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An intimate encounter between Zeus and Io.

My cock was now raging hard again in my sweat pants. I grabbed it to adjust and get it tucked in the waistband again.

Deciding to check on my sister and make sure she wasn't spending too much. My mother was mean when angry so I wanted to please her and keep Cindy's spending to a minimum. Walking to the back I could hear her in the changing room giggling with another girl, presumably the staff.

"This will get Derek wanting to fuck you all night." I heard the employee say. "This bra makes your breasts pop up and out. And look at whose nipples are already hard."

Cindy just giggled at first and then I even heard a moan or two. "If only I had your huge breasts, then all the boys would be begging to fuck me." Now the employee started to moan and I wondered what was going on in there. I also found myself rubbing my cock through my pants as I started to soak the inside with precum.

Finally, the employee and my sister came out of the dressing room. I was sitting down just trying to control myself. The long legged brunette fixed her hair, as she looked me up and down. "Hey there sir, I am Melissa. Is this your girlfriend here?"

Then Cindy came out wearing a light blue lingerie set. The push up bra had straps that connected to her thong panties. Just below them were light blue stalking's that ran down her legs. Cindy smirked at me and said, "Well look who is here and eager to catch a peak of his little sister. Guess your thinking with that cock again."

Melissa giggled and said, "Oh sorry. Your Sister, I see. You two must be close."

"Oh please Cindy, shut up. I am here on Moms orders to make sure you don't spend too much money. Miss, how much does this set cost?" I said and looked at the sexy staff member.

"Its on sale for $400 and guaranteed to make any guys want to fuck your brains out. Tell me sir, if I had this on for you, wouldn't you want to take me into the dressing room and fuck me?" The employee Melissa got close and grabbed my arm. Clearly flirting so that I would let Cindy buy this expensive piece.

"Mom will kill you and me Cindy. Go find something cheaper." I sat down but it was clear Cindy was not going to give in. "Please big Bro, look how sexy I am." She then turned around slowly so I could see her sexy, plump ass in the tight thong. Shaking it back and forth every so gently as she looked over her shoulder and pouted her lips at me. Doesn't this make your cock hard like this morning?"

Melissa looked rather surprised but stayed quiet hoping to make the sale. Cindy proceeded to slap her ass a few times and inch closer to me. "Please Big Bro. Derek needs a special gift and I know he will be so big and hard when he sees me in this." She then sat on my lap and wrapped her arms over my shoulders. Her plump booty slid up my leg until it was pressed firmly against my hard cock. Wiggling a bit more until my cock was snuggly pressed between her bare ass cheeks I groaned loudly now.

"Wow, umm I will let you two talk about it. Let me know if you need any further assistance," said the employee as she walked away. Cindy cooed in my ear now and continued to beg.

"When did you learn to use sex to get things you want Cindy? Now go take that off and find something cheaper. You are very sexy and I'm sure Derek will get just as hard from a $100 outfit." I slapped her ass harder than I meant to, sending a loud pop throughout the store. To my surprise, Cindy didn't scream in pain and instead cooed and groaned in my ear. Clearly enjoying the pain I sent through her body.

Looking sad and defeated she stood up. "Yes big brother, as you wish. I have a few more outfits in the changing room. Can you come look at which one I should try on next?"

I stood up and followed her to the changing room.

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