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Anna is so close to having him back for good.

Looking round the villa we had squeezed past each other a couple of times, your full breasts grazing against my chest. We had stared silently at the four poster bed in your room. Our legs had touched under the table as we ate dinner. I had stared down the front of your thin dress at your tits and you'd seen me doing that. All these things had gone on, but no hint in words or overt actions was given about our feelings for each other, our forbidden feelings, our taboo feelings. It was impossible, it just couldn't happen. Or could it?

After dinner it really started. Looking at your tits under the thin sun dress had made me hard. You must have noticed. Then I was in the pool and you were on the side, you undid the dress and let it fall around your feet revealing your delicious body to me in the tiniest of white bikinis. And then it did happen, we did give in; we did own up, we did let each other know of our feelings for each other.

Your top came off, your tits came out and then both bottoms were removed. We were naked in the pool. We kissed and embraced then we got out and went to bed. I was on top of you; I was blisteringly hard lying between your open legs. My cock was nuzzling against your lips, I was about to do what I had fantasised about for so long, I was about to enact what had been in my mind during those six wanks. But you had stopped, at the final moment you couldn't do it. Having sex with your son was just too an enormous a barrier for you to broach.

I hadn't slept much the rest of the night, but I had wanked twice in my own room.

I spent most of this morning walking round Pompeii, hardly noticing the magnificent sights so firmly was my mind on you and the even more magnificent sights I had seen last night; your long, slender, shapely legs, smooth thighs, your flat stomach, neatly trimmed 'landing strip' of tawny pubic hairs, your rounded arse with the deep crevice and your tits and your nipples. Each time any of those sights had entered my mind as I traipsed unseeingly round the Roman sights, I got a hard on.

We had met for lunch. You were wearing a mid-calf length, yellow dress with brass buttons all the way up the front. From the movements under the dress it looked as though you were not wearing a bra. As you sat down at the table I looked down the front of it and confirmed that, for I saw most of your tits. I was immediately hard. After lunch and a bottle of Chianti, we walked up the hill and across a field towards the rear of the villa. In the middle of that field all hell had let loose, all our feelings surfaced and we just went for what our bodies demanded. We kissed, I groped your tits, my cock came out of my shorts and you wanked me.

And now I had fucked you twice in less than half an hour.

That's why I was tired and why I needed the snooze.


After such stupendous sex I felt wonderful. We had now completely broken the taboo and I felt more relaxed. It had happened and there was no going back, just forward. Where it would lead I didn't know. And somehow it didn't seem to matter. As I had stood naked in my room looking at my body in the mirror as if through your eyes, I had reached my decision. I knew this holiday would be an interlude. A break between the tremendous sexual tension and the 'would we, won't we cold war' of pre Sorrento, and the unknown of what lie ahead of us when we got back to the 'reality' of England. As I had invited you to my bed and laid on my back with my legs open waiting to receive my child's body, my son's cock, so I had vowed that I would cast all thoughts of the cold war of the past and uncertainty of the future from my mind. As you entered me, as my son's gorgeously hard and surprisingly large cock had slid up me, so I had confirmed that this interlude would be for us and nothing would interfere with it.

Things had changed.

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