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"You mean about Jim confronting you and his grandmother about you being his mother?" queried Alyson.

"Yes." responded Ellen.

"Okay," said Alyson, "that sort of answers my first question, but what about the second, that greeting with Jim?"

At that point Jim appeared with Ellen's luggage and in the ensuing move out to Jim's car, the question was put on hold. When they got to Jim's car, Alyson sat up front with him, while Ellen got into the back seat. Once the car got underway, Alyson turned to Ellen repeated the question.

"Is there something going on between you and Jim?"

Ellen looked at her then moved her eyes to look at Jim's reflection in the rear view mirror. He gave her a slight nod. She responded to Alyson.

"Yes, Alyson, there is."

Jim expanded on the point saying, "Ellen and I have been screwing since I was in college. Do you have an issue with that Alyson? But first, think about it before you say anything,"

Alyson turned to face the front and spoke very deliberately.

"So let me get this straight. I've just met the woman who happens to be the mother who basically threw me away at birth and find out the loving brother I've been fucking like a mink for the past week is also into screwing his/my mother. And you want to know if I have an issue with that?"

"Yes", replied Jim.

Alyson glanced back at her mother who was sitting calmly looking at her.

"You know about me and Jim fucking then?" Alyson asked her.

"Yes, Alyson, I do, so you can't shock me with that." she replied.

Alyson turned to Jim asking, "So, it was okay for her to know about us, but for some reason it wasn't okay for me to know about the two of you?"

"Okay didn't come into it", Jim replied, "I just didn't see what good it would do for you to know and I didn't want it to prejudice you towards Ellen."

"Anymore than it does now?" Alyson shot back.

"Yes." replied Jim.

Alyson turned to face the front of the car and sat with her arms rigidly folded across her chest. They drove like this for several minutes, in heavy silence. Finally, Alyson sighed in resignation and spoke.


"No, what?" asked Jim.

"No, I don't have an issue with it... except one."

"Which is?" asked Jim.

"How are we going to work out who sleeps where - and with whom?" Alyson responded.

That broke the ice and the heavy silence quickly turned into a 3-way conversation about their respective pasts. Ellen was staying at Alyson's, so they unpacked there and then went out sightseeing. That evening they had dinner at one of the city's better restaurants, finally ending up back at Alyson's.

Somehow Ellen and Jim ended up on the sofa while Alyson reclined in one of the easy chairs. Jackets were gone and shoes - at least the women's - were kicked off onto the floor. Jim had been rubbing the back of Ellen's neck and she slowly, tiredly turned towards him saying, "You better start something soon Jim or I'm going to go right to sleep. Remember, it's three hours later for me."

With that Jim leaned over and kissed her on the lips letting it grow into a full, passionate, tongue swapping lip lock. Part way through the kiss their hands started moving over each other's bodies. Jim started unbuttoning the front of blouse, kissing her torso where each button had lain. Ellen arched her back as he pulled the blouse out from her skirt. He then reached around in back of her, unclasping her bra. Simultaneously, Ellen was unbuttoning Jim's shirt.

Alyson was watching all this from her chair, half seeing it as a rerun of her and Jim's first night on the same sofa.

They broke the kiss and shrugged their loose upper clothing onto the floor. Alyson had a glimpse of Ellen's breasts before Jim started bathing them with tongue and lips. They were fuller and rounder then hers, with larger aureoles, but smaller nipples. The breasts were not as perky as hers were, but then, she thought slyly, hers were 24 years younger.

As she watched the kiss resume, she started to feel herself getting wetter between her legs as her nipples started to rise on her breasts.

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