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Bella and her Professor continue their torrid relationship.

I don't want to hurt you, but I you don't do as your told, I will have to get rough with you." He smacked my bum for good measure. "Now be a good girl, and we'll have fun again."

It was then the tears started rolling. "Ok" I whispered. He walked up the stairs and looked in the rooms, he didn't ask where me and my husband slept, he wanted to find it for himself.

"Now that is a nice bed!" He exclaimed when he opened the last door. My husband gave in to my fantasy of having a white canopy bed, as long we were able to get the mattress he wanted. The cab driver complimented me on the room. "Anna, you've got a bag on the bed. You going somewhere?"

"I booked a ticket to join my husband this weekend." I lied. "He's expecting me."

The cab driver put me down and looked at me with a grin on his face. "You sure you're not lying to me again Anna? You sure you weren't just trying to leave when you knew I was coming?"

I could feel my heart racing, panic was starting to take over. He towered over me as I started to fumble for my words. He quietly hushed me, while he stroked my face. "Clear the bed Anna, that's a good girl."

I slowly cleared the bed of my bag and clothes and set them aside. The cab driver was sitting on the edge of the bed with a soft grin. He patted his knee for me to come over. I slowly approached him, but the two steps I needed to reach him weren't quick enough, and he grabbed me by the wrist. He pulled me in and bent me over his knee, pinning me down with one of his strong hands.

"You're being naughty Anna. You're such a lovely girl, but you are being a little naughty this time, why is that?" My mind was racing, what was he going to do. I stumbled over an apology and soon realised that he was pulling my sweat pants and panties down and off my bottom. "I brought you a bottle of wine so we could unwind, I just wanted a quiet evening."

SMACK! His hand sharply came down on my bare bottom and my skin stung. I cried out in pain and shock of his strike.

SMACK! Again his hand made contact with my skin, and again I let out another cry, only this time, I started tearing up.

"I told you I didn't want to hurt you, but you are obviously not in the mood to play fair." He said through gritted teeth.

SMACK! SMACK! He slapped me a few more times, each one harder than the last. After the sixth time, he stopped and my skin felt like it was on fire. I cried openly as I felt the burning pain. He started to stroke my hair and soothingly tell me, "there, there." as he gently stroked my bottom. His strokes started in a circular motion, when the circles got smaller and he started breathing more heavily. His fingers started stroking my skin up and down, along my crack, ever so slowly. His middle finger resting between my cheeks, and slowly slipping down. I held my breath as I knew where he was going. I gasped when his finger tips touched my pussy lips. I was relieved when it didn't feel wet down there, but I could feel his fingers lightly playing with my lips and clit.

"Well, Anna, like I said, this time it's not about you." He gently pushed me off of his lap, and got me to kneel in front of him. "You have such a pretty mouth, it's so petite, just like the rest of you, well most of you. I bet it gives great blowjobs." My face crumpled. I really hated giving blowjobs. I had only ever given them to my husband, but it was on special occasions I had a sensitive gag reflex. The cab driver unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers. He pulled off his trousers and shorts, while his fully erect cock snapped up against his stomach, and leaned back on his hands, watching me.

"Take off your top." he said. I stripped my clothes off, and knelt fully naked in front of him. My E cup breasts heaving up and down as I felt humiliated and fully exposed.

"Go on then, let's see what you can do.

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