and horny. He played with me. I climaxed instantly".

"I then took out his cock, went down, and sucked it He really went wild and soon he was shooting his sperm down my throat. I could have gone on for ever".


Some months later I had a business meeting at the house so invited Keith and his wife, Dave and partner, Jim and I. Patricia was to prepare and cook the dinner.

"Do not worry, darling, you will enjoy this evening," she says

"I have a special surprise. I have bought an interesting outfit," she tells me at breakfast.

The meeting over and we relax with drinks.

"Dinner is served. Go and sit at the table," Patricia announces, "I will change and join you."

She appears at the doorway. She is wearing a chiffon blouse and skirt both of single thickness. It is totally see-through. She is naked beneath except for black sheer nylon panties.

She has shaven off all her pubic hair.

She looks far sexier than if she had been naked. There is not a flaccid cock amongst us. The atmosphere is electric. Everyone admires her lovely breasts and firm body.

Patricia sits at the top of the table.

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