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Probationary period ends, client stops by to see Debbie.

Kona moved away and stood, the action being the final straw for her leggings, as they tore around her two foot cock. She and Allie watched as Gwen swelled up more and more with her own cum, gush after incredible gush filling her. The blonde leaned down to her friend.

"Can you image the size she'll be when we're through with her?" She asked, eyes locked on the sight before her. Kona simply nodded, gulping loudly at the thought. The camera was catching it all, storing the footage away in Kona's cloud storage, where she could review later at her leisure. She grinned, thinking that she'd do so that night to prepare a bigger load for Gwen tomorrow. Recalling what was supposed to happen two days from then she looked up at Allie.

"How're you gonna outdo last time? There can't be many Futa in the city bigger than what you got last time." She asked, having heard that only about 10% of the world's Futanari population were bigger than two feet. And a mere 1% larger than those, but there had been one more than five feet. Therefore not quite big enough to qualify as Hypers, based on what Allie had told her.

"Don't worry. Diana and I were able to make some calls. I think Red's gonna love it." The blonde replied, eyes still glued to Gwen who was being forced off her cock by her stomach. Her middle was pushing her cock out of her mouth, its sheer size now putting her prior sizes to shame. She looked ready to drop sextuplets, and her orgasm was still going.

"Better move this." Kona said to herself as she picked up the camera and moved around to get a different angle on Gwen, while also bringing it out of harm's way. She had a sneaking suspicion about what was about to happen. Allie smirked knowingly and didn't move, a hand pumping her cock as she watched and waited. With sharp cry, Gwen's mouth was freed as her cock sprang loose, its head aimed directly at the waiting Allie. A massive spurt of cum sprayed from the tip, dousing her in semen.

The blonde gasped and inadverdently got a mouthful of Gwen's cum. The force of it caused her to gag as it spayed to the entrance of her throat, all while the flood pushed her back onto the bed. The covers were doused just as she was. Fortunately, that seemed to be the finale to Gwen's orgasm, as her next spurt was weak, barely spraying a foot from its origin. Kona watched with wide eyes, a grin on her face at what had taken place. The camera had caught it all and from a great angle too, giving a perfect of the massive cock. When it was little more than a dribble, Kona walked over to her.

The redhead was all but insensate from the pleasure. She sat on her rounded rear, panting while her eyes looked up blankly at the ceiling. Cum poured in a single river from the side of her mouth, her tongue hanging out, too weak to lick it up. Her hands caressed her middle, feeling all of her cum inside of it, while keeping from touching the floor. Kona couldn't remember ever seeing such a beautiful visage in her life.

"How was it, Gwen?" She asked, despite knowing the answer. The redhead looked at her, eyes focusing at least.

"A-a-ama-amazing." She stuttered, barely able to think straight. Her eyes strayed from Kona's face, running down her slender body to the turgid cock, licking her lips at the sight. Despite the sheer amount of semen already swimming inside of her stomach, she wanted more. Kona saw this and leaned down, bringing the camera closer to Gwen's face. The redhead, still retaining enough understanding of what it was, blushed, but didn't look try to hide.

"You're looking pretty swollen there," Kona noted, making Gwen blush harder, "But I bet you wanna be bigger, right?" Without conscious thought, the redhead's hands stroked her stomach, as if in longing for more. She said nothing however, "Come on, Gwen. You need to say something or I won't know will I?"

"I want it..." Gwen mumbled, faint enough that only she heard it.

"Sorry, I didn't catch that?" Kona asked playfully.

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