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People would have been bustling about their business or milling around socializing. The only movement from below was the sway of a tree in the wind, or the erratic motion of a Wretched.
"Come over here." Belcarm said, motioning to her eagerly. She followed him to the centre of the sparse tower room and pointed up.

Above them was a dazzling splattering of stars, twinkling like diamonds in the night sky. Livinia's mouth dropped open as she spun around, looking around her at the fantastic view. Normally you could only see this many stars in the wild. Seeing something like this from within the walls of Silvermoon City rendered her speechless.

"The other side of Silvermoon has too much light. You can't see the stars when there are so many lights around you. Here we're away from all of that. Beautiful, isn't it?" Belcarm asked, Livinia nodded mutely and continued to look at the heavens in awe.

He was right- Livinia had never seen anything as beautiful as this so close to such a populated area. Not being able to see the stars was something she had always hated about Silvermoon City, and now Belcarm had shown her that she had been wrong. The stars were always there of course, but she had lost them under the haze of light and life that she had always associated with her home town.

There was a soft thump as Belcarm dropped his pack on the floor beside the broken orb. He crouched down and rifled through it, pulling out two thick blankets. He laid one on the floor and then sat down, patting the space next to him.

"Come sit, you hungry? I'm starving!" He said. Livinia nodded and sat down beside him on the blanket, her stomach rumbling slightly. After the walk and the climb she could certainly use something to eat and drink.

Belcarm pulled out several cloth-wrapped parcels and two full water-skins. He took great care to place them on the floor gently in front of them. He offered one of the water-skins to Livinia and she took it gladly. When she took a sip she sighed with delight- goldenbark apple juice! She hadn't had any of this for a long time and had missed it severely. It was very difficult to find outside of Silvermoon City, and when it was possible to get some it came at an outrageous price. The sharp tang of the goldenbark apple brought memories of long summer days as a child flooding to her mind. Livinia closed her eyes and took another sip, letting the flavor and memories wash over her. When she opened her eyes again she saw Belcarm looking back at her with a soft smile playing at his lips.

"Goldenbark apple juice!" Livinia said with a grin, holding up the water-skin "My fa-" "Favourite?" Belcarm asked, cutting her off. "I remember." He told her.

Slowly, Belcarm unwrapped the parcels of food. The layers of cloth came off one by one to reveal package after package of Livinia's favorite sweets and baked goods. When he was finished he smiled back up at her.

"I decided to get as many of your favourite foods as possible, to eat at my favourite place." He said, picking up a cinnamon scroll and tearing it in half. He gave a piece to her and took a bite out of his own.

"What is this place?" Livinia asked, looking around, and up, again.

"This is the old Tower Observatory." Belcarm said "When it was in full use the High Elves would use that orb there to make close observations of the stars and the sky." Livinia looked at the orb again, more curiously this time, now wondering how it worked.

"How did you find out about it?" Livinia asked, "It was destroyed when we were barely able to crawl."

"My father used to bring my mother here before they had me." He said with a faint smile. "It was their favourite place to spend time together."

Livinia's heart warmed as she watched him speak. She felt as though she had been given a precious gift in that small amount of information. He had shared that with her, just as he was now sharing a place that meant a lot to him.

"It's beautiful.

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