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That was fun!"

"We should have kicked his ass a little sooner. I'm sure he's two weeks behind where he should be by now. Maybe with a little incentive, we can get him caught up," I grinned.

"What kind of incentive?"

"Oh ... I don't know ... maybe I'll suggest we should have Judge Beltran drop around now and then to make sure everything is on the up-and-up."

Meg roared with laughter. "That ought to do it. Adolphus spent a night in jail when he drove his truck into Judge Beltran's new Lincoln after spending too much time at the Cantina. The judge isn't his biggest fan."

"Well, I guessed it was something like that. He jumped when you mentioned the judge's name. That should be a pretty good motivator."

"Damn, Aaron, but aren't you going to make a great son-in-law," she said, giving me a big kiss.

Yolanda and I were sitting at the kitchen table trying to decide what to do about her house and the upcoming Fourth of July holiday.

"Why don't you rent it out?" I suggested. "It would be an income source and you'd still benefit from the appreciation in the market. It might be ideal for a young family just starting out ... or even a retired couple. It isn't too big, but it is in good shape."

She nodded. "I guess I could do that. Do you think it would be a lot of hassle? You know ... worrying about damage or other problems with the tenants?"

"I think if you're careful about who you rent it to, you should be okay. Ask for references. That usually puts a stop to any dubious types."

"Do you think I should do that, then?"

"It's your house, you decide," I smiled.

She leaned over and kissed me. "Then I guess I'll go with renting. How do I do that? Put an ad in the paper?"

"You could check with your mother and see if any of the local realty people handle rentals. That way, the onus is on them to do the background checks."

"Good suggestion, Aaron," Meg said and she walked into the kitchen from her almost completed new suite. She had obviously overheard our conversation. "I can get hold of Tim Chancellor and let him assign someone from his firm if you like, dear?"

"Yes, please. The less fuss the better. Almost everything personal is already here. We should time it so you are moved into your new suite, though," Yolanda suggested. "How much longer, do you think?"

"Not much. Tile in the bathroom, some trim and painting, the wood floor. I'd guess a week, wouldn't you Aaron?"

"No more. Are you happy with the custom moldings and millwork?"

"Very. When they are painted, you won't be able to tell them from the originals. All the gingerbread on this house ... it was just amazing how detailed it was," Meg said, looking around at the elaborate cove, wainscoting, casing, and baseboards in the old house.

I agreed. It was great that knives could be cut to reproduce these moldings exactly to the original. The suite would look like it was built as part of the original house, inside and out.

The next day, my life got turned upside down once again, and it all came as a result of a phone call at work.

"Hello, Aaron ... it's Georgia," the once-familiar voice came. I was caught by surprise of course, but managed a reply.

"Georgia? Why are you calling? Is there something the matter with the boys?" I asked, anxious now.

"I need your help, Aaron. The boys are alright, but I'm worried. Leonard has disappeared."

I couldn't help myself. "Maybe he's found a new bimbo," I sneered.

"No ... you don't understand. All his personal things are still here at home. Just he and his car are missing."

"How long has he been gone?" I was beginning to wonder where this conversation was supposed to go.

"Five days. I've called the police and reported a missing person. I've checked on-line, but he hasn't used any of his or my credit cards. I think something bad has happened to him." She sounded genuinely worried.

"And you called me because?"

"Leonard has been dealing with some people that make me nervous.

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