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Exploring a paint factory is a messy business.

She was surprised by the sudden mound of cum in her throat.

Karen choked and pulled her head back. She swallowed just as several ropes of cum struck her cheeks, nose, and chin. I almost laughed at the expression on her face.

I reached down with my fingers and pushed my cum onto Karen's lips, and she grinned and used her tongue to play with it in her mouth. When she finally swallowed, a good portion of her face was shiny with cum stains. She looked wonderful!
Karen grinned again and took my entire half-erect penis into her mouth. She licked and sucked, getting all of my cum. As I began to stiffen, she pulled her head back and looked at me. "If I had known . . . If I had just tried . . . You know, this is fun! And I had to be an adulterous, middle-aged woman before I discovered how much fun sex could be! The priest is going to have a coronary when I tell him about this!"

We laughed and clung to each other. Finally we were both calmed down. "I'm afraid I didn't do a very good job of cleaning you up, Karen! You're still dripping like an open faucet!"

Karen laughed. "Let's take showers and move into my bed. I think your bed has had it!"

We wiped ourselves off on the sheets. Karen got off my bed and began to walk toward the connecting doors. "I hope you're not planning to shower without me, Karen! I was hoping to scrub you!"

"I need my own soap, and stuff! But you don't get to clean me unless I can clean you, too!"

We climbed into her tub/shower, and things quickly became stimulating. I already knew Karen's nipples were sensitive, but my gently scrubbing her breasts soon had Karen making her little pre-orgasmic cries. When I slid my soapy hand between her legs, she began to tremble as she climaxed, and I had to hold her to keep her from falling.

Karen returned the favor by gently scrubbing my penis and balls until I was hard. She stroked my penis, then stopped, then stroked again. She gave me her wicked grin as she teased me over and over without sending me into ejaculation. "I think I'll leave you like that, Bill! I'm not ready to fall asleep, yet!"

We quickly dried off and climbed into Karen's bed. I started to push her onto her back, but she resisted. "You're always telling people that I'm in charge. Well, I am! So lie on your back!"

I lay back, my penis sticking almost straight up, waving with the beat of my heart. Karen got between my legs, then leaned down and kissed my penis's purple head. She grinned, then squatted on top of me with my penis smashed between her pussy and my abdomen.

Karen began to rub herself against my penis. After a couple of minutes she began to make little moaning gasps, and I could feel my penis getting wet. A couple of minutes later I could feel that my penis was slipping between her wet labia, almost entering her at one end of her strokes, then bumping her clitoris at the other. Karen's nipples began to stick out, and her throat and chest got red.

Karen stopped for several seconds, then rubbed again, then stopped. She did this for several minutes, then lifted herself higher. My penis poked directly against her wet labia. I could feel the heat coming from her body against the tip of my penis. She adjusted the angle of her hips, and I slipped into her about an inch. She abruptly squatted down on me, forcing my penis completely into her.

Karen was taking short, fast breaths. She grinned at me. "This is one of my favorites! Chris always likes it too. Just relax!"

At first Karen just twisted and rubbed against me. She got more and more excited, and finally she gave her usual cry, "Oooh!" As she had a climax. I could see her abdomen twitching. She slowly calmed down. She repeated this several more times, coming to three or four additional orgasms, none spectacular, but all obviously pleasurable. Then she rested for a moment. She was very loose inside, and my penis was just sliding around in her. I was easily able to keep from ejaculating, even with her having climax after climax. "Now it's your turn!" She said.

She began to squeeze my

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