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I love them. Ohhh, they're wonderful."

Tonya cradled Monica's breasts, pushed them up and together and then milked them upward further, finishing by twisting the nipples between her thumb and forefingers. The light brown nipples, which were already hard, grew even puffier and gained a reddish tint.

"Ahhhhh...ahhhhh....ahhhh." Monica's head turned slowly from side to side.

"Doesn't that feel good, Monica?" I asked.


"What should Tonya do next?" I asked.

"Ahhhhh..." Monica couldn't answer.

I chuckled. "Well, I think she's getting ready to kiss your nipples."

"Ohhhhh...Ohhhhh." Monica's body trembled.

"Would you like that, Monica?"


"We can't hear you."

Monica nostrils flared as she inhaled deeply, "Yes!"

Tonya slowed her squeezing of Monica's breasts, "She should ask me nicely." Tonya smiled at me.

"Monica, you heard the lady."

Monica grunted and attempted to push her chest up into Tonya's hands, but Tonya merely pulled back that much more and further slowed the squeezing.

"Mmmmffffff." The frustration in Monica's groan was obvious.

"Go ahead and ask her nicely."

Monica exhaled, "please...please...ohh"

"Please, what?" Tonya whispered.

"Ahhh...please kiss my breasts."

Tonya grasped Monica's breasts and brought the nipples close together. She proceeded to bath one nipple and then the other with her tongue. Monica's fingers dug into Tonya's shoulders. Tonya firmly rolled one nipple between her thumb and forefinger. The other she encircled with her lips and sucked forcefully.

"OHHHH...OHHH...FUCK...Ahhhhhhhhhh." I saw beads of perspiration break out on Monica's forehead. She was rapidly loosing control.

"Does that feel good, Monica?" I asked.

"YES! S-so fucking goooooooood...ohhhhhhh."

I marveled at Tonya's expertise for the next several moments.

"Nice. Now it's time you returned the favor, Monica."

Tonya moved forward and placed her hands on either side of Monica's head, allowing her large ripe melons to hang tantalizingly in front of Monica's face. Monica had been very timid and hesitant to kiss Tonya's breasts earlier in the evening at the strip club. Not now! The well of her desire had been tapped and Monica greedily sucked at the nipples. She also didn't need gentle prodding from Tonya to place her hands on Tonya's chest.

"How's our girl doing, Tonya?"

Tonya looked up at the ceiling, "Oh my, she's doing very good."

I let my power radiate a bit, "It looks like she's doing quite well."

Tonya shot me a strange glance, "Yeah, YOU don't have to convince me."

I know the surprise showed in my face. Tonya continued to stare at me for a moment. An understanding passed between us. Somehow, Tonya was aware of my power! She clearly didn't want me to use it on her anymore. My initial shock turned to curiosity and acceptance. This evening was getting more and more interesting.

Monica was oblivious to the unspoken communication between Tonya and me. She was moaning steadily, and soon Tonya was moaning too. Tonya reached down with one hand to fondle Monica's breasts.

After a few minutes of this, Tonya gently pulled away from Monica and kissed her on the forehead.

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