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A young woman named Skara is taken by a rival tribe...

This, and more, was always part of my fantasy but as I said no one close to me knew this. And I was glad I did not have to throat a black cock in front Alice, yet....

This was clearly where I wanted this week to progress to but it's natural to go one step at a time. To this point I had always been a man in front of Alice and this was happening fast. Although I was embarrassed and confused I was going to unleash my 4 incher. You don't disobey an imposing man such as Robert.

I unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to the floor. I was also not wearing underwear. My dick however did not cause any issue with getting my shorts off and it did not spring out of my pants quite as dramatically as Robert's.

My cock is smaller than average. Not a micro penis but on the small side. It is thin, if I wrap my index finger and thumb around it I can touch the middle of my index finger. My sack and balls are not very big either and I'm in okay shape and active but have a dad body. To further assert his dominance, Robert told me to take off my shirt.

As I stood there naked the contrast was incredible. Here was this chiseled black stud with a 6 pack (he took his shirt off when I did) and a nine inch massively thick cock standing straight out an inch from my wife's face. And I was standing there with a thin, hard 4 inch cock pointing up towards my spare tire. Robert was laughing and said to Alice "so bitch, time to choose, which dick you gonna suck." He laughed. Alice obviously tightened her grip on Robert's dark ebony rod and began to lick the tip gently while staring up at him with the sexiest fuck me eyes.

With that Robert put his hand on my chest and pushed me with one hand. I flew back into my chair. He grabbed the back of Alice's head and jammed that big black cock down her throat. Robert had been sensual the whole time but that part was over. He was goin to fuck Alice like the Asian black cock whore she longed to be.

He fucked her face hard for about a minute. Thrusting violently in and out. Alice gagged and drooled. Her eyes were closed tightly and she gasped for air. Her saliva dripped down his shaft and onto the floor as he continued to thrust in and out of my wife's mouth.

Robert looked down at Alice and said "you like it rough bitch? I know you ain't gettin no hard fucking from dis tiny dicked white boy." Alice nodded kind of and made some positive consent noise as she was still getting fucked in the mouth. Robert then pulled out to give her a break.

Alice caught her breath but never let go of he jet black huge penis. She was looking at it in wonder, her pussy still dripping wet from the fingering. She looked so sexy gazing at his dick, moving it up to see the underside. Licking the shaft. Cupping and licking his shaved smooth sack with 2 balls that were probably the size of golf balls. Robert let her admire and caress, kiss and suck his cock at her own pace for about 3 minutes. But then he took control and went back to the brutal face fucking before grabbing her by the hair. He pulled her up from the floor. He was so strong it was like lifting a bag of groceries.

Alice looked a bit disheveled. Her mascara was running and she had drool on her chin from the brutal face fucking she just took. She was a little out of breath still as it had only been a few moments since that earth shattering orgasm Robert gave her. Robert told her to "take off dem panties and get on the bed now." Alice turned and slipped off her bikini bottoms and complied.

Alice looked amazing lying on the bed, her legs spread and her now open flower visible to me and waiting to accept Robert's cock. She looked nervous though. Robert walked over to her lying on bed and grabbed her calfs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Just as he was about to finally enter my wife he noticed something, and he paused and laughed. He was looking at the tattoo that is on Alice's pussy, that gets covered by pubes when it is not there.

Robert turned to me and said "how many dem black boys dis bitch been fuckin" and laughed hard.

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