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No one else seemed to know his cock was out. When she knew no one could see them, she got more into it. He started really moving her hips, pushing her up toward his chest, and then sliding her back down. As she rode back down, his cockhead would slide in between her lips, almost entering her, and then bounce into her clit on the way by.

Then one time when she went up onto his stomach, he held his cock up into her as she pushed back down, and she took a few inches of him inside her. Even though he was very thick, she was so excited he went in easily. It was halfway in before she even realized it, and then she couldn't stop. She just kept pushing down onto him, taking him all the way inside her, feeling him stretch her, and completely fill her. She held him, laying her head against his, catching her breath. She was kind of shocked, breathing wildly, not even sure where she was. All she could do was concentrate on feeling him inside her.

He was so deep in her; she had never felt such intense sensations. Very sensitive, untouched parts of her body were being caressed and stimulated. She felt like a virgin, what a virgin is supposed to feel like. She could feel herself stretching gently to accept him, bigger, looser than she had ever been, and she didn't want it to ever end.

At that moment his large cockhead was bumping gently into her cervix, caressing it, teasing it open to accept his sperm. Her womb was warming with a fresh flow of blood, excitedly beginning to spasm with the first tremors of her developing orgasm, as it anticipated the rush of semen into her vagina. She straightened her back a bit to press herself down onto him and she felt his movements become more intent, more deliberate, as he struggled to get deeper inside her.

Suddenly she realized what was happening and felt she had to stop it, but he started holding himself in her, and she couldn't resist moving with him, keeping him in deep, waiting for the first shudder of his release into her. It felt so good riding him that she couldn't stop. She forgot all about me and the kids at home, all about the people at the bar, and her ovulation, and gave herself to feeling him in her, feeling him deep inside her, filling her. She was getting excited, trying to control her passionate breathing, and heard him start to moan into her ear. His breathing got wilder and he started to push deeper, tenderly moving just so slightly in and out, staying deep inside. He was whispering to her how hot she was, how wet, how tight her pussy was, what a sexy, horny, married white slut she was, and she went wild. She told him to keep calling her a slut, that she loved it.

They started to kiss again, more feverishly than ever, and he pushed himself deep inside her and held himself there. She realized he was going to cum in her and she panicked. She suddenly wanted to, needed to stop it, but she couldn't. It felt so good she just pushed down against him, holding him deep in her, waiting to feel it.

There was a pause that seemed to last for ages, and then she felt it: the first spurt of hot semen, shooting deep, so deep inside her. It was boiling, gushing. Then there was another big burst of it, then another and another, splashing forcefully against her cervix, and finally she felt him pulse a few more times, and then relax.

She felt some of it immediately run out of her, splattering on her legs, and ass cheeks. She felt her panties getting soaked and sticky. She was surprised that it wasn't gross, but exciting. The gooey mess inside her made her want more.

She pushed down against him and felt herself swelling toward a blinding, intense, quaking orgasm. She could do nothing but hold his head against her chest, steadying herself as it pulsed through her entire body. As she convulsed on his huge, black cock, her cervix was rippling, pulsing, sucking the hot, fresh semen into her womb, desperately needing it inside. She had never felt such intense pleasure.

She struggled to catch her breath, still holding him close, cheek pressed to s

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