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Manny is tempted by a Brazilian super model.

She was at least a 9.5. At the age of 33, Janice had large breasts that not only stood firm and straight, but they featured dark areola and large nipples that were already coming out to play. I was in awe. I know my mouth was hanging open, and I wouldn't be surprised if my tongue was hanging out of it.

"Come on, Jack, say something!" Janice wailed. "Jesus, I know they're ugly. My ex was revolted."

Before I could express my opinion on what an idiot her ex was, Janice whispered, "I'm not supposed to have a hairy chest. I'm a woman."

Oh yeah, she was a woman. Hairy chest? I leaned forward and squinted. That's when I saw them-four or five straggly hairs on each breast. I suddenly remembered her telling me a week earlier that she was saving up money for electrolysis hair removal.

I tried to come up with the words that would convince her that she had absolutely beautiful breasts, but realized action was better. I leaned forward, licked the closest nipple, and then covered it with my lips and sucked.

"Jack!" Janice squeaked. "What are you doing?!"

I pulled off the nipple and looked her in the eye. "I'm showing my appreciation for the best set of tits I've ever seen."

Her eyes softened, and then she grabbed my face and pulled me to her for a deep, passionate kiss. Once we stopped, I kissed down her neck to her chest and then all around her breasts. I get to a nipple and sucked again, moving my hand up to her unoccupied breast.

Janice moaned.

I moved my mouth to the breast I had been fondling and moved my hand to her abdomen and then, slowly, to her waist. Then beyond. Janice moaned again.

"Mmnnn, don't push your luck," she groaned as she pushed my hand away. So she wasn't really moaning.

I raised my head and looked her in the eye. "Maybe next time," she said with her smirk. "But thanks for the kind words."

Next time just happened to be dinner, a movie, and then kissing on her couch. As we tangled our tongues, I unbuttoned her blouse and caressed her breasts through her bra. I got one hand around her and unfastened the bra. Breaking the kiss, I moved in on nipple.

I kissed around the nipple and got it stiff and sticking out, and then moved over to the other nipple and started in sucking and nibbling. I moved my hand down to the top of her legs and headed toward her pussy.

Janice grabbed my hand. I raised my head and looked at her face. She was staring at me with fire in her eyes, her lips parted and her breathing rapid. She was holding onto my hand and stood up. Still staring at me intently with those deep brown eyes, she pulled on my hand to get me to stand up. Then she headed for the stairs, pulling me by the hand.

I climbed the stairs behind her as she pulled me by the hand the whole way. Once we entered her bedroom and stepped close to the bed, she dropped my hand as she turned to me and put her hands on my shoulders.

"Brian's at his father's house," she said, referring to her son. "And I haven't done this since we divorced. I'm trusting you to be good to me."

Staring into those deep, dark brown eyes, I hoped my mind would produce the words I needed to prove my sincerity. "I'm going to be as good to you as I know how, Janice," I said.

She lifted her face to me and kissed me, snaking her tongue into my mouth to duel with mine. Her body molded to mine as she seemed to be trying to fuse with me. I began to worry if I really could be good enough for her.

Janice slid her hands down my chest and fumbled with my shirt buttons. I broke the kiss and unbuttoned the shirt for her. She stepped back to watch, her fingers playing back and forth along the waistband of her slacks. Then she pushed the slacks down and stepped out of them.

I was pushing my pants down as well and was staring at her bikini style panties. I looked up at her face to see she was regarding me with uncertainty again. Then she turned to the bed and pulled the comforter and top sheet back. She crawled onto the bed, pulling down the comforter and sheet on the other side as well.

As she settled in under the sheet, she looked up at me.

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