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Karen just gave me a smile, picked up a couple of drinks and headed for the living room.

As I followed her, I wondered if this was all a trap of if the guys would even care. Jerry had fallen into one of Karen's webs before, though he certainly didn't mind.

With the odds we granted the ladies they would have to lose seven hands before they'd have to remove any clothes. At the start I was dealt a pair of aces and threw them away, leaving me with nothing. My new cards weren't any help.

Audrey and Karen giggled and cheered with each loss on our side. Within three rounds us men were removing our shirts while Karen and Audrey hadn't lost yet. They lost the next two hands. Jerry had the low hand after that and we stood to remove our pants.

Karen insisted we stand in a line before them and we complied. Both she and Audrey whistled and cheered as we stripped down to our underwear.

The ladies lost two more hands, leaving them with two poker chips and plenty of clothes. The next round I was looking at a possible straight but I threw two cards away and came up with nothing.

Karen and Audrey cheered while the guys all blushed. Greg complained that we shouldn't have agreed to this.

"But you did!" Karen laughed. "Come on boys, line up and take 'em off!"

"We want to see some cock!" Audrey laughed.

The guys looked at me but I just shrugged, stood up and went to the center of the room where they joined me. The ladies insisted we go one at a time and they cheered as each semi-hard cock sprang into view. Karen and Audrey looked down the line of man meat at their disposal and grinned.

"Your cocks belong to us, boys!" Audrey declared.

She and Karen went down the line, each of them grabbing each guy's dick and balls. I let out a sigh as Audrey fondled and stroked me, making me good and hard. After they'd done this to each of the guys, Karen and Audrey went into the kitchen.

Greg asked me what was going to happen but I told him I had no idea.

"I didn't agree to this," Greg said.

"Yes you did," Jerry replied. "To the winner belongs the spoils."

"Would you say the same thing if Karen was standing naked before us?" I asked.

"Would you?" Greg replied.

"We all agreed to this," I said.

Karen and Audrey returned with Audrey carrying a paddle.

"Audrey wants to paddle you guys, I'm going to watch," Karen said with a laugh.

Greg protested that he agreed to lose his clothes, but not this.

"We won your clothes fair and square, if you want them back you'll have to earn them," Audrey insisted. "Otherwise you can drive home naked."

"What would your wife say to that?" Karen said with a smile.

Greg was the only one of the guys who was married, but she and Karen didn't get along. Karen always thought Greg's wife as a stick in the mud.

Karen sat down on the couch. Audrey called me over and had me bend over so Karen had a good view of my dick and balls. Audrey didn't swing too hard, but hard enough to sting. Karen giggled at my predicament as she watched my dick and balls shake with each swing. She reached out and ran a finger tip around my cockhead and along my shaft.

The other guys went next and received the same treatment, with Audrey swatting them with the paddle and Karen teasing their cocks.

Karen put on some music, then she and Audrey sat down in some chairs. Each of us guys was to give them a lap dance. Jerry and I went first. I straddled Audrey's chair and shook my dick and balls in her face as she giggled. I turned around and rubbed my bare ass against her as she reached around and rubbed her hand along my crotch.

Greg's reluctance soon faded and he seemed to be enjoying this, especially when Karen reached out and stroked his dick a couple of times.

Karen and Audrey conferred in the kitchen, then returned to the living room where they had each of us guys get on the floor in a row.

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