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Poking the lion.

Is there anything I can do to repay you?"

"Oh, well... Maybe just put in a good word for me in Arizona, okay?"

"Oh, sure, I will."

We shared a giggle. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"No, I think that will do just fine. Wow..."

She stood. "Excellent. Well it was a pleasure, Madame... Eva. Get some rest, okay?"

"I will. Thank you again."

I saw her out, then sat myself down on my bed with a joyful sigh. I could barely believe how well things were turning out, at what glorious adventures lay ahead!

Flipping through the pamphlet, there were images of a utopian landscape, blue skies and sunshine and green meadows. Beautiful goddesses were shown smiling and laughing amongst a mixture of normal looking humans, male and female. As if they were a group of equals. It was just marketing; goddesses would only accept the most desirable humans. The elderly, the sick, the unremarkable, would surely never make it onto a ship to Anatolia, and males would likely be a minority.

I hoped that the picturesque landscape wasn't also just marketing. An alien planet could be anything, from a smouldering ball of acidic gas to a hunk of molten rock, to a barren vacuum... there were so many variables. With nothing left to do, I resigned to browsing my Network Chip.

Chapter 6

I glanced at my wrist, "what data exists on the futanari planet Anatolia?"

The futanari planet Anatolia is located in an unknown star system at an unknown distance from Earth. According to Astro-X, it is a hospitable water bound world with slightly less gravity and a longer year than Earth. It has its own primitive ecosystems, however select continents have been sterilized and reseeded with Earth life. No other data exists.

Though information was sparse the little made available was comforting. A question many from my time wondered had been answered -- yes, there were other inhabitable planets out there.

I moved on to another subject. "What media can I access on futanari?"

Sort by date, popularity or alphabetical order?

"Uh... popularity."

A list was superimposed over my vision. Turning my eyes up or down allowed me to scroll through my search results. I chuckled, amused by the titles that came up: 'Erotic Aerotian Angels', 'Exotic Dreams of Anatolia', 'The Secret Lovers of Goddesses'... Most of them sounded like porn!

It came as no surprise to me that we had become the subject of a huge fetish, after all, lovers of futanari were paying my rent back in 2014. What was not to like about living breathing women who were beautiful beyond comparison, utterly perfect and extremely potent? Males and females of all sexual orientations found something to like in a format where there was penetration without men, where the sexual prowess of the performers was elevated to the extreme.

I felt a shiver of excitement. How advanced had it gotten in 2107? How realistic was it? There was only one way to find out. I arbitrarily chose 'Erotic Aerotian Angels' and was given two options: Third Person or Interactive Mode? I selected Third Person, feeling I was not yet ready for whatever would happen in Interactive. A countdown filled my vision: Video beginning in 5, 4, 3, 2...

As I laid back my senses were suddenly filled with a tropical island scene. I could still feel my bed beneath me, but the sun was now beating down on my skin, hot and intense. I could hear the gentle wash of waves against the yellow sand of a beach. Palm trees hung overhead.

Starring Stacy Bentham and two beautiful Aerotian princesses...

A young woman strolled into view.

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