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I got my wish to see Alice again...

That increased my excitement to fever level and I did my best to milk his cock as it slid in and out of me. After about 5 minutes we both had body shaking orgasms. My pussy was overflowing with cum and true to his word his cum covered cock was at my mouth waiting for me to clean it. I gladly sucked his cock clean. Then I thanked the guys and told them we should keep in contact. They went back to the party and I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up, inside and out.

As I returned to the party I heard so very loud moaning coming from the group room. When I looked in I saw one of new girls riding Bill's cock and it was obvious she was enjoying it very much. I also noticed there were 2 other girls next to him watching and I imagine waiting their turn.

I went out to the pool area and found a chair next to another new guy. After a short conversation I invited him to join me in the hot tub. Once in the hot tub I found his cock and began playing with it. When it was nice and hard I suggested he sit on the side and let me suck it. He didn't waste any time changing positions and I had a very nice cock in my mouth. I love sucking cock so I took my time sucking and enjoying its feeling on my tongue. After about 15 minutes I could feel him getting ready to cum and increased my efforts. I continued sucking as he came an swallowed after each squirt. He finally had to push my head away from his cock as it became too sensitive. We thanked each other and both went back to the party.

I found another newbie and we went back to my bedroom to play but this time I left the door open. At most swinger's parties an open door means others are welcome to join. After sucking him hard I let him fuck me doggie style. As he fucked me I made quite a bit of noise showing my pleasure but I also wanted to be heard so others would join us. The fucking I was getting was good but it got even better when 2 new black fellows came and joined us. I now had a cock in my pussy and 2 in front of my face which I took turns sucking. After about 10 minutes the guy fucking me gave up his nut and that sent me over the top. When he pulled out I urged one of the guys I was sucking to lay on the bed and let me mount him. I then mounted him and enjoyed the feeling of his big cock in my pussy. While riding his cock I was also sucking the other guys cock. When it was nice and wet I asked if they wanted to try a DP. They were both very willing and shortly thereafter I had 2 nice cocks in me, one in pussy and one in my ass. It took a while but we finally got into a rhythm and the sensation was incredible. Before I finally came I made quite a bit of noise and when I looked up there were several people watching us. This just increased my excitement and I began cumming. This cum was so intense I almost passed out. Thankfully the guys came shortly thereafter because I didn't have the energy to help them get off.

When the guy that fucked my ass got off I rolled onto the bed and just lay there momentarily regaining my senses. I thanked the guys and as they got up a couple other guys joined me in bed. For about the next hour I sucked and fucked several guys until I finally had to call a time out. When I got up to go to the bathroom I could actually feel cum running down my legs. I was one well fucked slut and enjoyed every minute of it.

After I cleaned myself up again I went back to the party and was welcomed back by my husband.

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