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Newscasters auctioned off for charity.

"Take off your clothes."

I stood there nonplused for a moment, not quite sure I had heard her right. Then my "saviour" walked past from behind me, having speedily shed his clothes. "I hope this is alright. Only, you're just what we need. Philippe is such a tit-man, you see." The scruffy chap nodded his head, and leered at me. He was sitting upright now, and beckoning me over. The blonde man stepped past, and stood at the side of the bed, whispering something to the girl. I noticed how alike they were __ the same hair colouring, the same narrow eyes. I realised then that they were siblings.

The girl remained on her back, stretching her delicate limbs. Her brother moved around the bed behind Philippe. "Come on," he said. "This will make quite an interesting chain." His sister lifted her head, propping it on her fist. "I hope you know how to suck pussy," she hissed. I was horrified. We'd never had pets at home.

The situation suddenly struck me as being slightly threatening. I tried to back off "Actually, I'm not sure I __"

"Either get your clothes off or get out," the girl commanded in a tired voice. Well, that ended the dilemma. I couldn't go back outside while he might still be there, so I would have to obey. So, I pulled the cord on my pantaloons, and let them drop to the floor. Then I shrugged the small red waistcoat off my shoulders and dropped that too. It hadn't taken long for me to shed my clothes, and it wouldn't have taken that long had I not got my sandalled foot caught in the leg of my pantaloons just as I was preparing to kick them over by the door. I fell onto the bed into the waiting arms of Philippe.

"She's certainly very keen," the dark-haired man admitted, which compliment pleased my blonde rescuer enormously. "So, we're all happy now?" he asked. Philippe grinned even more lecherously, and the girl sighed. I found myself being turned round so that I faced in the opposite direction to the blonde girl, and I was positioned above her on my hands and knees. Philippe moved round behind me, and the other man behind him. The bed creaked as they climbed aboard. The girl's white thighs parted, and her pink gash opened up a few inches under my chin. It dribbled slightly. Philippe's hands were fastened on my tits once more, weighing them as they swayed above the other girl's modest figure. Then I felt his hand on my head, forcing it down. "Go on, eat her pussy!" he urged. I felt his hand on the back of my head, and allowed myself to be guided downwards.

I descended into the dark, warm, damp space between her legs. It smelt of slightly stale perfume, and a distinctly familiar tang of salt and sweat. My mouth was close to the wet wound of her cunt. I had no idea where this cat was supposed to be, but I could feel the luxuriant fur of her mound against my chin. I had the sudden wild thought that perhaps I was supposed to __ but no, surely that was too ridiculous!

She reached out to pull me closer, and I felt her fingers grazing my cheek. She had long nails, painted vivid colours. Her body was sinewy and supple, and she wriggled closer, narrowing the gap between my mouth and her slit. There wasn't much doubt left in my mind now, and there was even less when I felt her cool thighs close gently on my face. To my astonishment, I found I was encased in female flesh.

There was another unfamiliar feeling.

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