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A steamy workplace interracial gangbang.

"I don't want to be...stepping on anyone's toes" She said, her hand still hovering in the air where the breast had been.

And there he was again, a more violent crash that the first time. He knocked the fridge into the wall, leaving a large line in the drywall where it knocked against the wall. Just as quick as he had entered, Alexis was pointing a spoon at his face "Kaleb, so help me god. If you come in here again you'll get nothing!" She gave him a look that meant she meant business.

He held up his hands in surrender and backed away slowly.

(Subtle. You should try a stealth approach next time you dork.) She rolled her eyes, lowering her hand from the air finally.

(She is scary. I can wait, I think)

"I guess I understand." Alexis said, turning back to Katelynn.

Kate could feel a slight tingle in her palm. Her body definitely wanted this. She could feel the waves of excitement and hormones from Kaleb as well.

(I see why you like her so much.)

(What?! I didn't know she was bi!) He was doing the equivalent of telepathic yelling. (Score!) he added.

(Dude I thought I was dead, and now I've been kissed and reverse groped!) She had to work back her excitement and breathlessness. She was facing away from Kate now, working on something in the sink. She had full view of her nice plump ass in jeans. Kate got a spark of courage and walked over slowly and placed her hand firmly on Alexis' tight ass. Alexis froze but didn't resist.

She left her hand there, and used her now well honed telekinesis to gently caress other parts of her body. She couldn't feel where she touched with her power, but she could see Alexis begin to squirm.

(Are you telekinetically harassing my wife!?)

She used her power to gently apply pressure to around her breasts and along her front down under her underwear. A small moan escaped her throat and it drove Kate crazy to hear.

"Do you know the extent of my powers?" her hand gently moved up and down the backside of her jeans.

"No..." Alexis said in a small trembling voice.

"I touch, with my mind." She was feeling powerful, strong, and more turned on than ever as she used her power to undo the button on her jeans.

"No powers" Alexis turned around, ending it.

"Aww but..." Kate licked her lips. (Dammit your wife is a fucking tease)

(Fuuuuuuuuck!) was all she got in return.

"No. powers." she said sternly, but quietly.

"I don't have any, so it isn't fair. If you want in to our family that's my rule. No powers...without permission."

(Rules?) She breathed out when Alexis turned back to her bowl, and sharply breathed in when she turned to pick up something that she had dropped, revealing an enticingly sexy set of black lace underwear. It was more like lingerie.

(I have the best view of her panties while she picks up whatever you knocked over.) She leaned up to get a better view.

(Fffaaaiuuuck) He was writhing.

It was too much, for too long. She reached out and grabbed her ass with both hands. She quickly slide her hand down the soft jeans until her hand found a very warm space between her legs. Alexis responded with a silky moan. It was both erotic and cute.

"You want me to be in your family?"

"Hnn..." She moaned. "Yes." She swallowed and licked her lips.

"Alright. I accept." She said quietly into her ear.


Kate could feel a wet spot beginning to form where she was gently rubbing. She decided to dish out some of the same and decided to let go. But with the sexy way she was moaning under her touch, the reverberations she was receiving from Kaleb, and her own erotic feelings, she found it impossible to pull away.

("You're not making this easy...") She said out loud and to Kaleb at the same time on accident.

"You're the one...touching me..." She let out another moan. It was soft, cute, and highly erotic.

"I meant that to Kaleb, when we feel comes back and forth."

(How do you stop when she moans so cute?) She sought help from the source to try to stop.

(What? I don't! I fuck her brains out!) She was

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