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In spite of my self-control, my cock lurched, bobbed, lurched, and sprang to iron-hardness, ten inches of tempered steel. My balls swelled, soon hanging down, drooping with an excess of pent-up passion and potent seed. In spite of all of this, I was going to be that good little boy I always was. I wouldn't betray dad, or do something with mom that she herself would regret tomorrow. I turned to tell her one last time to back off. Unfortunately, I turned quickly. As a result, my huge erect cock slapped her on the thigh.]

Me: "Mom, I will say this one last time; I don't want to betray dad or do something with you that we will both regret tomorrow."

Mom: [Naked, mom closed up to me. On graceful tiptoes, she put her feminine parts against my ten inch cock, straining to burst out of the workout shorts. Her pussy lips hugged that cock as she went up and down on barefeet, rubbing it frantically.] "Please, Pete, I am so ready...mommy is so fucking horny. Please, honey, this may be the last cycle I have...I am so fertile, so very fertile. This may be the last time I can have that kid sister you want...that we all want. Please, Pete, be that man you always dreamt of becoming. Prove to me you are a real man; make love to me. Breed your mommy, give me a baby. Please honey, I am so ready, ready to have a baby. Make mommy pregnant...do it now, or there might not be a next time..."

Okay, I admit it. I am no saint. Here was a woman about 39, with a perfect figure, dragging her boobs across my chest with nipples popped. Meanwhile, she was either rubbing my cock with her slavering pussy lips or using her surprisingly able hands to keyhole my cock while cupping my swollen heavy scrotum. There was only so much a man could take...any man. So, I admit it, I broke down.

Mom was rubbing me raw down there while wetly kissing my chest. I had had it! I grabbed her by the blonde hair on her head, bringing her face to mine roughly. I then kissed her so hard I was happy I hadn't driven her jaw inward a foot. Finally, I picked up that (forgive me) piece-of-ass. No, not like some phony Hollywood movie, lying in my arms. Hell no, I picked her up, fireman's carry, right over my shoulder. I ran up the stairs to her room. Like delivering a sack of mail, I dumped her onto her bed. I proceeded to remove those damn shorts. I proudly flexed my teen muscles, showing her who the man of the house was, at least for today.

Me: "Mom, if you know what's good for you, you will get flat on your back, with those fantastic legs spread. You started this, and now I am going to finish it! I am going to fuck the holy shit out of you; you are going to accept all my saved up sperm. It is going to fill your insides, cover your outside, and fill up your bath tub. It's hammer time."

I got between those legs, something I had dreamed about doing since that incident in the shower. I glared at her; she got the message and put my mammoth love tool inside of her. I proceeded to toy with her, moving my huge uncut cockhead up and down, back and forth, in and out. I was naively doing it right, purely by mistake. I was touching everything that mattered and mom was about to bust. Finally, she held up her hand.

Mom: "God, baby, STOP! I appreciate what you are doing, but I just want you to do me, and do me hard. I am so horny, so ready. Let's both make this a night to remember...enough with hammer time...now, it's baby time."

I pulled all the way out of mom till only the end of my cock lightly grazed her wet pussy, then I slammed it home.

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