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Dan finally follows his curious feelings.

After about a minute Christine came out of the door and walked to the car with him. She looked stunning in a little black dress that again showed the promise of her small but delicious breasts and was cut high enough to show her great set of legs and was tight enough round her hips to hug her cute little backside. Her hair was done in bunches that made her look a lot younger than she was. All in all the effect was stunning.

I watched whilst he opened the car door and ushered her into the passenger seat, which he closed for her and walked round the car and got into the drivers seat and drove off. Then I went across the road and, using my key, unlocked the garage door. Behind the bench I found the cameras I was looking for. Some time in the past I had brought six spike video cameras for a purpose I could not now fully remember. In their day they were the latest thing in surveillance, with a radio range of 200 yards and the ability to be tuned into an ordinary television set and recorded off of it with a DVD recorder. I think I had used them as a burglar deterrent, leaving them on whilst we were out to record anyone who broke into the house. Now my idea was to use them against anyone who tried to break into Christine!

I rigged them up to cover the living room and our former, now Christines, bedroom. Luckily no-one saw me install them, but if they had I would have told them the original reason we had brought them and say Christine was worried in case somebody broke into the house while she was at work. Then I went home and tuned them in to my television. My idea was that I could interrupt anything I saw I did not like as far as the plans the yuppie and his friends for Christine.

It was nearly midnight when the car brought Christine back to the house. She looked a little unsteady on her feet as though she had drunk a little more than she should hqave, and I was a little concerned. It turned out that I needn't have been because the man escorted her to her door, kissed her on the forehead and left as soon as Christine had opened her door. She seemed to hesitate for a moment as he left, but then went inside and closed the door. It seemed that she was safe for the night at least.

The next day I went over to her house first thing when I got home and asked her out the next evening but she said she had already got a date for that evening, so perhaps some other time. The next evening I watched as she was collected by another tall coloured man who once again was the model of propriety when he picked her up. The only difference was that his car was bigger and more expensive and when he brought her home he swept her into his arms and kissed her thoroughly before leaving her. I also noticed that she stared after him as he drove away.

Two nights later he was back, once again being the perfect gentleman when picking her up, but when he dropped her off at about midnight he swept into his arms, cupped her buttocks with his hands and gave them a thorough working over before he left. Christine did not object and seemed to welcome his advances. I was getting worried now!

Two nights later he was back again, whisking Christine off in his car, which I now knew was a Porsche, presumably for a meal out.

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