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A teenager surprises her uncle.

I admit, I'm disappointed that I can't actually have sex with the so called Ultramale. But, if I'm going to use his sperm to get pregnant, then I want to at least extract it from him myself."

Well, that was surprising. I complied with the Queen's request and led her to the cell in which I keep Subject 02. As usual, he leaped at me, but I easily restrained him with Feminine Power, pinning him against the wall with his arms restrained above his head. I then beckoned to the Queen that it was safe to enter.

As soon as 02 laid eyes on Her Bustiness, his colossal cock sprang to erection with lightning speed. His rippling muscles strained against his bonds, a desperate need to violate and defile clear upon his face.

Her Bustiness emitted a small gasp as she beheld 02 for the first time. She stalked toward him like a cat, reaching out to caress his collar bone, running her hand down his perfectly muscular body to lightly touch the base of his hard malehood. "You are the finest piece of stud meat I've ever seen," she purred. She turned to me. "What is his number?"

"I call him Subject 02," I replied.

"No," he said. My jaw dropped.

Her Bustiness turned back to him. "No?" she asked. "Are you not subject 02?"

"I should be named, not numbered."

"But you are male." She looked downward, wiping drool from the corner of her mouth. "Very, very male."

"I am not like other males," he replied. "Those other women, the ones I knocked up, all said so. Give me a name."

The Queen considered for a moment. Then she reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra. It fell to the floor, allowing her bountiful Bosom to bounce free. "Tell me," she asked Subject 02, "Do you like my tits?"

He only grunted in reply.

Then Her Bustiness did something I will remember for the rest of my days. She put both her hands on the back of her head and shook her chest from side to side. Her mountains of jiggling flesh bounced in the most beautiful, lewd, and hot demonstration of superior femininity that I have ever seen. 02 struggled against his bonds with all his might, howling with lust as the Queen laughed in delight.

"I'll take that as a yes," she cooed. She strode up to him, turning around and grinding her big ass into his leg, cupping one of his grapefruit-sized testicles in one palm. "I became Queen when I was only seven years old," she continued. "Thus, I inherited the Royal Bust many years before I was old enough to completely compress it. They were so huge, I used to have to carry them around in a little cart." She giggled.

She took his cock firmly in both hands, which began to glow as she channeled Feminine Power into them, a common magical handjob technique. However, her hands continued to glow brighter and brighter until they shined nearly like the sun, so much Feminine Power was being used. A normal male would have instantly reached climax at the lightest touch. 02 is made of sterner stuff of course. He barely reacted.

"Do you know how a cart works, male?"

He didn't reply.

"It has a bed for storing the things you want to move. It has two handles to grip," she tightened her hold around his cock, making him moan. "And two wheels so that it can be moved around. Most importantly, there is a long, rigid shaft that connects the two wheels, around which they turn." At the word 'turn', she rotated her hands around his shaft in opposite directions, giving him a corkscrew handjob of epic proportions. "That shaft is called the axil," she purred. "If the axil is strong, the cart is strong. If the axil is weak, the cart is weak."

While this was going on, I was beginning to fidget. I could barely contain the desire to touch myself at the sight of this clash of sexual titans. Her Bustiness noticed this, and, with a grin, told me, "Feel free to rub one out, Bethasuse. I won't judge you."

So I did. As the Queen continued to pleasure 02 with her hands, I sat down on the floor, spread my legs, hiked up my skirts, and proceeded to frig the everloving shit out of my pussy.

"I of

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