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A Domme discovers submission.

Alex and her mother had selected a neighboring church to host our wedding and its pastor to marry us. The wedding would take place on the second weekend of July. I too had arrangements to make. Without telling my bride or anyone else, I made air, car, and motel reservations for a two-week honeymoon. June and I secretly made plans for additional surprises for Alex upon our return. I gave her a key to my house so she could complete her part of the plan.

As expected, my only real wedding preparations included the rental of a tux for myself and my groomsmen and showing up at the church on time with my part of the wedding party. My friends from the civic club were more than happy to fill roles as my best man and groomsmen.

Finally, the fateful day in July arrived. My groomsmen and I arrived at the church with time to spare. We may have been a bit hung over due to the previous night's bachelor party, but we were there, properly dressed, and on time. As we stood at the altar awaiting my bride's appearance, my friends continued to quietly joke with me and harass me about how my beautifully young bride deserved better. They suggested a much younger man marry her. A couple of them volunteered for that duty. They also offered me their support in tending to Alex's youthful needs. After all, they said. "You aren't getting any younger. Besides, what are friends for?"

Then suddenly the bantering stopped when the first few notes of the Bridal March filled the church. All eyes turned toward the end of the center aisle where Alex and her father stood.

Alex practically radiated beauty. Her dark brown hair surrounded her beautiful face which was practically glowing. Not a hair was out of place. Her hazel eyes seemed to sparkle as she walked toward the altar and me. The neckline of her white bridal gown was cut just low enough to give a glimpse of the upper slopes of her breasts. The gown hugged her slender torso and flowed over her hips. The full skirt of her gown billowed out around her legs and hid them from view. For some reason, Alex reminded me of Barbee in a wedding dress. Of course, Barbee wasn't nearly as beautiful as my Alex.

Even her father had a smile on his face as he walked my bride down the aisle and brought her to me. The smile somewhat faded as he and I made eye contact. He dutifully said his line giving his daughter away then quietly took his seat next to June.

Alex was shaking like a leaf in a storm when we held hands at the altar. The wedding went off without a hitch. To help sooth her nerves, I whispered in her ear. "Baby, you look good enough to eat."

Alex giggled, squeezed my hand, and replied. She whispered in my ear. "Good! I'm not wearing panties and I'm already getting wet."

Finally the preacher said to me. "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride."

We enjoyed a tender and romantic kiss. When we broke the kiss, Alex giggled and whispered. "My pussy is soaking wet. I can't wait to get you in bed."

She giggled again as we turned to face our wedding guest and I softly replied. "You're liable to be dripping from your toes before we get out of here tonight." I teased her.

The reception did indeed last well into the night. Everyone, including Alex and I, had a great time. Finally, about midnight, speaking for Alex and myself, I expressed our thanks to our guests and explained why we had to leave. Alex had a shocked look on her face when I told our guest we had to get up early to make it to the airport on time to catch a flight. Looking into her eyes, I informed Alex and our guests of our destination. "We will be honeymooning for the next two weeks on Oahu and Maui in Hawaii."

"TWO WEEKS IN HAWAII? REALLY?" Alex screamed. She then smothered me in kisses like she had the night I had proposed. "I'm going to. . . ."

I interrupted her. I whispered in her ear. "Whoa, Honey! I wouldn't if I were you. Do you want to sit on a plane for over eight hours with little rest and a sore pussy that's full of cum?"

She blushed then giggled.

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