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Master punishes his slut.

"Have you given bed baths before" I asked of her as she stood so demurely looking absolutely divine with those big innocent blue eyes and rosy red cheeks, I do believe she was blushing. Well I might expect she would be given my unexpected demand of a service of which she really had no idea of executing, and that stood out a mile.

"!I do believe you have no medical experience that you were fibbing to me Mary?" I suggested and I saw that worried look and knew what I knew already.

"Have no concern, I can teach you, would you like that?"

She whispered that she was shy but if it would help her position, that he may not dismiss her then she would make up for those lies.

I was longing to watch her reaction as I rolled down the sheets and blankets and displayed myself.

She stood there open eyed and I wasn't even excited at that stage, not enough to make a showing that is, but I knew all that was about to change at the hand of sweet Mary.

"Well rinse the sponge and wash me down then Mary?"

I can't tell you the sheer delight and joy of here gentle touch, watching her squeeze the sponge and begin to warily rub it over my chest.

You are doing aright Mary" I consoled. "Don't be frightened to give ma a good deep rub to get the lather going" I said and it was a treat indeed to watch here gradually gain confidence as she followed the pattern down and down over my thighs and down to my feet. She missed my middle but I thought be patient. I turned over so that she could see to may back and rear. It was a delight to watch her rinse and wash and she soon got the knack of it, rubbing me vigorously like she was beginning to enjoy it following an obvious reluctant start.

I can tell you that to have an eighteen year old very desirable girl rubbing your butt was a wet dream come true. By the time I turned back over she will have noticed a very big difference, yes a large difference with the arousal of my manhood on full display.

"You must do the job properly" I said and followed that she must wash me there too, and all over!

Mary shook a bit, whether it was nervousness, embarrassment or a combination of both, or in my dreams her liking what she saw! I could jot tell. But like a good'un she started to sponge me there which really bought me to the fore, high and standing and throbbing.

"Now see what you have done Mary" I teased and when she stopped I urged her not to.

"I have never watched one before not so large" she said coyly "Only my tiny baby brother's who was very spindly.

"But we are not just talking washing here are we?" I asked and she looked confused. So I showed her.

"All good training when you get your first boy friend Mary" I smiled, stretching myself to the full to expose a very red aroused head."

She was all eyes then, learning how a man was on heat. She said nothing but each time I showed her what to do and what I liked she copied, and in no time at all she got the full idea and I was thinking maybe the next stage, but would I be pushing her too much.

"Is this alright Sire" she whispered delicately teasing my p-hope with her thumb as she well massaged me with her other hand. I showed her how to ball me, the gentle touch of those tiny finger below, making my cock thrust upwards and throb, I hear a sigh which told me she was enjoying, maybe even wet, or was I just hoping.

"That s perfect" I complimented. "You learn quickly."

More confident then she sat herself on the edge of the bed to enjoy me, I took the opportunity to run my left hand beneath and up her skirt ad heard a sigh which told me the heat was on. If she wasn't ready for fucking now she never would be and I wanted to be the first one in there!

The feeling was a sheer delight, the feel of her knickers and the inside of her thighs as I explored further up and up, until reaching her crotch she opened her legs for me and my fingers we e drenched in her juices.

For sure the lesson had turned her on and she was ready for the fuckin

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