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Two police officers return to the black gang for more.

She wasn't one to go for teasing kisses and licks-not with a young lover like this-but got straight to the main course: getting him to the point where he was mad to fuck her, turning him into a ravening animal.

That's what she wanted. That's what she needed, and she reached around and grabbed his ass and used it to pull himself into her and then guide him, in and out, back and forth, sucking and moaning around his cock, rubbing the flat of her tongue against him and letting her saliva run freely down her chin as she breathed hard through her nostrils.

Look at that bitch in the mirror! Look at that dirty slut! Look at her on her knees, slobbering and slaving over a some stranger's prick, spit and cock juice running down her face, big tits bobbing back and forth as she sucks him off! Look how she loves it! What a shameless fucking whore! What a total cum-hungry cunt!

Cory was moaning constantly now, grunting as she pulled him into the wet suck of her mouth, back and forth, back and forth. Her lips got tied and she backed off till she had just the fat head in her like a fat cherry, took his shaft in her hand and started beating him off, lashing her tongue against that red and angry glans. Her other hand went down between her spread thighs, and she pushed it in with a muffled moan and started to masturbate fast and hard, slapping her hand into her wet pussy in a way she knew he'd hear and notice. She knew how to excite her lovers and she loved blowing them away with her slutty lewdness. She loved being the best fuck they ever had.
Cory's thighs were clenched and his belly was tight and starting to tremble. He was twitching in her mouth and seeping a steady stream of bitter lube and she knew he was getting close. She pulled her mouth off him and stood up, continuing to wank him slowly with her hand. You had to be careful with these college guys. One suck too many and she'd have a mouthful of hot jizz and that's not what she wanted right now. Phase I was finished.

She led him gently to the bed and no sooner had she climbed on and laid down on her back than he was on her, poking at her with that big eager cock, but she managed to get herself settled and grab his dick and guide it to where it should be, then planted her feet on the mattress and tilted her hips up just in time to receive his first, brutal thrust. She grunted in pleasure. His force and the need and that initial frisson of pain were just perfect, but she had little time to savor it. Cory immediately began slamming into her like he was already in the home stretch.

"Easy, baby, easy! It's not a race, Cory. We've got time!"

But he apparently had no other speed. He banged into her with desperate ferocity, his hips rising and falling like some steam-powered machine, and as his big log sawed in and out of her, Clare realized it was going to be a quick and rapid fuck. There was not much she could do to slow him down or make it last. He was clearly in no mood to be controlled, so she laid her head back and gave herself over to the pleasure of being thunder-fucked by this young untamed bull.

It was such a shame, because Clare was good. Since Roger's death she'd made a study of it and she knew what men liked and how they liked it, and a big part of her pleasure was in giving a man the fuck of his life and being the best he'd ever have. But all her talents were going to be wasted on Cory.

She had a mirror for bed sex too, and she looked at it now. It was over on the dresser, and in it she could see Cory fucking her, that hard young ass and lean body bucking up and down between her legs and making the big bed creak She watched herself and studied her face as he slaved over her. She heard that wet, obscene sound of his prick in her sopping pussy and decided she'd better grab whatever pleasure she could while he lasted, so she began to fuck him back, using her thighs and belly to lift her hips to him in a smooth, hungry motion.

Yes! That was better! He was wonderfully thick and that tight fit and powerful thrusts were pulling and

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