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Paul finds paradise in Vera.

She rubs her clit and feels her sore cunt clench in response. He has fucked her just a half hour ago. He fucked her on her back, on her knees and with her riding him. He goes for a long time before he cums. Sometimes she wishes he would cum sooner, but yet, he feels so good.

She is still wet from their recent coupling and her juices and his juices are mixed together. She can smell their sex and it just turns her on more. She takes her finger and slides it into her cunt. So hot and wet. She slides it in and out and back up to her clit. She moans a little as she watches herself. She looks over to see if she has disturbed him, but no he is steadily breathing, eyes closed, mouth slack.

God, she loves this man! Her Master. He holds the keys to her happiness. She gives all of herself to him and in return she gets everything she wants and needs. He knows her thoughts and desires. She doesn't have to speak them. He is tender in his harshness and loving in his strictness. His kiss melts her and his touch leaves her dripping with desire. She wants to serve him, please him and be with him always.

She has two fingers in her cunt now. Stroking herself. She feels good. One hand is still on her breast, squeezing the soft flesh. She takes her two fingers and brings them to her face. She smells them, they smell of sex. She puts them in her mouth and sucks on them, licking them clean tasting him, tasting herself. She is really worked up now, but she cannot cum. That is not allowed, without permission.

He mumbles and turns over, his cock exposed now. She licks her lips. Changing position, she kneels over his cock. Preparing to worship that which gives her so much pleasure. He is not hard yet, but he soon will be. First, she breathes on his cock, a hot rush of air and it stirs. She sticks her tongue out and gives licks around the whole head, savoring the feel and the flavor. She runs her tongue down the length of his cock, down to his balls. His cock is rising now. She kisses her way back up to the head and sucks it in her mouth, swirling her tongue around.

She begins to stroke his cock with two fingers while sucking on the head. She works out a rhythm of stroking and sucking. Licking and twisting her hand around his hard shaft. Going down and sucking and licking at his balls. She is on her knees and she can feel how wet her pussy is getting. It is aching and throbbing. Still he sleeps, or so she thinks. She is working the head with her tongue when she feels his hand clench her hair and he shoves her mouth down on his cock. Holding her by her hair, he raises her up and down pushing his hard member as far down her throat as it will go.

He lets her up and she resumes stroking his now slick cock and licking the underside with her talented tongue. She works this combination until she feels him start to shake. She slows down making it last longer, drawing him out. Licking, tasting, stroking. She takes a firm grip and starts to stroke a little faster. He gasps in pleasure and then groans.

She feels his hand touch her wetness and she thrusts against him. He takes his finger and runs it between her lips. Now she is shaking a little. She refocuses on him and doubles her effort. Cupping his balls in her hand she strokes him with her other hand and sucks on the head, really working it. She tastes his pre-cum and knows he is getting close. She wants his seed. She wants to feel his cum shoot into her mouth and she wants him to feel her swallow it all.

However, he is now working her clit and pussy.

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