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Two best friends share a night that lasts forever.

Karen was frowning after the first few words but as Terry finished the biggest smile I'd ever seen lit up the room. Suddenly all of the tension left my body.

We had already set up all of the rules and boundaries in our Email discussions. Rules Like no threesomes unless the person left out gave permission because of things like illness or that they were out of town. Terry's blunt response startled me for a moment but I realized he was right as all of the ground work was in place.

"So, which of you wants to come home with me, Terry or Theresa?" Karen asked. She looked from one to the other. I think Terry was surprised that he was not automatically invited. We all knew that this encounter would be one on one only but Terry hadn't thought of the possibility of a same sex encounter right out of the blocks.

We had all agreed that both one on one combinations needed to be explored before getting together for a foursome. We also figured that the same sex encounters would not be frequent as we were all bi-curious and mostly just wanted to experiment with our sexual boundaries. Terry was happy when his wife answered.

"Well, I'd like to take Bob home with me for the afternoon unless someone objects," she said purring. It wasn't that Terry was afraid of a male on male encounter it was that he wanted my wife so much. Suddenly our long slow paced lunch turned into four people stuffing their faces as fast as they could.

In about three minutes we were pitching our trash and heading out the doors. As Karen walked away with Terry her ass seemed to have a new sexier sway. I knew she was excited just from her walk. As we got further away from our spouses my full attention turned to my sister in law.

Her C cup tits appeared huge on her small frame and were accented further by the clingy V neck blouse that displayed her ample cleavage very sensually. It was hard to play it cool as horny as I was but there were too many people around who might have known us. Like a gentleman I opened my car door for her salivating as she got in showing me those sexy legs almost all the way up to her undies.

"Now, Bob, you are sure that you really want to do this aren't you." Theresa asked as we fastened our seat belts. Her skirt had risen to within an inch of her panties as she looked at me. More precisely she was looking directly at my lap and licking her lips.

"Oh yes Theresa I've fantasized about you for years," I confessed. I reached over and lightly caressed her knee. I felt a shudder go up my spine at this small contact. I put the key in the ignition to start the car. "Then we should make both of our fantasies come to life. Just remember that whatever you dish out I will return to you in spades from caressing to the rough stuff," She purred evilly. As if to prove her point she reached for my cock and gave it a hard squeeze through my jeans. Putting her knee up on the seat Theresa settled back for the short drive to her house. "So my sweet sister in law do you have any limits that we didn't discuss in the Email? Or, you ready to have your Dawd damn brains fucked out in every way I can think of like the bitch you are," I asked her testing her limits both with the language use and what she was up for.

Fucking bastard what I said is what I meant in the Emails. We'll see about who fucks whose brains out. My cunt will wear out that cock of yours before you know what is happening," she snapped back." We had always had a snappy relationship giving each other hell and loving every minute of it.

For some unknown reason we both broke in a giggle. But, there was nothing funny about my feelings or what I wanted to do with her. Finally, we pulled into her driveway and jogged to her front door waving at her neighbor on the way. She fumbled with the key while I fumbled with her tits saying, "Hurry up so we can get on with it!"

"Damn it, the neighbor might see you," she whispered slapping my hand away.

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