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Ellenor tries to act like a bimbo.

She knows I play sex games."

"With Megan?" I said.

Danielle shrugged her shoulders. "Well no, not with Megan."

"Who cares what Amber thinks anyway?" Megan said.

"Well, I care," I said. "I care what she thinks."

I wasn't necessarily making a value judgment. I had a threesome in Montreal a few years ago. So there's that. But a mother/daughter thing was outside my wheelhouse. And when I put Amber into the mix it sent me into major freak out mode.

I had pulled myself out of the pool and was sitting on the edge, my feet dangling in the water. Danielle and Megan were both now standing in the water in front of me a few feet away.

"We can still all be friends after," Danielle said. "Neighbors with benefits!"
"Yep, this is just for fun," Megan said. "Like extreme sports."

"You know, it's just not my thing."

"I don't know about that, David," Megan said. "You were getting a boner in the pool."

"He had a big one on the patio," Danielle said. "He was embarrassed. It was cute."

"See David, you're up for this big time," Megan said. "You just don't want to admit it."

I contemplated my predicament. Danielle and Megan continued talking but I couldn't hear them anymore. The late afternoon sun was stabbing into my forehead like a steel blade, sweat was building up on my eyebrows, until all at once it splashed out and into my eyes, blinding me. I turned away wiping the salty brine from my face and looked back to the house and the shade and I saw Amber appearing at the patio door, stepping out and carefully closing it behind her. She was carrying a tray of vegetable snacks and a plush white towel. She set the tray down on the coffee table and walked toward the pool.

"We'll talk about this later," Megan whispered.

"Hey everybody. Hey there, David. Anybody hungry? I'm starving!"

"Hey Amber," I said smiling, not even trying to hide the relief on my face.

Amber was wearing the same short, wispy and ruffled white cotton skirt from last night's dinner, very low riding, with her thin white panty straps again visible at her hips. Up top she wore something new; a cornflower blue henley style tee with cap sleeves and six or seven little pearlized buttons leading all the way down to the middle of her belly. The tee was undersized and form fitting. She had three of the buttons undone and was showing off her cleavage to a great effect. Amber was not wearing a bra and her nipples were sitting up high and poking out against the fabric. She had bamboo platform sandals with single two-inch peach-colored straps to secure her sexy little feet. Her toenails were painted a frosty peach color to match her shoes.

"I had such a nice nap! I'm not at all sleepy anymore. Not at all," she smiled at me.

"Good for you, Amber," Megan said. "It's four in the afternoon."

"You lost your bikini bottom, Megan. It's floating over there by mom."

"I know that Amber," Megan said, shaking her head. "Okay, show's over now. Everybody can relax. Amber to the rescue."

"Okay girls, lets not fight," Daniele said. "She just didn't tie it tight, that's all, Amber. I told you that might happen, Megan."

I got up from the pool and Amber handed me the towel she was holding. We walked over to the patio furniture and sat down. There were only three chairs all curved around the coffee table. Someone was not getting a seat. Megan gabbed her purple bikini bottom and climbed out of the pool, water was beaded and dripping off her bare brown bottom. She bent over with her back to us and made a production of putting her bikini bottom on. Danielle waded toward the pool steps.

"David, don't think for a minute you're going to get away without telling me everything," Amber whispered.

"It's a pretty crazy story."

"I can only imagine."

I looked at her and smiled. "Get away as soon as you can," I whispered.

"I will."

Megan strolled over next to us, grabbed her robe and put it on, cinching it tight at her waist.

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