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A straight man is taken back to his place of torment.

I really hadn't thought that part out well enough. I should've cuffed them in front of me, at least for now. It was quiet enough in the alley and then the path. I really didn't know what I'd do if there was a drunk or bum hanging out back there. I shuddered at the thought, though strangely, it heated my pussy up another level. Fleeting thoughts would flash in my brain that maybe I wanted that, maybe I should come back someday when there are guys back there, that sort of thing. I was wondering why this stuff drives me crazy like this. I had enough troubles to worry about on this night, however, and my focus came back.

I was at the park now. I had to cross a reasonably busy street to get to it. I waited for the opportunity. As cars passed I kept thinking of my running clock, I couldn't wait long but I also couldn't just rush out with dozens of cars going by. Finally I saw an opening. I dashed/shuffled/jumped the best I could across the street. I wasn't quite to the treeline when I heard a car horn. I'd been seen. I hustled into the brush, and scraped myself on some branches. I crouched there, panting heavily. I waited. There was no one following. I gingerly extracted myself from the bushes and resumed my shuffling gait. I had a few hundred yards in the park then I exited it on my street. I still had blocks and blocks to go.

I began shuffling again. I stayed on the sidewalk. The streetlights weren't frequent and were placed at intervals between houses, not directly at them. I passed a house where I knew a cute guy lived. I'd walked past this house many times, hoping to get his attention. He was a pilot of some kind, and totally ripped. I'd have included him in my plans somehow, if I knew anything about him or his schedule, alas, I knew that would have to wait for another night. I more than secretly wished he was looking out his window then. I thought I saw him through his blinds. I ducked down. Maybe he'd notice me, my tits bouncing with my unsteady gait. I walked back in the other direction. I was under the street light now. God , I was horny, I couldn't believe I was messing with my detailed plan like this in trying to get myself fucked. I sauntered back toward the right direction, my sexy ass naked to the wind. I didn't see any movement. I tried again, down and back. It was no good. I had to move on. The hum in my pussy was growing. I resolved that I would absolutely punish it later, because of all of this teasing and abstaining.

A few cars passed and I ducked out of the way in plenty of time as they did. I got across the last cross street to my block but still had to wait what I considered too long. I could see Greg's house. I was exhausted from all the effort of the walk. I made a note to never try the hobbling effect again. I still had some physical activity left. I hoped I had enough strength.

I made it to Greg's. I figured it was after his dinner time, and hoped that it was still before his den time. As I approached I could see that his den light was dark. I shuffled along the fence line. His dog Sally approached.

I thought, "Fuck, what's she doing in the backyard?" I had to shush her from making too much noise.

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