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"I like her very much too." I said.

Mackenzie said "I'm glad."

Donna and I kissed goodbye, both of us very happy with how the night went. We promised to call and talk as soon as we could.


We spoke briefly the next day and Donna was very excited. She and Mackenzie had talked about me and apparently Mackenzie liked me and thought I'd be a good boyfriend for her mother. Donna was very pleased to have her daughter's approval. We couldn't catch up as she was driving Mackenzie back to school that day and wanted to spend time with her.

On Monday I couldn't speak to Donna in person as she wasn't at school, but out at Roberts Park school for meetings. I finished work and headed home. After a shower I changed into my usual home attire of sneakers, shorts, T-shirt and training jacket. It was about 5pm when I decided to message Donna to see how her day had been.

'Just got home from yoga. How was your day Jack?' she replied.

'It's good now that I can catch up with you ;)'

'I wish you were here in my arms'

'I wish that too. That's my favourite place cuddled up with you'

'It's my favourite too'

An idea sprung into my head.

'My home phone is ringing. Will be back in a minute'

'Ok Jack. I'll be waiting'.

I quickly grabbed my keys, locked the house and ran to my car. It was only 5 minutes to Donna's house and I drove as quickly as I could to get there. I stopped in front of her neighbours so as she wouldn't see me. Sitting there in the car I rang her number.

"Hi Jack. It's great to hear your voice. Much better than just texting each other." She answered.

"Yes it is. I miss you so much Donna."

"Ohhh Jack I miss you too. I really wish you were here."

"I wish you were here too... Ummm Donna, what are you wearing?" I replied with a giggle. I was asking her the classic, clich__d phone flirting question.

Donna giggled too. She put on a seductive voice "Well Jack, as I have just got back from yoga I am wearing tight yoga pants. Black, shiny and silky to touch, they show off my bum beautifully. You like my bum don't you Jack?"

I had gotten out of the car and was heading slowly towards her front door. "Oh yes I do Donna. You have a gorgeous bum! What else are you wearing? Or is that it?"

Donna giggled "Well I'm also wearing my red and blue sports bra, white singlet top and blue Lonsdale jacket, with a pink and white pattern on the front. What are you wearing Jack?" Donna purred. Just then I knocked on her front door.

She replied "Urrgh.. Jack someone's at my door... Wait there I will be back in a second ok?"

"Ok Donna. I'll be waiting." I said, trying not to give the game away.

I could hear her coming through the house and getting to the door. She opened it and I was standing there with my phone up to my ear.

"Ohhhhhh Jack!!" Donna squealed as she saw me.

"I told you I'd be waiting." I replied as I wrapped my arms around her. We kissed. Deeply, passionately. I could feel Donna all against me as we held each other tight.

As we moved apart for air Donna said "I can't believe you're here."

"I can't believe how good you look in your yoga gear" I replied. Donna blushed before taking my hand and leading me inside. We kept kissing, cuddling and caressing our way through to her lounge room.

We tumbled down onto her lounge still wrapped in each other's arms. Our kisses became more urgent as the tension that had built up during the previous week was being released. Moans and groans increased as we kissed more and more.

I remembered Donna loved being kissed on the neck so I moved down and began to nibble and kiss her silky soft skin.

"Mmmmmm Jack. Neck kisses... Muunnnhg... You are making me melt." Donna purred into my ear.

Hands began to wander. Somehow Donna had managed to get my jacket off and she had slipped her hand under my t-shirt. Her soft hand ran down my chest and around to my back pulling me even closer to her. I managed to undo Donna's jacket and ran my hands over her body. I could feel her beautiful, full, large breasts through her sports bra, the softness of her tummy and her gorgeous bum.

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