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" Linda said.

"Well they have to get more from somebody because I just happened to pick up the package they conveniently left lying on the counter top." Smiling Randy pulled a plastic pill bottle with several pills inside.

When Linda saw the pills, she immediately thought of how she would love to feel that way with her Jim. "Randy, keep those for me, I want Jim to use them with me. You can't believe the feeling I had. I want to feel that with Jim. Tell him what happened and how to use them. The only stipulation is that before I take any of that shit again, I want to know about it."

"Linda, I'd never give you anything without you knowing. Look, I fucked up letting Terry give this to you without you knowing it was in the wine you drank. I'm so sorry, I know Owen is too. We should have stopped him before you drank that last glass of wine."

"Jim is going to call and we are going to Skype in a little while. I want you to tell him what happened and if he wants you to take me home then I want you to do it. Tell him about the drug and what it made me do. If he says stay, then I'll stay, if he says it's over then take me home."

"No problem, Sweetheart, I'll talk to Jim and whatever he wants is what I'll do. I'll tell him everything and I'll accept complete responsibility. Trust me he won't blame you at all. It was something that was not of your doing. I'll take care of it. I want you to be in on all the decisions so you and Jim are satisfied." Randy reassured her.

At nine that night Jim called and after telling him how much she loved and missed him, Linda told Jim that she wanted him to talk to Randy. Randy proceeded to tell his friend every detail about what happened at the lake cabin, the drugs, Terry and Mel, and meeting Owen. He filled him in on the stop at the market about the hotdogs, Max and young Tom. Linda sat quietly beside Randy through the whole story.

"So that's what happened. I take all the responsibility for the fuck-up. I got drunk and didn't step in when I should've and let things get out of hand. Linda was the unwitting victim. I don't blame you if you are pissed at me and want this whole thing to stop." Randy confessed.

"Randy, Man, you let me down I hoped you would use better judgement. I admire your stepping up and taking the responsibility. I'm glad Owen was there to stand up for Linda, and when you finally stopped things before it got even worse. Linda, do you want to go home or stay with Randy? I'll leave it up to you." Jim said.

"I don't know, Jim, I feel some of the responsibility is mine, I got drunk and should have been more careful. I feel safe with Randy, especially now that Owen's here. I'm lonely and miss you. If you want me to, I'll stay here until you come and take me home. I'll follow whatever you and Randy say to do." Linda told her husband.

"Linda, let me talk to Randy for a few minutes. I guess you should stay where you are. Stay naked and do whatever Randy and now Owen say. Okay?" Jim told her.

Linda left the room to sit with Owen.

"Randy, I didn't want Linda to hear this just yet.

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