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Shay's morning after becomes round two.

"Such cute, perky titties," she said, and then continued, "your panties too."

I slipped my fingers into the waistband of my pink panties and skimmed them down my legs quickly, dropping them on top of my discarded shirt. Biting my lip, I looked at her. Laura's eyes were roaming over my body. "Who knew you had such a great body?" she asked. Her gaze fixed on my face, looking deeply into my eyes and smiled. "My cousin is hot!" she exclaimed, laughing.

"So are you," I said softly.

"I'm glad you think so. Why don't you spread your legs and touch yourself? Do it with me and show me what you do after your dates."

I couldn't believe I was going to do this. I slowly opened my thighs and felt a small trickle of juice leak from my overheated pussy. I had never been this horny in my life.

"Go ahead Beth. Play with your pussy for me."

Just hearing her say that almost put me over the edge. I looked between her legs and could see she was pushing a finger in and out of her pussy. My right hand hesitantly moved between my legs and I started massaging myself.

We sat beside each other masturbating silently, the only sound was a few soft moans and whimpers as we both became more aroused. Without warning, Laura suddenly moved, shifting on my bed so she was now facing me. She scooted a little closer, her legs overlapping mine, and I watched as her finger disappeared again into her wet pussy. Both of us now had a perfect view as we worked our pussies. I was transfixed by the sight of her finger pumping in and out and I mirrored her actions, sliding my middle finger in deep into my wetness. I watched as she used her thumb to stimulate her clit while still finger-fucking herself, and I tried doing the same to myself. The dual stimulation of my fingers and the visual of Laura playing with herself had me racing toward an orgasm, but Laura beat me to the finish line. I watched as her body heaved, her legs clamping down on her hand as she came. I had never seen anyone orgasm before and I wondered if that's how I looked when I came. She moaned softly, careful not to make too much noise as she squirmed on my bed, and just as she started to descend from her orgasm, mine hit me. I let out a little squeal as I came, hard. Harder, longer and more intense than anything I had ever experienced. When I finally opened my eyes, Laura was smiling at me again. "You are really cute when you cum," she said. "Thanks" was all I could think to say. She was lightly rubbing her pussy, her outer lips were now a deep red and she had opened like a flower, exposing her pink wetness inside.

As I watched her she started moving again, and before I knew what was happening she was lying on top of me, her warm body pressed against me, and she leaned in and kissed me. It was unlike any kiss I had ever experienced. All I could think of was that her lips were incredibly soft. So much softer than a boy. When I felt her lips part and her tongue at my lips, I welcomed her into my mouth and our lingering kiss became more passionate. We kissed for a long time, until she finally pulled away, giving me a quick kiss on the tip of my nose.

"I want to show you something else," she whispered. "You will love it, I promise." Then she leaned back in and continued kissing me. The longer our kiss lasted, I could feel Laura beginning to rub against me. I felt her hard nipples pressing into me and could feel the heat from her pussy against my thigh. She broke our kiss and moved to the nape of my neck. The first touch of her lips to my sensitive skin gave me goosebumps and I moaned loudly.

"Shhh," she cautioned softly. "Not too loud, someone may hear and come investigate. So you like having your neck kissed?"

"Nobody has ever kissed me there before. It's like a shock going through my body," I whispered.

Laura continued kissing and licking my neck, up to tease my earlobe, back to my ne

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