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Smiling, Jaze recognised their entwined names. Running down the centre of the tag was the single word 'Forever'. With shaking hands Jaze affixed the necklace and pulled Stewie tightly against him.

"It's perfect. You're perfect." He felt tenseness seep out of Stewie's body and realised the younger man had been clearly concerned about the jewellery's reception. He angled the beautiful face and kissed the smaller man long and deep trying to express all the love and gratitude he could. His tongue slid sinuously against Stewie's, exploring every nuance of the other man's mouth. By the time the kiss ended, Stewie was almost limp in Jaze's embrace.

Stewie fought to regain his senses and locked eyes that were dark with desire with the older man. "Give me five minutes and then follow me upstairs," he said as he backed away to the door, eyes riveted on Jaze's.

The five minutes seemed endless as Jaze waited. As the last second ticked past, the big detective surged for the stairs. Outside the bedroom he called to his mate to ensure he was welcome and stepped inside at Stewie's invitation. He stood and stared slack-jawed at the tableau before him.

Candles were the only light in the room, scenting the air with subtle rose as well as casting a warm glow. Stewie lay naked on their bed. He lay on gold sheets on which were strewn red rose petals which clung randomly to his lissom body. The light from the candles cast flickering shadows over his slim unmoving form and made him seem like an ethereal being. A small bouquet of red roses and an ice bucket with pink champagne stood on the bedside locker. Jaze heard his breathing become more ragged as he took in the black leather cuffs already attached to the bedposts that lay by Stewie's wrists, the matching black leather collar around a pale slender throat and the strip of leather tied around the base of Stewie's erect shaft. Their 'toy' box lay at the side of the bed. As Jaze's eyes met Stewie's the younger man slowly bent his knees and allowed his legs to drift open. The shadows hid the tiny gate to Jaze's personal paradise, but his hungry gaze was drawn automatically to the shadowed declivity. Jaze felt the low growl deep in his chest as his arousal throbbed between his legs.

"Happy Valentine's, Jaze," Stewie whispered. "This is the other part of your gift. Me; to do with as you please."

Jaze was at the bedside without being conscious of the movement that took him there. He touched the angelic creature that lay so open, so vulnerable and so invitingly in his bed. His hand caressed the smooth chest, the nipples that pebbled at his touch and down to the rosy shaft. He allowed his finger to glide through the pearly fluid that gathered at its tip and painted a cinnamon nub before swooping down to lick it completely clean. The taste of his mate's essence was more intoxicating than the champagne they had already shared. Jaze gazed at the toy box and back at Stewie who waited for his pleasure. The collar was not the symbol of a dom/sub relationship, but the symbol of their trust and their belonging each to the other. Jaze contemplated the toy box again and then the roses and champagne. Suppressing a smile he reached to fasten the thickly lined cuffs to Stewie's wrists.

"Mine," Jaze's voice caressed Stewie's ear. Jaze moved to kiss his way up each smooth thigh. As he came to the velvety sac, he licked enthusiastically relishing the soft mewls of Stewie's pleasure. Stewie's hips pumped upwards seeking the relief that Jaze could give or withhold. The bigger man knew Stewie would be expecting to be kept bound and hard during their play, but since Stewie had said he was Jaze's gift, Jaze decided he could change the rules of the game as suited him. Jaze fondled Stewie's sac, feeling how high and hard the precious orbs were. Draping an arm over the slender hips, Jaze's mouth worked Stewie's erection in earnest. He ran his tongue along the prominent vein and hollowed his cheeks as he increased his suction.

Stewie moaned and writhed as Jaze's wickedly talented mouth tormented his thro

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