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nd was fucking it!

Tina never thought anyone would get her so simple. He pulled her blonde hair as her cum flowed around his cock. He knew she was enjoying it as her eyes closed and mouth opened. She let out a quiet moan as he pounded her harder and faster. He had the new owner under control and was going to fuck her as long as he could.

He slid his hand up under her top and shoved her bra up letting them tits out and free under the top. He squeezed and teased as she got off again. He loved a tight blonde and he knew how to make her cum fast. Her bar had been busy all week and he knew how much she had in the safe. He wanted the money but was enjoying the dessert first as Tina kept moaning and letting her cum flow.

"Damn baby, you are good at this!" He said as he smacked her ass cheek hard.

"OOOHHHH YESSSS!!!" She cried getting off again.

He fucked the sexy bar owner for about an hour. She grew weak and was about to faint as he held her hips and exploded inside her nice pussy. She fainted and he pulled out smiling at her as she was dropped to the floor. He put it away and picked her up. Her skirt was still on as her tank top was torn and ripped to show her tits.

Tina was tied to a chair and left with her legs wide open. He stuffed her torn and soaked thong into her mouth to keep her quiet. He pulled her smart phone and found the combination to her safe.

"Stupid Tina, this is too easy!" He said opening the safe up.

He heard a car door and stood up holding the bag that was full of money. Tina's friend was there and he stood alone as he crept to the door to look. He saw Casey walk past and smiled at her. Another sexy woman in the bar. He smiled at Tina and went out of the office. He put the bag down and held Tina's stun gun he borrowed.

Casey stood in her tight tee shirt and skin tight jeans showing her sexy thirty five year old ass nicely. He crept up and held the stun gun out. He rushed the brunette and stuck the stun gun between her ass cheeks and pulled the trigger. She screamed as she fell to her knees in shock. He walked around and pulled out his sticky, cum covered cock. He held her head and shoved his dick into her red lipstick covered lips and down her throat. He fucked her face as she sucked it to breath.

"So, here I am again Casey! Banned from your bar but not your mouth huh whore?!" He said ripping her tee shirt off and revealing her black bra. "I have wanted to fuck you for a while bitch!" He said popping her bra and letting her nice C cups out. "Nice firm tits for a milf!" He said teasing her nipples.

Casey swallowed his cum shots as he got off. He shoved her backwards and pinned her down. He reached down and pulled her belt off her waist. She was dazed as he peeled the jeans off her ass and legs. Her black thong and her shoes was all she had on as he flipped her over and used her belt to tie her arms behind her. Casey was pulled up with her ass in the air. She felt the thong rip off and he smiled at the sight of her neatly trimmed pussy.

He decided since she was such a bitch to him, he needed to teach her a lesson. He picked up a beer bottle and smiled at her nice ass. He shoved the thong in her mouth and whispered into her ear.

"Time for a lesson bitch, this is what happens to bitches who cross me!" He said rubbing the bottle against her pussy. "Let's get this pussy wet baby!" He said as her body lubed the bottle neck.

He used the bottle as a dildo and shoved it up her ass. Casey screamed, but the thong muffled it as her nice asshole got a beer bottle fucking. She had tears running down her face as he laughed at her. She was never anal and didn't like it as he forced it in and out of her ass. He decided to finish her and pulled the bottle out and tossed it aside.

"Feel good bitch? This will, I know Tina's tight pussy liked it!" He said shoving into her pussy.

He grunted as he went deep into her body.

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