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Zeus & Dionysus help quests, Thor sees Aphrodite bathing.

After seeing the size of Charles's dick in the shower that day, he'd been having the nastiest daydreams about the various orifices on Nikki's body that it would penetrate.

He could picture her with her cheeks puffed out, trying to accept the huge black cock down her throat. Her struggle to choke the man down had been getting his motor racing ever since he'd seen the enormous dick dripping with soap. Even in the face of all the alcohol he'd consumed in the past few days, his fantasy life hadn't suffered in the slightest, he realized.

What would she do first when she went to him? He'd imagined them kissing the day before. Would they do that first, like lovers? He checked the time: 1:15 a.m. She'd been asleep about fifteen minutes. If she had been alone with Charles what could have transpired in that time? And if she did it would she enjoy coming back to Ed? He put those worries out of his mind and found himself sporting yet another erection. Three in a hour? This was certainly having a effect on him like nothing ever had before.

His thoughts wandered to her with mouthful of black cock. His own cock now ached and so Ed stroked himself, up and down in time to his vision of the in-and-out he imagined. He thought he might move on to the black dick pushing its way into other openings, but to his surprise, he splattered cum on his stomach much sooner than he'd anticipated.

He let sleep overtake him, not even bothering to clean up his mess.

The following day they all rose late and had a enjoyable breakfast looking out over the islands that surrounded their anchorage. Ed wanted to talk further with Nikki about their conversation last night but when he began to raise the issue she cut him off aburptly.

" I am thinking it over honey, I don't want to talk about it until I get it straight in my head. That is if you still want me to take it further?" she looked almost concerned.

"Yes I think I do" was all he could say.

"Well I'll let you know how I feel when I know how I feel ok?"

She obviously didn't want to be pressured.

"Ok darling"

He didn't want her to feel like he was harassing her now the tables were turned and it was him pushing the issue.

They swam before lunch just the two of them and actually Charles was never mentioned. They talked about everything else but him it seemed and but both noticed the expectation in the air whenever Charles spoke to Nikki and she was careful not to flirt too much with him.

After lunch Ed and Charles decided to go for a serious sail and once again Nikki was treated as she sunbathed in her white bikini to the sights and sounds of the two men working together in perfect harmony. She noticed that Charles deferred to Ed yet again and allowed him to pilot the boat and make the decisions. She smiled and thought about Charles, he really was fabulous. She allowed herself to think of his huge cock and began to feel quite horny. She looked across at her husband all serious and in what she called his "business mode" as he steered the yacht occasionally calling out instructions on adjusting sails and various other things to Charles who rushed off to get them done quickly as if he wanted to impress Ed.

When they had gone around the island's a few times at racing speed the men began to slacken off and sat together in the cockpit talking. She couldn't hear their conversation but it was obvious from the smiling and backslapping that they were engaged in another episode of swapping sailing stories. Right then she realized she had made her decision. She smiled to herself and shut her eyes allowing herself to enjoy the afternoon sun.

Later they anchored and Charles prepared some pre dinner drinks. Ed thought Nikki seemed strange although nothing in their conversation was unusual but her tone seemed slightly distant as if she was thinking about other things. He didn't want to ask her anything after what had occurred earlier but it soon became evident to her that he was on edge. She smiled

"Are you ok darling?"

"Yes I'm fine I was wondering th

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