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Then one rugby trip Willy and I were rooming together. Usually I tried to get a room with Tommy so we could have a bit of extra sneaky fun. We'd even picked up a girl one time and double-teamed her. After she left we took turns licking the pussy juice off each other's fingers and cocks.

This time though I'd got Willy. We got on the piss pretty heavily that night and, when we ended up back in the room, Willy pulled me in for a kiss. He was a bit rougher than his brother, I gagged on his old fella a few times, but it was damn hot. Eventually he threw me on the bed and tried to ram his monster in my hole. I stopped him long enough to get a condom and some lube but then he stretched me out like a $2 whore. I could barely take it at first but eventually I found myself loving the feeling of Willy filling me up.

We didn't talk about it the next morning but every so often, if we roomed together, I'd get a massive working over by Willy's giant schlong. I was craving it but those times were few and far between. And unfortunately Tommy didn't like to give it, only take it. Still, getting to suck on some regular Murphy cock was good enough for me.

Then one Sunday I rocked up, already half-barred, when Tommy opened the door looking a bit worried. I walked into the kitchen and there was Willy, sitting at the kitchen bench. He'd stayed over the night before and hadn't left yet. We all chatted for a bit and then Willy said he was gonna jump in the shower. Tommy and I knew we didn't have a lot of time to lose so as soon as the water started running he dropped his shorts and braced himself against the kitchen bench.

I had a condom in my shorts but no lube. With no time to wet his furry pucker I just grabbed some butter from the fridge and ran it around his ring. I slid in, faster than I usually would have and he gasped in shock and a bit of pain.

"Sorry!" I whispered.

"It's fine. Fuck me Pete, fuck my arse." he panted back.

Fine by me. I kept going on his arse for a bit, before we both heard a cough and looked at the kitchen door. There was Willy, in a towel.

"Forgot my soap." He said.

Tommy scrambled to get his arse off my knob and pull up his shorts.

"Nah Tommy, don't stop." said Willy.

He dropped his towel, revealing his half-mongrel. Tommy looked shocked but he could feel me pressing my throbber against his ring. Willy walked around to where we were. I had an arm around Tommy's chest, keeping him where he was.

"There's another condom in my shorts mate." I said to Willy.

"Where's the lube?" he asked, rolling it on.

"Use the butter." I said.

He laughed and slid a buttery finger up my ring, followed by another one, until I was ready (sort of) for his giant schlong.

Being sandwiched between Tommy and Willy was total heaven. The Murphy boys grunted and groaned and whimpered, lots of gasping, and I wondered how long I could contain my load. Eventually they started talking to each other. I wasn't sure if they were even gonna acknowledge one another but there you go.

"How you going Tommy? You alright mate?"

"Fine Willy, Pete's a fuckin good root."

"He's a good root on this end too brother. Hey, you know who'd love this?"


"Dad." Said Willy, laughing.

The thought of big, tough daddy Jared Murphy getting off on this was too much for me. I had to cum and I told the lads so. Willy said that was a great idea, but Tommy asked for a bit of manual stimulation first. So I was giving him the reach around, wanking him off like mad, when Willy's suddenly put his huge arm around me and his brother's chest and full-on bellowed as he blasted off into my guts.

It was like a chain reaction- I squeezed him tight as I shot my own load into his brother, who spurted off in my hand all over the side of the kitchen bench.

Some delicate removals and a few showers later and I offered to give Willy a lift home. I told Tommy I'd see him at training and maybe next Sunday too. He said definitely.

Willy had a few questions on the way home about me and Tommy and I tried to answer as truthfully as I could.

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