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Kira and Kyrhan sample the treasures of Tunisia.

Soon he found himself in Gabby's bedroom. He couldn't have missed it even if he tried. Pink wallpaper, pink bedding, pink everything, even the carpet was a dark pink.

Dropping her bag she kicked off her shoes before launching herself onto her bed with Simon quickly following suit.

"Let's get started, answers or memory first?" he innocently enquired.

After a short time thinking about the two options, she decided that she definitely needed help memorising all the answers.

"How much mind sperm have you got?" she asked as she turned onto her stomach and wiggling her body in between his legs. She reached to unzip his trousers before pulling them down. Helping her out, he kicked his shoes and his trousers to the floor.

Simon thought to himself as Gabby wrapped her hand around his hard cock. First I get a blowjob in the woods, now a blowjob in her bed. I have all the benefits of having a girlfriend without the fuss.

Lifting himself up, he rested his head against the headboard as he placed his hands on the back of her head. Pulling her mouth towards his hardness, she willingly accepted his shaft.

She gagged slightly at the stale sweaty taste but with the help of his forceful hands she quickly took his whole length in her mouth. Breathing through her nose she kept his rod lodged in her throat as she licked the underside of his cock causing Simon to groan loudly.

"Aaahh, fuck yes, you're such a good cocksucker!" Simon moaned.

All too soon Simon could feel his climax nearing. He tensed up and his hands shot out from her head and clenched her pink bed sheet. His hips started to pump up and down forcing his cock as deep as possible into her mouth.

With her head free from his hands she lifted her head up as she continued to suck hard on his throbbing cock. Keeping her tongue flicking around his tip she paused before taking his shaft deep into her throat again. Letting out a staggered moan, he released a torrent of cum deep into her mouth as she spluttered around his erupting cock.

Choking and gasping, she continued to gulp down his large offering until he finally stopped, lifting her head up she used her finger to clean up his cum that had escaped her mouth.

Looking back down, she spotted some of his cum dangling from his testicles and immediately she bent down again taking his sensitive balls in her mouth. Satisfied she got onto her knees as she grinned at him.

"I think you missed a bit down there Kardashian," he joked as he gestured down to his slowly softening shaft.

"Oh no" she exclaimed, as her cute face creased in concern." Will it be fresh?" He briefly wondered whether she was being sarcastic but then questioned why he actually cared.

"Um... It won't hurt to have it!" Simon encouraged her. His level of his voice began to increase several pitches as she took his dick back into her mouth, licking it all over until he couldn't take it any more.

"There, all done!" She smiled up at him "I feel like my brain is going mental. I'm ready for the answers," she stated as she turned to face him again.

"Probably lack of oxygen," he chuckled as he watched her reach over to her nightstand and put a mint into her mouth. Pulling open his bag, he retrieved the copied answers before settling back on the bed.

"Right, let's get started then," Simon proclaimed.

As they started to review the answers, it soon became clear to him exactly why Gabby was failing her schoolwork. She had the attention span of goldfish. When her phone went off she had to check it, which inevitably meant replying, and when she got a message back she had to send another one in return. It turned into a vicious circle.

Even after he took away her mobile she still managed to find something to distract her. If it had been any other person Simon would have lost his temper. However, with Gabby, every time he felt himself about to let rip at her, he would look at her spectacular cleavage or her luscious lips and remind himself that she willingly and regularly sucked him off.

Finally he managed to get her to read all the answers, but

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