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Grandma probably knew but said nothing.

On night, a few days after the episode with Constanza, grandma and I sat down to dinner. I had just finished a joint in the pool house and was feeling warm, fuzzy, and very horny. Lupe served up our soup and salad. I watched grandma eating and there was just something incredibly sexy about watching her sip and chew and lick her lips. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans that showed off her very abundant curves and a short-sleeved silk blouse that she had unbuttoned to reveal a generous expanse of cleavage. By the time I finished my salad, I was sporting a raging hard-on and a sly smile.

"My goodness," grandma cooed as she looked at me. "Who's the canary you just ate? Stop that, Ross, you're making me think bad thoughts."

I grinned. "What kind of bad thoughts?"

Grandma smiled and took a pickle from the relish tray on the table. She began to slowly lick it, her eyes locked on mine. Then, she began to pump it gently in and out of her mouth. I grinned harder and stood up. As grandma sucked on the pickle, I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock. I stroked myself as I watched her. Flushed and sweaty, grandma's chest began heaving with excitement.

I walked over to her chair and thrust my cock toward her face.

"Accept no substitutes," I said.

The old lady needed no encouragement and soon had her lips wrapped around my cock, pumping her mouth up and down my slick shaft. I leaned back and enjoyed the blowjob. Then, I turned to see Lupe entering the room with our main course on two plates. I straightened up as my eyes met Lupe's and I started to pull my dick out of grandma's mouth. But, she grasped my cock firmly in her hand and pulled me back into her mouth. Lupe looked down at the floor but proceeded to deposit a plate of roast beef and green beans at each of our settings. I came just in time to enjoy the warm, juicy roast beef.

Whatever Lupe and Constanza thought, they never said a word. Nor did they pretend to ever notice anything strange or perverse about our relationship. Instead, they continued their work, acting as if it was all as natural and right as rain. I marveled at their professionalism.

How did grandma keep so busy? Now that we were spending so much time together, I found out. She spent hours doing what she called her "charitable work." Basically, she was on the board of a bunch of community groups - - church groups, small business groups, the public library, the "Clean City" council. There were lots of meetings and luncheons and, I suspected, lots of drinking. Most of the groups were dominated by older, prosperous women, and most of the women were polite, conservative, country club types.

As we grew more intimate, grandma loosened up about the distance between her public and private lives. In fact, she began to enjoy blurring the line between the two.

One afternoon, as I was relaxing in front of the PlayStation, Lupe entered grandpa's study and told me that grandma wanted me in the living room. I paused my game, slipped on my flip-flops, and ambled down to the big, mahogany-dense living room. A half-dozen old ladies sat around the room, each nursing some kind of drink. Grandma stood in the center of the group, looking very stylish in a simple black dress and black pumps, her hair pulled up off her neck.

"Ladies," grandma said with a big smile as I entered the room. "I just wanted to introduce my grandson, Ross."

She gestured toward me and as I approached, she looped her arm in mine.

"Ross is spending the summer with me," she continued, patting my shoulder with her hand. "And, I have to tell you. You should all get a handsome young man to help you around the house!"

The ladies tittered and bathed me in their smiles.

Grandma leaned close to my ear and whispered. "Go to the study. I need to talk to you about something."

The study was a small room built off of the living room.

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