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The adventures of Steve and Jamie.

you don't mind, can you wear a condom?"

"Yeah... XXL is the absolute biggest we could find that would probably fit over your enormous junk," Kelsey explained.

"And even if it doesn't, not like our vaginas could fit such a huge thing inside anyways unless you're trying to paralyze us," Charlotte chimed in jokingly.

"This isn't a deal breaker, right?" Fern asked wanting reassurance. "My pussy is on fire right now, and I NEED that huge fat cock of yours inside me."

"No. It's not a deal breaker. It's your night so if you want me to wear a condom or two, then I shall," Alan agreed.

Harper smiled happily and handed him the box of XXL condoms. He pulled one out of the box, took it out of its wrapper and slid it over his enormous dick as best as he could. The girls stared dumbfounded at his humongous condom-wrapped cock as it looked like it was ready to bust out of the thing at any moment.

"Have fun getting that thing shoved in you first, Kelsey," mentioned Charlotte, as she and the other girls hoped off the king size bed to give the lovers some room.

"Oh! OH GOD! You GUYS! AHHHHHH! It hurts! Ohhhhh FUCK! It hurts so much... UGHHHHH!" Kelsey cried out in pain and pleasure as she was the first virgin out of the group to be on the receiving end of Alan's massive cock as he plowed it long and sturdy inside her drenched pussy from behind.

Alan stood on his feet on the floor while hers dangled off the edge of the bed. He was quite surprised to see that Kelsey had a somewhat soft and plump backside to match her big floppy titties. Alan's hands roamed all over her fat jiggling ass with each drive from his substantial stiff appendage inside her. He looked down to see that not all his throbbing man meat could fit deep inside her bald wet virgin cunt. The condom was drenched with her womanly juices and some blood.

"OHHHH FUCK! AHHHHH! OHHHH GOD! MMMMMM!" Kelsey squealed out, her eyes glazed over and staring up at the ceiling as her first fucking continued to be very overwhelming.

"My lord. He's giving it to her," mentioned Harper.

"I can't fucking wait," Fern said with excitement.

"Our vaginas are never going to be the same," Charlotte nervously pointed out.

"MMMMMM! OHHHHHH YEEEEEEAH! OHHHHHH YEEEAH! AHHHHHH!!" Kelsey continued to cry out as the biggest cock she ever seen filled her bald soggy pussy up to the brim and took her virginity at the same time. Her large pendulous breasts, dripping and covered in sweat were flopping around underneath her in the lewdest way. Alan could see her fat milk bags as they swung out from her sides and slapped against her forearms. He pressed his scrawny chest against her back and reached under her to play with wildly swinging titties. He groped the flesh while rubbing and twisting on her hard nipples for extra stimulation that set Kelsey off.

"AHHHHH FUUUUUCK! OHHHHHH FUUUUCK! OOOOOOOHHHH!! Kelsey screamed as her most potent orgasm wrecked her curvy body with unimaginable ecstasy. She came hard on Alan's immense girth.

Alan continued plunging as hard and fast inside her tight gooey snatch until her orgasm subsided. Her body fell forwards, limped and exhausted from the intense pounding. Alan pulled his pussy cum-soaked cock from her worn out snatch and pulled the nasty condom off. His monstrous cock was still blistering red and ready for another pussy to feed.

"Well Charlotte, I believe you're up next," Alan said as he placed his hands behind his head as if he was being arrested and thrust his cock towards her. The remaining virgin girls had no idea what he was doing and looked away shamefully. Kelsey lied at the foot of the bed trying to recoup from her first intercourse experience.

After the little awkward shenanigans, Alan had a brand new XXL condom wrapped around his massive hard phallus and Charlotte's big fat pussy as she attempted her first riding a dick session.

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