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An umbilically sensitive straight guy gets prodded deeply.

He is so very loving and generous as a master, and cares VERY deeply for his submissives. I read stories about masters who treat their slaves/submissives as well as they'd treat a rabid dog. There is definitely something for everyone out there, and I'm not here to scorn that kind of play. However, having experienced such a loving master, it seems that those who see masters as being bossy and violent are missing the point just a bit. Again - something for everyone....

Upon entering, they set their bags down, and I greeted them. He stood me still, held my face in his hands, and kissed me gently at first, then we began to press more firmly together...Jennifer stood there watching this and it was almost my first inclination to worry about her feelings, but that was just plain silly. We were all consenting to this play. She wanted to watch him with me as much as I wanted to watch her, and be watched, so I put such lame thoughts out of my head and accepted his kiss with complete lust and desire.

It felt a little odd at first having them in my house. But I was ready. I had done a lot to prepare for this, and I wanted us all to reap wonderful benefits from this incredible opportunity. I took them on a quick tour and then we found ourselves back where we'd started, halfway between the living room and the kitchen.

Within the first 5 minutes of their arrival, jennifer had assessed that I was wearing a bra. She moaned unhappily to Master about it and he asked her to remove my blouse and bra. This made her very happy. The house was very warm and cozy, but air, even warm air, does such a wonderful thing to nipples...like a fingerless caress, it breezes over them and pulls them out of their hiding places...

As she stood behind me and removed my shirt, he stood in front of me and told me they had a surprise for me. He didn't want me to turn around, so I stood there, topless, breasts heavy, nipples hard, looking into his eyes and watched him look over my body.

From behind me, I heard a jingling sound, and thought it might be cuffs for my ankles or wrists, but it was not. She contained the jingling sound and in a moment, he was pulling my hair up from around my neck. I felt the coolness of leather wrapping around my neck and realized that the jingling was the metal rings on the collar. They collared me! It was a very special collar, too. They chose to let me wear her collar and she would wear the less decorated one. It was about 2 inches wide and it felt WONDERFUL on my neck. After she put it on and got the adjustments right, she turned me around and just stood there, mouth agape, and relished in how beautiful I looked. I probably looked just as surprised as she did enamored!

I can only say that I felt like a princess in the presence of her Queen and King, special and admired, respected, and beheld, but aware of her place...

She stood there for a moment, then said she had some things she needed to take care of. I led her to my room and then let her be.

I then went to the living room to attend to Master's needs and desires. I asked if I could get him a drink and he said that would be wonderful. I was already feeling quite warm and fuzzy, but I asked permission to serve myself a glass of wine as well. Permission was granted.

One thing we had discussed, a thing he was very excited about seeing, was that I was to serve him his drink on a tray, topless. I walked to the kitchen, prepared his drink, put it on a silver tray, and then delivered it to him. He told me to walk more slowly, which I did, and when I approached him, he told me to kneel before him. I did this, and held the tray to him. He took his drink, and I somehow managed to gracefully get up and put the tray down nearby.

Jennifer appeared shortly thereafter, and he asked me to get her a drink as well. I was to serve her in the same fashion I had just served him.

After we all had our drinks, he lay back on the couch and took his cock out of his pants and began to stroke himself.

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