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Mom discovers her dominant desires.

I slowly began to lean in towards her, intent on kissing her for the first time that night, when I caught a reflection of Francie and Sarah in one of the bar windows. And what I saw hurt me deeply.

Francie and Sarah were putting money down on the table in front of them, in a way that suggested they were placing a bet. On me. They were ridiculing me.

As the hurt and pain surged to the forefront of my emotions, I caught a slight whiff of Anna's perfume, a soft, sweet aroma, similar to peaches, that brought me back to reality. And so it was that things changed.

Leaning forward again, I cupped her face in my hands as I whispered clearly into her ear. "Go into the restroom and remove your panties. Then come back here and give them to me." Letting go of her face, I leaned back into my chair and sipped again at my drink.

At first she sat there with a curious look on her face, as if surprised at my suggestion. Looking around the room she tapped her fingernail against her tooth, before returning her gaze to me. Smiling, her eyes focused upon me the entire time, she made a rather dramatic show of standing, before she turned and strode off toward the restrooms.

Immediately, Francie and Sarah were at the table.

"Why'd you let her go, James? It was obvious that things were getting pretty hot between you two.: Francie admonished me.

"You know what it is Francie? I don't think James has it in him. I don't think he can be aggressive."

Hiding a smirk behind my liquor glass I imagined their reaction when Anna returned. "Be careful what you wish for, girls." I thought to myself. "Because you just might get it."

A few minutes passed as the conversation proceeded into much lighter matters as the two girls congratulating themselves on having figured me out. Then I noticed Anna coming back, a wicked sway to her walk and a delicious smile on her lips. "What are you smiling about?" Sarah pressed me. Then suddenly Anna was there, stepping past Francie and Sarah as she straddled one of my legs and held her hand out to drop a pair of red lace panties on the table in front of me. Wrapping her arms around my neck, Anna slowly began to lean in for our first kiss of the night.

However, I had other ideas in mind. Reaching up, I cupped the side of her head in my palm, holding her head still; a frown slowly curling those beautiful lips of hers. Reaching down with my other hand, I slid my palm up and under her skirt, and quickly slid two fingers inside her. Anna's eyes grew twice their size as she involuntarily shuddered beneath the probing of my fingers. Then, removing my hand, I lifted the two wet fingers to her lips and offered them toher. Smiling, her tongue darted out across my fingers before she sucked both of them into her mouth with a low moan.

Finally, pulling her head closer, I pressed my tongue inside her mouth, tasting her own juices that covered her lips. Letting out a breathful sigh, our lips danced together, between our mouths, with primitive passion. Slowly she pulled free of our embrace, only to begin sucking furiously at my lower lip, her arms holding my head firmly in place.

Opening my eyes I found Anna gasping with heated breaths as her tongue mischievously snaked across her lips. Glancing behind her for a brief moment I saw my two friends sitting there, motionless, their mouths agape with complete and utter shock. Leaning forward, I pressed my lips close to Anna's ear, whispering deeply, "What say we blow this popsickle stand?"

Leaning back, she smiled, a zestful fire blazing in her eyes, before she leaned in for another kiss.

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