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The first time he licked her.

"You excite me," Kelsy whispered.

"I may not be any good at this."

"We'll find out, won't we? Come on, let's get on the bed."

But first Angela walked over to the wall to touch a switch that changed the lighting to a soft pink. "Is this all right?"

Kelsy chuckled. "I love it." She climbed onto the bed and slipped under the covers. "Dreamland. Come on, hurry and get over here."

Angela came to the bed and leaned forward to lift the covers, her breasts swinging, the perfect pinkish-brown nipples still soft. Kelsy's excitement increased as she looked at her. After Angela slipped under the covers, they lay on their sides facing each other.

"Hello," Kelsy said.

Angela smiled. "Hello."

Kelsy had one of her arms underneath Angela, the other arm outside the cover. The blonde was completely covered, her arms hidden, and then suddenly Kelsy was pleasantly surprised as she felt Angela's hand on her belly, Angela's fingers tentatively sliding into the upper part of Kelsy's pubic triangle.

Angela said: "When I first saw you I thought you'd be shaved."

Kelsy chuckled. "Why?"

"I don't know. I suppose you look the type, that's all."

"Sorry, if that's what you like."

"No, it doesn't matter."

Kelsy deliberately avoided touching her. Not yet. Then suddenly Kelsy pushed the covers down, all the way down until both their bodies were exposed.

Kelsy gazed down at Angela's blonde tuft. "I'm glad you're not shaved. I like it better this way."

"I kept it shaved for years."

"No, it's better this way."

Now Kelsy touched Angela's thigh. She slid her hand up and down, teasing Angela by avoiding her pussy. The ice cool lipstick lez with a blonde pussy. With a sigh, Angela turned to lie on her back.

"Why don't you make love to me?" Angela said.

Her asking for it like that excited Kelsy immensely. "Sure, baby."

She moved down the bed to kneel between Angela's legs. Again, Kelsy felt a strong urge to melt the ice down. She leaned over Angela and slid her hands up and down Angela's legs. The pink light made Angela's creamy skin look even more delicious. Angela's closed her eyes as Kelsy slowly stroked the insides of her legs. Angela opened her thighs wider, looking at Kelsy now to watch what she did. The blonde's face was impassive, which annoyed Kelsy because Angela looked as though she were evaluating Kelsy's performance.

Silly bitch from Lake Forest, Kelsy thought. But with a sweet looking blonde pussy.

Kelsy was hot, feeling her own pussy heating up. She slid her hands up to Angela's breasts. The nipples were only half- extended. Kelsy jiggled the breasts with her fingers and Angela appeared to breathe more heavily.

What did she like? What did she want? What would it take to make her scream?

Kelsy sensed the blonde's growing excitement, but it was too slow. She took the nipples between her fingers, rolled them and pulled them outward. She pushed Angela's breasts together, played with them as Angela lay there inert with her hands at her sides. Angela would obviously remain passive while everything was done to her. Kelsy wasn't bothered by that, but it made her more determined than ever to get the ice melted. She leaned back now to have a better look at Angela's crotch. The sparse blonde tuft stood up on the plump little mound. There was very little hair along the outer lips. The inner flaps were still hidden, even with her legs apart. The outer lips were a delicate light brown, almost pink, and not a sign of juice visible. Leaning forward, Kelsy touched the closed slit with her fingertips.

Angela made a sound of pleasure.

Kelsy fondled Angela's breasts again, and then she bent her head to kiss a nipple. First one nipple and then the other nipple. She kissed downward to Angela's belly. She skipped over the tuft to kiss Angela's inner thighs. She moved her lips with deliberate slowness, teasing Angela, grazing her skin to get the ice melted. The blonde's body smelled of bath powder, a delicious smell that excited Kelsy.

But there was no scent of a hot pussy.

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