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Connor gets over Kaylee with help from his friends and mom.


"What happened?" Juliette asked.

"My father made him take the food back. We all objected and begged to keep just a little of it, but father would hear nothing of it. When Rikard returned, father sat us down and explained why he made Rikard take the food back.

We are Ahlbergs he said. We do not steal for any reason. Once you do it, it becomes easier to steal the next time and the reason will be less pressing. We do not use others to satisfy our hunger. He said that because it came out that Rikard compelled the people to give him the food.

Father went on to tell us that there is nothing more important than family and integrity. I believe that is why my family has remained so close. If one was in need, someone stepped in and helped. There was no taking advantage of each other. It is still that way between us."

"Did you eat that night?" Juliette asked trying to imagine what it must have been like to be so close to food and then to have it taken away.

"No, but we did the next night. It was food intended for the pigs, but it was a feast to us. Things slowly got better once we moved to Lund. My father found work with a vampire who was building a home in the country. Since we needed food and lodging more than money, my father worked for nothing in exchange for the things we needed.

When the house was completed, the vampire gave my father a letter of reference. That letter opened doors for us. Our family name became well known because of our hard work and honesty."

"That's quite a story." Juliette replied.

"It's true." Hans said with a smile. "My point is this, millions of people are poverty stricken and they work to better their station in life. They don't wait or look for someone to take care of them nor do they hurt their families to get what they want.

I hope that your sister realizes that there is more to life than money and that it doesn't guarantee happiness."

"Do you think that there will be someone for her?" Juliette asked.

"Who can say? Our fates are temperamental. They must have been in a good mood when they decided to give me another mate."

"Hans, I'm not saying no."

"I Know you aren't" He replied. "I need to go; the children will be stirring soon. May I take you and the children to the gathering tonight?"

"We would like that." Juliette replied.

Before she could change her mind, Juliette leaned over and kissed Hans' cheek. Her nipples tightened when her lips touched the smooth skin of his jaw.

"Do you feel it?" Hans asked softly as he took her face in his hands. "Trust what you know to be true."

He leaned forward and brushed his lips lightly across hers before kissing her. All too soon, Hans broke the kiss.

"I will see you tonight." He said and then vanished from where he sat.

"Stick to your guns." Juliette muttered to herself. "Stick to your guns,"


Louise laid in bed her head resting on Nathan's shoulder. She couldn't get Barb out of her mind. A baby she thought to herself. She couldn't imagine not wanting her baby, but then; she and Barb were in two different places in every possible way. The problem was she didn't know how to close that gap.

"You're thinking too hard." Nathan said softly.

"I know; but I can't help it." Louise replied.

"Sweetheart, I owe you an apology. I shouldn't have argued with you about seeing your sister alone. I know that even at her angriest she would never hurt you. You have enough to deal with without me adding to it. I'm sorry."

"Thank you." Louise said. "I appreciate that. How do you think Thorne is going to react to the news?"

"I don't know him, but judging from what I saw at the club; not favorably. Lou, you do understand that Thorne and Barb are mates don't you? That's the only way that she could have gotten pregnant by him."

"But wasn't your grandmother raped by your grandfather before your father met her?" Louise asked. "Your father is your grandfather's son."

"That's true and I have no explanation for how or why that happened." Nathan replied.

"Do you think that Barb and Tho

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