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Two police officers return to the black gang for more.

Chip walked back into the party and came upon Riz, Wendy and Nancy watching Carl and Dani. Wendy was drinking a water. Nancy had a beer. Dani and Carl had had several shots of something and it had gotten down to Dani was sucking on Carl while Carl sat in a side chair.

"Hi Riz" said Chip.

"I didn't know you were going to have a orgy home warming party" she joked.

"Where's Susan?" said Wendy.

"Always an orgy here Riz. And Susan is doing something for me." Chip said.

Carl was orgasming and slid out of the chair on to the floor. Dani had moved over him on her hands and knees and was feeding him her breasts.

"Any moment now I should put on my strap on and go fuck him" said Nancy. "Unless any of you want the pleasure?"

"I want to do Dani" said Riz. "With or without a strap on. He's getting his penis removed? God, I love her breasts. I'm sorry Wendy!"

Wendy snorted and said "I'm a beached whale here watching my husband suck down and breast feed my best friend's husband. Nope, you're not upsetting me at all. It's comic tragedy at its finest." And she leaned over and kissed Riz on the lips. "I share with my friends."

Chip piled on the couch between Wendy and Nancy almost spilling his beer in the process.

"Where's Susan?" Wendy asked him again.

"She's in the lab, trying out a new toy. Not to worry."

"I've gotta pee" said Wendy and she got up and convincingly lost her way to the bathroom to go find the lab.

She entered to see Susan in the middle of what had to be her third or forth or more orgasm on top of what looked to be a flesh colored motorcycle.

When Susan sensed that Wendy was there she started to slowly bend the fingers back which slowed the vibrations, thinned out the dildos and pulled the toys out. Susan laid there both vagina and ass gaping to the room.

"So Susan, are ya having fun?"

"Oh my god, is this what Chip does? Help me off this. I don't have my legs. I must have come a dozen times."

Wendy helped her friend dismount. "Are you ok?"

Susan wiped her hair back and looked at Wendy. She said quietly "can I take a shower here?"

"Sure Susan, I'm going to wrap this towel around you and take you back to our bathroom."

Susan grabbed her dress, sandals and went to grab her bra and bikini, but missed them, almost falling over.

"I'll get that. Come on." Wendy said helping her friend up.

The two of them shuffled together through the door and down the hall towards the stairs. Unfortunately this path took them through the living room where everyone was still watching Dani and Carl. They stopped for a quick moment when Chip called out to Susan.

"Susan, are you ok? How was it? I need to know about your experience."

Somehow standing there, Susan's towel dropped to the floor and she stood there in front of everyone completely nude. The shine of lube dripping out was apparent between her thighs. The shine of sweat on her breasts. Even Dani and Carl stopped to look at her.

"It was awesome." she said in a soft voice. "I need to shower. I'll be back."

Wendy gathered up the towel and said "we'll be right back."

Riz looked at Nancy and said "Wow, they have interesting parties."

Everyone spent the night. Nancy and Carl spending it in the spare bedroom where everyone was certain they heard the moans of Carl receiving Nancy's strap on.

Riz curled up on the couch and Susan curled up on the other couch.


The next morning Carl woke Susan and said "Hey wakie wakie. Can we have breakfast out by the pool?" He had a clipboard with tons of notes and a big comfortable hotel style robe.

She drowsily got up. Took the robe and stood up. She peeled off her dress and underwear under the robe. "I hate wearing night clothes in the morning." she said with a sly grin as she slid into the robe showing a wonderful cleavage and long beautiful legs.

Chip had made pancakes for the two of them with strawberries, blueberries and slices of banana on top. He had orange juice and a coffee for her all set on a tray. There was an envelope with several visa gift credit cards on Susan's tray.

"Ok, Susan" he said, stopping with

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