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From correspondence to passion - the first night.

My wife then grasped a cock in each hand, and while stroking the shafts, began licking the precum from the tips and sucking on the heads of there cocks.

As Brenda alternated between the two cocks, she moved her hands down to rub there balls as she bobbed her head up and down there shafts. She noticed that John was flushed and panting, so she spent some extra time on him, sucking hard while flicking her tongue rapidly across the end of his cock. Suddenly John let out a long strangled moan and began pumping his cum into Brenda's mouth. She collected it in her mouth and swallowed, feeling the wet warmth descend slowly down her food tube to her belly. She pulled her mouth away from his cock and milked it with her hand. When one last large bubble of cum appeared, she smeared it on her cheek. John let out a long sigh and collapsed onto the couch, his cock going limp.

"You are one hot bitch" Bill said as he grabbed my wife by her hair and pulled her head to his cock. Brenda licked and sucked on Bill's cock while he kept a hold on her hair and pumped her head up and down his shaft. Brenda was so hot by now that feeling her hair getting pulled only excited her more. She moved her right hand to her right breast, pinching and rubbing the nipple, and moved her left hand to her crotch, sliding her first two fingers into her pussy while rubbing her clit with her thumb. Brenda's body tensed as a small orgasm rippled through her. As Bill kept fucking her face, he watched her give herself an orgasm, and that sent him over the edge. "Here it comes, slut!" he growled as he thrust his cock deep into her mouth. When his balls pressed against her chin, it was like squeezing a trigger, and a huge gob of thick cum erupted into Brenda's throat, getting injected straight down to her belly. Moaning and panting, bill pulled back so just his cockhead was between Brenda's lips, and shot three more sticky gobs of cum into her mouth, then pulled out completely and shot one last long strand of jism across her face. Brenda noticed that the cum in her mouth was very sweet, and began playing with it in her mouth, like it was fine chocolate. Bill watched her for a moment, then smacked the back of her head, "Don't play with it, swallow it!" My wife looked up at him as she slowly swallowed the thick nectar, making loud gulping noises as she did.

After catching there breath, Brenda began fingering her pussy again. She could still taste the remnants of their cum, and smell the drying spunk on her face, and she became very horny. She turned to John and, staying on her knees, got between his legs. She began to lick his cock, starting at the tip and working slowly down to his balls. She made sure to make loud slurping noises, and kept telling him she wanted him to fuck her hard. Soon his cock was standing upright, and Brenda climbed up on his lap, straddling his cock and facing him. She began to ease down, and when John's cock made contact with her pussy, she shuddered. Suddenly Bill yelled "Hey, you should be fucking me, not him. After all, his cock went down and you had to work to get it back up, but mine stayed up."

My wife looked over her shoulder at him and noted that he did indeed still have a hard on. She looked him in the eye as she continued to slowly slide down John's cock. She also stretched her right arm behind her, and reaching down, touched John's cock as it entered her pussy. She then slid her now wet fingers up, sliding them in her ass crack until they came to her asshole. She bent her middle finger and pushed the tip in. Bill watched all this and an evil grin formed on his face. "Oh yes, bitch, we're gonna fuck the shit out of you!" he said as he quickly got behind her.

Brenda pulled her finger from her ass just as Bill grabbed her cheeks and stretch them apart.

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