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I had imagined hers as being a hairy triangle, like that of my previous college sweethearts and lovers. I inhaled deeply when I saw hers. Hers wasn't close: she had a neatly trimmed. She noticed my staring and playfully threw out her chest to me.

"I guess you do like this," she said across the water.

Annalise turned around, toweling off her face. The bottoms of her bikini were soaked, her dark triangle showing through the fabric. I almost dropped my book at the sight. I noticed the water had the same effect on her top. Her nipples were larger than her friend's, darker pink and lusciously appearing. She realized I was looking when her eyes emerged. Annalise smiled and spread out her arms. I nodded in her direction. She bowed gracefully.

Both women shook their heads and laughed, collapsed onto the blanket. I shook my head, more at my creepy looking at them then their reactions. I picked up the book and let them sunbathe in peace.

I finished the first story - homage to Star Trek written by a college student - when I looked back to the opposite side. Neither Lottie nor Annalise were on the blanket, their picnic basket was missing. I thought to myself that they packed it and returned it to a car. I jumped when I heard feet on the stairs.

"Hello, Nick," Lottie said, scaring me. My heart was racing.

"I think you shocked him," Annalise said in a sweet, Southern tone.

Lottie laughed. "It wouldn't be the first time either." She was carrying the basket. "You told us that your door is open for us, for anything. Does it still stand?"

I put the anthology done and nodded. I saw they were not wearing their shirts or shorts, but they were dry. I tried to hide my disappointment, and thought I was successful.

"Sorry, Nicky," Lottie teased. "It's not like they were going to stay wet forever." She laughed.

"I'll get over it." I exhaled loudly before asking, "What can I do for you two lovely ladies?"

Annalise smiled and spoke. "Can we use your refrigerator for a while?"

"We have too much food." Lottie added.

I stepped aside and followed them inside. I watched their bottoms gently sway but didn't allow them to hypnotize me.

"What do you have?" I asked.

"Sandwiches, potato salad, and some cut fruit," my friend said.

"I think our eyes were bigger than are stomachs," the Southern visitor added. Both women looked into the fridge and took steps back.

They were shocked. "Oh my God, Nicky, you have real food in here," Lottie said.

Annalise looked in and commented, "I'd have thought there would be nothing but beer, hot dogs, and sandwich fixings in here, not chicken, steak, fruits and vegetables."

Lottie moved some of the Dr Pepper cans to make room for her food. She placed the picnic basket on the floor and began to transfer. I noticed that she bent over a little too much: She showed her ass perfectly.

"It is nice," Annalise whispered in my ear. My mouth shut quickly, my eyes opened wide. It was a surprise. "You should see it nude," she added. She patted my bottom before helping her friend.

I offered them something to drink, but they pulled out their own. They thanked me before they left for the other side of the water. Again, I watched as they walked, both asses swaying deliciously. I returned to my chair and book, but knew I'd not be able to concentrate too well. I knew my mind and eyes would be on the women across the lake, the women who teased me in the water and in the cabin.

Making no pretenses, I put the anthology down, leaned back in the chair, and watched them return to the water.

Lottie and Annalise returned for their food a few hours later, hours spent teasing me in the lake and on the blanket.

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