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Dinner and a show.

The worst is Thomas. Everything went according to plan and he received his transfer to the State Department. Unfortunately, his presence there will avail me naught as he has been sent abroad. That is the least of his perfidy. I found a letter upon my arrival in R... from his hand detailing the profane acts that he committed in abandoning his marriage vows. He repudiated his professions of love and fidelity in a base and cowardly fashion.

Come at once to R... Bernice can handle the Sisters of the Second Revolution there. I trust that her enthusiasm for the work will keep her busily exhausted. Tell her to concentrate her efforts upon the gentility as they are in possession of higher value information and leave the hospital mercy to the volunteers. There should be some corroborating accounts from the fallen, I expect, but nothing of great value. They should find satisfaction in their ministrations adequate. I particularly want to know what Jefferson Davis wishes to achieve in London. Tell her to make her wares available for the utmost value. I know she will give a fair exchange.

Miss Simone has done wondrously despite the upheaval. She has the girls of the Crimson Doll well organized and industrious. Our profits are mounting. She has been of personal comfort to me.

After arriving and discovering my abandonment she moved to the house. For several days I remained inconsolable. Throughout, Simone showed tender compassion toward me; the result of our harrowing experience that night at Hazel Park. It seems an eternity since I was safe and happy there with my love.

Each evening she would undress me as on that first night I had fallen nearly insensate. Her delicate fingers unfastened the laces and restraints of my bodice and corsets. With a basin prepared beforehand she would wash my feet and hands clean of the days toil before dropping a nightgown upon my shoulders. Her strong hands would work the sorrow and tension from my limbs as she hummed to me some bayou melody from her youth.

Each night I would drift to sleep in her arms only to wakes deep in the night sweating in terror to a phantom of my imagination. And she was there holding me, humming her tune, kissing my forehead and cupping my breast tenderly. I know not how much she slept in that time as she was always up when I awoke.

She would dress me each morning and make sure to perfume behind my ears and in my d__colletage so that I would be presentable. She handled everything and every business. We dined together, at first to my tears and then to silence before finally womanly banter by the third day. With Simone it seemed as if this had been no tragedy at all rather blessing.

When we retired for the evening we laughed gaily as she undid my garments. Her expert finger stroked and explored my femininity. We embraced and bussed as sisters. As sisters we tumbled into bed naked and unashamed. She held me tight to her bosom until it felt only natural that I place my mouth over her caramel nipple. Her gasp was sweet melody to me.

I needed comfort in my distress and Simone provided it. Lifting my head from her breast she kissed me. After this our bodies tangled as we each sought the secret places in each other. Our lips brushed sensitive skin. Our fingers probed at each other's womanhood. I screamed with a jolt of excitement when she bit hard upon my nipple. In response I pinched her nub and made her writhe in sweet torment.

She showed me the places that only a woman knows how to touch. When she lowered her mouth to my sex I went wild crying into the night for her to keep kissing and lapping at my fountain. After two more climaxes, Simone disengaged.

Next, she climbed above me and straddled my face.

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