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Okayado's cowgirls, farmed in a first person tale I made up.

By paying her an extra twenty dollar bill, I was able to get her to agree to help me by giving me an excuse if I needed to escape from the table. My date was to arrive at 8:00 and my waitress worked until 10:00 so it should work out fine.

I sat at the table sipping on a cold beer, looking at my phone trying to find a picture of, Susan on the internet, so I can at least see what she looked like. Amazingly enough there were none to be found. Kind of strange as almost everyone has a stupid duck face picture on the net, now days. Then out of no where I heard, "Hello you must be Don." Looking up I saw this cute brunette with sexy tats, as I stood and offered to hold the chair out for her. She put her jacket on the back of her chair and stepped in front of me to sit down, I just caught the glimpse of a tramp stamp I could only read the beginning, "fuck it..........." I couldn't make out the rest.

We had a few drinks some appetizers and waited for our meals. The conversations began to pick up once we worked past the early formalities. She sounded like someone who liked to occasionally walk on the wild side of life, I noticed she was constantly playing with her phone, I began to find this very rude, she even answered two calls, I could tell by the way she talked, she had a bit of a nasty bitch in her.

About half way through our meal she excused herself to use the rest room. I though well if she likes the wild side lets see how much, I had nothing to loose if she gets mad I just leave. As I stood up I saw a scarf in her jacket pocket, I grabbed it and walked towards the restroom. It was a smaller two stall restroom, she was in the larger handicapped stall talking on her phone, I caught the ending of it but it sounded like she was setting up a bootie call for after dinner. It appears she was not happy with this blind date.

Just as she opened the stall door I stepped up to her, she had a confused half a smile on her face, as I grabbed her hands and held them over her head and pinned her against the back wall of the bathroom stall. My mouth met hers and her tongued attacked with frenzy, kissing and biting her on her neck she began to lightly moan as she was becoming aroused, I could taste a light muskiness on her skin. Over her head was a piece of metal support holding what looked like an air conditioner, using the scarf I tied her hands to the support. She leaned against me and whispered in my ear, "Please fuck me, like you own me." Who was I to argue such a request?

I opened her pants and let them fall to the ground, she smiled and kicked them aside, I drew my pocket knife and cut the side straps on her skimpy thong letting it also fall to the bathroom floor. Instead of unbuttoning her blouse, I lifted her blouse over her head, but left it covering her head as I began to enjoy her hard nipples. I worked my way down to her clit and began sucking it like it was a little dick. She was squirming and moaning to the point I could swear people walking by outside could hear us, raising one leg and placing it behind my shoulder she tried to pull me in tighter.

Suddenly her body shuddered her hips bucked hard and pumped against my face with her first intense orgasm, I could feel her warm stickiness covering on my face as she began to relax her grip with her legs. As I slowly worked my way up her body, I lightly bit her tit just hard enough to leave teeth marks, she squealed with excitement, I could see goose bumps on her skin. Reaching into my pocket I realized I didn't bring any condoms, well hell I thought, and time for plan B.

I untied her hands and bent her over the toilet as I entered her from behind, she was so slippery wet, I felt like her pussy was a vacuum and I was sucked into her wet wanting pussy , holding on to her hips I began nice slow strokes; she was so wet she was dripping.

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