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She nodded.

"Why are you wearing a skirt?" She asked.


"It's not very good."

"It worked."

We reached the window. Grandfather and Roddrego were looking out at me. I went to the Land Rover. Thankfully the keys were inside. I don't think I could have faced going back into that toilet to search his pockets for them.

"Go inside and let them out." I told Louise, handing her the bunch of door keys. "Tell them to come out one at a time and come to the Land Rover. How bad is Howie?"

"He was shot in the shoulder when he tried to stop them pawing me about. It's only a flesh wound really but Howie likes to make a big thing out of these things."

I could tell she was worried so I gave her a hug. She did smell of shit.

"Hurry." I said. "We don't know when the others will be back."

"Not tonight." She replied. "They are going to a meeting. The government wants peace. Roddrego told us they have a helicopter."

"Ok." I patted her on the backside as she turned away from me.

I wiped my hand on the side of my skirt. That was a thought. I took it off and pulled on my trousers again as Louise and Bill led the others back around the corner. I shoved my cock back inside the fly hole of my underpants and fastened my trousers. Both the women watched me as I did it. Both had smiles on their faces.

I re-fastened the gun belt and handed the pistol and rifle to grandfather and Roddrego. Howie lay on his back in the well of the rear of the Land-Rover with his knees bent. The others sat on either side of him as I climbed behind the steering wheel.

I switched on the engine and placed the vehicle into gear.



I pulled into the small car park behind the block of apartments Paul owned in London at half-past six. I had just about convinced myself I'd imagined the face at the window. I'd stopped over briefly in Bristol to collect my suitcase, some fresh clothes and my passport. I'd received another phone call from Carole telling me that I could pick up my tickets at the airport and that she was really looking forward to seeing me.

Hudson's door was closed so I rang the bell. I could hear movement behind it and the sound of voices and I saw the little spy hole change colour as he opened it up inside to see who was there.

He opened the door a little.

"Ah Jenny." He said. "I wasn't expecting you so soon."

He was only wearing a towel about his waist. I'd never thought of him as being a very well built man before. He certainly was. A barrel of a chest, covered in hairs. A flat, well-muscled stomach and well defined shoulders and biceps.

"I'll get you the spare keys." He said, turning away from me and heading into his kitchen where he kept his key-press.

He had a well-muscled back as well. It was broad at the top and tapered down to his hips.

I could see into his living room at the back of his sofa. A head appeared briefly over it. It was the face of a young man. By the naked shoulder I imagined he was in the nude. Hudson came back, saw where I was looking and waved his hand at the young man. The head and shoulder disappeared.

"Here are the keys." He said, handing me a small bunch. "Will you be needing anything?"

"No thanks." I replied. "I'll go to restaurant to eat and then have an early night."

"I'll drive you to the airport in the morning."

"That's very kind of you."

The sound of movement behind him caught both our attentions. He looked over his shoulder and I craned mine to see around him.

The young man was standing up and stretching. He certainly was nude. I could see his ribs. And his prick. It must have been semi-hard. If not then when it was fully-grown it would make Ron's appear small.

Hudson turned back towards me obscuring my vision.

"Will there be anything else?" He asked.

He seemed in a hurry to get rid of me. "No. I'll see you in the morning. Thank you."

"Bye Jenny." He said, closing the door.

I remained standing where I was for a few seconds.

"Oh Mike." I heard the young man's voice clearly. "Who was your friend?"

It was high pitched and nasal.

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