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A father and daughter can no longer deny their desire.


"No," I argued, "It's my fault, I'm a psychology student, I should know better." With that Dad threw his arms around me and gave me a great big hug.

"Have I missed something?" Me and Dad turned around and saw Chloe standing there, she had obviously been sunbathing topless. I disentangled myself from Dad and walked over to her.

"I want to say sorry, I haven't really been fair to you since you married Dad, it's time I acted my age a bit." With that Chloe threw her arms around me, and started speaking to me.

Only I couldn't hear the words, my entire body was tingling as I felt her nipples against my skin, I had never had this sort of feeling before as the breath for her words blew against my ear I could feel myself getting more and more turned on, my pussy was getting hot and wet. Quickly I pulled myself away,

"Are you alright?" Chloe asked.

"Probably the heat," I replied "I'll just have a little lie down."

I couldn't get up to my room fast enough, the moment I was inside and alone I put my hand inside my bikini bottoms, I was so wet. I lay down on my bed and just let myself go, immersing myself in the feelings I had experienced. I had never even thought of having sex with a woman before but now it felt like the most natural thing in the world. Dreaming of being naked with Chloe I gave myself a huge climax, only just remembering where I was and not shouting out.

As I lay there afterward I came back down to earth, what was I thinking of? This was going to make things twice as hard now.

I stayed in my room for a while before going back down to the pool. Dad and Chloe were just lying there on the sun-loungers totally oblivious to the world. The rest of the day went without anything else really happening, we lazed, went into the town, had some food, went to a couple of bars, went home and went to bed.

The next morning I got up and there was no one around, so I made myself some breakfast and wandered out to the pool. Chloe was there, topless again but no sign of Dad.

"Hi," said Chloe, "your Dad's gone out for a walk. He'll probably be gone a couple of hours." I sat on the sun bed next to her.

"I guess I'll have to keep you company then" I told her.

"Thanks," she replied, then she looked me up and down. "You keeping your bikini top on?"

I blushed a little, "Well with Dad around............"

Chloe laughed, "Fair enough, but he isn't here at the moment." With that she lent over and unclipped my top, " Lie down I put some sun cream on your back." I was ready for it this time, I managed to control myself as the touch of her hands sent unbelievable sensations through my body and I restrained the urge to really feel her as I put lotion on to her back but when I had finished she gave me a curious look and said thanks.

We must have spent a couple of hours just lying there when Chloe suggested jumping in for a swim, she dived in the pool and as she came up my eyes were transfixed by the water droplets forming on her oiled breasts. To try and cool down I jumped in after her, making one hell of a splash as I went in.

" Oh want to play rough do you" she laughed and started splashing me. We started getting really girly and giggly, splashing each other when she dived under the water and came up straight in front of me her breasts touching my skin as she came up to my face, a shiver went through my body as she put her hands against my skin - and pushed me backwards into the water!

"Right that's it" I spluttered and went after her, grabbing her and trying to dunk her. We were so engrossed in our game that neither of us noticed Dad come back until her gave a little cough and we both turned around. He was standing there in his trunks, which did nothing to hide the huge hard on he had.

Chloe grinned and turned to me, " I do believe your Dad likes watching his women play together.

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