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She pays for her smart-assed remark.

"Thanks for lunch and filling me in on everything. I'm really looking forward to working together," Janelle stated.

"Me too. I think you're going to be a welcomed change around here."

"Thanks. By any chance would you be interested in grabbing lunch later in the week? Frank speaks very highly of you and you seem like someone who would be up on office politics. I could use someone to give me the 'lay of the land' so to speak."

Kris chuckled, "I'd be happy too. Everyone here is laid back but I'm sure I could come up with a few pointer."

"Great, I'd really appreciate it. I'll catch up with you later on a day and time."

"Sounds good, enjoy the rest of your first week." Kris turned to walk towards her desk. Janelle was really nice. I bet she'd be fun to hang out with. I'll see how lunch goes and then maybe invite her for a night out for drinks with the girls. Kris smiled at the possibility of befriending her new colleague. She didn't have many friends and someone to talk to at the office would be really nice. At the very least, Janelle seemed like she would be great to work with and a tremendous help in dealing with clients.


Dante was driving home from the office after a long day when his phone rang. He looked at the caller id before answering.

"It's about time," Dante said harshly.

"Well, nice to be talking with you too, cousin." Anton laughed.

"Sorry, Anton. I'm just getting restless. I'm not accustom to idly waiting."

"Then it's a good thing I have some positive news for you."

"Thank God."

"There was an opening at your mate's firm and I happened to have a member of my pack that was qualified for the job and interested. She has been hired and made contact with your mate. The two women actually genuinely like each other and have been socializing. My pack member's name is Janelle and you should have an email waiting for you from her with more information on what she has learned about your mate. She is not thrilled to be 'spying' for you as the women seem to be becoming friends, but she will not disobey a command from her alpha."

"Thank you, Anton. I do feel a little guilty about having to proceed the way I am, but I do not see any other way. I can not leave right now but I will have this woman."

"I understand. A few members of my pack have claimed human mates. It can be challenging. Still having problems in the pack?"

"Yes, there is a small group that is causing a fraction in the pack. Their 'leader' is calling into question my father's ability to be Alpha and subtly undermining his authority. My father really needs my brother and I to stay close and stand by him now to build confidence within the pack. We fear there may be a challenge soon."

"I'm sorry you are having such trouble but the De Luca family has lead your pack for hundreds of years and that will not be changing anytime soon."

"I appreciate the vote of confidence, Anton. I will be sure to keep you posted on the situation. And hopefully I will be coming up for a visit very soon."

"I hope so too. Hang in there, Dante. The pull of a mate on your wolf is strong but take some peace in knowing you will have her."

"Thanks again, Anton. I'll talk to you soon."

"Give your father and brother my best. Goodnight."

When Dante arrived home he immediately went to his office to check his email. Sure enough there was an email in his inbox from Janelle, just as Anton said. He opened it anxious to see what information she had for him. As he read through he started to smile. From the limited details Janelle could provide so far, Dante could feel his woman would be perfect for him in every way. She was not overly outspoken but when she had an opinion, she made it known. She was very smart, education, ambitious and a born leader. Everything a future Alpha would need at his side.

But as he came to the end of the email, his face dropped.

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