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'I want to act out your writings,' she said.

So focused was her attention on this pleasurable invader between her legs that she did not realize that the clit sucker had now decreased to a level only sufficient to keep it from falling off. Her orgasm had also subsided.

When a spiral rope of beads along the outside of the vibrator began rotating, climax grew near again. Adding additional stimulation, the vibrator began vibrating and thrusting in and out. With each movement the beads stimulated her lips. From her labored breathing they could tell that she was close to climaxing again. It was at that time that the vibrator plunged fully into her willing pussy and began spraying an artificial cum inside her. This sent her over the edge and she screamed as she had an even bigger orgasm than before. This orgasm lasted almost 60 seconds before she stopped screaming.

The next thing she knew, they were both standing at her sides unstrapping her arms and legs from The Chair. She learned that she had passed out from the last orgasm. It had only been for a minute or two, but the shear fact that she could be driven that far over the brink of pleasure excited her. When she was released, they helped her out of The Chair and up the stairs to the master bedroom where they laid her on the bed to relax. They each took a position on either side of her. Within 2 minutes, Samantha had fallen into a contented sleep.
A half hour later, Samantha struggled to wake up. As she cleared the cobwebs from her brain she noticed a pleasurable tingling sensation from her nipples. Looking down at her chest she was shocked to see that her nipples were still distended, standing straight out over one inch. Then she noticed a movement on the bed on her right side. He had been lying on his side watching her naked form as she slept. A smile came to his face when he saw that she was awake. She returned the smile.

It was about that time when the redhead walked back into the room. She was totally naked and carrying a tray with a bottle of red wine and three glasses. Seeing that Samantha was awake, she too smiled broadly.

After half filling one of the glasses, she handed it to Samantha and said, "You're probably a little thirsty. This will help."

Samantha hadn't realized it before, but she was incredibly thirsty. As she drank deeply from the glass, the redhead poured her guy and herself each a glass before sitting on the bed to Samantha's left side. Samantha, lying on the bed naked beside another naked woman felt surprisingly comfortable. He on the other hand, while completely at ease beside the two naked women, felt oddly out of place being fully dressed.

As if reading his thoughts, Samantha turned to him and said, "Don't you think we should get you out of those clothes?"

He agreed and began unbuttoning his shirt. Samantha meanwhile reached for his belt and deftly removed it before unzipping his pants. The redhead had moved to the foot of the bed and was tugging away at his pants even before Samantha had his zipper all the way down. As she pulled his pants off, his boxer shorts came half the way off too. Samantha reached over and slid them the rest of the way off his legs while the redhead pulled his socks off.

With him now naked also, the redhead jumped back onto the bed on the other side of Samantha and took another sip of wine. Samantha however set her sights on his half erect cock. She worked her mouth over the head all the way to the base. As she sucked away at it and lapped at it with her tongue his dick grew. She loved the feeling of his cock expanding inside her mouth. Before long it was too large to contain in her mouth without the head going down her throat. While the thought of deep throating him excited her, she was not yet ready for that. So instead she slipped her lips back toward the head as his cock grew in length, circumference, and firmness.

When his cock felt as hard as steel, she slipped it from her mouth and mounted him quickly.

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