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Massage client needs more than a good rubdown.

He grabbed his phone and texted Clayton. "Not sure how this happened but Lisa's midnight performance just got announced by Art on the broadcast. With her name. Don't say anything to her yet but let me know if anyone shows up."


It was shortly around 11:30 when Crystal came into the dressing room. "Hey, it's kinda funny but I was just out in the parking lot freezing my ass off and having a cigarette, and I bet fifteen cars pulled up while I was there. Looks like we might be getting some customers for the late show."

Another fifteen people didn't seem like a big deal to Lisa, so she continued to put the finishing touches on her make up. She was sitting in her thong and bra and applying body make-up to every visible inch of skin. Then she pulled up the plaid skirt and spun around, looking in the mirror. Just as she had practiced, a quick spin caused the loose fitting skirt to rise and provide an unobstructed view of her thong. "Nice move, Velvet," Lisa said to herself. And she started putting on her top and experimenting with just how to tie it off in the middle.


Bill watched the end of the broadcast from his office, waiting to see if Clayton replied. At about 11:40, he stepped into the hallway and was amazed to find the place almost completely empty and most lights turned off. One light shone from Tim's dressing room, so Bill stuck his head in. "Where is everyone?" he asked.

"On their way to the Starlight," said Tim. "Seems like everyone wants to see if she's really going through with this big striptease. Even Art."

Bill just shook his head; could things get any worse?


Back at the Starlight Lounge and Theater, the parking lot had filled to overflowing in the last thirty minutes, and cars were now starting to park on the main road and side streets. A group of a dozen people including several women had just arrived, all saying that they worked with Velvet and demanding front row seats to see the show. The bartenders and waitresses were busy serving drinks and the girls on stage kept dancing.

The manager paid a quick visit back stage to let the strippers know there was a last minute change of plans. "Okay girls, listen up. We're holding off on our headliner for a few more minutes so I want two of you back out on stage and three more of you circulating among the tables to help the waitresses. Looks like you're drawing a big crowd after all," he said to Lisa.

Clayton saw the look of concern on Lisa's face and figured he better speak up. "Um, Lisa, I heard from Bill a few minutes ago. It seems like Art screwed up and announced the show on the 11:00 news. Said you were going to be performing. So maybe it's a few guys who heard the news and came over."

"A few?" the manager chuckled. "Our bouncers have counted one hundred and fifty in the last forty minutes and more still arriving. We're probably going to max out at our legal limit."

What's that limit?" Lisa asked, her reporter's instincts taking over.

"Three hundred and fifty, doll. And I hear some of the latest arrivals said they work with you." With that, he turned and left the dressing room, saying "best fucking crowd we've had in years. Who knew...?"

As the girls filed out, Crystal was the only one left. She looked at Clayton and George, and said, "Hey guys, why don't you watch the show from the wings? Give us girls some time to talk."

"Sure," Clayton said, and dragged George from the room.

"Everything okay, Velvet?" she asked.

"I don't know," said Lisa. "I'm kind of in shock. I knew this was starting to get out of control and now it's a nightmare. Everyone I work with...all these viewers who watch me on TV. They're all going to see me...and I mean every inch of me."

"Well," Crystal said, "do you want a little bit of practical advice, one stripper gal to another?" she smiled.

"I could sure use some," Lisa replied.

"Here's something the other girls don't know.

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