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At one point, Terry said, "This is Terrie's and my favorite camp site. It's close enough to town that we can go there for supplies or to honky tonk, but it's secluded enough that no one will see, or bother us if while we are fishing, or if we decide to skinny dip."

I wanted to see if Terry would let me in on the same things Terrie had told me the night before, so I asked, "You two skinny dip up here?"

"Hell yes. Terrie was a little hesitant the first time I suggested it, but as soon as she felt how good it felt to be in the water with nothing on, she was hooked."

"I take it that you weren't really all that interested in swimming nude. You just wanted to see your sister naked."

"Come on Lange; with a body like sis' who wouldn't want to see her bare assed?"

"Okay, I see the picture. So what else?"

"What do you mean, 'What else?'"

"I think you know what I mean."

"You mean, have sis and I gotten it on?"

"Ummm Hmm!"

"Yeah. Does that bother you, big brother?"

"I suppose it should, but for some reason it doesn't. I guess it's because I want to get a piece of her too."


"Yes, me."

"Damn. The army has changed you."

"No. I'm the same Lange Hardon that I've always been, but I've matured and have accepted things about me that I used to deny and try to keep hidden."

"Damn! And sis was worried that you'd get mad at her if she came on to you the way she wants to."

"Terry, you know damn well that sis can wrap me around her little finger, and I still won't get mad at her. She's done it all of her life."

"Yeah, I guess she has. She's done it to me too. But, some times it pisses me, and I let her know it."

We had just finished setting up the tent and dining fly, and were opening a couple of Coors__ beers when Terrie came back with a good-sized bundle of wood for our campfire. I helped her stack it according to size: kindling in one stack, and larger pieces for the cook fire and heat in another.

Terrie had been working hard and sweating. Her T-shirt was soaked through and clung to her braless breasts like a second skin. The cloth was so translucent that the tannish pink of her areolas and nipples was clearly visible. Seeing them like that, and remembering what her twin brother had told me not fifteen minutes earlier gave me an instant erection.

"Hmmm. I see you like the way my sweaty T-shirt shows my tits off."

"Terrie, honey, I'd have to be stone dead to not like the way you look right now, and stone dead I am not."

"You may not be stone dead, but you're sure as hell hard as a rock. If your dick gets any bigger, it's going to rip out a seam in your pant leg."

"I can't help that sis, but I know that right now I'm getting hungry. Terry and I have the tent, grub box, and table set up. If you'll begin preparing the food, I'll get the fire started so we can eat and then get a little fishing in before it gets too dark to see." I then turned to Terry and asked him if he'd mind going to the general store in the village to get me bottle of brandy a couple of roles of 35mm color slide film for my camera. Before he answered, he looked at Terries breasts and at the bulge in my pants; grinned at me, and then said, "Sure bro. Sis, do you need anything?" When she told him no, he got in the truck and headed back toward the village of Eagles Nest.

As soon as he was out of sight, I went to Terrie, put my arms around her and hugged her tight while I kissed her. The enthusiasm with which she returned the kiss left no doubt in my mind that before the night was out I would be deep inside her.

Before releasing her so that I could resume building the fire for supper, I reached up under her T-shirt and cupped her right muskmelon sized breast. The nipple was nearly as big as the end of my little finger, and was just as hard and stiff. It took all of my willpower to let go of her and return to work.

Terry returned from town just as Terrie was putting the first hamburger patties on the grill.

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