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The Dragonchild Awakens, the Pieces Scatter.

" Drakul nodded.

"Do you normally outrun storms like that?" Sera asked him shyly. Her skin still remembered what it felt like in his arms.

"No, normally we wait out the storm, but I didn't like the way the air smelled on this one. Something wasn't right about it." His eyes never left the sky. The storm was still ragging, but at a safe distance. Sera looked at the horizon line and thought she saw a large grey slither of a cloud in the distance.

"Is that a storm cloud?" She asked him.

"What? Where do you see it?" He asked. She pointed and he turned to look in the same direction.

"That's not a storm cloud! Akira we need to pick up the pace now!" He shouted. Akira took his queue and pushed the engines to full throttle. They were speeding up, but the grey shadow was getting larger and moving faster towards them. Now Sera could make out hundreds and thousands of small dots I the sky.

"Damn it D, we can't go any faster than this, they'll catch us!" He called out over the engines.

"Keep going, I'll slow them down. Whatever you do, don't turn back for me!" He screamed. Before any of them could argue he jumped right off the ship, his arms and legs held close to his body to increase his speed. Sera and Bria screamed out for him but Akira just turned away and did exactly what his partner asked of him.

In the blink of an eye Drakul's eyes began to glow and soft grey smoke formed around him, in just seconds a huge storm grey Dragon took the man's place. They watched in stunned horror as the Dragon flew straight into the massive grey. Suddenly bursts of flames swirled around and attacked each other.

"We need to help him! There are way too many of them!" Bria shouted.

"We have to keep moving! I don't have the fire power to help him; we would end up doing much worse!" He called back to her. A few Gargoyles managed to break free of Drakul and were heading straight for them.

"Shit, Sera I need you to take the helm! All you have to do is keep your hand on the gas and head straight." He left it before she could argue, so she scurried to take his place. "Bria, I need your help, ever use a plasma gun?" He asked her.

"Azures technology? I'm familiar with it." She told him. He pulled out a small object and it formed into a gun. Azures tech were expensive and powerful; no airship crew would leave without them. He tossed her the gun then pulled out two more for himself.

"When one reaches your aim, shoot. Try to save as much ammo as you can!" He told her.

The first group came into view and he started firing. Moving at incredible speeds he aimed and fired; never missing and always using on blast to take each one down. Bria was not an expert and missed a few times, she cursed as she fired at them. As their invaders fell from the sky Drakul grew further and further away. When the last Gargoyle fell Akira took his place back at the Helm, Bria stayed on her toes in case they missed any of them. For about 30 minutes they continued to fly as fast as the ship could go, when he was sure they were at a safe distance he brought the ship high into large thick clouds. He activated the anti gravity belt at the ships keel and turned off the engines. Then they waited.

"Can anyone see? The cloud's so thick it's like a dense fog." Sera said.

"Just stay close to each other." He told them. He was begging to get worried but dared not say anything to them. Just as they were catching their breath something large hit the deck with a big thud. Sera screamed and Bria readied her gun as Akira went to check out what made the sound. When he found the culprit he burst into curses.

"Son of a Bitch D, I almost shot you!" He told the man. The girls went over to them, now knowing it wasn't an enemy.

"'Holy crap! What happened to you?" Bria asked him.

Drakul was covered in blood; most of it was his own. A long gash slid down his lower left check that would definitely scar. He was breathing hard and his eyes were closed.

"They had 3 hoards of Lindwrym with them; they took a nasty chunk out of me.

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