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Jess learns the rules, the hard way.

He advanced on her as she moved backwards onto the bed. She sat down and lay on her back. Spreading her fine legs, she invited him into her pussy.

Bill, AKA Zorro, decided to keep up the mystery on his side. He was sure she didn't have a clue who he actually was. Bill also had been working on his appearance. He has dropped from a 250 pound couch potato to a 185 pound lean sex machine. Bill has also been to see the medical profession as well. His dick is now over two inches longer and half again as thick as he was before.

Up on his knees and from between her legs she looked fantastic. Her tummy was flat and her tits stuck straight up. He could see the dampness oozing from her pussy's lips and smell her arousal. She had that fuck me now look in her eyes. And that is exactly what he was going to do. He slipped just the head of his dick into the folds between her legs and paused for a moment. Then he slammed home eight and a half inches of surgically enhanced rock hard dick. Bonnie climaxed when the tip of it hit her cervix.

Bill went to work on doing something he has wanted to do for several weeks, fuck Bonnie silly. Tonight was going to be the night. He'd had a few drinks, a few uppers, two Viagra pills and he'd already had a climax deep in her friend Helen's pussy. Bill was going to last for a very long time. They made love, they made passion and they just fucked. Bonnie had so many climaxes she couldn't have counted them even if she'd been keeping score. They were in the missionary position, doggie style, the spoon position. He turned her upside down and put both of his legs out side of hers and tried as many variations as he could think of. Finally, he felt his nuts ready to explode. He laid Bonnie on her back and started to tit and mouth fuck her at the same time. When he came, he dumped cum everywhere. Bonnie's tits, throat, face and lips were covered in milky white sticky goo. He rubbed his dick all over her face, scrapping his cum into her mouth. She greedily swallowed all he could slip into her waiting mouth. Something she'd never done with him before. Finally, his dick just slowly deflated and they were done.

Bill was nearly too exhausted to stand up and Bonnie was too satiated to move. He asked her if what her friend told about him was true. She replied her friend didn't have a clue about how good he could be. Bill asked Bonnie,

"Have you ever thought about a three way? I think I have enough energy to try it. I'd sure like to get both of you together in the same bed!"

"I don't know. I might be willing but I'd have to ask my friend. She's pretty conservative when it comes to sex."

"Conservative, she's the one who fucks in front of a room full of people? Ask her and call me."

He left his new cell number on the dresser and left. Bonnie fell asleep.

Chapter Three

Helen woke up with an ache in her pussy she'd never had before. Did it hurt because she'd had a huge dick in the last night or because some of the positions were so awkward? Or did it really not hurt because it was aching to be used again by that marvelous stranger?" Her reverie was cut short by the harsh blast from the telephone.



"Yes, who's this?"

"It's me, Bonnie. How do you feel this morning?"

"Like I need fucked."

"I thought you said he was great."

"He was, I need some more of him."

"I'm so well fucked I can't even get out of bed yet."


"You bet. And guess what? He wants to do you again."

"You can contact him?"

"Yes, he left me his number."

"I can't call him, Howard might find out."

"That's OK. I'll call him. There is one teeny, tiny catch though."

"What? Name it I'll do it."

Bonnie had never had any bi experiences before and she was a little embarrassed about what she was about to say.

"Well," Helen demanded, "what does he want?"

"He wants us both naked at the same time in the same bed!"

"You mean he wants a three-way?"


"Oh my, I've never even thought of that, have you?"

"Yes a couple of times.

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