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Daddy continues The Talk with Mary.

" Tim waggled the phone at his wife. "Must want to see more of you pretty bad. First time he's ever sent me a video."

"A video? Of who?"

"Remember Corinne? I'm pretty sure it's her."

Corinne was Charlie's girlfriend from a couple years back, before Gwen had begun her slide into depravity, a very quiet and reserved woman, almost mouse-like, who seemed to be the polar opposite of her then-boyfriend. The old Gwen had never understood what she had seen in him, but appreciated that for once Tim's best friend had met a woman with moral standards, someone a bit more like her. Of course, they eventually split up, women always did with Charlie, and he was on to his next conquest. "Of her?"

"Well, both of them...together, if you know what I mean?"

"Oh...Corinne, really?" That didn't sound like her at all. Gwen thought a moment. "Can I see if it really is her, or is it private?"

Tim blushed a little. "Well, no I guess it's not private...are you sure you want to see it, though? It's uhh, pretty graphic."

"Is it of them having sex?"

"I guess you could say that, yeah..." Tim gave up trying to explain and slowly handed her the phone.

She hit the play button and was quickly reminded of the start of the video she had seen on Alison's computer, looking down a man's bare stomach to a woman kneeling below him, although this belly was much more abundant and hairy than her son-in-law's. It could not completely hide the fist-wrapped penis below, or the woman who kneeled beneath that, looking up. Gwen was sure it was Corinne. She was naked to the waist, perhaps further than that, the nipples on her small breasts visible as she looked up at the cock she was stroking just inches from her face. Gwen quickly guessed what was about to happen, still not believing this woman capable of such a thing. Where Alison had appeared to patiently await her fate, Corinne seemed enthusiastic, closing her eyes and opening her mouth as she energetically tugged , reminding Gwen of a baby bird about to be fed. She flinched a bit as the first hot jet painted a line across her forehead and right eye but held steady as four more landed on her cheeks and parted lips. Charlie shuddered after each spurt, his belly shaking as he shivered through the orgasmic pulse.

Gwen looked up at her husband, eyes wide in shock. "Oh my God! I had no idea she was like that! She's covered! And Charlie...I can't believe how much he had in him! Does he always...come...that much?"

"Don't know," Tim chuckled nervously, remembering some of his artwork from the pictures. "I'll have to ask him some time."

"She seemed like...she liked it. I never would have guessed she was like that..."

Maybe she was just acting to make Charlie happy. They were probably watching a porno and maybe he thought it would be fun to re-enact the scene..."

"You think they were watching a porno?"

"Charlie is always saying how they set the mood..." Tim didn't go into specifics, how his friend had always been adamant that women said they didn't like them, but turned into bitches in heat pretty quick once the action started.

"And they do-that-in pornos?"

He laughed. "It's not a porno unless the guy shoots somewhere on the girl. Faces are a popular target." He was surprised to see Gwen turn up the volume and replay it, the audio confirming Corinne's enthusiasm, and then she replayed it again. Tim decided on a small risk. "Did you, uhh, want to watch one of the ones we got in Atlanta, see what I mean?"

"We could do that," Gwen agreed, handing back the phone.

"Which one?"

"You pick."

Tim weighed his choices. One was girl-on-girl, that was out for the purposes of his "demonstration", and the other one might be a little too extreme for a woman who had never watched one of these kinds of movies before. That left the couples video...
Gwen had gotten them both drinks and took a spot on the couch while he retrieved the carefully hidden disc and inserted it into the DVD player. Tim settled in, his arm around her, and Gwen snuggled her body into his.

The title screen briefly a

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