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An everyday housewife with a special interest.

.." she said into the iPhone. "No no, I'm here, just a little out of breath..."

Erik squeezed her ass cheeks.

"Oooh! Yeah, I thought I'd be a little active today...Yeah, I think Erik loved his breakfast and milk." She was panting. She wanted to tell Erik to ease up while she talked. She suspected he was being purposely difficult. But she felt a wild sensation inside her when he told Victor about the milk.

"What about your father? I'm not sure what's happening..."

Erik thrusted hard up into her, catching her off guard yet again. He had such piercing power.

"Ugh, he just told me he had to go into work and left...that's all I know...ugh, shhh..."

Her eyes closed as she felt the tension building again. She wouldn't last for much longer.

"No no, I'm fine, Vic...Victor...just cramped up a bit..."

At this point, Amie lost all attention. Victor was babbling about something about wanting them all to get along and 'needing to be better'. She couldn't really concentrate with her cunt all stuffed with a very large, nice, stud cock.

"Uh huh...yeah, I'm listening...making each other happy...yeah, that's important..."

"Do I make you happy?" Erik asked while thrusting deep in her again.

A side of her loved the irony of the situation. The other side - the more dominant impatient side that was currently wrapped up in Erik's manhood - wondered why Victor was still talking! Her cunt was ready to explode!

"Listen Vic," she cut him off. "I really have to go...we'll talk..." And then she hung up.

Instantly, Amie's muscles tightened up and she unapologetically called into the air. "OH GODDD!!" Erik maintained his hold on her.

When her climax subsided, she collapsed into him. Erik lifted her chin. "That's took what's yours..." Then, he pushed his face toward hers, offering the exhausted woman a gentle kiss.

Cradling her as he stood like a hero carrying a damsel, Erik transported the spent woman into the house, her arms and hair limply dangling down. Nearing the bed, the young muscular man gently deposited the older woman onto the mattress, ensuring her head was nicely nestled in the middle of the fluffy pillow. Smirking, Erik then left her.

Amie woke again some time later. Taking a moment to retrieve her bearings, she identified the spacious master bedroom, but didn't know how she got here. Her last memory was blanking out on the balcony.

Arching her back and kicking her legs, she looked around the room. Erik was nowhere to be seen. Gingerly as she could, the mom maneuvered her body off the bed. Her steps were staggered. She tried to avoid rubbing her thighs together. "Erik?" she called out.

She exited the room and went back to Victor's. She first searched for her phone. Running through it, she saw she had five missed calls - all from her son. A wave of guilt moved over. He had left voicemails too. Studying the times of the calls, she slowly moved out of the area and returned to Erik's room. She debated whether to call Victor back or listen to voicemails and then decide.

Seeing the bathroom door open, she went in that direction. Looking up from the phone, she had located Erik. He was situated in front of the mirror shaving. Still naked. Whatever course of action she might've taken was forgotten now. The man turned to her briefly and then went back to his reflection. "Have a good sleep?" he sincerely asked.

"I did. Thank you," Amie said.

Erik smoothly pulled the razor down his cheek. "No problem."

Then, feeling bold and aroused, Amie approached him and put her hand on his dick. "No really...thank you," she rubbed him. His boner had not completely subsided yet!

"I feel terrible, though," she confessed.

Erik half-laughed. "Why?"

"You didn't come yet."

Now, he released a full laugh. "I'm at your whim. Don't worry about me for now."

Amie silently pondered that as she continued to pump him in the mirror.

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