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Looking at her face, I knew I could trust this woman. Tam then went over our basic plays.

"We have not had a point guard this summer," she said. "Sometimes, I take point, but then Meg cleans up underneath and we get no offensive boards. So, you are #1. You can find me or Ken. He is a big guy and can score in close. He played a little college ball, and does all right. The rest of our team either played high school ball or just playground. Meg's team is about the same. She has a big girl that blocks up the middle a lot, but I think you can drive on her. She is slow and goes for every head fake. Their point is Jake. He's good. Played in the Big East. Never made it to the pros mostly because he didn't want to and he is only 5'10". Good player, good hands, and, a handsome cock. He'll be guarding you so concentrate. We had a girl last week who just couldn't keep her eyes off it. Made five turnovers."

As we finished talking the other players started coming in. Tam introduced my to my teammates. A mixture of all body types of both sexes started doing layups. I looked across the court and saw Meg's team. I noticed a handsome dark-haired guy with a great looking cock. I deduced he must be my opponent. I could understand Tam's warning, I found myself staring at his cock flop back and forth as he dribbled and shot. This was getting bazaar in a hurry.

Jeb appeared accompanied by Suzie. They both wore whistles. I wondered if she was recently fucked and if that accounted for the rosy cheeks.

We flipped to see who got the ball first, and I began my nude basketball experience dribbling down court. The cute guy with the you-know-what picked me up at half court. He put his hand on my naked hip, just as I would do to an opponent. He moved close to me and his cock rubbed my thigh. I reacted to his touch, looked down at his cock and in an instant he knocked the ball away. I turned to see his cute buns dashing down the court for an easy lay-up.

Concentrating better, I brought the ball back down, passed to Tam in the post, worked my way to the corner to take the return pass from her and put up a three pointer. I watched it glide through the hoop and heard my teammates and the bleachers cheer me on.

As predicted, after a few minutes I lost track of my nakedness. I only realized it a few times when setting picks and having tits or cocks bumping up against me. At one point, I set a pick for Tam and Meg switched off to guard me. I moved into the high post and she laid her body close to me pushing me out. I felt her full, soft breasts with her stiff nipples on my back and could even sense her pussy against my ass. I was officially turned on. She moved to my side and tried to guard against an inbound pass. Her hand moved against my tit and brushed my nipple. I missed the pass from Ken and Meg was on it, leading a fast break. We took a time out.

Tam took me aside. "Girl, do not let Meg get to you. She does that on purpose, especially to new players. She has given many a guy a woodie on the court and distracted the girls, just like now. Concentrate. Ok?"

I nodded weakly.

We kept things even until late in the second half. A lot of the players were now tired. I was in good shape and so was Tam. We found a rhythm and ran off five straight baskets with me feed her pinpoint passes. Even Meg could not defend her alone.

Jeb blew the whistle and we won by six. My teammates surrounded me and I was subjected to a bunch of hugs from naked people, feeling tits, bush and cocks against my body. We did the walk exchanging high fives with the other team. Meg was last and stopped to hug me. "Great game, Ann," said. She patted my ass as we broke.

Gathering my towel and finishing off a bottle of Gatorade, I said to Tam.

"I thought you said no ass slaps"

She smiled and replied, "And, I was right. But, I did not mention the hugs at the end. Didn't want you messin' up during the game."

I poke her arm in jest. "Yeah, Ok, but Meg slapped my ass."

"So, I noticed," she said with a funny smile. "Maybe we should ask her why."

"Nah, no big deal," I sai

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