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Ignored by her hubby, Dianne goes to the Laundromat.

"How was that cousin?" Ericka smiled cheekily.

"Mmm, tasty as always." Sou cooed, licking her lips. She turned to Ericka and licked up the side of her face, making her jerk in surprise. She giggled as her face was lapped clean of cum.

"Sorry, she's always had a thing for drinking me dry." Paul sighed, scratching his head.

"No matter. Would you like to fuck me now?" Ericka asked as she laid back in the grass. Her legs opened in a sensual display of lust, laying bare her beautiful pink flower. Paul nodded and knelt down in front of her. Since they had walked in the village, he had been dying to fuck someone. Something about he village was making his libido erupt.

Without warning, he dove forward and sank up to his balls in Ericka's tight cunt. They both moaned loudly and Ericka's legs clamped around his waist.

"Wow... That's pretty hot." Sou cooed, a hand sliding between her wet thighs. She touched herself and slipped a finger in her pussy as she dropped to her knees beside them.

"Paul! You're so big! I love it!" Ericka cried out as he bottomed inside her again. Her body erupted in glorious euphoria as she clenched down on his shaft. He was going to make her cum so rapidly.

"Paul... Paul, do me next... Please." Sou moaned as she masturbated. Her breath came faster as she squeezed one of her breasts. Her finger pushed deeper and she felt her G-spot. Her spine quivered with ecstasy and her legs grew weak. She slumped back on her ankles, fingering herself fervently.

"Of course... Sis." Paul grunted, clenching his teeth as he tried to hold back his second orgasm. Ericka was so warm and tight inside, he slid back and forth incredibly easy with all the juices that ran from her.

"No reason... To wait... Come here..." Ericka panted, pointing at her lips.

"With another girl? I've never..." Sou said nervously, having never thought of another woman like that before.

"Come on... Let me lick you." Ericka breathed.

Sou was desperate and she was willing to try anything. She got up and straddled Ericka's face like she had done to Paul in the past. She pushed her pussy to her mouth and felt her tongue slip inside. Her body burst with ecstasy and she arched her back happily.

"Yes! Oh that's perfect! Yes!" Sou howled.

"Good lord that's hot." Paul said in awe as his cousin gave his sister cunnilingus. Her tongue touched all the right spots and made Sou start drooling from the pleasure. She rubbed her breasts and gyrated on her face, nearing her orgasm with a screaming swiftness.

"Yes! Ericka, I can't last! I'm going to cum!" Sou howled in pure joy. Her pussy quivered and squirted little spurts of girlcum into her mouth. His sister's cries of ecstasy were all he needed and Paul's cock exploded inside Ericka. He pumped hot, thick spunk deep into her womb, filling her to the brim with seed before he pulled out.

"Ahhh... What a pussy." Paul sighed happily as he sat back in the grass.

"Ohhh jeez, that was awesome." Sou sighed, slipping off Ericka.

"You guys really know how to do it!" Ericka sighed, sitting upright, "That was some orgasm! I might even be pregnant from this."

Ericka ran a finger through her cum-splattered crotch, bringing a sizable dollop to her mouth.

"Ohhh shit, I forgot about that... I'm so used to Sou taking birth control!" Paul exclaimed, his eyes wide.

"Maybe I can help." Sou smiled, crawling around to her. Paul scooted back and gave her room as she put her head down between her cousin's thighs.

"Ohhh~!" Ericka cooed as Sou lapped and sucked the cum from her wet pussy.

"Wow, what a sight." Paul said, patting Sou's round ass. He gently rubbed her supple skin and watched her eager juices run down the insides of her thighs.

"Your mouth feels good!" Ericka sighed, stretching out her limbs as she laid back in the soft grass.

"Oh I just can't resist this." Paul smiled, moving closer behind Sou. He raised his cock and pushed it into Sou's tight pussy.

"Waaaah~!" Sou screamed into Ericka'

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