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A passive boyfriend learns a lot on one fateful night.

" I said sarcastically.

Max tilted his head to the side studying me. He walked over to me and leaned in close so our mouths were millimeters apart. I closed my eyes briefly feeling his warm breath on my lips.

"You wanna show me my room sis?"

I nodded and moved towards the stairs. Max picked up his bag and followed. I could feel Max's eyes on my ass as I walked up the stairs. I swayed it a little bit more for him. When we reached the top I opened the door to the room directly next to mine. Max walked in and put his duffel on the bed.

"This'll be your room for the rest of the summer." I said smiling. "My room's next door."

"Can I see it?"

"Yeah. Come on."

I took him to my room. I walked in and sat on my bed.

"This is my room." I said waving my hand.

Max closed the door and leaned against it with his arms crossed. He checked me out slowly stopping at my breasts before looking at my face.

"For someone who hasn't seen her brother for thirteen years, you don't seem as excited as mom said you were. I didn't even get a proper hug from you."

I grinned before getting up and walking towards him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug. Max held me tight his hands resting right above my ass. I inhaled deeply. He smelled so good. I stepped back and looked into his eyes. My eyes drifted to his mouth. I leaned in my mouth almost touching his when a knock on the door made me jump back. Max opened the door.

"Kids, I'm going over to Diane's house for a couple of hours. I'll be home to make dinner later." My mom said smiling.


"Meg, maybe you can take your brother to the mall. Show him around."

I nodded. She gave both of us a hug before she left. I stood there looking anywhere but at Max.

"We can catch something to eat at the mall if you're hungry. Would you mind giving me a minute to change?" I said after a few minutes.

Max grinned. "No. I don't mind." He made no move to leave.

"Would you wait downstairs?" I said nervously.

He smirked. Walking slowly towards me he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me hard against his body. My breasts were smashed against him. He bent his head and kissed me, thrusting his warm tongue in my mouth. He licked and sucked on my tongue and bottom lip. I moaned softly and put my arms around his neck. I could feel his cock through his pants and I couldn't help but grind my hips against him. Max pulled back and grinned at the dazed look in my eyes.

"You hadn't given me a welcome home kiss either." He said before walking out the door and closing it behind him.

I stood there staring at the door. My lips were still tingling form the kiss he gave me. I could still feel the warmth of his hardness when he held me close. God, I wanted him. Shaking my head I pulled off my shirt and pants. Looking into my closet I bit my lip making a quick decision. I was going to fuck my brother. If I went to hell at least he'd be going with me and we could probably fuck some more while we were there. I pulled out my shortest mini skirt and my white tight t-shirt. I took off my drenched panties and bra. I put my clothes on and looked in the mirror. The shirt went above my midriff and my nipples stuck out on the white fabric. Turning around my skirt stopped about an inch below my ass.

Satisfied I put on my black knee high boots and some make up. I used the curling iron by my bed and curled the ends of my long hair. I took two ribbons from my bedside drawer and tied my hair into two pony tails. Looking at myself from side to side one more time I walked out the door.

I descended the stairs slowly. Max was leaning against the kitchen counter reading a magazine. I cleared my throat. He looked up at me and his eyes widened. He put the magazine down slowly on the counter and straightened. He checked me out stopping at my breasts and legs. I smiled, loving his reaction.

"Wow. You look good enough to eat." Max said grinning wickedly at me.

I bit my nail and looked up at him with my most innocent expression.

"Does that mean I look pretty?" I said in a little g

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