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Scott's biggest lesson in life comes from Mary.

"I thought all you porno bitches could suck the polish off a doorknob," joked Starnham. "You must be new, because you couldn't even take half of this baby!"

"Please, please officer, please let me go! I'm sorry for the speeding and the cocaine and for lying to you. Please just let me drive away. I won't tell anyone," the starlet begged.

"You promise not to tell?" He eyed her suspiciously.

Main was only too happy to agree. "Yes, yes sir I'll..."

She was cut off mid-sentence as Starnham shoved his dick back into her mouth. The purple head scraped her teeth on its way down. Mindy wasn't expecting this renewed attack and started gagging the minute his cock hit the end of her tongue. But this time the cop wasn't stopping. He'd teach this preening prostitute a lesson. Grabbing two handfuls of jet-black hair, he jerked his hips forward violently. Mindy's whole body twitched as six inches of steely dong embedded itself half in her mouth and half in her wind tunnel.

"Yeah, that's right, more than halfway there whore," Starnham hissed. He reached back to pull up Main's skirt, sliding another two inches into her aching maw in the process. The combination of the dick's three inch width and amazing length had her coughing up spit like never before. Wad after wad of sloppy lubricant welled up in her throat, and like a tidal wave rushed over the massive member. It coated the penis inside her mouth and splashed around the suffocating python to meet the light of day. Globs ran down her chin and stretched jaw, pooling between her big tits and sizzling on the hot metal hood.

Mindy looked up at the cop, her brown eyes pleading for pity. But Starnham wasn't even paying attention. He had moved her tiny g-string to the side, and was enjoying the view of a tight milky white ass on display. The officer dipped his fingers into the hanging web of phlegm under his balls, then took the messy fingers and started rubbing in the warm crevice between the vixen's legs. She couldn't believe it, but the maniac cop had found her clit and was methodically rubbing it just right. Stout fingers were traveling the length of her slit and teasing her tiny taint. Despite the terrible situation and her mouth's continuing violation, Mindy was getting turned on!

She tried to moan, but all that came out was a muffled bubbling. "You like that, don't you?", Starnham asked sarcastically.

He returned his attention to the woman's sexy rear. Grinning ear to ear, the cop slid two long fingers into her juicy cunt. Main moaned again, and with the pressure of Starnham leaning over her and the tiny extra space provided by her exhalation the final two inches of his giant tool slid home. Mindy's cute little nose was buried in his thick pubic hair, and her pouty lower lip rested against his straining scrotum. At last she stopped gagging, her entire face shoved full of hard dick.

Meanwhile, back at the photography studio Mike and James were trying not to meet each other's gaze. Both had raging boners from looking over the pictures they'd gotten of Mindy Main. Her beautiful face with thick black mascara and red lipstick enhancing those seductive eyes and hot lips. That punky hairdo. The swelling breasts with their little brown nipples. The sweet waxed pussy. And of course the star's long legs and shapely bottom brought into high definition by a pair of black high heels.

Both men held various objects in front of them to hide the obvious as they packed away their gear. Soon they were driving in awkward silence down the same quiet highway where Mindy had been pulled over only a half hour ago. As they zipped past a bend in the road, Mike noticed an odd sight. A white convertible was parked next to a cop car, and in front of the car a big man, pants around his ankles, was rhythmically thrusting into something.

"Hey man," Mike exclaimed to his friend, "pull the fuck over!"

James did as he was asked about fifty feet past where Mike had first noticed the half-naked guy.

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