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Michael and Maureen read an email from Ruth.

Within her little hand the dick pulsed as it shot a thick wad up over the floor and onto the wood supporting the mattress. The squeal turned into grunts as it didn't stop. Again and again it throbbed while blowing cum, landing under her original body.

It slowed and the driblets of spunk fell onto the pillow. Tricia surfaced and breathed heavy for twenty seconds, basking in the afterglow. She idly ran her hand over her penis and went back to slowly licking the soaked cunt. She had no idea how long she did this, just passively smelling and tasting her body. The smell and taste of herself was intoxicating, a sweet nectar she could drink forever. Eventually Tricia stopped and looked down at the beautiful mess she made.

"All mine..." She sighed and lay down to lick it all off the floor. She lapped at every line and thick puddle of it within reach, starting to actually purse her lips and suck it up like from a straw. The lewd sound of her sucking it in was so terribly obscene it made her dick give a throb and start to grow again already. After the floor was clean and slick from her saliva she ran her hand over the wood panel and licked all of it off her hand while kneading her breast, eyes closed.

Tricia made to stand up and kicked the pillow aside. It was time. She knew it was finally time to truly take herself the way she wanted. The perfect way that would finally erase Derek from her carnal memory. Grabbing the legs, she hauled the soft body further onto the bed and flipped it over.

"Fuck I'm hot." She said while standing there. She took in the sight of her perfect form innocently laying there while she massaged her breast and balls. The sunlight on her body was beginning to turn orange, and someone outside yelled for another person to start another game of Frisbee. How sorry Tricia felt for those people. They could never have this. They didn't have this wonderful device, and they didn't have her.

Tricia reached down and grabbed the legs by the calves. A little surprised again by feeling all this on her current legs as well. She wanted to hold them while she finally felt what she was like inside. When she held them up it reminded her of something... it was one of her drawings. Her feet were very close to her face and it almost looked like the drawing of the "boat" asana. Jack flashed into her mind with this memory and she laughed out loud, which bounced around the small room.

"If only he could see this." She said, and moved her hands up on each leg holding the ankles, feeling her ghost hands doing the same beneath her. Tricia studied the soles and toes, seeing them with Jack's eyes and her new corrupted ones. She wanted to experience every inch of her body and she could see how they're kind of sexy. They were small, curvy, soft, everything attractive in women. There was a pleasant glow from the light on them and they seemed perfect. She moved one towards her face, closed her eyes, and put it against her cheek. How wonderfully soft they were. She felt skin and hair touch her current soles and loved it. She ran it against her face and brought the other one in for the second cheek. Tricia moved them side to side, then up and down, until the toes pulled down her lips.

For some reason it felt more potent than they normally would, as if the nerve endings had been given a tweak.

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