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I stared at this impetuous being who just went on a ten minute ramble and is now giving me a look as if he was actually waiting for me to apologize to him.

"You're right-" I replied "you don't know when to stop talking." I turned on my the heels of my work approved skid free ballet flats and walked away to clock out on what has officially become the beginning of a very long day.


"I'm only ten minutes late, no bigggie. I'll just slip in and sit at the back, no one will even notice." Talking to myself was a sure sign I was more nervous than I believed. If I'm not ten minutes early to a class I usually wrote it off and just skipped. The thought of a few hundred people listening to me enter a room and awkwardly find a seat was enough to make me crawl out of my skin. Even worse having small class of 30 craning their heads to see the late comer walk through the door. I try to shake off these thoughts as a shiver went down my spine. This semester I'm getting over my shyness and this is one hurdle I am going to jump.

As I crept through the door thankful for oiled hinges and a stadium class I quickly looked for the closest empty seat. Attendance is actually pretty high, I'm sure that bodes well for the school but not so much for my stealthy entrance. I slide into the only empty seat next to the door and open my notebook to catch up on notes.

"Better three hours too early than one minute too late"

I am met with the familiar eyes of the evergreen, the mystery rambling poet.



"What are you doing here?"

"Poker tournament."

"Smartass," I murmur. "I meant, never mind."

"Y'know, some would say this is fate. First we meet at the bookstore then we just happen to have a class together. Where you coincidentally get stuck sitting next to me."

"Considering I work at the college bookstore, there's a high probability I would have a class with quite a few customers."

"True, but how many customers have you shared a romantic poem with?"

"This is cute and all but I'm not looking to entangle with anyone and I really need to concentrate on the professor."

"Please tell me you don't reject guys using the word entangle. Jeez give a girl a compliment and stalk her a little all of a sudden she thinks you're interested."

I mistakenly chuckle at his humor.

'Well at least I'm funny" he smirked.

As I watched his lips grow into a half smile I'm reminded of another smile I would spend hours fascinated by. A smile I haven't seen in months. A smile I shouldn't be thinking of while sitting in a class I've already missed half of. I clear my throat and sit straight up in my seat, my ready to learn pose, determined to focus on the professor. To my horror the professor is closing his laptop and everyone starts gathering their things. "Oh no." I look down at my empty page stunned.

"I can loan you my notes, I am partially responsible for distracting you."

"Partially? Try fully "Anguished I retrieve my bag and head for the door.

"Well I didn't make you late," said a voice from beside me "I merely diverted your attention, for that I apologize." I stopped walking, considering his proposition. He does owe me this much at least and I don't have much of a choice.

"Fine." I relented sticking my hand out in the universal gesture of hand it over.

"Yes, yes, I know, I'm so generous and kind." He mocked

"I actually need these notes as well, how do I know you're not just going to take them and never give them back?"

"The longer you make me stand here the higher the possibility of that happening. "

"Hmm how about we meet at the library around five and I'll let you copy them."

"Or you could give them now and I'll return it to you on Wednesday."

"Or not. "

"Okay okay, five o'clock, library. Don't be late."

"It's a date."

"It's definitely not." I rushed to point out.

"Fine it's not a date." The twinge of disappointment etched slightly on his face as he quickly recovered. "I gotta go just, don't forget-" backing away towards the common halls "five o'clock, library." He repeated rushing off.

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