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Strange sex encounter between young female and the fat friar.

My hand just touched your left breast through the fabric of your dress. There was no bra...but I had known that. Your body melted against mine. I knew then that the evening would exceed all expectations.

Our server stopped by again and with a discrete cough asked if we are ready to move on. It would be just a moment because the pizza needed to cook and would be served directly from the oven. We were ready so he cleared the table. Without the distraction of food, my hand slid around to caress your breast again. I kissed your neck. Your left hand found its way to my crotch. You could feel my rigid cock through my pants. You gently rubbed along its concealed length. I did not want the pizza to arrive. I wanted the moment to continue forever.

That was not meant to be. Our pizza arrived, cut in very small pieces. Each one was bite size. Again our server had guessed our wishes and was earning a nice tip. I offered you a bite size piece of the pesto-laden pizza. You opened your mouth, accepted the pizza, and licked my fingers in a most suggestive manner. Your hand did not leave my cock. I alternated between feeding you and myself the delectable morsels. You had your eyes on another target. My fly came down. You reached inside to seek a new treat. My thong strained to contain my swelling manhood. You pulled it aside and a snap popped. My cock was free. You gave me an appraising look. You thought I was too conservative to wear even a thong but a thong with snaps was inviting. Your hand gently fondled my swelling cock taking my breath away.

You could tell that I was very distracted now. The pizza delivery slowed. My hand slid inside the bodice of your dress and was caressing your hard nipple. We were getting that satisfied feeling of a wonderful meal now. It was time for dessert. Right on cue, our server cleared the pizza dish and delivered a crystal goblet filled with strawberries and a touch of whipped cream and a truly decadent chocolate torte. I fed you a strawberry and you fed me a bite of torte. We fed ourselves and proceeded to share the two desserts. Your left hand was still caressing my cock and you told me that you wanted to keep it hard all night. My right hand moved to your lap. I pulled the front of your dress to your waist. Silky crotchless panties covered your mound. My hand caressed your sweetness gently. Your eyes had that dreamy look of a woman well contented. The dessert course was slow and heavenly.

Soon it was time to move on. Without a word, you rewrapped my cock in my pants. I allowed your dress to fall. I signaled our server and signed the check; leaving it on my room and including a generous tip for our discrete server. With the bill paid, our server slid the table out so you could rise. He offered a hand to help you up and I followed. With a slight grin, he wished us a pleasant evening.

I followed you towards the elevator. Your ass attracted my gaze. The soft curves were caressed by your swishing dress. We had started early so there were many people waiting to be seated. Many of the women were frowning as their men folk stopped talking to stare at you as you glided by. I felt like I had a jewel beyond price as you paused to take my arm as we entered the elevator.

The doors closed. We were alone for the first time. You turned and kissed me passionately. My hands caressed your ass and slid all over your bare back. I undid the tie on your top and let it fall to your waist. Your breasts were perfect globes. I drew first one and the other into my mouth to suckle. The elevator approached the fifteenth floor. I scooped up your top and held the ties behind your neck as I pulled you to my side. The doors opened and we almost ran to the door of the room.

As I opened the door, you reached over and felt my rigid cock.

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