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20 Year old Luke joins his local team.

I didn't tell her she was beautiful, nor did I ponder why a pretty girl would work at a sleazy strip club.

I did offer her one hundred dollars for a blowjob, however.

Rochelle accepted my offer.

Don't judge me, Dave. I'm twenty-seven years old, and I've been in one serious relationship my entire life. Ninety-five percent of my sexual experience involves the same woman. I needed to do something completely bold. But what I needed more than anything in the world at that moment was a blowjob.

I gave Rochelle my number before I left. She agreed to a meeting at my apartment after she got off work. I could've accompanied the stripper to a dimly lit back room, and got what I desired, but there was something else on my mind.

As you are about to discover in the coming paragraphs, pornography has corrupted my soul.

I'll skip some of the pleasantries. I returned home after midnight. Rochelle called at 12:35 on the dot. She had just left The Scarlet Haven when she called, and was walking toward her car. I gave directions to my building. I waited for fifteen minutes.

I didn't wait patiently. To keep my mind occupied, I played with the camcorder.

Rochelle arrived at 1:03 AM.

I offered the stripper a seat on my green and white checker pattern sofa, and offered her something to drink, but she only wanted to earn a quick buck. Deciding to just act on impulse, I asked Rochelle if she had considered pornography as a career option. There was awkward silence for a few moments, but instead of getting mad Rochelle demanded more money. The negotiations didn't last long. We settled on one hundred and fifty bucks.

Wanting to be a true professional, I did an interview with Rochelle before introducing her mouth to my cock.

Rochelle was a little shy at the beginning of the shoot. I admired her body in the silence. She's five feet, four inches tall, and probably weighs one hundred pounds. She wore a simple white tee-shirt, and tight jeans. Her tits are small and plump, just like her ass. Rochelle was perfectly petite with a round stomach, long brown hair and almond brown eyes.

I started the interview slow. I asked simple questions. I'll skip the play by play, and give you the gist of the interview.

Rochelle is nineteen years old, and has two children. Unlike most girls in her position, she is a high school graduate, but admits she doesn't know the fathers of her children. She admitted to being completely obsessed with sex, and in the last month, she had been crossing the line between stripper and prostitute more frequently.

An image of the dimly lit room back at The Scarlet Haven came to mind. How often did Rochelle take customers back there?

It didn't matter.

Deciding to skip the rest of my questions, I asked Rochelle to strip for me. I'll be brutally honest, Dave, the girl can't dance for shit. She moved her hips slowly, and tried to be seductive, but she looked lost, and completely stupid. She removed her shirt. Her small breasts fell to her hands. She turned away from me, and started shaking her ass. I yawned behind her back.

Rochelle removed her hands from her breasts and revealed her pointy nipples. On her hands and knees, Rochelle crawled to me, moving slowly, keeping eye contact. It looked absolutely ridiculous, but I was enthralled. She started rising between my legs, her hands settling on my crotch, her right hand massaging my cock through the pants. Moaning, Rochelle pulled down my zipper, and removed my cock from the opening. Rochelle's many rings made her grip cold.

My pants and boxers were at my feet. I held the camera with a steady grip while Rochelle massaged my cock with her palm and fingers. The pressure in my balls was rising quickly. I had waited six long months for this encounter.

Her smooth skin embraced the bulbous tip of my cock, sending shivers down my spine.

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