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A storm growing and the ice is broken.

When Mark's mom stepped off the elevator we all just stared. She was wearing a matching dress. We all knew Mark's mom was a knockout but we did not expect this. She was in her early 40s but looked around 30. She looked hot.

"What?" she said as she joined us. "Too much?"

That knocked us out of our trance. .

"God no," said Becky. "You can totally rock that dress."

We all agreed. We started dressing Becky in typical bachelorette accessories. Tiara, feather boa, a white garter on one leg, and a veil. Everyone was laughing and having fun.

As we started to head off Clair said to know one in particular, "Do you think she's wearing the whole outfit?

We all turned to look at Mark's mom. She just laughed. She turned away from us, flipped up her skirt, and showed us the matching thong. We all laughed, made the Woo noise, and started shouting at each other. We headed to the bar.

First stop was one of the hotel bars. We decided to exchange presents and have cake there. That way we could drop presents off and not carry them with us for the rest the night.

We found a table and with a lot of noise started to open presents. The usual bunch of bachelorette party gifts were there. Lingerie, vibrators, gag gifts, and some other fun stuff. We also played typical bachelorette party games. We were loud obnoxious and having fun.

Of course a bunch of loud, pretty girls, dressed to kill, and waving around lingerie and vibrators drew attention.

Lots of men came up and tried to engage us in conversation. We were not interested in men but we were interested in having fun. We spent the party teasing the men, asking them what lingerie they liked, and making them think they had a chance. We were having a blast.

After the cake it was time to head out dancing. To the protest of many men we went back up to our room and dropped off all the presents. Then we grabbed a couple of cabs and headed for one of the most popular nightclubs in town.

There was a line when we got there. We had the cabs drop us off right in front of the doorman. He took a look at ten attractive girls and let us right in.

The music was loud and the beat was meant to dance to. We headed to the dance floor and started dancing together. At one point I was dancing with Claire. We must've been quite a sight, a 5'11" Amazon with a midget like me.

A lot of people were around us and tried to penetrate our group. We would let them in for a while and then blow them off. Men kept buying us drinks. As the night went on we flirted and danced sexier and sexier.

We were having a blast. Although we all danced with each other and with some of the cuter guys Claire seemed to spend more time with me. We would shake our bodies, grind against each other, put our arms around each other, and make all the boys jealous.

Every time Claire touched me I felt electricity through my body. I was loving the whole night. This was my kind of party. I could see the other girls doing the same thing. It was a bit weird and exciting when Claire would pull me to her. At my height my chin practically rested in her cleavage.

We danced late into the early morning. It was getting time to head back and we started gathering all ranks. Claire noticed that Mark's sister Misty was stuck between two guys grinding at her. Claire went up to get her. She grabbed her hand and pulled her away. One of the guys protested and pulled her back. Claire grabbed the guy by the collar, got her leg behind him and pushed him to the floor.

As the bouncers approached we grabbed each other's hands and headed out the door laughing.

We returned to the hotel and said our goodnights. As we headed to our rooms we agreed to meet the next day by the pool.

Since we had decided to wear the same outfits all weekend we had determined that white bikinis were the outfit of the day.

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