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A cat's meow.

Slipping a soap covered hand between her legs she then reached round and ran her hands over her smooth buttocks.

Tom had always jokingly told her that it was her bum that had been the striking feature that had attracted him the first time they had met - that was the very first thing he had noticed about her as she had stood at the counter of the coffee shop, facing away from him as she ordered her latte. Rebecca remembered she encounter vividly, she had been wearing a pair of tight black jeans that had enhanced the soft curves of her rear and the slim outline of her hips and Tom had been unable to resist.

With the shower turned off, Rebecca stepped out onto the bath mat. As she towelled herself dry with a large burgundy bath towel she heard Gemma call out from the bedroom that she was going down to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

"OK Gem, there are some clean glasses in the cupboard above the sink," Rebecca called back.

Once dry, Rebecca slid a pair of silk black panties up over her legs and pulled them up to her hips. Before stopping to comb her hair she slipped a matching silk camisole, with delicate thin shoulder straps, over her head, her long, flowing blonde hair cascading over the top and ending just above her cleavage.

She yawned again, looking forward to the warmth of her bed and, unlocking the bathroom door she went back out into the bedroom. As she emerged, Gemma appeared at the entrance to the bedroom, a tall glass of water in her hand. Rebecca could understand why so many guys made passes and flirted with Gemma - in her day to day uniform Gemma always looked very pretty, with her hair tied back in a conservative ponytail, an ample bust and beautiful sky blue eyes, but now, dressed in a pale pink satin negligee (one of Rebecca's favourites) and standing in the half shadow of the doorway, Rebecca could see how incredible her natural looks really were.

Gemma had untied her dark brown hair and allowed it to fall back over her shoulders. A few strands of hair brushed over her face, accentuating the rich colour of her eyes. Even without a bra, Gemma's cleavage was high and firm, the faint outline of her large nipples straining against the satin fabric. Her thighs were smooth and creamy and her waist was slender.

Laughing, Rebecca said out-loud "Will and Rob really would be upset if they knew they'd missed this."

Shivering, Rebecca peeled back the duvet and climbed onto the white cotton sheets, slipping her legs quickly under the duvet and bringing it up over her shoulders. Gemma padded round to the other side of the bed and did the same. Reaching up with her bare arm, Rebecca hit the light-switch above the head board and the room fell into darkness, with just the soft orange glow of the streetlights outside illuminating the room.

Turning on to her side to face Rebecca, Gemma whispered "Thanks again for letting me stay tonight, I couldn't have faced staying in one of those horrible hospital rooms."

Rebecca whispered back "Gem, you're my best friend, I wasn't going to let you freeze to death in the snow out there besides, I feel much more secure knowing there's someone else with me and I'm not home alone."

Gemma flashed a smile back by means of reply.

Rebecca sank her head into the feathery pillow and started to close her eyes, feeling the heavy burden of sleep starting to dull her senses. With Gemma lying there next to her she felt a glow of happiness and even the thought that Tom was 2000 miles away on a different continent didn't depress her as much as it had done in the last few days.

As she lay on her side she was aware of Gemma shivering.

"Gem, are you ok," she murmured.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just feeling really cold," replied Gemma, "I don't suppose you've got an extra blanket or something have you."

Rebecca giggled.

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