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Trip for repairs holds many sexy surprises.

I knew at that instant that this man was my rapist from over a year ago. I fell into silence and regretted not calling the police back then. I remembered back then thinking that I was letting him go just so he could do it again and here he was with Ashley tied up on my bed naked, with her wrists tied to her outstretched ankles.

"I just had to come back when you brought your sister for me to play with." He chuckled with a just a hint of evil.

I frantically tried to break myself free when he walked to Melissa's crib.

"Shush, now! You don't think I'd hurt my daughter, do ya? No way! I'm sick, but I'm not a monster."

I had no choice but to believe it was true. As he reached down and picked up Melissa I saw Ashley look over at me with an awful terror in her eyes. Like me, she was gagged and couldn't say anything so we just stared at each other and started to cry.

"She's beautiful." He said at last. Then, laying Melissa back into the safety of her blankets he simply stated, "But she is lonely. Don't you two think it's just awful that she has to grow up all alone?"

He looked at me and said, "Don't you want her to have a sister like you do?"

Turning, he looked at Ashley, "Or maybe she needs a niece..Hmmm?"

Ashley tried to scream and tried to break free, but it was useless. Both of us were powerless to do anything as he began to undress. He kicked off his shoes and then undid his shirt, shrugging it off to reveal a decent physique. He was actually beautiful. I wondered why such a man needed to force women to have sex?

I could tell that Ashley was scared, but I was actually more curious to see what the father of my baby looked like. He undid his belt and his jeans fell to the floor. Ashley fell silent, as did I, at the sight of his ample cock faintly bouncing with his heartbeat. He kicked the jeans free and, except for the pull-over ski mask, he was now completely naked.

"I wish I had all night," he said as he walked to my nightstand, "but I have places to be. So I hope you two ladies don't mind if I skip the foreplay."

He reached for my baby oil. That night a year ago came rushing back and I expected a repeat performance and I tensed up. He picked up the bottle ,popped the top, and squeezed a little into his hand. He took his cock in his hand and seemed to shudder as he stroked it and oiled it all along it's generous length. Fascinated, I watched his hand travel it's length and marveled how that same cock had managed to go all the way inside of me. I realized as I watched that this same cock had also impregnated me.

I was shocked and actually a little disappointed when he turned the bottle on Ashley and sprayed her lithe body with the glistening oil. The little drops on her skin reflected the candlelight making the scene almost romantic. She struggled a bit as his hands rubbed over her and he slapped her. His oiled palm made a kind of wet sound as it met her cheek.

"Shhhh," he whispered to her, "you don't want to wake the baby."

He took a little more of the oil into his hands and then locked eyes with Ashley as he rubbed it into her virgin pussy. I'd really expected him to take his time, but he eased himself up to her until his knees were on either side of her ass and his cock was dangerously close to her pussy. He reached over for one of my pillows and doubled it over and placed it under Ashley's lower back. Her pussy was now lewdly displayed and her back was arched as if she was eagerly awaiting her first lover. I was watching what had happend to me a year before and found myself erotically fascinated...I was even getting wet as I watched my own mystery unfold in front of me.

He moved up to my sister and I could clearly see him rubbing his thick cock in her oiled pussy. He took his time and seemed to have his eyes on Ashley as she felt the first touches of a man to her pussy.

I saw his cock head disappear into her just a little. He took her by her tight hips and whispered hoarsely, "Look at me!"

The second she did he plunged himself into her.

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