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When we arrive, I realize that the theater doesn't play new movies, but older ones. I couldn't really complain much because it is free after all. We ended up seeing some random flick, I don't even know what it is, but I didn't really care much either. The theater was completely empty except for the two of us and I think I may have started to understand why he invited me here.

We didn't really do or say anything until about 30 minutes into the movie until I decided to just look over at him and smile. He smiled back at me. I took that as my sign to put my arm around his shoulder. He responded by nudging in closer to me and putting his head on my shoulder. We stayed like for 15 minutes before he looked up at me and kissed me. It was at first just a 3 second smooth before he backed away and we just looked at each other and then we both leaned right back in and started making out.

He started grabbing my dick which was bout semi-hard and I returned the favor by grabbing his through his pants. He reached his hands into my pants and started jerking me off. I whispered into his ear that I wanted to finger his ass and he responded by unbuckling his belt and loosening his pants. I put my fingers in the back of his pants and felt along his smooth ass. It felt good to the touch. I then reached his warm asscrack and ran my fingers along his asscrack.

I thought to myself "damn, how many thongs does this guy own."

I moved the thong to the side and started exploring his asscrack. I then stuck my fingers in my mouth and tasted his delicious ass and got them wet and then stuck my finger up his asshole. I heard him moan. We stayed like that for a few minutes with him jacking me off and with me jacking him off with one hand and with my other hand playing with his ass.

Everytime I went to wet my fingers again I got a deeper taste of his butt. He had this irresistibly funky sweet and sour taste that only horned me up even more. I eventually stuck two fingers into his asshole and he felt so good inside. It was so smooth and silky. Shortly thereafter I came and the sight of me coming from fingering him must have set him off because he came too. He went to the bathroom for paper towels and the movie ended shortly thereafter. When we were leaving, he looked at me and said "good movie" and we both started hysterically laughing.

When we finally reached his dorm, he was about to get out, but then turned around and gave me a kiss. I'm not really a boyfriend type of guy, but I was starting to think this guy might just change that. While I was riding home, I stuck the two fingers that had been up his ass up to my nose and jerked off while driving. I came as soon as I hit my parking space. Tonight, was fun, but I needed to get into his ass for real.

The weekend was coming up and I texted to see if Max possibly wanted to stay with me all weekend. I usually spend my weekends getting shitfaced with straight dudes who know I'm gay, but don't really want to hear about my personal life so usually I just end up watching them gyrate against some chick hoping they'll score with her. The partying scene isn't really me anyways, besides who the hell needs to party when you have a guy like Max at your apartment. That's all the party you need. Max agreed to spend the weekend with me and I knew I was going to stick my hot dog between his hot buns.

Max arrived on Friday afternoon after his classes and as soon as he knocks on my door I pull him in and start making out with him. I start running my hands all over his fat booty and he starts tugging my dick. We make out all the way upstairs. I hoped my neighbors aren't home this weekend because they are going to hear a lot of butt pounding.

When we get to the top of the stairs, I shove him down and turn him over.

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