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A recently divorced man visits college with some friends.

I grabbed my keys and my purse, and stepped back out into the bright sun. Once in the car, I backed out of the driveway, paused to turn on the music and put on my sunglasses. I love sunny weather and my favorite cd was playing, but that was not the only reason I was smiling as I slowed for the stoplight. I looked over at the car next to me, daydreaming about whether others could see what I was thinking. I smiled even harder and turned up the music. It was a quick drive, but it seemed as if I couldn't get there fast enough.

I parked the car. I walked to your door at a quick pace. I tugged on my skirt and nervously tucked my hair behind my ears. I knocked once and stood, waiting to hear your steps, signaling your arrival. When the door opened, I smiled. You looked me over, head to foot. I waited for your usual smile, but none came. You stepped back and I stepped in, walking past you, waiting quietly to hear what you wanted next.

"Come over to the table."

I looked at you, my eyes narrowing, knowing what might be coming next, but unsure as to what I thought or felt about it. I moved to the table, standing a foot or so back. Your hand against the small of my back brought me close enough so that my thighs pressed against the table's edge. I looked back at you, trying to gauge your mood. You pushed me down face first onto the table, kicking my feet apart to bring my hips level with the tabletop. Your fingers pull my skirt up, exposing my ass. Quickly sliding my panties to the side, and finding the wetness of my pussy, I hear you mumbling to yourself. Roughly exploring, you pinch my clit while pressing against my back you're your other hand, holding me down against the table. The click of the lube bottle opening made me startle. I feel cool wetness running down the crack of my ass and your fingers are pushing into my ass, and I steady myself as best I can, extending my arms to grasp the far edge of the table. I feel the glass plug pressing against my ass. I turn my head to look through the blinds, quickly seeking something, anything to focus on, knowing that this toy hurts each and every time you've put it into me. I take a deep breath, with seconds to spare. You push it in with one hard push, and I gulp, attempting to extinguish my cry before it can escape. You shove against the base of it a few times, and I feel my body lurch forward involuntarily. You grasp my hips and pull me up off the table, and it takes me a moment to steady myself and find a comfortable position with the plug filling my ass.

You turn me back toward you, then bend my arm behind my back as you propel me forward into the hallway and toward your bedroom. As we move, I look down to see my skirt still pulled up over my hips, exposing my panties, which are halfway down around my thighs. I close my eyes, feeling the heat in my cheeks as I take hurried steps to keep the pace you are setting. You push me down onto the bed.

"Get up on your hands and knees." I move to take the position you've requested. You reach around me to unzip my skirt, pulling it down to my knees. My panties quickly join my skirt. Your hand presses against the plug again, and then your fingers spread my labia to slide into my pussy. I shake as your fingers fill me, the pressure in my ass and my pussy seeming to overtake everything else that is happening. I drop my chest to the bed, my head buried in the sheets, muffling my moans. I know your fist is deep inside of me now. I press back against you, wanting and needing more. The first time you did this to me, I was afraid, not so much of the pain, but of the intensity of the sensations. Now I crave it, need it, want more, it seems even long past where my body can bear it. You pull out of me, and I feel a sudden emptiness.

I turn my head. "Don't stop. Please."

You shake your head. "Get up. That's enough of that."

I follow you on shaking legs, pulling off my top and unfastening my bra, letting them drop to the floor as I walk.

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