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You have to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.

Jerk off a couple of times a day just thinking about you. The boss says if we finish up by Wednesday, we'll celebrate with a big dinner and an early flight home. When I get there I'm going to have a snack at the 'Y' and then we can go out for dinner and ..... well, you fill in the blanks, Luv ya. Bye, " She checked the time on it, the letter had been sent at 2330 the night before.

Db punched the reply button and hastily typed, "The 'Y' will be open for your snack, it's been empty since you left. Don't do too many hand jobs and get a lot of rest, you'll need it, Night night, lover."

As she punched the "send" icon, her free hand was already inside the waistband of her panties and busy at the 'Y'. She slid forward on the chair seat and buried two fingers in her cunt. With her free hand, she began pinching her erect nipples thru the thin material of her bra. "God, but I'm horny, " she thought to herself. "I was never like this before I met Eric. He really turned my sex switch on."

Deb felt the need for something that would go deeper into her cunt than her fingers. "Damn, " she muttered. "I should have let Eric buy that dildo for me." She looked around for something and immediatly spied the candle sticks on the dining table. Getting out of her seat, she crossed to the table and pulled one of the white wax rods from its holder. Before she sat back down, she stripped off her bra and panties, noting the the toilet paper liner was soaked with her juices.

She sat back down and, after wetting the butt end of the candle in her mouth, moved it to her other 'mouth'. It entered asily and soon eight inches of it was buried to her cervix. The pressure against her womb opening was most pleasant and she pushed and then relaxed the pressure repeatedly. After a few moments she began stroking the candle in and out of her, all the while pinching and twisting first one nipple, then the other. She brought herself to the brink then stopped, not wanting to cum as fast as she had that afternoon at work. But, after twenty minutes of this, she could hold back no longer and let herself go completely, throwing her head back and crying out in ecstasy as the waves of pleasure washed thru her body. She let go of the candle and grasped both cupcake sized tits, then watched in amazement as the contractions of her cunt muscles pushed the candle out of her, for the moment, satiated pussy.

When she felt her body return to normal, she picked up the candle and, after licking her hoey off of it, replaced it in its holder. She wandered back into the living room and picked up her clothing and took it to her bedroom, laying out on her bedside chair. Not feeling like cooking a dinner for herself, she donned a tee shirt and cut-off denim shorts and went to the corner Burgerking. Picking up her order of a burger and fries, she returned to her apartment. As she sat at the table to consume her meal, her eyes fell on the candlestick and as she eyed it, thought to herself, "If only it was bigger, I could really fill my cunt the way Eric does. I'll bet a bigger one would really send me over the top."

Suddenly Deb thought of something and, leaving her half finished meal on the table, went to her storage closet. She rummaged around in her holiday boxes until she found what she was looking for, a big, red Christmas candle. It was fully twelve inches long and at least two inches in diameter with rope-like ridges running the length of it. She closed the closet door and carried the candle back to the table. God, it was so much bigger than the white candle and she shivered in anticipation. She'd take it to bed with her later.

She returned to the table and finished her meal, such as it was.

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