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A college profesor is lead down the path by a sorority girl.

I could reach my hands over to handle both her bra-covered breasts, so they could get the same treatment I gave Alison. Although Alison had more to work with, Gillian's were a perfect handful - and that was with a bra on.

I got to work getting it out of the way, right as Gillian reached in for me. She briefly grabbed my erection, before pulling away to throw her bra off. I only had a second to admire her bare breasts before she kissed me, so I settled for just holding them.

She went back to my underwear, as I felt her pulling me free and into the open. She stroked me while my hands stroked her chests, and our tongues stroked each other. Our mouths were slower than our hands, which made it all the more sensual.

When we broke, I looked down at Gillian's hand on mine, then saw my hands on her tits, then saw her knowing, perfect smile and the glint in her pretty blue eyes. She kissed me slow and sweet once, then twice, then got up on her feet and let my cock go.

Gillian climbed into my lap, leaving my erection right up against her stomach. The friction was one of the many things taking me aback, until Gillian kissed me quickly again. I took the lead next, dipping my head down to kiss and suckle her breasts, as my hands went on her waist.

We started grinding on each other while I worked on her tits, and I also rubbed my cock against her skin for good measure. When I brushed the center of her underwear, Gillian moaned and asked, "Mmmm.....you've been waiting to do that, haven't you?"

I wasn't in a position to lie, so I said, "You're not the only one who's waited for someone around here...."

With that, Gillian pulled her chest back and got on her feet. I was briefly afraid I'd gone too far - although that would be a hypocritical position for her. Instead, she got into position on her knees, right in front of me.

"It's a wonder this never happened," Gillian commented, as she settled underneath the study room table. I scooted forward, until Gillian put her hand back on me - and her mouth followed after that.
A blowjob underneath the study table, received to someone sitting in Jeff Winger's chair. Yeah, this was undoubtedly from that character's deep, dark fantasies - about both Britta and Annie most of all. But I was real, I wasn't as cowardly as he was, and Gillian was performing better than any fictional character could - even her own.

Once again, I threatened my fingers through Gillian's hair as she performed oral sex, only with me in Alison's shoes. But she was letting me sit down, she was licking me up and down and she was moaning right onto my shaft. So there were differences.

Gillian looked so beautiful with her mouth and face full of....myself. Her eyes opened and looked up, showing how pleased and pretty she was. She popped off my shaft, licked down and briefly worked on my balls, suckling them for a second each before going off and suckling my head for a second.

Then she left everything high and dry.

Before I knew it, she crawled out from underneath the table, getting back on her feet. I was too paralyzed with blue balls to notice as she tried to pull my chair back, with me in it. But I did slide back, giving her room to stand in front of me, take off her panties, then go up and sit on the study table - with her legs parted in front of me.

"Your turn," Gillian made clearer. But with my cock now alone in the breeze, I had to get my head on straight.

If she was going to work on me and leave me early, I could do the same with her. But maybe if I didn't, it'd be another way for her to learn a lesson.

So I made myself the better man - not to mention the luckier one - by putting my head down and licking her up. After everything done to Alison and me, this was Gillian's first oral treatment tonight. She must have been on edge worse than me - so lesson learned for me after all.

Lessons like how this probably wouldn't take me too long.

Gillian put her legs over my shoulders, as I held her hip and shook my head and mouth on her.

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