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Doctor gets first gay experience while on the job.

oing to finish me now?"

Garrison grinned wickedly and got down on his knees, angling her slightly so he could kneel in front of her. Her fingers immediately found their way into his hair, and she tugged lightly as she tried to draw him close. He gave her agonizingly slow kisses across her abdomen, up and down her thighs, back and forth across her neat triangle of pubic hair. He ran his nose along the length of her slit, barely touching her as he breathed in deeply her heady scent. His tongue followed suit, very gently spreading her labia as he licked her up and down. It was too gentle. She tugged on his hair, desperate for more pressure. "Please," she begged again.

He teased her further by slowing down, licking and kissing even more gently, letting her feel his hot breath as he exhaled, and the cool air that quickly replaced the warmth during each inhale. He looked up to see her eyebrows drawn together and her jaw totally slack. Just as their eyes met he pushed his tongue flat up against her, finally giving her the pressure she so needed. Amelia moaned and immediately disentangled her fingers from his hair so she could pull on her nipples and massage her breasts. Garrison pulled away a little to smile up at her. "Not too loud now, dear," he said before burying his head back between her legs and nibbling on her pussy lips. Either she decided not to heed his warning, or she was completely unaware that she continued to noisily enjoy the feeling of his tongue as he swirled it around her clit and prodded at her opening.

"You're gonna make me cum, baby," she said after a short minute. Garrison pulled his face away and quickly grabbed her wrists, pinning them against her sides. "No!" She shouted as she squeezed her thighs together and dropped down to her knees. Garrison wasted no time in taking her breast into his mouth, roughly tonguing and lightly biting her nipple. She was squirming and moaning almost uncontrollably, her desperation more and more obvious. The cold air on her wet skin made her nipple ache as he switched to her other breast to give it the same attention. Amelia was near tears, barely able to get out another "please" in between her erratic breaths. Her pussy was literally throbbing, her swollen clit aching to feel release.

Garrison moved his kisses up her chest, collarbones and neck until he finally reached her lips. Her body slowly began to relax as they made out, and eventually he let go of her wrists. She snaked her arms around his neck in an embrace as she kissed him. Her hands began to explore, trailing from his neck, down his muscular chest and stomach until her fingers were toying with the waistband of his pants.

Garrison pulled away and stood up, lifting his shirt over his head as he did, then helped her to stand up too. His bulge was visible even in the shadowy firelight. He tossed another log in and they watched as embers shot up into the sky. Amelia moved towards him but stumbled slightly. Garrison easily caught and steadied her, but instead of remaining upright she sank again to her knees, this time catching his waistband and sliding his pants down with her. His cock sprang free right in front of her face and her mouth immediately began to water. "You are so sexy," she told him.

The head of his cock looked so swollen and his skin looked so smooth. She wrapped her mouth around it and began licking and sucking, savoring the feeling of him on her tongue. He laid his hand gently but firmly on the back of her head, and watched as the entire length of his cock disappeared between her lips. Her mouth was warm and wet as she worked her tongue and began sucking and bobbing her head. She used one hand to play with his balls and the other to hold and jack off the base of his cock.

Garrison enjoyed the feeling of her servicing him for a moment before he pulled away. She looked up at him pouting. "I want you to fuck my face," she said. Garrison laughed and thrust himself just once down her throat, making her gag before pulling away again.

"That's all you get," he told her.

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