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Cindy's quick flash turns into much more.

I slid one hand behind his neck and licked his bottom lip. He shuddered with a mix of pleasure, awe, and fear, but grabbed me by the hips. His hands were wide and strong. He dug his fingers into me. I let a small moan escape as I brought my lips to his, teasing them with my tongue until they parted and let me in.

I pushed my breasts against him, pressed my hips against his, and feeling the bulge of his hard cock against me, I moaned again.

I wanted his fingers inside of me, and his tongue working my clit, and his hard cock, pounding into me. I needed him to fuck me until I screamed with pleasure. I wanted young pleasure and sweet cum.

"I'm going to need your help Richard," I whispered. He nodded, his breath coming in short bursts. I stepped away from him, smiling at the savage look in his eyes.

The room quickly filled with bodies, and I slowly made my way around. Smiling and nodding at the incessant chatting thrown at me, but making sure that Richard knew my attention was still on him. His was surely on me, his eyes never leaving me as I made my way to where his father stood.

I put my hand on the preacher's arm, pulling his attention to me, and I gave him a weak smile.

"Miss Blackwell, are you alright?" he asked, frowning.

"I'm afraid, I'm not well." I fanned myself, fluttering my eyes. "I was wondering, if you'd be so kind as to have Richard drive me home? I'm afraid I won't make it in this heat."

"Richard," the preacher called out, and Richard visibly tensed. He walked across the long room, trying to look anywhere else but me, but his eyes betrayed him and kept dancing towards me. "Son, please make sure Miss Blackwell gets home safely."

If anyone had been paying attention, they would have noticed just how charged the air was between us, but what most of the women were feeling was a surprising sense of relief, though they couldn't quite put their finger on why exactly as they patted my hand and wished me well.

Smiling, I slipped my arm through Richard's. Taking in the feel of his strong arm, the heat coming off his skin, I could feel the yearning vibrating off of him. He didn't speak as we walked out of the church, or as we walked through the parking lot, or as he opened the door of his truck for me. As I settled on the seat, I watched him walk around the front of the truck. God he was a delicious specimen. All muscles and youth and need.

It was stifling hot inside truck, and I imagined sitting on his lap, and him pulling my dress over my head so that the sun could see me in all my nakedness. I always loved a good fuck in the car, the awkwardness of never enough space. The urgency of finishing before getting caught. I was always game for the challenge.

When he settled on the driver's seat, he turned to face me. Hooded eyes full of lust dropped to my mouth, and his face turned a shade of pink. "Where to?"

"Your place."

Surprise molded his features, quickly followed by worry as he glanced past me, back at the church. I placed my hand on his thigh. His eyes shot back to me. I gave him my best flirtatious smile. "Don't worry, they'll be a while," I said, as I let my hand slip between his thick thighs. He hardened under my touch, and low growl rumbled in his throat as his cock strained against the zipper of his pants.

God, he was so large, it made my pussy throb with want just thinking about how good it'd feel to have him inside of me. I rubbed him up and down once. Twice. Then pulled my hand away.

FIxing his gaze on the road ahead, he started the truck.

The ride was quick, but when the truck stopped, it wasn't in front of a house. It was a motel. I raised an eyebrow, wondering if I had underestimated him.

He blushed. "Sorry. It's temporary. The house still needs some work."

I smiled. What can I say, motels have always been a favorite of mine.

We got out of the truck, and I could tell he was nervous, eyes skittering all around the parking lot, afraid of being seen. He pulled a set of keys out from his pocket and fumbled with them as he tried to unlock the door.


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