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A mother's Earth Day decision brings her son closer to her.

"Oh, yes. Oh my God. Please," Robin groaned almost incoherently, rolling to her back, eagerly spreading her thighs, as the other girl delicately felt between her legs. The gentle, tantalizing touch was almost painful. The stimulation danced through her, making her toes curl. M maddeningly stroked her with exquisite softness, her fingertips barely grazing Robin's swollen hot flesh.

The blonde chuckled. "This is torture, isn't it?" she whispered teasingly, continuing her gentle, infuriating caresses. "I bet you're about ready to explode . . . this must be driving you insane."

"Yes! Please! Please!" Robin begged wildly, lifting her hips, trying desperately for some slight increase in pressure. So close! She cried out in disappointment as M pulled her hand away.

"Naughty slut," chided the blonde playfully, "you know you're not allowed to come. You can watch me, however." She placed the candle on the floor and knelt by the cage, her legs spread wide. Her eyes locked with Robin's as she began to masturbate, rubbing her clit with firm, circular motions, her other hand pinching her nipples.

Helplessly, Robin was forced to watch the blonde slave outside the cage bring herself to orgasm. Within a few moments, eyes closed, her heavy breasts bouncing, M gasped and shuddered, the spasms coursing through her body. Robin clenched her fists, the intense craving pulsing inside her. She wanted to weep with frustration.
Breathing heavily, the blonde smiled at her, a satisfied little grin. "See you in the morning, slut." She bent down and blew out the candle, then padded softly to the door in the darkness.

Much of the next day was spent in preparation for the party. The two naked slaves cleaned and swept and polished for hours. Mistress Victoria was a stern taskmaster, and she was quick to discipline them with fierce strokes of the riding crop. In the afternoon, Robin was chained back in her cage until late in the evening.

As the hours passed, she could hear the noises of the party out in the main room, people laughing and talking, the distinctive sound of leather striking flesh, the squeals of pain and gasps of pleasure. Unable to see through the open door because of the position of the cage, Robin squirmed around on her knees, her wrists chained together outside the bars. She hated being ignored like this! How long were they going to leave her? Finally, the blonde slave entered and released Robin from the small enclosure.

Nervously, she followed M into the main room, the pressure on the leash attached to her collar compelling her to follow. She saw that there were probably twenty people at the party. There were several well-dressed masters and mistresses, as well as their slaves. All the slaves were female, Robin noticed, and all were as naked as she was. Anxiously, she looked for Master, but he was apparently not in attendance. Blushing, suddenly the center of attention, she was led to the center of the room. Several of the guests made appreciative comments as she tried to stand proudly, eyes downcast, agitation and trepidation tumbling inside her.

A large piece of apparatus stood against the wall behind her. Mounted between two upright posts was a thick flat beam, much like a yoke or pillory, positioned horizontally. She was ordered to back up to the beam, her neck in the semi-circular opening, with her hands in two smaller similar openings on each side. From in front of her, M slid the other half of the beam into place, its matching curved openings pinning her between the two large pieces of wood. The wooden beam was several inches thick and pressed against her chin, forcing her head up. With her arms spread, her wrists confined by the beam on either side of her head, she was completely helpless.

M bent down and shoved Robin's legs roughly apart, buckling straps around her ankles from the posts on either side.

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