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Story of an intense and painful scene.

It would be nice if my cock could hijack my brain completely enough to turn off this continual self-assessment or self-abuse or whatever the fuck it is.

I wrench control of my thoughts from my Id, or conscience, or whatever the fuck it is, and re-focus on the feel of his tongue against mine, the way his dick feels in my hand, the way my cock is smashed against the side of his leg.

"I want to touch you," he sighs into my mouth. "I hate these fucking bandages."

"Me, too, bud. Me, too," I tell him as I ease away from him. I position myself between his legs. I'm sitting on the backs of my legs. All I need to do to worship his cock is lean forward. It sounds awkward but it's become one of my favorite positions. Once his cock is in my mouth, my hands can roam up his body to pinch and roll his nipples, or under his ass, down his legs.
I'm able to capture his cock without using my hands. My hands press against his ribs as he arches his back, pushing his cock into my waiting mouth. I've gotten good at this, if I do say so myself. I wait, breathing through my nose, with his cock deep in my throat. His hips twitch a few times and then he lowers his hips to the bed. That's the way we always start, if I'm sucking his dick that is. It doesn't matter if we're in bed, or if he's leaning against the kitchen counter, or if I'm leaning across the truck seat. When my mouth goes over his dick, he pushes it all the way in, shivers a few times and then eases back out. After that, until he's ready to cum, I set the pace. It's kinda cute in a way. It's almost like a reflex -- lips on cock, push it in, relax.

I savor the taste of his cock and the way it feels in my mouth. I wonder if I was blindfold and a dozen men shoved their cocks in my mouth at random could I pick out Kent's? I'd like to think that I could. It's not just his taste but his smell and the shape. His crown, for instance, has only a very small V. There's a small nub where his foreskin was cut away. I've never had my own cock in my mouth, not that I didn't try back in my youth, but I can tell with my fingers that I have a deeper V and more of flare around the rim.

I tell myself to shut the fuck up and suck his dick. I feel his body shift. One of his bandaged hands taps my shoulder.

"Fuck me, Randy. Okay?"

I kiss the tip of his dick. "That's always going to be okay, buddy. If that's what you want."

He nods.

I climb out of bed. He can't get the lube and condoms with his hands. I had stopped at Kmart earlier in the week and bought a dozen small towels. I needed some for the gym too. I grab one from the shelf under the bedside table. Kent lifts his ass and I put it under him. I toss the lube on the towel and reach in the drawer for a condom. I tear it open and start to put it on.

"Hang on a sec," Kent tells me, as he rolls over to sit on the side of the bed. "Just put it over the tip, just enough so it doesn't fall off."

I do as he asks.

"Hold it there for me."

He leans forward and wraps his lips around the condom and the tip of my cock. As his head moves forward, I move my hand. His head bobs up and down as he unrolls the condom over my cock. I'm quite frankly impressed and tell him so.

"One of my many talents. That's why I prefer unlubed condoms." He gives me an evil grin. "You wanna discuss this or do you wanna get back in bed and fuck my ass?"

I kneel on the bed, bend and bite his nipple.

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