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An encounter at the bar leads to bondage in the hotel room.

Sam said something I didn't hear and H sat up and grabbed a bottle of sun cream. She squirted a large load on to her hand and then began smearing it into Sam back; as she leant across her tits swung forward and were inches from Sam's smooth skin, H's nipples projected through the thin material, she can't be cold, was she turned on? H finished rubbing the cream in then lay down and Sam returned the favour. Sam had a great massage technique and I could see she was using it on H. I heard a gentle moan as Sam kneaded H's shoulders and rubbed the cream into her back. I looked across, Sam was leaning across H and kneading her shoulder, I looked along H's leg to her crack and swore I could see a spot of moisture beginning to form in the crotch of her bikini. I could take this no longer; I got up and went into the kitchen for a drink.

A short while later Sam came into the kitchen "I'm just driving down to Auntie's house to see her, why don't you go and keep H company?" and with that she grabbed the car keys and was off.

Once I was sure the car had gone I went back outside and saw H, again flat on her back, arms above her head, eyes closed. I took the opportunity to get a really good look at her body. As I said before she's a fine looking woman, her porcelain white skin was flawless, her tits, as she lay on her back, pancaked against her chest but the previous view had confirmed they were firm and shapely. Her tummy was tight and smooth, her navel neatly indented, her crotch was covered tightly by the bikini, a small mound visible, was that her lips or some hair? No hair was visible along the bikini line so it was hard to tell. My cock was throbbing and my balls were beginning to ache, I could just imagine slapping it out and pulling myself off, shooting my load across that stomach, filling her navel with my warm cum. H opened her eyes "Everything OK?"

"Erm, yes, fine, erm do you want a drink?"

"No I'm fine."

I returned to my sun lounger, which was now in the sun. My balls were really aching now and I needed to turn my thoughts to something else. I lay back and closed my eyes.

Suddenly I felt a chill, a shadow had fallen across me; I opened my eyes and saw H stood above me. "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

She was between me and the sun, her tits covered only by the thin material of her bikini top. She had the sarong on over her bikini bottom again but with the sun behind her I could see straight through it, her mound clearly silhouetted. I longed to see that mound, I really needed to know -- blond hair down there as well or shaved? No she's my wife's cousin, I can't think like this!

"Do you think I'm attractive?"

What the hell to say to that? As I've mentioned before H was a fantastic looking woman but she was my wife's cousin and I was here with my wife, even though she'd gone out for the rest of the day. "Erm, yes of course, you're lovely!"

"You're just saying that." H looked sad for some reason.

"No, I'm not, really, it's just ... well ... you're Sam's cousin."

"I know but Drew hardly seems to notice me any more and at my age it's depressing to think I don't turn men on any more, I used to be the centre of attention. Maybe it's a mid-life crisis."

H had certainly been a stunner when she was young and had no end of male attention. For me she'd kept that but I guess she was feeling low. I saw a tear starting to form in her eye. "Really, truthfully, you're gorgeous. You're pretty, you've stunning blue eyes and you're in fine shape. Really, you're gorgeous."

"But I'm old and sag in all the wrong places?"

I had to look away to get my mind off those beautiful tits, I grabbed for my drink; this was weird but very erotic. The mix of the sun, the warmth and watching Sam and H all morning had turned me on and it was starting to hurt. "No, not at all, you're, erm, great ... and ... erm... toned. Mind you I've never seen you unsupported!" I joked.

"Would you lik

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