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"A past that's only a week old now! It's a new past! Can we get past the past?"

"'We' or me?"

Janie looked away, out over the ocean, toward the distant lights of Long Beach.

"Didn't I just invite you to move in?"

Janie looked down. She nodded. For a moment, she'd forgotten. "I love you, Rick. I'm naturally kinky, and I like playing, but I love you. I don't want to lose love because I played with like."

"O, ye of little faith..." Rick growled. He looked out over the same dark waters, then dropped his gaze into the blackness of the Casino Point dive park. "Keepeth thine eyes open and kicketh not at my regulator, lest I swatteth thee on the ass. And thusly, wench, try to keepeth up!"

Rick smacked Janie firmly on the rear ("Hey!"); then he made a dash for the entry stairs, carrying his fins with him. He glanced behind and caught a glimpse of Janie madly pulling on her mask.

He kicked, lights off, and let himself sink in the blackness. The water was cool but he was dry and the low rushing sounds of ocean surrounded him. It was utterly peaceful, almost as black as the hotel room an hour ago. He pictured - felt - the memory of Janie riding him.

Too good.

Rick exhaled and the bubbles brought more life to the ocean. He pulled on his fins in the darkness and as he finished, he saw Janie's dive light burning a swath through the water.

With a flash back at her, they joined in the inky depths. At night, the kelp hovered like a ghost of the sea. Their lights were a lifeline, but each seemed to be watching the other, making sure everything was okay.

It was a good dive, but a familiar one as they explored the debris of sunken boats. As they made their way past the corner of the park, something glinted in the sand, right next to the buoy's anchor.

Janie kicked down to investigate - and found an honest-to-god treasure chest partly buried in the sand. It was a small chest, and it was new judging on the brass fittings.... But her eyes said it all: My God, There's A Treasure Chest!

The pair kicked back to the surface, Janie towing the chest in her goody bag. The second they broke surface, she started a running babble.

"A treasure chest! Oh! My! God! This is so cool! Did it fall off a boat? Should we drop it off at the police station? I feel like a pirate! Should we look inside? Holy shit! An actual treasure chest! It has a latch, but no lock. Should we open it?"

Rick nodded. "Definitely."

It took a moment to get back to land but Janie's dancer legs were kicking hard enough that she could've towed a boat. Above them, a pale blue sky was covering the last of the morning stars. The sun was just over the horizon.

On land, they sloughed off their tanks and doffed their masks. Janie swallowed, then pulled off her gloves. As delicately as she could, she slid the brass latch to the side. She slowly opened the lid and they both peered inside.

Inside, there was water, sand... and one closed clamshell. Janie picked it up only to see that it had silver hinges on the back. They glanced at each other, then she opened the clamshell.

Inside was a tiny scroll bound with a metal ring. As she turned it, the diamond came into view, sparkling in the white quartz light of the park. The scroll, she could feel, was plasticized paper.

She was almost hyperventilating as she slid scroll out of the ring. She unrolled it, then held it up to read it:

Janie: Dive with me forever. ~Rick

She stopped breathing and the ring trembled in her grasp. She turned around to face the man behind her but she could barely see him - both her eyes were welling over.

Rick grasped her shoulders, then slid his hands down to hers. He took the ring, held it up to the light and saw a rainbow scintillate through the diamond. He rolled it in his fingers, then held it out in front of hand, inviting her to slide her finger into the ring.

"Life is an adventure, babe. Let's adventure together."

She took one deep, gasping breath and held out her hand. She could barely keep it stable.

Rick met her halfway, putting the ring right at the ti

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