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Promiscuous wife reunites with old boy friends.

She moved from his mouth to his eyes, then his ears, then back to his lips, planting tiny, wet kisses and licks at each place. She looked into his eyes and said, "I've fantasized about this for years. I'm going to make this a morning you'll remember for a long time."

Kellie moved down to Rick's chest and sucked each nipple, gently at first, then harder as her hips began to hump his thighs gently. She tongued his navel and continued her downward journey. Spreading his legs with her hands, she bypassed his cock and went directly to his balls.

Rick had been shaving his pubic area, including his balls, for some time, and Kellie noticed. She licked them, then sucked each one into her mouth and tongued it, giving each orb special attention. Looking up suddenly, she said, "Somehow, I just knew you would have shaved balls. They are so sexy and don't tickle my tongue. I bet your asshole is just as good!"

She dove back down and this time, raised his legs into the air, kissing each thigh. When she got to his asshole, she gently probed it with her tongue, the rimmed it and said, "Damn, you are a sexy man! I could spend the rest of the morning right here. But, I promised you a blow job didn't I?"

Rick, enjoying the time Kellie was spending down there, was beginning to feel the need for some attention to his dick. He told her, "Take your time, but know that I plan to reciprocate. I'll gladly eat your ass now, if you'll just turn it around so I can get to it."

"Oh no, fucker. My ass gets special attention from that monster cock of yours," she said, as she moved her lips to the head of Rick's cock. She held the shaft as she licked around the head, covering it with saliva. Looking up to make sure he was watching, Kellie formed an "O" with her lips, and slid then down slowly. Keeping exquisite pressure all around Rick's shaft, she slid up and down, going further down with each stroke. She pumped his shaft lazily, and allowed her spit to coat her hand.

When she got to the head to the back of her mouth, she easily relaxed her throat muscles and allowed the head to slide into her throat. It was as if his dick was engulfed by a writhing, live vacuum hose that was as tight as he could stand. Rick noticed another sensation he had never felt before.

Kellie's tongue, moving along the underside of his cock, was sending thrills

throughout his body. Wanting to hump her face, Rick held still until he could identify the new sensation. Finally, it came to him. Kellie had had her tongue pierced! Just the thought almost drove Rick over the edge.

He gently took Kellie by the shoulders and brought her face up to his, kissing her fervently, and tracing the stud with is tongue.

"You like my sex ball?" she asked.

"I fucking love it," he replied, kissing her again before urging her back down to resume what was turning out to be the blowjob of his life. Kellie returned to her task with relish. She slid his cock into her throat and did her best to suck a load of cum out of it. It was as if she had a switch in her throat that created suction.

Cupping Rick's balls, she rolled them in her hand gently. Kellie then slipped a finger in

his ass, easily sliding it in to her second knuckle. That was all it took. Rick's load exploded in Kellie's mouth and down her throat. She swallowed the first two spurts quickly, then moved her lips up to the head and continued sucking as she pumped the shaft.

Rick kept shooting gob after gob of cum in her willing mouth, until he was spent. She looked at him with lust-glazed eyes, opening her mouth to let him see her mouthful of cum. This was one of the most erotic images Rick had ever seen. He pulled Kellie up his body and kissed her, enjoying the taste of his cum as they washed each other's mouths with their tongues. Breathless, they finally broke their kiss and allowed themselves a breather.

When Rick could talk, he said, "Kellie, that was absolutely the best blowjob I ever experienced.

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