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The long sleeved flannel nightgown was indeed ugly. It covered everything except her hands and head. It was a red plaid, faded and ugly.

I gave her seventy dollars cash and said, "When the guy from Mogan's delivers the food you will open the door, pay him with this money, get the change in your hand and then give it to him as a tip. Bring the food inside. As we eat we will talk. Understand?"

"Yes, Nick."

Carla followed me into the family room. Janice stayed by the front door. I sat on our couch. Carla hesitated. I pulled her into my lap and held her as if she were a small child. I thought about what Janice had done and what Carla had said. When I heard the doorbell I had come to what I hoped was a good decision.

Janice brought the food into the family room and we sat at the table. As we ate I talked.

"Today did not go as I envisioned. I am very disappointed. Mostly I am disappointed in me. I have known Janice for years. That background should have alerted me to some history of trust issues. They were exposed this afternoon. They can be repaired, if Janice is willing."

"I am. This wasn't your fault, Nick. I screwed up."

"Nice try, but no. This is my responsibility. I can deflect it and say I'm new at this but that doesn't change the fact that you both are my responsibility and I failed one of you today.

I have decided that there is something that must be done. It is another mistake I made and it was unfortunate and must be fixed. After dinner we are going into the garage and we will remove the necklace."

Tears flew from her eyes and she held onto the necklace.

"Please Nick, No. I love the necklace and what it means. I want to wear it always."

"It was and is a mistake. Only a man who knows what he's doing as a Dom should ever consider having his sub collared. I thought it meant you gave yourself to me. It means more. It is a statement from a Dom that he is ready, willing and able to take care of the sub. In our case, if it happens someday it will be a statement that I can and do fully take care of both of you. Anyone who sees it will know it is a symbol of who I am in your lives."

The tears still flowed. I noticed they flowed from Carla as well as Janice. I ate.

"Nick, may I keep the necklace?"

"In a drawer somewhere, yes. You may not wear it."

The room was quiet. I looked up and said, "Wait! There is another discussion that must be dealt with. My screw up was huge and affects both of you. I just assumed I was still your Dom. That is not a given. I beg your forgiveness and I let you know I will understand if either or both of you no longer want this relationship as a Dom sub relationship to continue."

The room was silent and neither woman moved for a long time. Janice moved first. She knelt on the floor beside my chair. Took my right hand in hers and said, "Nick Wells, I love you and I willingly give you my life, my trust and my heart. My life, my body, mind and soul are yours. I do this knowing that you are human, and a man. Collar or no I am yours."

Carla sat on my other side. "Nick Wells, I love you and I willingly give you my life, my heart and my trust. My life, my body, mind and soul are yours. I do this knowing that you are human, and a man. Collar or no I am yours."

"I humbly accept."

Neither woman got up for a long time. They seemed content to sit at my feet.

"Nick, what is my punishment for calling you a bastard and making a demand?"

"Since I provoked that from you in my own ignorance, I cannot punish you for it."

"I would like my punishment to be that I must provoke an orgasm from you this evening."

"That may not be easy. I have already cum twice today."

"Good. That will mean that I will need to really work to get it from you. When can my punishment begin, Honey?"

"In half an hour. I have notes to make to myself in my new journal. I want to make them while they are fresh in my mind. Meet me here in half an hour."

"Do you have instructions for us while you are making your notes?"

"Yes. Please clean up our dinner and then do whatever you like."

I stood an

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