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The human race is being taken over, but can it be saved?

The female shall spread her legs wide and allow the priest to enter her with his phallic member.

"Father what is a phallic member?"

"All males have a phallic member Joan. It is the essence of a man."

"I have no knowledge of such essence. What will it do?"

"It is the instrument that will allow a female to see God."

"Do you have your phallic member with you Father Paul?"

"Yes, I do."

"May I see it Father?"

"Of course my child."

Father Paul lifted his short tunic and revealed his penis and testicles. Joan was very interested and asked how she would be able to see God, with his instrument. The Father invited her to repose on his bed of straw, and he would display the power of his essence.

When she complied, Father Paul knelt down and lifted her tattered dress, revealing her slitten, the entrance to her passageway. As he spread her legs, Joan wondered what he was doing and why. In her eighteen years she had never heard of this type of ritual, and wondered who had written the book.

Kneeling between Joan's legs, Paul stripped off his tunic and was naked before her; his member became erect and was pointing toward the ceiling. As he bent forward, and guided his penis toward the opening to her vagina, she wondered if she would really see God. A priest would never lie to her, she thought.

As Father Paul rubbed the large head of his phallus up and down her damp slitten, she became more interested in his movements. They felt strangely pleasing, and her slitten began to tickle and was becoming very warm, and wet. She had felt nothing like this in her short life.

It was wonderful and caused her to breath harder. Slowly Paul began to move his penis into her vagina and she screamed in pain. It felt as though he was entering her with a double-egged sword. She knew right then she was about to see God, as his phallus would surly end her life. She had never experienced a pain such as this. Father Paul was deep into her vagina, and moving fast as she lay under him, her tears flowed down her cheeks as she waited for impending death.

However as he continued to move, her pain was subsiding and pleasure was replacing it. She believed that Father moving his phallus in and out of her; was devoid of wisdom and good sense.

Other than a nice feeling from between her legs, the whole process seemed fruitless, and a bit pointless. He continued for some time and pointless as the process appeared to be, she was developing a wonderful feeling in her belly. Father Paul was creating a desire, which previously Joan had no knowledge of. Her belly was tingling as the Father continued his thrusts, his phallus sliding in and out of her passageway. She found herself lifting her legs, then wrapping them around Father Paul's legs, pulling him tight into her channel.

As he continued, Joan's feelings for the young Father were growing at an alarming rate and her need for some kind of satisfaction was increasing. Her emotions were on a never ending latter, climbing to the sky.

Without any warning Joan, felt herself begin to discharge juices with a force. She felt fulfillment and gratification of an unknown desire and appetite, which lifted her to extreme pleasure and contentment.

Father Paul had not yet discharged his essence and doubled his efforts. As Joan felt his increasing movements in to her, desire began to grow again almost exponentially and she held him tight to her. Father Paul called out to heaven,

"Oh Lord my God, I am your humble servant and I do your bidding."

Joan felt a new gush of liquid, however it wasn't coming from her, it was coming from Father Paul. The feeling was beautiful in design and execution, and although she did not see God, she believed she was closer to him. The whole occurrence was a delicacy as to arouse intense delight, and satisfaction. Joan cared little to see God, as she was taking great pleasure and delight in his glory.

Suddenly a reoccurrence of her discharge began, and she was lifted beyond the bounds of Earth. Her blood ran hot as her juices flowed once again.

"Your phallus

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