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One night stand with a hot stranger.

Granny reached over and cupped one of Gingers breasts and started to lick and suck her nipple.

Just then the phone rang and mother got out, dripping wet and went into the bedroom to answer it.

Ginger leaned against the wall and slowly spread her legs to except moms hand and finger s into her waiting pussy.

Sheryl got on her knees while holding my cock so she could suck its overly enlarged head, and cup my ball sack till I came again in her waiting mouth.

We all got out and got some clothes on to go down to fix the food for supper.

Ginger was mixing drinks when I looked over and saw those breasts shaking freely under her loose top. Her nipple's where hard and pocking out.

Sheryl was making the salad and mom and Dee were preparing the steaks for me to grill.

After supper, which by now was after nine in the evening, we all agreed to call it a night and mom suggested a drawing of straws to see who got to sleep with me.

I opened my mouth and said, "I think grannie gets that honors as she was leaving in another day."

They all agreed and we headed to the bedrooms.

Saturday morning was sunny and warm with the sun coming in the open window and granny lying beside me with her warm hand wrapped around my flaccid dick.

I rolled over and gave her a kiss and a stroke between her legs as a "GOOD MORNING SEXY" type of wake up call.

She moaned and let go of my cock and curled up to keep sleeping.

I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom to piss.

I got dressed and grabbed a glass of OJ on the way to play some "B" ball with the guys and then wash the truck before lunch.

When I got back to our street I noticed that there was four cars parked in front of our house and two more in the drive.

I parked my truck in the street and headed in the back door to be met by mother in the kitchen.

I asked what all the cars were for and she said, "Some of mothers (granny's) friend came over to visit before she headed back home. (A hen party as they call it)

Mother and I decided to got down to the club for lunch and a beer or two.

We got home about three, just as sis and her roommate were getting back from meeting with some of sis's old school mates and such.

Granny and her friend were still there and on their sixth bottle of wine, from the stack on the kitchen counter.

To say the least, they were all SNOCKERED and HAPPY.

Between the four of us we drove them all home or called there "better halves" to come get them.

Granny was a sleep in the lazy boy and we decided to let her stay there.

We all went back to the family room to watch a video. (You can guess what it was about) I was one that mother had taken the day her friends were over and "used" me for the pleasure's.

Sis and Ginger got on each side of me on the sofa and with one playing with my ball sack and the other rubbing my cock through my "jockey's."

I just leaned back, with an arm around each gal and enjoyed the attention.

Mother just sat, with the video camera going, and watched me get milked and me shooting my load all over the two gals.

Just as I was exploding, granny walked in the room and screamed, "PUMP HIM DRY GALS."

Mother turned the camera on her and taped granny stripping and swinging her monetarist breast to and fro.

With that sis and ginger stood up, removed the rest of their clothes along with mom stripping.

They them all walked over to me and lined up in front of me, facing me.

They then all turned around and bent over, grabbing their ankles with their asses to me and their legs somewhat spread saying, "which one gets to be FUCKD first big guy?"

I reached up and gently ran my fingers between each of their legs, stroking each one pussy to see which was the wettest.

Ginger won the contest as hers was the wettest and she had the largest labia lips I had ever encounter in my short life.

I stood up, grabbed her by her "love handled" and ran my cock up her cunt from behind.

In her bent over position she placed her hands on the coffee table and pushed her ass towards

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