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Troubled couple tries to save their relationship.

Finally, she got up and walked down the hall to the bathroom. When she finished what she had to do, she walked back to her room. Before she went into her bedroom she stood at her door, with her hand on the doorknob, looking longingly across the hall at the closed door to the young man's bedroom, remembering how much joy she had experienced in there with Frankie earlier that day. She looked around. The cabin was silent and the living room area glowed in the bright moonlight coming in through the huge floor to ceiling windows that looked out onto the lake.

The Bobar's elaborate one-story cabin was laid out with the living room, dining room and kitchen located in a row down a long middle section which also featured a high cathedral ceiling that had exposed hand-hewn beams. A V-shaped wall of glass formed the wall of the cabin that faced the lake. There were sliding glass doors in the lake sidewall that opened onto a wide deck. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms were located in wings attached to the center section, with two bedrooms and one bathroom in each wing.

Frankie and his parents used the rooms on the lake side of the house. Those rooms also had sliding glass doors that opened onto the deck that ran the full width of the cabin. The two bedrooms located on the side of the cabin away from the lake, where the Tobins and Ervins were sleeping, were the guest bedrooms.

Kay's room was on the same end of the house as Frankie's room. Sue and Mike Ervins were in the room on the other end of the house, across the hall from the master bedroom. The house was large, so where Kay stood was a considerable distance from where the other people were sleeping.

She looked across the cabin toward the short hallway that led to the other bedrooms and studied it carefully. The bedroom doors in the other wing were shut and no light was coming from under them. "Who'll know if I go in and give Frankie a kiss?" she thought. Trembling, her heart racing, she walked across the hall to the young man's room. She reached out, grasped the doorknob, and turned it.

Frankie was having a lot of trouble getting to sleep because he couldn't stop thinking about the woman in the bedroom across the hall and all the things they'd done that day. He still found it hard to believe that it all had really happened and was debating whether or not he should take a chance, get up, and go to Aunt Kay's room. He was positive everyone else was asleep and wasn't worried about getting caught, but he wasn't sure what Aunt Kay would do if he showed up in her room uninvited in the middle of the night.

Earlier in the evening, when Mr. Tobin said he was leaving, he had a hard time not showing how excited he was. But, as he laid in bed thinking about what he was going to do, he began worry that Aunt Kay had decided that what they'd done was wrong, and that they should stop.

He had almost convinced himself that he'd never have another chance to make love with her when he was startled to hear his door opening. He looked toward the door and when he saw who had opened it, a thrill raced through him and all of his worries were forgotten. It was Aunt Kay! She was wearing a gorgeous white nightgown! She looked almost as pretty in the nightgown as she did naked! He watched wide-eyed, as his lovely visitor moved silently into the room. She put her finger to her lips to indicate silence, but her gesture was really unnecessary. The young man couldn't have said anything, anyhow. He could barely breathe!

Frankie, his heart thudding wildly, watched while Aunt Kay carefully closed and locked the door. When that was done, she turned and began to walk across the room toward him. A smile formed on the young man's lips as he watched her move nearer and nearer.

Kay may have told herself the only reason she went to Frankie's room was to give him a "good night" kiss, but the minute she was in the room, she knew she wanted to do much, much more.

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