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Julie becomes a member of a very exclusive club.

"That's good." I heard the hurt in her voice. She tried to hide it. From other people, she might have succeeded. Not from me. With lunch ready, she took her bowl and sandwich and went back to the couch. She sprawled on the couch leaving me no room to sit. Fine, I could take a hint.

I went to my room and sat at my desk. While Windows was still loading, I turned on my TV and watched a movie I had seen a million times. Not because I necessarily felt like watching, but to drown out the emptiness I felt. The one thing I wanted to do, was denied me. And no it wasn't the sex, although truth be told I wouldn't have minded that either, but I just wanted to be close to my sister. Was this what it was going to feel like for the rest of my senior year? An aching and longing I couldn't relieve?

I absently went about installing my programs, updating drivers, all rather tedious but had to be done. The movie droned on in the background and I ate my lunch as it slowly got cold. I was again lost in my world when I heard a knock on my door frame. I hadn't closed it, so my sister could have just walked in, but rather she stood outside looking in. I swiveled my chair to face her. "Hey could you go run out and get something for tonight?" I looked at my computer checking its status, also to make her wait a bit longer.

"I suppose, I have time. What is it you need?"

"A cheap curtain. Big. And try to find one that isn't too course." What? Why do we need a curtain? A small smile creeped on her face. In answer to my unbidden question, "We don't have sheets big enough to fit the mattresses and we don't want to ruin those." She turned and walked away.

So I got up and changed. Still not bothering to close the door, why bother? She'd seen me far more intimately this week and besides, she wasn't around to watch me anyway. Once changed, I left in my car towards the shopping center. I found what I was looking for in a thrift store. So I headed home. Upon entering the house, I noticed the furniture was pushed as far out as was possible and my sister was lugging her mattress down the hall. As soon as she got to the living room though, she fell. The mattress tumbled on top of her as she let out a loud OOOF. I would have run to her and helped her up, if it wasn't so damned funny. Rather I ran to her, and plopped down on her mattress.

"Aw. Thanks, sis. You knew how much shopping wears me out. And you know just what I would need." I gushed. Her head was sticking out from under the mattress but everything else was covered and effectively pinned with my weight on her. So I took this opportunity to do what I'd been wanting to do all day. I rolled over on my stomach and planted a kiss on her lips. I leaned up and I could see the desire she had for me well up, but she couldn't get her arms free. I removed the curtain from the bag and, getting up from my comfy bed, I plopped it right on her head as I walked away.

I could hear scurrying as she crawled out from under her trap and yelled, "Oh you're going to get it you little brat!" I giggled as I closed my door and locked it. She was banging on my door yelling at me to open it. Our old game of cat and mouse from our younger days was started afresh. But we were decidedly not young any more.

"Not by the hair of my pussy lips!" Using a different variation of the Three Little Pigs.

"If you had any, I'd pluck them one by one until you were as bare as you are now!"

"And if I liked it, would you lick it better?" I was goading her. I knew it, but the game I started was getting me wet.

Then, I heard a THUMP on my door. And a...scratch? I opened it up and my sister, who was sitting down, leaning against my door, had her head in her hands. "I want to. I want to so badly. Today has been pure torture for me. To be apart from you."

"Why? Why stay away? I told you, I was yours."

"Until I left.

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