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Student ignores both rules and punishments.

It's such an intimate gesture! I am paralyzed. I can do nothing but watch his beautiful face. A battle seems to be happening behind his striking eyes, as he looks at his fingers, playing with my hair.
"Beautiful, mystifying, Lorena..." His eyes meet mine for a second, his fingertips skim my cheek gently and he steps away from me again, towards the door. "I better let you sleep now..."

I find my voice only by the power of some miracle "I will open the door downstairs for you..." How is he getting to wherever he is going? He is barefooted and half naked!

"No, no... don't worry. It's cold out there. You go to bed. I will get out the same way I came in... for luck. My car is parked not too far, and I still need to get the memory cards from the cameras."

I look at him for a beat, then shrug. It all still sounds like nonsense, but whatever. My knees are a little wobbly and I feel very tired all of a sudden. Emotionally drained, both from the book and from this whole conversation.

"OK... You should be careful though. People around here have been a bit antsy, since the police found two women dead on the beach north of here. You don't want to get shot by accident."

"Thank you, I will keep that in mind." He puts the book into one of his many pockets and makes his way to the door. "I will lock the upstairs from the inside for you before closing it."


On Tuesday, my doorbell rings a few minutes before seven. I have decided not to invite him up now, so, grabbing my coat and bag, I make my way downstairs, walking deliberately slowly.

When I open the door, Liam is just standing there, looking... well, scrumptious comes to mind. His eyes are down and he seems a little lost in thought.

"Hi..." I say softly, trying not to startle him and it comes out all husky, like a cheesy 'come on'. I feel myself blush immediately and my resolution to stay relaxed wavers a bit.

"Good evening. May I say, you look lovely tonight Ms. Clarke." he says playfully.

"Oh why... thank you, Mr. Stewart." I say imitating his tone and then, pointedly looking him over "You don't look too bad yourself."

His throaty and sexy laugh sounds so damn good... "Ready to go?"

"I'm all yours tonight." What? Where did that come from?

"You shouldn't say things like that, unless you mean them, Lorena..." his tone sends butterflies into my stomach, but he goes back to casual and friendly before I can really react "I hope you don't mind a bit of a drive? I thought we might try the Hideaway."

"Oh...?" That's a forty minute drive!

He wiggles his eyebrows at me "I promise to let you choose the music for the drive?"

"All right. I can live with that."

Liam opens the car door for me. Oh, I get to ride in the little toy car tonight! It's a bit low but I manage to get into my seat, as elegantly as can be expected.

"Why the Hideaway?" I ask, when he is in his seat.

"One of my friends was there this week, he can't stop raving about the food. Have you eaten there before?"

"No. I have heard about it though. It's supposed to be really good." I hope he knows, they are usually booked solid every night for weeks in advance.

He starts maneuvering the car around "Now, about that music?"

"Oh yeah... Let's see... Do you have any Justin Bieber? or Britney Spears? Oh... maybe some SpiceGirls?" I say deadpan, but when I look at his horrified face I can't keep it up. We laugh, and I feel a little less daunted by the idea of spending forty minutes trapped in such close quarters with him.

He has old Kings of Leon playing with the volume low, and I am happy with that. We talk about music and cinema for a while. As it happens, we like a lot of the same music. He seems to watch a great amount of horror movies, which I don't particularly like, but has never seen a Julia Roberts romantic comedy! How did he escape that? Hasn't he ever had a girlfriend!?

It's a strange ride.

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