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She looks so peaceful all snuggled in her warm comforter. He remembers a fantasy that she once told him. To walk into their house after work one day, a burglar is in the house. As she sets her purse down he grabs her, take her to the bedroom and ties her up. He uses her body and there is nothing she can do. Man I really want to tie her up and make her my sexual prisoner. To have her surrender herself to me, so that she can't move and I have free reign over her body. This will be erotic.

"Hello stud." She whispers to him.

"I thought that you were sleeping, but I'm glad that you are awake."

"Almost, but I wanted to wait for you."

"Oh really?"

"Snuggle with me."

Like a kid in a candy store he moves next to her firm body. She's wearing her normal t-shirt with her sexy nipples at attention. She accepts him and they move together and start to spoon. Their bodies wrap around each other and their friction starts heat things up. Mike can tell what she wants. He is not ready to take her.

"Make love to me." She whispers.

He's not in the mood for love; he wants something a little kinkier tonight. "Not yet." He grabs her hands with force and moves them above her head.

"Oh." She moans. Something ignites in her. Mike has never been forceful with her before. Even though he just started with her, she likes it. "Take me."

His fingers move down her body, lightly touching her. The excitement in her belly starts to grow, waiting for him to touch her. He lifts her t-shirt up exposing her body. Exposing her silky smooth flesh. As the bottom of her breasts are exposed he slows down, tighten the shirt against her rubbing the shirt against her, teasing her nipples. Her hips start to move involuntary telling him that she is ready for him.

She tries to reaches down but he stops her. "Dam you, fuck me now you bastard."

"When I am ready. He flips her over hard and slaps her panty-covered ass. "You are mine and you will do what I say. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Good girl. Tonight you are mine." Mike slips the blindfold over her eyes. She moves her hands back down to her side. Her fingers dig into the bed sheets.

His fingers clutch her shirt pulling it tight against her. He uses her shirt to restrain her hands. Mike realizes that she wants to play a little and rips the shirt over her head. She gasps at his force. Using the shirt as a restraint he keeps her hands above her head. His fingers move towards her hard nipples and pinches them. "Don't move your hands again, or you will be punished."

He pushes her hands above her head. Trying not to alarm her Mike reaches down and takes hold of the pantyhose. He ties her left arm. Jennifer moans, as she knows what he is doing. She is surprised and becomes very aroused to his taking control. Next, Mike ties her other arm. Her arms are tied above her head in a spread eagle fashion.

Her body arches as he pinches her nipples. She accepts him unable to see him. Jennifer's hips rock humping the air waiting to accept him deep in her.

His fingers dig into her body. Touching her flesh wherever he wants as hard as he wants. Her nipples are hard. He reaches over and grabs a new nipple clamp. He opens the clamp and puts it on her left nipple. A low deep moan escapes her lips as the cold steel digs into her sensitive flesh. Slowly he moves his hands down her side to her pussy. His fingers touch her wet lips. He cups her sex holding her over heated pussy. He tries his best to hold her as her hips move.

"Make me cum." In a soft voice Jennifer says. "Feel how wet you make me?"

His fingers move lightly over her clit down to her wet pussy. His fingers glisten with her wetness. Teasingly he middle finger enters her. The fingertip presses against her hot walls until his knuckle touches her entrance. Then he pulls his finger out. Her lips open like a ripe flower waiting to be pollinated. Some of her love juice covers her blood-engorged clit. He starts to work small circles around her pleasure button.

He moves his fingers to her lips.

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