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Sara's secret discovery.

'Lovely. You can make me beautify,' I joked, causing us both to laugh.

'You're beautify even without makeup,' she smiled and then started to clean up.

I started to get dressed and noticing Maddisyn leaving, 'Oh Maddisyn, thanks.'

'My pleasure. Enjoy your session,' rolling her eyes and both of us giggling as she left.

I liked to wear something tight and revelling when I was flirting. Every woman knows how some cleavage, hips and long legs in high-heels can excite a man. I know why I did it now and cringe just thinking what could have gone wrong. I looked in the mirror and was much happier with the reflection. I'd chosen a conservative button-down white blouse and black skirt that was just above the knees. I smiled at how the matching jacket hugged my breasts and how amazing my legs still looked in heels. I still look hot, I thought.

I left by the side door that opened to the passageway from the entry hall to the back of the building. I love the classy sound my high-heels made striking the polished wooden flooring as I walked towards Doctor Love's suite. I wondered how many Quests had done the same on their way for sexual therapy, beautifully dressed and made up. I felt my nipples tighten and my pussy throbbed at the images of Guests enjoying Doctor Love's therapy.

The suite isn't anything like a doctor's consulting room. There's a similar open fireplace as the Lounge and high ornate ceilings with decorative cornices that were throughout the building. I always felt relaxed sitting on the plush couch with its soft cushions. An elegant chandelier, lovely table lamps and period furniture provided a comfortable and informal atmosphere. The reason for the adjoining bedroom was obvious now and its ensuite is just so convenient, everything the charming Doctor Love needed for sexual therapy.

I always enjoyed my sessions with Doctor Love. But I felt more aroused than the usual feeling of looking forward to seeing him. Knowing what he was getting up to with some Guests made it even more exciting. My heart was racing as I sucked in a deep calming breath before walking in and shutting the door behind me.

Doctor Love was at his desk and noticed me enter, standing and walking towards me, 'Hello Tiffany, please come and make yourself comfortable. You look lovely.'

No wonder Doctor Love is popular with the ladies, I almost laughed to myself. What Guest wouldn't melt at the sight of his warm dreamy eyes and gorgeous smile? Doesn't a woman enjoy a little flattery when dressing and wearing makeup to please him? He's definitely good-looking for an older man and tall with an attractive athletic build. I could imagine him being quite a hunk as a young guy. The appeal of sexual therapy to Guests from such a charming gentleman was obvious.

'Thank you. Mummy and Daddy are much happier how I'm dressing and not flirting anymore,' I mentioned returning his smile.

We sat opposite each other on the matching couches in front of the fireplace. I leaned back and modestly crossed my legs and began to relax, smiling to myself at not using the opportunity to display more of my silky-smooth legs to attract his gaze.

'How do you feel about it?' He seamlessly commenced his counselling.

I enjoyed Doctor Love's warm engaging eyes and soft sensual tone of voice as we discussed how much happier I was. I've found his counselling so liberating. I've never confided with anyone on such intimate matters as I did with Doctor Love. I felt so relaxed sharing my private thoughts and desires and our discussions normally easily flowed. But I could feel my arousal building as his sexual therapy entertained my mind.

I was consumed with a mixture of desire and frustration as I sat opposite Doctor Love.

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