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Man finds his ideal existence--or does he?

I knew Donald was getting an eye full, Sara continued to have a very uninhibited attitude, she was standing with her pussy three feet from his face.

We had been there an hour or so when someone proposed a last dip in the ocean and a final drink before the three of them headed into Cancun for a night on the town. One of the guys took off running toward the ocean and we all followed. After splashing around in the waves a bit we headed back to the cabana. Donald walked along with Sara and I toward the cabana.

I didn't see the full result of her suit being wet until we were back at the cabana, and I was standing apart from her. Her suit was now almost totally transparent, her nipples were still errect and the bottom half of her bikini now left nothing to the imagination. Her pussy lips were slightly aroused, they were puffy and obvious under the sheer wet material. Her light pubic hair only served to highlite and frame her pussy. Again I don't think she knew how much she was exposed, walking beside her back to the cabana I wasn't aware either, but once I stepped away and looked at her she might as well have been naked. In my mind I debated letting her know so that she could cover up. I lost the debate, or won the debate with myself, depending on how you look at it, she stayed exposed in her wet suit as the four gathered around to share a final drink.

As were finishing and getting ready to leave talk turned to their planned night on the town, one fellow had invited a woman he had met at the resort and the other two were set to try their luck at the club. They wanted us to go along, the night would be on them, or at least their company expense account; we said we would talk it over and let them know.

The afternoons activities had been sexually charged, it was the most exciting and daring thing we had ever done period. Normally I would want to go back to our room and fuck our brains out, but I knew if we did that it would be all over, we would never get out of bed. I also wanted to see how far this could go. It was all I could do to avoid having sex with my wife when we got to the room she wanted to fuck as much as I did, she had been turned on by the afternoons activities as much as anyone. I wanted us to get ready and join our new friends for a night in town ,it was a one shot deal, now or never. Sara a little to my surprise was agreeable and didn't put up much resistance with the idea, she thought it would be fun.

I called and talked with Donald and let him know we would join them, we arranged to met in the hotel lobby at 9:00. Sara took a long bath and spent a half hour doing her finger nails and toe nails. I noticed she had shaved off most of her pubic hair, leaving just a faint strip above her pussy.

She chose a very silky light one piece summer dress that she had bought for this trip. The dress had a deep V neck and the hem was well above the knee, but it was not what you would call a mini dress. She wore a pair of jeweled sandals with open toes and underneath she had on a pair of white lacy panties and a matching bra from Victoria's Secret also purchased for this trip. She looked fabulous, good enough to eat as they say.

A little before 9:00 we headed toward the lobby. The three men and another woman were already there. Their eyes lit up as they saw Sara arrive, they hadn't seen her dressed before and she did look great. We were intoduced to the other woman who was the date of one of the guys, she was also from Texas and was vacationing with a girl friend, they had met this group at the resort a few days earlier.

We had just been introduced when the taxi pulled up. Our taxi was a van with three rows of seats. I held the door and somewhat to my surprise my wife and Donald climbed into the rear seat, the other two guys and the woman got in the middle seat and I was left up front with the driver.
On the ride in there was a lot of chatter back and forth, laughing and joking about the club we were headed too.

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