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My body is worked over.

I got into my truck and decided to smoke a cigarette and try to assess the situation before making a decision on what to do next. The guy parked next to me pulled out after about 5 minutes, and left the park. Within a few moments a gold SUV pulled into a spot right behind me, and a guy about 55 got out and walked around the wooded area I had just been in. I said "what the hell" and after about 30 seconds decided to see if this guy knew where the action was, and followed him. When I started to go around the wooded area, I realized that the guy in the big white truck parked, go out, and was following me like I was the older guy. I would look sideways, but I didn't want to turn around and alert him that I knew he was there, so I couldn't get a good look at him.

The area the older guy had walked to was a part of the park that had been closed, apparently quite a few years ago. Since I was following at a good distance, I had lost sight of him until I came to an old abandoned picnic area where I seen him talking to a much younger guy who was sitting on a table. I guess it spooked the older guy, because he walked away, right past me and back towards the parking area.

I wasn't attracted to the younger guy, at all, so I walked past the picnic area onto a smaller, and pretty overgrown trail. The guy from the white truck was still following me, and passed up the younger guy as well.

I decided about 20 yards later to walk off the trail and act like I was peeing, to figure out what this guy was all about.

He turned off the trail and walked by me and turned to check me out. I finally got a good look at him, and wow, was I impressed. He was wearing a cap (with a tractor logo on it), a white T-shirt, cargo pants and tennis shoes. He looked to be a few years older than me, maybe 45 or so, and extremely attractive in a rugged, country boy (but oh so much a man) way. This very masculine guy was checking me out, so I started to stroke myself while he watched. He then nodded at me and turned and walked through an overgrown grassy area to a small picnic table. He definitely knew his way around. I followed, and had pulled my pants up, but still hand my hand in them stroking slowly. When I got to the picnic table, he stuck his hand down my shorts and started stroking me. He looked at me and said,

"This isn't a good spot, do you want to follow me?"

I was so hot for this guy, that I just nodded and said "yes, yes...where ever you want to go."

I walked off back towards the parking area, and right past the young guy still sitting in the larger picnic area, obviously waiting for some action to come to him.

Before we rounded the wooded area and back to the parking area, he cut back into the same section that I had been in earlier. He said the best place was down the trail I had already been down, but that he thought it looked a little muddy.

I told him that I had already been that way, and that it was really muddy, an that's why I exited that area further down where he seen me exit earlier.

He said, "that's ok, there is another good area on the other side of the parking lot."

He walked out and across the lot, and I waited a few moments before following him, just in case anyone was around. The gold SUV was gone, and other than our trucks, only two other vehicles were in the lot. A little red car, and a blue SUV.

He asked me if I knew who was in the blue SUV.

I told him "I don't know who is in either of those vehicles."

He then told me that the young guy we walked past in the picnic table area was in the little red car.

Now I knew for sure that he had been out here before. The younger guy was already back there before I got here, and way before he got here, so he must have seen him on a previous visit.

We walked about 20 or so paces into the wooded area on the other side, and he told me this was a good spot, because we could hear if any vehicle's pulled into the lot, and a good view in all directions in case someone came walking through.

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