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Agmar's rule over the Tribes is challenged by Queen Amelie.

Anyway, so after the "Disgusting" comment, I let it go. I was content on her being mine and that was it. Damn my past.

3 years later we were married and moved to the country of her birth. About a year into us being there, an old friend, (and I mean, he was only just a friend) said he was coming into town on business and would like to see her and me. They hadn't seen each other in 10 years or so, and she jumped at the opportunity.

Amy and I went out for dinner that night and had a few glasses of wine. We then proceeded where we were to meet "Buddy". An instant rapport was built with he and I and they rekindled their old friendship.

We had a few drinks at his hotel bar and then proceeded to our local pub. It was a Tuesday in a small town so no one was there, other than one of our favorite bartenders and another couple. I also worked at this bar from time to time, so, I was allowed access to the booze and we definitely took advantage of that! About an hour into it, Amy, wearing a very tight, zippered shirt, was dared by the two of us to quickly un-zipper it and show her boobs. She playfully resisted until I reached over and did it for her. Out popped her amazing breasts! The three of us laughed and the other guy sitting at the bar saw, wide eyes, and she promptly zippered up, laughingly.

Buddy excused himself to use the bathroom

When he came back, he had his fly open and a very impressive, flaccid member sticking out of his fly! We roared in laughter but when he sat down, Amy didn't hesitate to grab his penis and have a few tugs before he zippered back up. I was instantly hard!

The bartender shook her head, as any waitstaff would when you're around drunk people, and the female of the other couple promptly gathered her significant other and stormed out. We had one more drink, during which, we both groped Amy's beautiful boobs over her shirt a few times. Buddy then suggested we go back to his hotel room for a nightcap. (I know... yadda, yadda, yadda. Same old story. BUT that what makes this so exciting!! IT'S TRUE!!)

I drove us the 4 blocks back to his hotel. We had a bottle of, unopened Gin in the truck and quickly made our way to his room with it. It was a modest room but very nice with a King Sized bed. Once there, we all had a drink and carried on a bit. I then said that we should play Truth or Dare but, "Oh, SHIT! I have a sexy version of that on my iPhone! It's in the truck! I'll run and grab it!" They both agreed.

Friends, I literally ran, with all my might to the truck and back but, those damn elevators take so much time! Upon my return to the room, I found them very close together but he immediately backed away. Amy had this, minor, devilish smirk on her face. Her hair slightly messed up and, oh... HER SHIRT WAS COMPLETELY UNZIPPED!! It was clear they'd been making out and I was, literally, immediately hard! Again.

She zippered back up (for some reason) and we all got on the bed and played "Truth or Dare; Sexy Version"

Here was my, normally, timid and shy wife, literally seducing the two of us and slowly getting naked as we did as well. Once all naked, the app, (knowing we were naked at this point) dared buddy to eat Amy out. With a little trepidation, she let him do it. After a couple of minutes of him doing that, there was no more need for the game.

Being naked myself, I got up on my knees and placed my member by Amy's head and she hungrily gobbled it up while she was being pleasured by Buddy's mouth. After a few minutes, she orgasmed with his talents. Then, after briefly stopping from my blow job to catch her breath, quickly resumed pleasuring me, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the amazing feeling of her soft lips and tongue on my 6 inch, rock hard shaft. I then heard, and felt, her grunt a little. I opened my eyes to see Buddy rubbing his very hard dick, on her very moistened pussy.

Now, I won't go into major detail about him but he was HUGE!! I swear to God, 11-12 inches, however, he wasn't very thick like most stories might tell.

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