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The car.

I came out not expecting her as I figured her shower would take much longer than mine, but she was standing with a big bath towel wrapped around her body and was drying her hair with a second. She just said that the work out was great and that she appreciated my wife and I letting her use the equipment. I grabbed my clothes and tossed them on the bed. As I began to dress she dropped the towel she was using on her head on the bed and then also took off the one covering her body and tossed it on the bed. I could not believe I was staring at Alisa's beautiful body. She has absolutely perfect small petite breasts with very pale pink areoles and the cutest stiff nipples. She has an absolutely muscle toned body with a flat stomach that slid right down into the blond curls of her pubic hair. She seemed to try to prolong her nakedness and I instantly got rock hard. It was a little embarrassing to try to get my pants on with a raging hard on. She then dressed and said she had to take off. She hung the towels in the hall bathroom to dry and took off. I hate to admit it but I masturbated two times to the memory of her body that day.

I knew this had crossed a line I did not expect. Sure enough though she continued to come over every Tuesday and Thursday and work out and then repeated being naked with me as we dressed and talked. She also would sit and brush her hair on the corner of the bed several times and spread her legs comfortably apart just exposing the soft inner labia of her vagina. I got comfortable having an erection in front of her and was not as embarrassed any more. One day she confessed that I was the first penis she had ever seen in real life. I asked her about her boyfriends and she said she never got that far. I asked if she was dating a guy and she said yes but not seriously. She was dressed before me and then blushed as she shyly asked if she could touch my penis as she was very curious about how it felt. Without waiting for an answer, she reached out and began to massage my cock with one hand and with her other hand on my testicles. She rolled my testicles in one hand and slowly stroked my penis up and down the entire length. She commented that is was hard but felt so soft. She also said it felt very warm. I could not help it but an orgasm was rapidly coming. I spread the towel out on the bed and turned so my cock was pointed at the towel. I told her to watch out and her hands went still, holding the shaft of my penis in her left hand and my testicles in her right hand.

I exploded shooting several huge squirts of semen out onto the towel and she giggled with absolute delight. She said that was so awesome and said she could feel my penis contract when it squirted. She seemed so delighted in her accomplishment and said again that it was so cool. She said she did not know that she could make a boy ejaculate so easily. I wiped off my cock a little and got dressed. As she left that day she told me thanks that she was glad I let her touch her first penis and let her make me go ejaculate. The next time she came over it was back to just working out and dressing together. The following time she came over she shyly asked me if she could make me squirt again. As she asked she only briefly hesitated before grabbing my penis and she very quickly made me come again. She was delighted at getting to do it again. Well this went on for a few months several times a month.

She talked me into lying on the bed and making me going on my belly.

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