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e couldn't have her no

matter how badly he wanted too.

"No thank you, I don't drink." Khalilah explained for the third time that evening, and was hoping Shell would hurry up and order so they could move away from the bar and back to their low key spot. As Khalilah turned back to her friend, Shell had just received her signature mojito and without even the thought of bringing it back to their seats, gulped down the drink like she was trying to win a race. Shell was the drinker of the two and Khalilah didn't even bother giving her the usual shpeel of "taking it easy", knowing that it never really did much.

"Hey, don't you think you should slow down on them drink?" Aiden asked as Shelley washed down another mojito. He looked over to Davis for some backup, but she just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Listen, handsome, I know I might be petite in comparison to you, but I'm a big girl who knows how to handle her alcohol...but you're cute for being concerned." Shell smiled and patted Aiden on the shoulder and announced she was heading back to the dance floor.

Khalilah nodded and told her friend she'd come join her soon. When she was out of earshot, Khalilah was about to apologize for Shell's rudeness when she was suddenly cut off.

"Where the hell were you to back me up?" Aiden shouted, not out of angry but to be heard over top of the loud bass beat. Although he was a bit annoyed that Davis hadn't agreed with him in regards to her friend.

Khalilah sat there with her jaw practically unhinged on the bar table at his outburst. "Well there goes my apology" she thought to herself and to think, she was really enjoying their time together.

"I'm sorry-" she began, but again was cut off by her overzealous partner.

"Well I accept you apology, but I really think she should be-" Aiden began, trying to point out that even though it was their day off, there was still a killer out there who preyed on people in this environment.

"First off, that was not an apology, second Shell is my friend and I can tell you from prior experience that she could probably drink you under the table. Third, if you haven't noticed the dynamics by now, Shell does what she wants, when she wants and rarely lets other people tell her what's up." Khalilah was steaming mad and she was losing her control. She knew exactly what Brooks was trying to insinuate and she was pissed because it insinuated that she didn't have her best friend's best interests in mind; which was completely untrue.

Seeing that he was beginning to piss her off, Aiden tried quickly to out the flame, but knew he'd still get a little singed. "I didn't mean to suggest that you were a bad friend, it's just the work we do we see girls like Shell in body bags all too often, because some sick bastard sees her as an easy target and I'm trying to prevent that. And I have noticed the dynamics between you two, but I think you sell yourself a little too short, I think if you told Shell your opinion she'd listen to you."

"Well thank you for your concern, but you don't know shit, because I didn't even want to go out tonight and yet I ended up at a movie with you as my date and at this new club with a DJ who has ruined my love for Ne-Yo by playing Closer at least 15 times in the last hour." The last part, khalilah said as a joke to lighten up the conversation again, because she didn't want Brooks to go all Dr. Phil on her. As she mock frowned, Khalilah noticed Brooks began to laugh and she felt her stomach knot up at the sight. He was a gorgeous man and even more so when he smiled or laughed. But as his laughter subsided so too did the elation she felt in her heart. She definitely was not his type, not by a long shot.

As he finished laughing, Aiden noticed Davis' sudden sadness. It wasn't obvious to the untrained eye, but he saw it and wished that whatever it was, he could fix it.

"Hey, um why don't we go and join Shell on the dance floor? It's not Ne-Yo anymore and sitting on this couch is making me tired.

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