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She gets rough sex in the library.

" Mike gently caressed the ass of his wife, raised high before him. He reached between her legs, caressing the slit of her pussy with his cock and began easing into her. Once the head of his cock was deeply imbedded within his wife's pussy... he began to stroke his cock in and out of her... driving hard.

He placed the palm of his left hand against the small of his wife's back, leaned down low on her back until his head was just inches from her ear, and spoke softly against it.

"Lower your mouth to her pussy, Des. Let me hear you eat her while I fuck you. I'm going to fuck you so hard. I'm going to give you the fuck of your life tonight. Oh! And Des? You can't cum while I fuck you, not until I say. Natalie can cum... cause while you eat her... I am going to finger-fuck her pussy." With that said, he let his right hand snake between the spread legs of his wife and began making circles on her clit, while he began to fuck her... driving his fully engorged, cum-filled 9-inch cock deep into her pussy.

Soon the room was filled with Mike's grunts and the wet sounds of fucking... with the muffled moans and groans as one woman ate the other one and Mike finger-fucked Natalie. There was sounds of heavy breathing and high-pitched whimpers... laced with the staccato of sighs and a few "oh yes's" and "oh yeah's".

The threesome took their time and enjoyed each other to the fullest. Natalie had switched from letting Desiree eat her while Mike fingered her, to where she was now between the spread legs of both Mike and Desiree. Her tongue bathed Mike's balls, gently sucking on first one and then the other while she could feel his cock piston in and out of his wife's pussy.

"Oh Fuck! Natalie! Damn! Oohh... that is so fucking hot. You make me so much harder when you do that. You want me to fuck you harder Des?" Mike's voice was thin and raspy with his efforts to hold off cuming.

"Ah! Mike... let me cum honey. Please! You're fucking me so good, so hard... so deep. Can't I cum yet? Please?" Des was looking over her shoulder as her husband continued to pound her pussy. She looked down at Natalie and saw that her friend was enjoying licking Mike's cock each time he withdrew it from her pussy and then either slid it slowly in, or rammed it back in.

He's so hard tonight, she thought. I can't recall when he's been this hard or this hot! He's a real fuck machine tonight, her thought continued.

She felt Mike suddenly pull his cock out of her pussy and place it on the small of her back as the first hot ribbons of his first cum landed along her spine. Mike's groan, from somewhere deep in his throat, filled the room.

"Oohh, Shit! Shit! Fuck!" Still the hot ribbons continued to land on Des' back. As Mike's cock continued to pump cum onto the back of his wife, Natalie continued to run her tongue over his now tender balls.

Mike pushed his wife's ass in a downward motion and felt Natalie's mouth open and slide down his still hard cock. He quickly slid two fingers into the sopping wet pussy of the woman who held his cock in her mouth. Slowly he began to fuck Natalie's mouth and pussy simultaneously... sliding in of one and out of the other.

Back and forth; in and out; he moved fast and then slow making the woman beneath him writhe beneath his ministrations. She was in heaven. She'd always wanted to fuck Mike... and to be fucked by him; she'd just never had the courage to tell either him or her best friend.

"Oh yeah... take my cock, baby... all of it. Nice and slow now... steady. Suck me good." Mike began to move faster in Nat's mouth now... his cock hard once more. He suddenly pushed his two fingers deep into Natalie's pussy just as he came again. He felt the hot cum shoot into Nat's mouth and felt her throat convulse as she took it all. The whimper of the woman who lay prone beneath him and his groan filled the room as they came together. Mike was so spent he almost collapsed against the cum-covered back of his petite wife.

"Oh fuck! That was so hot you two! I didn't know you've wanted to fuck my husband Natalie.

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