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A young man plays in his first real game.

I smile at you- you're not quite half hard.

That's alright, you'll get there.

I toss you a pair of black handcuffs the same way you threw my collar at me. "Those are yours," I smirk. I jerk my head at your bed, and you sit down, leaning against your headboard.

"Perfect," I whisper. "Behind your back or above your head? That's up to you."

You consider a moment and cross your wrists behind your back. I smile and fasten both cuffs around both wrists, and turn to consider the row of ties on the wall. "You like the pink one, yeah?" I ask you. You smile and nod. You've been wordless this entire time, even though I didn't stipulate it. I like it.

I pick up the pink tie and crawl over your bed to sit on top of you. I kiss your lips, your jaw, your neck, biting ever so slightly.

This is mine right now.

I draw back, and look at you. "Do you trust me?"

You say your first words of the night. "Unfortunately, yes, ma'am."

I grin and slip the tie around your eyes, tying it at the back of your head, and tugging it down so you can't see out from under it.

Then I slide off the bed and kiss you on the cheek. "I'll be back before the song's over," I tell you, but I turn up the volume so you don't 100% hear me going or coming.

So you jump a little bit when a few minutes later, my hand traces the inside of your thigh. You relax after a moment and open your legs a little farther for me. I smile to myself and run my fingertips all the way up your leg, under your balls, and I don't put them inside you, just tap over your ass, letting you know I know it's there. I continue up, over the bottom then then the top of your ballsack.

You feel a wet fingertip play up your shaft, and hiss lowly through your teeth when the drop of precum at the top of your cock is licked off.

Then the hand and tongue are taken away, and you feel nothing again.

Then you feel my mouth, hot and wet, sucking on your nipple- I kinda love doing that. I pull away, and blow cool air on it. Your nipple hardens and your cock twitches, and you may have just heard me giggle.

All of a sudden you feel ice-cold water over the opposite nipple. What has to be an ice cube traces from your pec down your abs, hints at your balls, and is allowed to drip over the tip of your cock. You feel it again as a warm mouth with a cold ice cube wraps around your dick, taking you deep, cold wet fingers cupping your balls.

You're rather unprepared when hot wax is dabbed down your sternum. Then lips follow, soothing and praising that skin, your body.

But wait- that's definitely a mouth. Isn't my mouth already sucking your cock? You're still being deepthroated, even though the ice is gone. That's definitely a mouth too.

There's more than just you and I here.

"Do you trust me?" You hear me whisper again. You nod.

Another tongue tentatively flicks at your ear as new hands caress your hair, your face, your neck. Your earlobe is bitten and your nipple is pinched, as the other is bitten. You're definitely hearing giggles now, all feminine.

"Well, he knows now. Cole, the handcuffs are coming off, the blindfold will stay on until we're done, got it?"

You take a quiet deep breath. "Yes ma'am."

I uncuff you so you can move down on the bed and lay on your back.

"Open your mouth, Cole," I instruct softly, and a hand gently traces over your beautiful chest.

You comply, and a pussy is lowered onto your mouth. This one isn't mine, at least you don't think so. Oh well- does it matter?

You don't know where anything is, so your tongue probes her pussy, tracing each lip, flicking around for her clit, pushing inside her if you can.

Then cold lube is rubbed over your cock. You grin into the girl sitting on your face- you know what that means.

My ass comes down on your cock next, slowly but all the way down. I want to make you moan into her pussy.

I start riding, fucking your cock with my ass, as you continue eating the pussy above you.

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