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Betting on a hockey game can get you down.

) Large window from ten feet high to waist height letting in the reddening light, which poured across her standing in the corridor. Standing tall, panting slightly, just a trace of perspiration on her breasts. A wordless challenge and a promise of more.

I held her eyes with mine as I took long slow strides toward her - this was no time to spook anybody. Stopped a step from her, and was just overwhelmed by the picture she made.

She had a nice library whisper. "God, this is so crazy. But I've been thinking about this for a while, and it's so perfect right now. Play with me, please?"

I drew her to me and kissed her, feeling her nipples firm against my chest. Her tongue was sweet on mine, and her hand felt magnificent as it explored between my legs, rubbing down the length of my cock.

She ducked back into the alcove, apparently unconscious that she was standing topless in front of the city at sunset. As I followed, her hands went to my belt, then zipper, as she guided me toward an elderly overstuffed vinyl chair, provided in this place for the solitary reader.

I helped her slide my pants to the ground, and her hands ran up my torso, easing my still-buttoned shirt up out of the way, and guiding my bare ass to the edge of the chair. Her fingernails traced down the fur on my belly to get to my throbbing cock, and she knelt in front of me, shouldering my knees apart to show me to the world. Well, not the world - the window was shoulder high on me in the chair - but I took a disbelieving second to glance down at the traffic in the street below us, passing by as always.

I looked back down to see her looking up at my face, grinning hugely at the shock and excitement written there. Grasping the base of my penis firmly, she dipped her mouth down over its head - the heat and the wet of her mouth was astounding. She simply stayed there with half my length in her mouth for a few seconds, tongue swirling to soak up what I was leaking for her.

Silently (of course), she rose up off me and leaned in. She traced her tits down my front as her grip on me guided my cock between her breasts. Her saliva and sweat combined to slip me along her sternum nicely, as her hands shifted to cup her tits tightly against me, her thumb and forefingers tweaking her nipples. She just rested there for a moment - I sat extremely tense and still, gripping the arms of the chair. She was staring into my eyes again, and whenever they'd get a little less crazy, she'd shift her weight back and forth just enough to drive me wild again. Her still smiling, and me smiling back.

She felt me starting to shift and grind into her, and drew back, moving her grip to the base of my cock again. Library whisper from her again: "Oh, this is going to be good..." And again she wrapped her mouth around my dick, starting a slow pumping with her hand.

My eyes must have closed for a few seconds, feeling her mouth on me. When I opened them again, I twitched back sharply in the chair - another man was in the alcove with us! He didn't stop to acknowledge my presence at all - he was hastily peeling his sweatpants to the floor, eyes fastened on my new friend's upturned ass. As I jumped, she giggled and pulled back for a moment, eyes again locked on mine. She raised one finger to her lips to shush me, licked those lips into a wicked smile, and went right back to work sucking my dick, spreading her legs and arching her back a bit as she did.

I was still realizing how planned this was as the man flipped her skirt up on her back, and reached between her legs to rub her exposed pussy. (Panties were not in the plan.) She opened her mouth wide and took my cock deep as he touched her, and I felt a tremor go through her as she sucked air past my recovering hardness. And still she didn't make a sound.

He knelt as well, positioned himself behind her, grasped her buttocks tightly with both hands.

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