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A wife tells her story of a romantic day.

" I ignored the obvious taste of Jane, Martin, and Brady in Ivy's mouth and just focused on the French kiss.

Ivy broke into a big smile and tucked herself under one of my arms, placing the hand from the arm around her shoulders onto her full breast as we stood there drinking orange juice all around. I could feel the nipple harden into a golden nugget almost immediately, and that in turn gave me a surge of hardness. Ivy accelerated things by reaching across me with one hand and holding my relatively flaccid cock in her nearest hand.

Several other people came and joined us for refreshments. Jane and a man named Nolan excused themselves and left with the obvious goal of fucking each other. Brady and Edie excused themselves to go check on the other guests, so Ivy and I left the others and found some space on the sofa in the now empty family room. A porn film continued to play in a loop on the large screen TV in the room. A young blond was in the midst of a sexy gangbang with four other men. Her gyrations and eye contact with the camera were notable.

Ivy said to me, "I did a gangbang like that with some of the men here one night before we met. God, up until you, it was the most exciting night of my life. You upped that evening the night you made love to me." Ivy threw herself into my arms and we kissed.

Before I could do much, Ivy's young mouth was around my cock, bouncing up and down, and trying to get the full length all the way inside her. She succeeded, and I had the unique feel around my glans of her vibrating throat as she hummed a little tune to me.

After Ivy had gotten me to perfect '10' on the Cock Hardness Scale, she lay back on the sofa and pleaded with me to plunder her sweet body. I ate her cunt for a minute and then slowly sank my cock into her, a quarter inch at a time as we slowly oscillated together with me going deeper and deeper on each subsequent push into her.

When I bottomed out, Ivy and I moved to that place where I'd been earlier with Edie; making the mind, body, and spirit connections on multiple levels with each other. I was surprised at the energy I felt coming from Ivy, and I reflected that back to her. Soon, we were both lost in the high level connections we made with each other. I know I had several climaxes while we were together, and Ivy must have had ten times as many.

Eventually, I felt the large demand for us to peak, and so I relaxed into my physical body and blasted a gallon of my cum deep into Ivy's tight cunt. The overage oozed out around the side of my cock and splattered over the two of us as I made my last thrusts of orgasm into her. And then we were in afterglow mode.

Ivy asked me, "What would I have to do to move in with you?"

I chuckled, "Are you sure you want to do that? You know I live with three - about to be four other women - and that's in Cambridge, just across the river from Boston. So you'd have to convince each of them, and then move two-thousand miles. Of course, then you'd have to share me with them."

"You have male friends that keep them company if I recall an earlier discussion we had."

"I do. There are several men that stop by, often while I'm away, but we do get together with some of them most weekends when I'm home."

"So, if I moved in with you, I wouldn't have to do without sex for five days until it was my turn." She laughed at the thought.

I said, "Well, you are bisexual ... or you seemed to be when I've seen you with Jane."

"That doesn't count. I like cock more than pussy."

I stroked my hand down Ivy's body, over her erect nipples to her pussy; "Funny, I'm one-hundred percent the opposite. I just love pussy ... and right now, I love this one." I sank three fingers into Ivy's drippy cunt. She closed her eyes and sighed.

Ivy said in a soft voice, "Could I come visit ... to meet the other women and see whether I could convince them to admit me to your harem."

I blanched. There was that word again: 'harem.' I said, "I don't have a harem. I have women I love."


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