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Two girlfriends rekindle a love but must fight a killer.

"NO!" cried her mother in despair.

She looked up at her daughter, pleading with her eyes, but Alison had thought of a new way to humiliate the older woman. Feeding her mother her juice soaked fingers she looked down.

"Lick them, mother. Taste your own juices."

Each new command took Evelyn to a new level of depravity but she knew she had no choice. She opened her mouth and licked her own pussy juices from her daughter's fingers while John merely smiled his smug smile and took another photo.

All this teasing and tormenting had caused his cock to grow again and he was now ready to re-enter the fun. With a nod to his wife, John put down the camera and waited. Alison withdrew her fingers from her mother's warm mouth and walked round the bed. She knew what her husband wanted and she knew he wanted her to give his cock to her mother.

Releasing it from his trousers, she led him by it on to the bed and presented it to her mother. Holding it in her small hand, she rubbed it along her mother's closed mouth, smearing her lips with her husband's pre-cum. Evelyn was determined that she was never again going to take him into her mouth but Alison's words soon dispelled that notion.

"If you want him in your pussy, mother, you're going to have to take him in your mouth."

The thought of her evil son in law fucking her had never even entered Evelyn's mind. She had only just managed to resign herself to being used by her daughter with John as an unwanted witness but, now that the thought had been expressed, she knew her pussy would settle for nothing less. She opened her mouth and welcomed him in just as Alison took up the camera and recorded for posterity the image of her own mother sucking her husband's cock.

She put down the camera and returned to the fray, still watching John's cock disappearing between her mother lips as she began to stroke her the other woman's pussy ever so lightly. Evelyn's inexperience at sucking a cock continued to show but,at her daughter's insistence, she bobbed up and down, faster and faster, taking her son in law's cock deeper and deeper. She hated every minute of it but by this stage she was ready to do anything to feel that same cock sliding into her pussy.

John started to moan in pleasure and both women knew that he wasn't going to last much longer as his hips started to thrust against the older woman's face. He grabbed her by the hair again and, as his wife's fingers began to thrust into his mother in law's cunt, he felt his legs begin to tremble and and that tell tale tingling in his balls.

Without any further warning his cock erupted and filled Evelyn's mouth with his cum, just as she tried to pull away. But John was having none of that. He had already shot his cum across her face in the living room; now he wanted her to take his full load and he wanted her to take it down her throat. As Evelyn gagged and reluctantly forced herself to swallow, John roared in delight as his mother in law finally submitted to his desires.

He knew he had her now. He knew she was his to play with and he knew she would do anything he told her. Only he wasn't going to be the one giving the orders. It was going to be her beautiful daughter.

Alison had waited for this moment all her life and suddenly knew exactly what she wanted to do to her mother. She still loved the older woman but she saw her now as a toy, a pet, a plaything for her to enjoy. Pulling her fingers from her mother's cunt with an audible "PLOP," she untied her legs, first the right and then the left. Evelyn dared to imagine that she was about to be set free but her dreams were about to be squashed.

No sooner had Alison untied both legs than she secured them once again with John's help, only this time they were hoisted up over her mother's shoulders and tied to the bedposts beside her wrists. Evelyn felt a new shudder of embarrassment as she realised that not only was her pussy now exposed but her most private hole was too.

Alison began to stroke her mother's pussy again with her infuriatingly light touch but, as John watched on, her fing

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