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The affair with my father in law continues...

I smile as I see your back arch and your hips and legs lift your pussy up and as you hump on my face I know your having a great climax! I continue to eat your pussy sucking and licking it as your orgasm sends a huge load of your cum into my mouth and over my face. . The pleasures from my mouth and tongue are so great, your breath comes in gasps now, as you pressed your soft pussy lips hard into my mouth. Moaning: "Fuck yes baby. That's so good."

You press harder and harder and harder against my face as your body rotates and pumps and thrusts against my lips and tongue. You would like to shove my entire head up into your pussy hole. God!! You would take my entire body inside you so it could fuck all of you and you could fuck all of me.

You begin panting now like an animal in heat. You moan: "Oh yes. Oh yes baby, suck it. Suck me baby. Suck my pussy! God it's so good. Suck me. Suck me. Suck me. Oh fuck yes! OH FUCK YES. YES! YES! YES! YES!


Your body lifts again as another orgasm washes over you directly behind the first one. Suddenly you began to shake and shiver as your vagina pulses and throbs against my sucking mouth. I know what is coming and prepare for your attack. I know from what you have told me that you will go crazy when you begin to get off back to back to back. So I put my arms under your legs and hold your hips with both hands as I press my face tight against your swollen sex and suck your pussy hard with my lips. Your body trembles more and more as you begin to reach another climax. You yell my name as you cum screaming at me: "EAT ME!!!! SUCK ME!!! OH GOD LOVE ME!!! OHHHBABY!! MAKE ME CUM!! I'M THERE!! I'm THERE!! I'M THERE!!!"

As you work your pussy all over my face your body screams for more release. You moan out in a deep horse voice I can hardly recognize: "HARDER!!! SUCK ME HARDER!! OH GOD HARDER BABY!! SUCK ME!! SUCK ME HARDER!! SUCK ME H A R D E R!! OH YES!! OHHH!! I'M THEREEEEEEEEEEEEE."

You bit your lip and drew blood from the pure pleasure. I continue to suck on your pussy. Your free hand holds my head so tight I fell that I might drown from your cum pouring out of your hole. But I keep on sucking.

To keep from crying out any louder, you put your fist in your mouth and scream into it. Your thighs quivered and shake and you gasped for breath. Crying out to me now: "SUCK ME!! SUCK ME!! SUCK MEW HARDER!! YOU HAVE TO SUCK ME HARDER! HURT ME BABY!!. SUCK ME!! SUCK ME!! SUCK ME!! SUCK ME HARDER!!! OHHH GOD BABY!! HARDER! HARDER! HARDER DAM IT!! OHHH YES!!! LIKE THAT!! JUST LIKE THAT!! AHHHHHH. AHHHHHHHH. YESSSSSSSSSS. JESUS!! THAT'S IT!! OH GOD YES!! THAT"S IT!! YESSSSSSSSSS. YESSSSSSSS. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Your vagina is throbbing with each beat of your heart. We can both feel the blood pulsing through it. Your desire and lust are so bad now it's almost painfully as I continue to stimulate you. You are so worked up, you have coated my face completely with your cum. And pumped and rammed into my face so hard you might be hurting me. But, you don't give a fuck. All you care about is cumming and climaxing to release that monster inside you.

You'll go crazy if you don't keep on cumming. You must keep cumming. But, I know about you and your need. I knows what you want, what you need. You told me remember? Your need to cum is tremendous. You are thinking to yourself: "God his tongue is like a devil inside my body."

Your swollen clit stuck out like a rock and I use my lips to give it quick and fast sucks. I suck directly on it, teasing it, making you scream as I stimulate you more and more, like you haven't been worked on in many years. I bring you closer and closer to yet another huge and wonderful climax. Again your breath gets caught in your throat and a strong orgasm runs like a train over your body. I feel you lift your ass up off the chair again and I insert three fingers deep inside your pussy while I suck hard on your clit.

Your hips lifted off the chair as your legs help leverage it high in the air.

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