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Two aging lovers coping with the inevitable.

"Ok, but be careful, I'm certain they have placed booby traps and mines by their compound."

"How can you be certain of that?"

"It's what I would have done if I was in their shoes."

"You think they're as well trained as you are?"

"No, I have already downgraded their options to meet their skills. If this was my base I'd have no mines, they're too simple to use against my boys. I'd have cameras and paint mines. I'd have my enemies lit up so brightly that they would glow."

"Oww, that's mean, I like it; I really like it."

I smiled as I said: "You will have to stick around for a few days after we are done this. I think we would make good friends."

"We'll see Vinny. Now we have a job to do, let's go."

We resumed our run towards the Colombian's base. We were soon a half a click from their base. I figured this was the closest we could be and still be able to stay hidden. I reasoned that at five-hundred meters distance we could still see, but if we were quiet could also avoid being seen. I picked out a spot were there was already a large pile of dirt; it had no real foot prints close to it, so I figured it would do.
I silently said: "Beth I think this will be a fine place to hide. It will take an hour to create a cavity large enough for the both of us to be able to hide here all day, I just need a few rocks to hold the edges of the burlap I brought to cover us with."

"I am on it, I will be back in ten with a half dozen good sized rocks; will you need anything else?"

"No, my pack has all the rest of the parts, mind you if you want to leave your pack I will be able to setup the observation equipment too."

She took off her pack, pulled her binoculars out and closed the bag, and put them on it, before saying: "Sounds good. I'll be back with your rocks, and for my binoculars. Then I will start the surveillance; join me once the camp is ready."

"Roger that." I started digging as Beth gathered up a few rocks for me. She took about twenty minutes; it seems there were very few rocks around this spot. I on the other hand found the dirt pile to be softer than I expected. So by the time she returned I had already excavated our hiding place and was laying the supports for the burlap down. She helped me cover the hole with the burlap. Then we covered that with a generous amount of dirt and sand. And using the rocks and some dirt we stretched the burlap relatively tight.

When it was all setup I added the pi__ce de r__sistance, a custom hatch I had built for just the purpose, it was already covered with dirt and sand, so it blended completely into the mound. We still had a little work to do, but very little, so we decided to go spy together first.

We observed the flurry of activity as they worked on setting up the place; they were still bringing in hydroponics equipment. Obviously the place was not as close to completion as we had been led to believe, that was very good news. We had almost enough intel for the operation; all we needed now was a body count. We couldn't leave until we had a clue of just how many people would be on site. But luckily we could get that information from the relative safety of our blind, so we headed back to it.

Beth climbed in, then I followed her. I had provided the structure with two air pipes, but it was still a small place for two people to spend a day together. It was cool right now, but it was not going to stay that way once the sun got up. It was going to be hot and muggy in here. We had enough room to sit, and to kneel, but that was about it.

Beth setup the observation tools, I had hidden a few cameras in the bushes around the blind, but their transmitters were unfortunately very short range in an effort to lower the possibility of detection, so we could not move further away safely, but the only protrusions from our blind were the two air tubes, the antenna and the hatch. All were well hidden, and the monitors were hooked up to a time lapse recorder as well as a regular one, so if we wanted to we could just set the gear on auto and leave.

So I said: "This equipment can run itself, if

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