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Encounter with his niece and a lady friend.

After awhile Hoss came along in the pool with his big dick bobbing on top of the water. Carolyn moved aside and guided his large tube in my moist slit. As good as Carolyn's tongue was, it felt great to have a stiff cock back in my pussy.

I leaned back on my elbows as Hoss began pounding into me. His strong hands slid up my chest and pushed the wet t-shirt up over my hard nipples. He massaged my jugs with his hands as he continued to piston his fuck stick into my snatch.

Hoss moved his right hand down to my waist and began thumbing my clitoris. After 10 minutes of serious fucking he picked my ass up off the deck and drove himself in me as deep as possible and exploded in a hot, wet orgasm. I could feel the jets of jism being blasted deep inside my pussy. Hoss embraced and kissed me as his orgasm subsided.

As he withdrew his semi-erect cock I noticed it was dripping with cum and pussy juice. I boldly stated, "hey that looks good enough to eat."

To which Hoss responded, "well, you little cum slut, why don't you suck it clean for me?"

Not waiting for an answer, he climbed up to straddle my chest. I grabbed his greasy dick with my right hand and stroked it right up to the tip. A small drop of cum begin to drip from his head. I stuck out my tongue and licked the droplet before it fell to my chest. I then lifted my head and swallowed his softening prick (I was becoming such a slut). The mixed taste of semen and pussy was intoxicating and I licked and slurped on his quivering tool.

Carolyn noticed what I was doing and commented, "that's quick a lolly pop you got there, I've got to get me one of those..."

At this point we noticed Ellen who was over in the corner of the deck, sitting on a lounge chair, surrounded by most of the other studs, sipping from a fresh bottle of her cherished vodka.

Somehow she had lost her panties and her wet t-shirt remained clinging to her rounded orbs and pointed buds.

I heard Darren announce "Hey, what's say we gang bang Ellen before she gets too fucking wasted again."

Ellen replied "I thought you guys liked me wasted."

"We do baby but I thought you might like to remember it for a change, besides you'll get lots to drink after you service all eight of us!"

Ellen laid back on the lounge chair, spread her legs wide, to reveal her gapping snatch, inserted two fingers, and announced "well what the fuck are you waiting for, do you want me one at a time or are you going to team fuck me?."

"Oh I think we'll give you the full treatment tonight sweetheart," said Kyle.

"Fine by me" said Ellen, "I've got a pussy and an ass that need some action and you know how I love to swallow goo! I've got some making up to do after what I missed last night, besides, it's time I showed my big titted little sister over there how to be the 'real' life of the party. Let's get it on boys!"

Her speach ended there as Kevin's stiff cock was inserted into her mouth. Ellen pushed him away just long enough to pull her damp t-shirt up over her head, allowing easier access to impressive tits. She resumed sucking the cock as another guy climbed on top of her and began fucking her wildly. Before long she had loads deposited in her pussy and mouth.

She opened her mouth to display the sticky cum that coated her mouth and tongue, then licked her lips to make sure she hadn't missed any and swallowed with enthusiasm.

Ellen instructed Darren to lay down so that she could mount him. Once his prick was inserted in her wet snatch she guided Kyle to plug her ass. Another massive cock was shoved down her throat and she was all set.

I was getting incredibly turned on watching Ellen getting triple teamed. She looked completely at home with her body full of stiff cocks. I watched in awe, as promised, she serviced all eight of the guys over the next hour.

She was repeatedly fucked in the pussy and ass and received copious loads on her face and tits. Ellen made a point of sucking each dick clean after it came in, or on her.

When the last stud had deposited his load in her she laid back with a broad g

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