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A girl truly understand the term 'to be ravished'.

Back in the middle I ran my hands over my torso, focussing on my breasts, while loosening my blouse and finally shrugging it off my shoulders. By the time I reached Wilf I had it on again and they knew a lot about my sex likes and dislikes. When I reached him Stephan was asking something. It only took a glance from me to silence him. I had control. Now they knew to help me strip but to shut up and pay attention. I turned my back to Wilf. He reached around me and copied what I had done, even repeating the little twist and tug I had given my nipples.

Next, my skirt? No. I had worn bra, panties, stockings and garter belt. Instead of removing my skirt I reached under it to unfasten my stockings. They were stay-ups. When the stockings were free I pulled the garter belt around so that the latches were at the front and took it off. My skirt fell a few inches above my knees and had a lot of fabric so I was able to do all of that without pulling it up to my waist, but I was not shy about showing a lot of thigh and the cheeks of my bum. Dave had to know I'd be inviting one of them fo fumble under my skirt. I glanced at him to see how he was reacting and caught him with a big grin on his face.

In the process they were asking about what affairs I had since David and I got married (none) and how I felt about marriage vows, so they learned we had promised love without taking away the other's freedom, and that we had omitted the usual "forsaking all others".

"Stephan, put this back on first, then take it off." He was careful not to take liberties, but for several minutes I enjoyed his hands on my thighs, around my waist and on my ass cheeks. He only brushed my pussy a couple of times.

My skirt came off next. In the process I played with it, and caressed myself above and below my waist. They could see I had chosen a very brief thong that disappeared into the crack of my ass. I chose Wilf to put my skirt back on and take it off again. He stayed away from my pussy and I began to wonder whether he was gay. He was fairly quick so they had not learned much more about me.

My tits are not big enough or soft enough for me to get my nipples into my mouth so with my bra off the best I could do was to touch them with my tongue. I put it back on before going over to Julia. She wasted no time getting it off and sucking my nipples into her mouth.

"That's right. Gentle does it." What was I to do? Just stand there? No way! My hands were free so I tugged her blouse out from her jeans and played with her breasts. She was braless and maybe never wore one, her tits were so small. We took our time.

Thong or stockings? The stockings could stay, so taking off my thong would be the last step. I toyed with them, walking from one to another, running my fingers under the elastic at the legs and crotch, or pushing a hand down the front, finally stepping out of it.

"There! I had no idea you'd ask me to strip right down and I sure didn't plan to. Is that it then?"

Waiting for an answer I turned to face each of them, giving them a good view of my body from all angles, and in profile it would be pretty obvious how swollen my nipples were. It was Stephan who answered.

"We are delighted, Suzanne. I'm sure I speak for us all. We had not expected to take things so far so quickly; and I can tell you that none of the other candidates for the role have been as comfortable with their nudity or as open about their personality as you have."

As he spoke he had stepped over to me. With one hand on my lower back he put his other hand between my legs. "Spread your legs again, will you, and let me feel how wet you are. Nice! It's pretty obvious from the way your clit has swollen and pushed out that you were turned on." When he moved his hand, pushing my pussy lips around I instinctively pushed down against him and spread my knees wider. When he held his palm up for everyone to see it glistened in the light. He sniffed it and allowed Wilf and Julia to do that as well.

"We need to call Jerome.

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