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Nerd is trained to be beautiful girl's submissive husband.

She ran her fingertips round the inside of his underwear, noting the wetness at the top of the front, before grasping the clothing and pulling it all off, leaving him naked and exposed on the bed. Just the way she liked him.

She gazed appreciatively at his cock. Cut and clean, it had always been her favourite. An ideal size at 7 inches with a perfect girth, this was the dick of her dreams. With him lying naked on her bed, she sat on his legs, still in her dressing gown and underwear, and saw the lust in his eyes. She traced her fingertips over his body, moving up and down his chest, lightly tickling his balls and the inside of his legs, avoiding his penis. She watched it throb and pulse with desire, precum oozing out. She bent over and started licking and kissing all over his body, running light nips and licks around his nipples before suddenly, without warning, enveloping his cock with her mouth. He let out an involuntary groan of pleasure, and couldn't help but move his hands to the top of her head.

He knew better than to try to push her down, but he loved running his fingers through her hair as she sucked his cock the way only she could. Her tongue wet with saliva, she licked up and down his shaft, kissing and sucking every inch of it, making it wet and glistening with the mixture of fluids, before taking it into her mouth and sucking it hard, creating a vacuum with her mouth and running her tongue around the sensitive parts of his head and the tip underneath, making him tremble with delight. It had been a few days since he'd cum, and he knew that he couldn't last much longer. She sensed his arousal, and instead of releasing, sucked harder, demanding what he was giving. With a roar, he came into her mouth, shot after shot pulsing down her throat as she swallowed every drop. While some girls might have been disappointed, she was thrilled. She knew he was only just getting started.

With his immediate arousal somewhat abated, he was now able to focus on her. As the throws of his orgasm subsided, he reached up to her and softly ran his hands over her shoulders, slipping the silk nightgown off her body. With his left hand, he reached between her legs, his first finger seeking what he knew it would find, while his right hand reached behind her back and deftly unhooked her bra, allowing her perfectly shaped breasts to hang free. Still on his back, he sat up slightly to allow his tongue to reach her nipples, already hard as diamonds and ready to be sucked. His left had already found the wetness between her legs, her pussy lips open and waiting, welcoming. In a single, fluid motion, he pulled her to him and turned over, pinning her beneath him. She gasped, knowing where this was going. He kissed her tenderly, lightly running his tongue over her lips as they tingled with his touch. He kissed her lightly all over, nuzzling her breasts and softly squeezing them, and she felt his light stubble on her nipples driving her arousal higher.

He moved further down, licking the waistband of her lace panties, before delicately removing them, exposing her waiting vulva. With enthusiasm, he dived in, thrusting his tongue deep within her as she writhed around on the bed, moaning in pleasure. He felt her thighs squeezing his head as she tensed and released, his tongue swirling around inside of her, darting in and out, flicking her clit with precision and vigour. He withdrew, and lightly licked around her opening, softly nibbling on the surrounding tissue, the erotic pain mixing with the soft pleasures into an exquisite cocktail of desire, and she knew she wanted more. Grabbing his head, she pushed his tongue deep inside her, and squealed as he pushed her over the edge into the first wave of orgasms she knew she'd be getting that night.

She pulled him up and looked deeply into his eyes, and he knew she was ready for more.

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