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Angie's money worries cause her to try a new tact.

eed a reminder of what I instructed you to do?"


His mother looked at her own mother, mystified, not sure what was about to happen next. The older woman was close to tears by now but she knew she had no choice. To ensure her grandson continued to give her what she earnestly desired she was going to have to show her red, smacked bottom to her daughter. Taking a few steps forward she hitched up her skirt, leaned forward, placed her hands on the edge of the desk and burned with humiliation. ______Her daughter gasped in shock, not knowing what was more disgraceful, what her mother was doing or the state of her punished bottom. All she could do was stare at the other woman's big, fat arse, nice and pink after her earlier spanking.

______"Gran and I have a very private arrangement which gives her the control she needs from me while, at the same time, allows me to punish her for any misdemeanours on her part. It is my intention to begin a similar arrangement with you to help you keep your desires in check while, at the same time, will allow me to use your body when I want. If you agree then assume the same position as your mother. If you don't then you can walk out the door right now and forget about ever having my cock in your cunt again."

______His mother's head was in a whirl; she didn't know what to do. She looked at her mother's bare arse; she looked at the position she was in, bending over at the waist, holding on to the desk, and she looked at her son. He was tapping his fingers impatiently.


______She couldn't lose his cock; she had gone without sex for so long and now all she could think about was when he might fuck her again. But could she really do this? Could she really let her son spank her? Could she really let her arse be punished as much as her mother's?

With a whimper, she stepped forward and grabbed the side of her manager's desk, right beside her mother.______ Her son was delighted. He knew he had played his mother to perfection and that his plan was going even better than he'd dared to imagine. Walking round to the other side of the desk he looked down on the two women, mother and daughter, and thought he was in heaven. However, his mother's arse was still clothed; he intended to rectify that immediately.______

Her whole body stiffened as she felt the hem of her dress slowly making its way up her legs. Her son had seen her naked many times by now but in this position, beside her mother, it felt even more humiliating. She looked to the older woman with pleading eyes but her mother was staring at the floor, too ashamed to look at her daughter and too scared to look anywhere else. ______As her dress moved higher still and she felt the cool air on her naked thighs she whimpered as she felt her long dress thrown over her back to reveal her big, white cotton knickers. She hadn't imagined that she would have to have worn anything sexier since she knew she was visiting her mother as well as her son but now she could only hang her head low imagining him laughing at the sight of her large panties. She thought that she would die from embarrassment but when she felt her son's hands on her round cheeks she hoped and feared that there was more to come. He stopped for a moment and walked back around his desk, sat down and addressed both women.

"Gran, come around here and kneel beside me."

The older woman knew better than to hesitate and, without looking at her daughter, jumped up, ran around the desk and knelt down where her grandson indicated.

"Mother, you will lie across my lap."______

She had been trying to comfort herself in the fact that, when they were both leaning over the desk her mother was unable to see anything, unable to see her big knickers, unable to see her fat bottom, unable to see her shame. Now, as she lay down across her son's lap like a naughty schoolgirl, she looked round to see her mother kneeling right behind her, her face only partially blocked by the swell of her large arse.

______"Take off your daughter's knickers," he instructed his grandmother. ______

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