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Tara is outed by her boss.

She chuckled as she said "slink off."

Sharon was quiet for a minute and then said, "One thing I should warn you about though."

"What's that?" I replied.

"Ken and Lynn can be pretty intense if you know what I mean. They tone it down at parties but when they are playing in the privacy of their home they tend to cut loose," she stated.

"By intense, you mean that they are into BDSM?" I asked.

"Uuuuuhhh, yes, exactly," she said.

"Well, I sorta got a hint about that at the party. I just sensed that and when we talked yesterday the topic came up. To be honest, I'm more then a little intrigued."

A pretty extensive conversation followed about BDSM and how practitioners of that lifestyle made up a sub-set of the swinging lifestyle. She explained that they usually keep a pretty low profile when playing with other couples that were not into BDSM. Non-BDSM couples were referred to as a "vanillas."

I told Sharon that I appreciated being forewarned and went on to tell her that my "research" gave me at least a basic idea of what to expect. She accepted that I was a big girl and knew what I was doing and our conversation moved on to the more practical matters of making plans for my trip back to the camp.

After I finally said my goodbyes to Sharon I fired off an email to Ken and Lynn and accepted their offer. I was looking forward to a new adventure.

My "play time" that night was particularly passionate. My fantasies were filled with images of playing with Sharon and Jim and also of Ken and Lynn. My fantasies of Ken and Lynn were even wilder. At least with Sharon I had some basis to know what to expect. Playing with Ken and Lynn was a total unknown to me and my imagination had no limits.

I was quite distracted on Thursday, or should I just say more than usual? I again buried myself in work and tried to stay focused. I did manage to slide out for lunch and a quick shopping trip. I wanted to pick up a few things to wear for the weekend. My limited "slut wear" wardrobe was a little thin. I had fired off a quick email to Sharon in the morning and asked her advice as to what I should wear, if anything, for my date with Ken and Lynn. She gave me a few suggestions and I ventured out at lunch to find something along the lines of her suggestions. There is a lingerie and dance wear store near my office that I thought would have something appropriate. I did some quick power shopping and grabbed a take out salad to eat back at my desk. Thankfully the afternoon was a blur as I buried myself in a new project I had been assigned.

I didn't even look at the clock until it was 5:30. I decided to wrap up my work, call it a day and head to the gym. When I got to the gym I stripped out of my work clothes and stepped on the scales. I was happy to see that I had lost 2 pounds. My goal wasn't really to lose weight, but it was nice to see that my efforts were have some results. I was more interested in toning and body sculpting. My arms and legs could use a little tightening, and a bit more muscles on my chest and ass wouldn't hurt either.

I took my work out bag to the enclosed toilet to insert my plug, which I had decided to wear for my workout. I caught the eye of a cute, young female trainer who I thought might have seen the plug inside my unzippered bag. She gave me a big smile that reinforced my conclusion. I was embarrassed and excited at the same time. I couldn't help but think of her as I lubed and inserted the plug. I was gradually learning to relax and accept it and it was getting easier as time went on.

I started my work out on the bike and I made eye contact with the trainer a few times.

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