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When time turns fantasy into reality.

He appeared on the outside as she felt inside; a sad look floated in his glorious eyes, and his skin color was slightly dark from sun. William, as well, looked as if he could cry. She interrupted his sip with her words, causing him to stop and stare at her with an arm up and glass to his lips. He was a lefty.

"So if you're from here, but you're not anymore, and you were somewhere else, but you're not now, what are you doing home?" Bridgette studied his reaction as his empty glass came down; the condensation on it matched the state of her mascara free lashes.

"I sort of had to take over the family business." He spoke with closed eyes; she thought about the words before she replied.

"What kind of business?" Bridgette asked, grinning. William couldn't help but enjoy her.

"You should smile more, even if you are sad. It's exquisite." A twinkle hit his eye as he spoke, internally glad that she remembered he didn't want to talk about it.

"Then keep going, Bill, just keep it up." Bridgette kept grinning, laying her left cheek on her left hand, propped up on her left knee with the left elbow; she was watching him on the perpendicular with an almost empty glass.

"Well, it's not really a business, more like a charitable tax foundation, so I don't get paid, really, not from the foundation anyway..." He set his glass off to his right, leaving his legs crossed but laying back on the marble to rest his head on his crossed arms and taking a quick peek of her hard curved buns on the floor. That dress, even if it was ugly, really did hug her form.

"So have you written anything I would have read?" She was just playing now, spinning on her butt to sit crossed legged and perpendicular to his body with her head still resting on her hand. His fitted shirt hugged his expanded chest and ribcage, and there was a slight bulge on the textured fabric of his crotch.

Her glass was empty, off next to his, and sitting with an apple core inside. William had not seen it happen. He was starting to turn Bridgette on; her body went ravenous for the sensation, trying to use it to destroy her thoughts.

"Do you read a lot of published archaeology papers?" He asked in all seriousness, jolting her insides in the best possible way with his smirk.

"Nop'e." Bridgette started to rub his upper body with her flattened right hand, unhurriedly moving from taut chest to leather belt and back again, head still in her hand.

"Then I wouldn't think so, it reads like stereo instructions anyhow. I get bored reading it." His joke that was not a joke set the inevitable in motion.

Bridgette removed her head from resting, slightly smiling and fully stretching her upper body on her crossed legs, arms up. William tilted his head to watch and follow as she came to rest upright on her knees, hovering above his belt buckle.

He didn't move a muscle; William only stared up into her eyes as she looked down at him. She slid her hands from her flowing, but wildly perm'd hair, down her neck and over her hard nipples to her sides; she finally set them to rest when wrapped on the hem of her dress with her fingers on her tight thighs.

"You've never done anything like this before, have you?" William had not moved short of his growing to full-on erection.

"Nop'e." she dripped with her lips smacking. Bridgette swiveled her hips in the air, allowing William to see - but only for a moment - a flash of the slightest wisp of her pubic hair; full and trimmed; dark and curly; darker than the locks on her head.

"Me neither..." he whispered with a softly taken aback face.

"It's making me feel sexy.. I want to feel so sexy..."

"You are sexy..." William was looking her in the eye. "I even like your dress," he spoke in all seriousness, followed by a nod and a smile, "..wrinkled and all.".

Bridgette, with fury, suddenly dove.

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