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A young secretary gets her boss.

This was easier than I thought. Eventually, the time came to shut it down.

Just as I was about to take down the signs and move the remaining merchandise up against the house, I had my last customer.

She must have been in her early twenties. She wore a pair of designer sunglasses and a blue sweat outfit-- in this heat. She was a brunette, petite, and small featured. Her stomach showed a small bump, like a small beach ball. She drifted from table to table. She kept rubbing her stomach and smiling. When she spoke to me, her speech was slow and deliberate.

"Where are the newborn?" She wasn't from around here.

I asked her where she was from.

She smiled and told me she was Armenian. She flitted her tongue against her top teeth when she spoke. She had a smooth curvy face, the slightest roundness under her chin. She was beautiful. I imagined Susan like this. She would have looked just like her, same build, different hair color, but just as trim and slight, like her. Her name was Lucine. I told her it was a pretty name. She smiled a wide unselfconscious smile, full of teeth and pink cheeks.

She built a little pile of clothes. She asked me a few questions. How many girls I had. How long I'd lived here, what my wife was doing. I told her. She half smirked. Shook her head.

Lucine had married a young man from her country. This was her first child. But her husband wasn't around. His mother had died and he'd gone back home. He was supposed to have returned after two weeks, long enough for a service and to spend time with the family. Two weeks turned into two months. She called his mother's home. Emailed him. She hadn't heard a word since he'd left.

I don't know why she chose to tell me all this. I couldn't guess. Maybe she didn't have any friends. Maybe she was all alone.

She bought a small bundle of clothes. She handed me the money. Her fingers rubbed my palm. I looked at her, she smiled. She turned and walked away. Her ass was pert, her legs tight, and a fair amount of baby fat rolled under her legs. My eyes glued to her backside. She looked behind her. She saw that I was watching her. I smiled and nodded. She winked, stuck her ass out, slowed down, and with a few steps, she gave me the best walk I'd ever seen.

She drove away. I walked to the fence and gazed into the end of the street.

"Nice girl, Mike. Do you want to follow her?"


"Hi, Misty. A guy can look, can't he?"

She walked from across the street. Misty's my neighbor, also a very good friend of mine.

"Sure, looking's okay," she said.

Misty's pregnant, with two girls in her belly, as it turned out. She was huge.

"I was wondering when you were coming over," I said.

She wore a black polyester outfit with thin white stripes that ran down the sides of the jacket and pants. Somehow she'd managed to zip the jacket in front of her stomach. She draped the elastic hem just below her navel.

"You looking for some clothes? We got a few. I can cut you a deal. Good neighbor discount."

"Got any pants that'll fit me?" She brushed her hair with her hands. Her wavy brown hair fell halfway down her back.

I looked her over. "Maybe," I said. "How much longer, Misty? When are you done?"

She laid her hands on her stomach and rubbed the sides. "I'm nine months, so any time. It could happen right here in your driveway."

"Wow. Should you even be walking?"

"I could sit down, if you have a chair." She walked up to the gate and I noticed she had two black bricks dangling by some wires like dead rats. "Can I ask you something? This should be easy for you."

"Sure," I said.

"Thanks, Mike. Hopefully, this won't take long." She sat down.

She told me about her problems replacing some old fluorescent lights.

"Yeah, you got the right one. You just need to wire them differently. This one's the old style. Have Tim come over. I'll make sure to explain it right."

I handed her the transformer.

My dull eyes went straight to her tits.

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