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Post Apocalyptic world and they meet again.

"Hi," said Kaley weakly and blushed uncontrollably.

"And you of course are Kaley Cuoco, pleased to make your acquaintance."

Katy stuck out her hand and Kaley grasped the warm woman and shook hello. Acutely aware her own tits were exposed, she tried in vain to cover herself up.

"You know, I only cut my hair when I saw YOU get a short cut."

"Oh really? I actually hated that look."

Katy sat beside the awestruck actress whom she had admired for years. She could smell the natural feminine scent of the smiling blonde as she got up cosy against her naked form.

"I love it, I even persuaded that English actress, Emma Watson to cut hers."

"Oh, you know Emma?"

"A little, we just made out a few times when she turned twenty one."

Kaley stood up and smiled nervously as she went to her locker. Katy stared and licked her lips at the delightful glimpse of firm buttocks as Kaley let her towel slip.

" made out with her?"

Katy also stood and sought out her own locker.

"Sure, now she's all grown up that girl is a little fuck bunny."

"So, you come here often?"

Kaley tried to divert the conversation despite the hint of prurient intrigue in the knowledge that Katy Perry and Emma Watson slept together.

As they dressed Katy continued about her lesbian tryst.

"So, there I was on my hands and knees with that little minx behind me wearing a strap on dildo. Fuck! I thought I was gonna pass out the way she rammed that thing up me, I came like an express train coming out of a tunnel!"

Kaley slipped on a floral summer dress, no underwear, and tied her hair in a side ponytail. Her stomach did a flip flop on hearing the lewd tale, and the pulsating wetness in her pussy increased. She turned to Katy who had adorned tight sparkly blue leggings and a crop top. A pair of turquoise platform shoes on her feet which Katy absolutely loved to wear at every opportunity. She looked so lovely!

"You want me, don't you sweetie, I can tell."

Kaley felt her mouth dry up, and became aware of her flushed cheeks. They were quite alone and Kaley came up close to the vivacious woman and squeezed her hands.

"You KNOW I do, so lets do it."

Once the words were out she felt a rush of relief and relaxed, and the two adorable celebrities hugged each other tight and kissed. Katy could feel the nipples cut through the thin fabric of the dress as they embraced. Both were lost in their reverie before breaking away reluctantly.

"Just one question, your place or mine?"


The women laid in each others arms, naked and aroused. They had driven the short way to Beverly Hills, and arrived at the lavish home of Katy Perry. Listed at over seven million dollars, it had four bedrooms and four bathrooms and had a Mediterranean influence. The main bedroom suite was bright and spacious, with white walls and ceiling.

"I'm not a lesbian if you think that, I just adore beautiful people."

Katy reached out to use her slim fingers to caress Kaley's wonderful tits, so full and form to the touch.

"I know, you married that English guy Russell, right?"

"Yeah, fuck! Was he good in bed or what. Still, he turned out to be an asshole."

As they spoke, the short haired stunner ran her hand through the fine hair of the blonde who sighed softly, Her fulsome lips parted and her pink tongue ran over the upper lip. Katy lowered her face and pushed out her own tongue and Kaley welcomed it inside her warm mouth. They twisted and curled tongues gleefully as waves of pleasure rippled through their ripe nude bodies.

"How about you, babe?"

Katy kissed the neck and collarbone of Kaley who gripped the other at her waist as she moved on top of the writhing goddess. Hands pawed boobs, thumbing the erect nipples playfully, fingers tickling the big globes of flesh.

"Oh, you know...mmmm...yeah, I love a man inside me...oh gosh!"

Katy had slid down the king size bed and placed her head between Kaley's legs.

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