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The end of Benjamin Sapperstein.

Her mouth drooped open; her tongue snaked out and undulated searchingly for the treasure in front of her. Finally, her tongue made contact with his cock, slipping around his head and the sensitive spot underneath. He thrust his hips forward and she stretched her mouth wide to take him into her.

She spread her legs further to allow the blond stripper better access to her pussy. He made good use of it. I could see that he had pushed the fabric covering away and was pushing a finger inside her. She let the cock slip out of her mouth and gasped. She reached up and took hold of the brunette's cock for better control, then reached behind her and started stroking the blond. I couldn't believe I was watching my own wife handling two huge cocks at once! I watched transfixed as the brunette's cock slid in and out of her mouth.

This had started with a story she told me of her younger days. She had been practically a virgin when I met her, but one of her few experiences had been with an extremely endowed guy. My wife is normally rather reserved and modest, but she told me that his size had turned her on so much she had practically raped him. Unfortunately, he had been so large that they had trouble getting it in her. Then they had been interrupted and she'd never had another chance to get back with him. It had been one of the most frustrating and disappointing moments of her life.

When she'd told me the story, I'd been surprised to find that it had excited me to the point where I was squirming by the time she'd finished, visions of her impaled on a huge pole filling my mind. I had always thought that guys who fantasized about their wives making it with other guys were strange, but I had to admit that it turned me on. I told her about it, and we shared fantasies, which had led to many bouts of incredibly hot lovemaking. But this was the first time we had ever done anything like this.

The three of them found a rhythm, the brunette in and out of her mouth, the blond fingering her, and she moving between them.

After awhile, I could see that she was starting to get impatient from the way she was grinding against the blonds hand. Shortly, she gently pushed the brunette away from her and stood up. She unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall, then slipped her thong down. Her butt hung right in front of the blond so he started kissing it and caressing it with his hands.

The brunette leaned forward and started sucking on her beautiful breasts. My wife ran her fingers through his hair and tossed her head back, her eyes closing. She let out a loud gasp as the blond's finger once again found her very wet pussy.

She slipped her blouse off her shoulders, turned around and bent over to take him into her mouth, presenting an enticing view for the brunette and I. He touched her pussy and when he found that she was ready, he placed the tip of his cock at her entrance. He really was huge, ten inches long and must have been two inches thick. He rubbed it back and forth across her dripping slit for a second to add to the moisture from her mouth that already made it glisten, then started to push it in.

She let out a strangled cry as he slid all of the way in. She let the blond's cock slip out of her mouth for a minute as she clutched the sheets and shook her head back and forth spastically in orgasm. I found myself letting out a whimper myself, my own cock rock hard and vibrating in harmonic sympathy as I watched her transported to the realm of animal desire. But I didn't want to come until I could be with her again, so I mostly kept my hands away, although I kept finding myself unconsciously masturbating as I watched.

He was working up a full head of steam, his heavy balls slapping against her butt as he drove in and out. She clenched and unclenched all of her muscles as he did.

The blond stroked her hair and she remembered he was there.

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