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A scrawny kid develops in more ways than one.

"It's perfect!" he said positively delighted. "Well alright then. We'll be waiting for you downstairs whenever you're ready."

"Right now?" she asked surprised, "but what if I say something that offends him?"

"Oh I wouldn't worry about that," he replied reassuringly. "Something tells me that Mr. Cunningham will be more than pleased to hear anything you want to say."

"I see. So is there anything in particular I should know about him?" she asked hoping for a glimpse into what she was getting herself into.

"Lets just say that I wouldn't be surprised if he's the kind of man who is used to getting what he wants," he said as he exited her room.

"Now that's a bummer," she said to herself, "and here I was hoping to hear that he'd be a civil human being who believed in basic decency."


Jessica took the moment to look in the mirror before leaving to join her father's company. No amount of money is worth wearing something this embarrassing, she half thought to herself as she tried pulling her shirt up to in an almost vain attempt to maintain concealment. Feeling almost naked and overly exposed, she thought about getting into something more suitable, but at the last moment tried reminding herself that this uniform did not define who she was, and that she only had to wear it for a little while.

The first thing she noticed when she saw Mr. Cunningham was her father's absence. She thought it was odd because it was an unprecedented occurrence if you considered all the times they'd entertained guests in the past. Not knowing what to think about it, she sat down at the seat sitting directly across from him at the table, where food and drink had already been served. She wasn't at all hungry and so she studied the figure across from her, hoping she'd be able to do what was expected of her. She had seen him and spoke to him briefly at the various company parties, and she never would have thought twice about him if he wasn't sitting in front of her presently. Clean shaven and plain looking, small in stature, with nothing out of the ordinary about him that would make him remotely noteworthy.

It was then that she noticed the second peculiarity; there was wine in front of her. Of course, alcohol had never been expressly forbidden but at the same time it had never been expressly offered, either. Assuming because it was out of boredom, she felt her arm reach itself out so that she could try a tiny sip. She was surprised by how sweet it tasted, as she felt the tinniest wave of warm, happy nourishment course through her body.

"You certainly don't look like someone who'd be important," she said at last.

"I suppose you might be right," he replied after a brief pause and with out a trace of irritation.

She continued to sip the wine as the silence continued. "Wow," she exclaimed at last. "This is actually pretty good."

"I'm glad you like it," he proclaimed proudly. "I prefer the finest elements in all aspects of my life... including wine."

"Sounds like a delight," she exclaimed enthusiastically as she moved to pour herself some more.

She couldn't tell how much time had passed, but it wasn't long before things started looking a lot better. Being as warm and comfortable as she felt, she hardly even noticed how her shirt was falling too low again. And then all at once it hit her. She was tired. She tried getting up but faltered and sat back down.

"Here let me help you," he said as he moved across to join her. Using his body for support she felt herself stand up properly, but at the same time felt a strange tug of sorts. She looked down to find herself completely bare and uncovered. She instinctually reached down to try and pull up the rest of her shirt but found her arms locked by some unknown force. Feeling unfairly exposed, she turned her head away, flushed with new found shame and embarrassment.

And at that exact moment, something within him snapped.

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