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Things do more than go bump in the night.

She knew that the two would feed on each other in as depraved a manner as possible and as shamelessly as they needed to be.

She phoned Sunita to find out if she was coming with husband and her kids. That would force her to maintain a modicum of restraint which would help Deepa.

"So? You have decided to find time for us after a long time!" she moved towards her real agenda after the initial pleasantries in the conversation.

"Hanh," sighed Sunita with a long exhalation of air. "Its been long since I spent time with you guys. Doesn't look nice you know, we are so close and then suddenly long absences. Actually, this place is getting too much for me. Am majorly stressed out between work, home, kids and Karan's demands on me," she explained.

"You are coming with all of them aren't you?" asked Deepa, tense as she waited for the reply.

"Actually, no," replied her friend. Deepa's tension mounted.

"But why? Bring them! You know I enjoy playing with the kids," pushed Deepa.

"No I just need to be there on my own. I need to relax," said Sunita firmly.

Deepa could not guess what was in Sunita's mind. Was she really craving peace or was she looking for privacy?

"But I will look after the kids. You relax," suggested Deepa, hoping against hope her friend would take the bait.

"Come on. You know how the kids are," said Sunita. "Chal, see you on Friday," she said, underscoring an end to the conversation.

Before Deepa could say anything further Sunita had put the phone down. Deepa became thoughtful. She presumed -- and the past provided every justification for it -- that her friend was looking for private time with her father. You couldn't have called it a 'quiet' time she mused. It would be noisy if the past was any evidence. Huffing, puffing, moaning, groaning and sometimes endearments and call-outs bordering on the obscene.

Despite her new attitude to their sexuality she found herself juicing up at the thought of their sexual encounters. She allowed her mind to drift, envisioning the time she had come up the stairs and found Sunita astride her father. Their eyes had met. And then there was the occasion when Sunita was on the phone with her while fucking Uncle Shom. Deepa's hands wandered tenderly over her own body She teased herself as she imagined how the small-built Sunita might feel and take the large-built Shom. She pinched her own nipple and played with her pubis. It felt nice and warm and she briefly found herself wondering about her own father -- and then her upbringing pulled her back from the forbidden.

Not only was it forbidden for her, it was also forbidden for her to let Sunita fuck Shom like this.

"Lust is forbidden... Pleasure is forbidden!" she thought as she let her hand drift down to vale between her legs and the other hand reclaimed her heavy breast with a vengeance.

"You can't go for this!" her mind screamed as her hand pressed down on the Mons and thumb and forefinger searched out the long brown taut nipple.

"Nothing is allowed!" she hissed, grinding the base of her palm on her pubis, squeezing out a small sliver of pleasure as she imagined the rock hard pillar of flesh that Sunita had come to worship. She thought of it as an anonymous cock as that was all her mind would allow her to visualize. The grinding palm caused her to shudder as she took a small dip of pleasure.

Then steeling herself, she shook herself out of her warm, fuzzy reverie. She would have to do things to prevent an outbreak of lust in her house. This time she would have to redraw the lines. If she didn't, she felt, the time after Sunita's departure would be impossible. Shom would get back to masturbation. And as for her own self... she had no idea how to control the undercurrent of her own emerging sexual needs. Those screams of Sunita's told Deepa she was missing something. How long could she hold out? And what was her outlet? She preferred to shut out the wild, the outrageous and the forbidden.

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