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He’s not her type, at least not yet.

I could see the puffiness of her pussy and reached over and grabbed a handful and gave her a kiss, telling her how much I liked her. I had to let go before my cock got any harder and we would never get away from her apartment.

We went to a neighborhood restaurant and lounge that I frequented. I don't know if I was liked there but my reputation was known and I was respected there. We got a nice table near the front of the business. Lydia told me she was having trouble keeping the short skirt from sliding up her thighs whenever she moved. I told her not to worry about it, to just enjoy her dinner. If someone should see most of her thighs or get a glimpse of her panties, it was no big deal. I wouldn't let anyone bother her. She was my woman now and I'd always protect her. As long as she was doing the showing off for only me.

As we were finishing dinner a man and woman walked in the door. Lydia said, "Oh, my God, it's my ex-husband, Henry, and his new wife."

Henry looked over at us and saw Lydia sitting there and he could see her skirt almost to her panties. "Well, if it isn't my slut ex-wife. Too good to show it all to my buddies but jumps at the chance to show this guy."

"Henry, please leave us alone. You don't own me and we are divorced so please leave us alone. We don't want any trouble."

Some of the other people in the lounge were shaking their heads. They knew that this idiot already went too far and was going to pay the price.

"Does your little friend speak? Is he a good fuck? Does he know how you use to give it to my friends?"

I had enough, The asshole might have been 6'1" and maybe 220 pounds but he had no idea who he was dealing with. Without saying a word I stood up and gave him a quick kick to his shoulder. I heard it crack and knew I had dislocated it. He fell to the floor screaming and his new wife was screaming also. As he was trying to get up screaming and holding his shoulder I back handed him across the cheek and he went back down falling on his shoulder. I looked at his crying wife and told her to help the son-of-a-bitch up. His face was turning black and blue and he was holding on to his shoulder. "Please don't hit me again," he cried.

"You stupid mother-fucker, you called me names and made fun of my girlfriend. That was a big mistake. You can stop crying, you big fucking baby. All you have is a fucking dislocated shoulder. I'll put it the fuck back in as soon as I hear your apology to Lydia."

He was crying as he told Lydia how sorry he was and promised never to speak badly of her ever again. Then I got behind him and told him that this was really going to hurt as I took the palm of my hand and hit under his shoulder blade as hard as I could. I heard his shoulder pop back into place and he passed out and fell from the pain. I took my beer and threw it in his face. I told him his shoulder would hurt for a few days but he will be alright. He might want to put an ice pack on his face as soon as possible. His wife helped him up again and sat him in a chair while she went to get him an ice pack for his face.

He didn't dare even look at Lydia again. He knew he had made a big mistake saying what he did earlier and was hoping his wife would hurry with the ice pack so he could leave.

Lydia and I were done eating and got up to leave and the patrons in the bar all clapped for us. That's what respect was all about.

As we walked out of the bar and was passing Henry, Lydia said loud and clear, "You are my man, Jeff. You are the sweetest, strongest and best lover I have ever had."

I don't know if she said it for my benefit or so Henry could hear it. Either way I felt proud as we headed for the movies.

I didn't tell her that we were going to an x-rated movie house.

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