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Naughty schoolgirl gets punished for her earlier sins.

blue eyes and said, "I bet you've never had a dick that big in your mouth, have you Jenna?"

She shook her head slightly while staring up at him.

"You like it big don't you Jenna?" He asked cockily.

She pulled it out and lied, "Yes, I can't believe how huge it is chief."

Actually she was surprised how big it was compared to Ryan's.

"You sure seem comfortable taking this big thing deep in your throat. Are you sure you haven't been cheating on your husband all these years? You certainly didn't learn that technique sucking on his prick!" Jones was enjoying teasing her about bigger cocks, knowing that she'd been getting fucked by the black linebacker for the past week.

"Bring those sweet tits up and rub them around my cock!" Jenna's wrists were still bound so she held one at a time and took turns rubbing her hard nipples up and down his wet slippery shaft. He reached down and roughly squeezed them and held them together around his dick.

"Slide them up and down on that hot meat slut." He tweaked her nipples and watched as his fat head played hide and seek between her soft mounds. "I'm going to fuck your gorgeous tits so much, rivers of my cum are going to be flowing off of them. You'll love that won't you Jenna?"

"...yes chief, I love having cum on my tits." Jenna responded dutifully.

Finally he released them and she leaned down and sucked the head back into her mouth. She swirled her tongue several times before pulling it from between her lips and stroking it as she lowered her mouth and sucked on his balls.

"That a girl, take good care of those nuts too! Uh huh, just like that." Jones said as he flipped Jenna's hair aside so he could watch her pleasure him. He couldn't have been more turned on. Seeing his friend's beautiful wife down on her knees with his balls popping in and out of her sweet lips was mesmerizing. She seemed to be getting into it as her saliva was practically dripping from his sack.

Jones had no previous knowledge of Jenna's affinity for testicles. But after feeling her mouth and tongue frolicking on his sack for the next 5 minutes, he quickly figured it out. "You like those big balls don't you Jenna...yeah that feels good when they pop from your mouth! Keep doing that and you'll get the special treat you were asking for before. I'm going to fill your mouth and you're going to swallow it all, ain't that right, Jenna?"

Jenna nodded as she sucked for several more minutes before licking her way back up his shaft and swallowing the head. She felt his cock hardening as she stroked it frantically with the head in her mouth.

"Oh my God Jenna...suck that thing! Get ready, here it comes slut!" He exclaimed before he grunted loudly as his hips lifted off the bean bag. Jenna's mouth was quickly filled with Jones' hot load. She swallowed as fast as she could as she stroked his cock quickly. His volume far exceeded her husband's but wasn't in Cole's league. It was a challenge but she eventually got it all down. She continued to lick and clean around his cock as he ran his hands through her hair. "Incredible" he thought to himself.

"Yeah...not bad Jenna. I might have to have you give Sandra a dick sucking lesson one of these days." He watched in complete satisfaction as she licked, nibbled and cleaned him off.

Jones lay there contented as he basked in his post-cum satisfaction. He couldn't believe he had just shot his load in Jenna Nielsen's gorgeous mouth. He thought about all the times he'd dreamed of doing exactly that, but had never really believed it would actually happen. Now he knew it would happen several more times over the next two days.

After a couple of minutes, he took her back over to the wet bar and they both did another tequila shot before he lined up two more big lines of coke. As she leaned over to do hers first, he came up from behind and guided his still hard dick between her upper thighs along her swollen pussy lips. He leaned over her back and reached around and groped her heavy tits.

"Snort that coke and get yourself worked up, we h

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